Sunday, July 4, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/4

 Good morning all!  Happy Independence Day to all the American readers.  Hope this finds you all well and safe.
We had some hot and humid days this past week.  It did finally cool a bit to the point of being able to open windows!!!!  That has been wonderful.  Heat is back on for a while again this coming week.  I know some of you have horribly hot days - I am so sorry.  I hope you are able to find some ways to stay cool.

Last night was pretty darn noisy around here.  I shouldn't complain because it was MUCH better than the past several years.  I am sure it will be noisy again tonight.  I am truly not a fan of fireworks.  They scare so many people and animals.

This past week was kind of quiet!
  • Watered with rain barrel water when needed.  We did get rain again for a couple days - so things have stayed watered.  Barrels are full again. (Haven't used the hose to water yet this year!)
  • Used dehumidifier water in laundry again
  • Cut basil to dry
  • Mowed and trimmed really well (on a cooler day)
  • Trimmed the flower covered front walk again!!!  My those flowers go crazy
  • Trimmed the bushes out back
  • AC off Friday and Saturday both day and evening.  Windows open and house aired!
  • Made up a gallon of OJ
  • Eating at home and using what I have on hand
  • No shopping
  • Just doing all the basics
Meals this past week:
Burritos topped with salad
Loaded burgers
Leftover rice mixture fried with eggs added (kind of like quiche) & zucchini strips
Beef and cheese nachos
Baked potato and salad
Mac n cheese w/sausage added and salad

How was your week?  Anything new or exciting happening?  Any deals?
My garden is growing like a weed!!  I have some zucchini that will be ready this week and maybe a couple peppers.  Tiny cucumbers and tomatoes hanging out there.  I am ready for some home grown produce!!!!

I look forward to hearing from everyone!  I hope you all have a fantastic and safe and healthy week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Psalms 119:105


  1. The Lord does provide, he filled your rain barrels again for you. I love that. That’s great that you’ve not had to water them with your hose yet this year.

    It was cool one day here after a hard rain, which we enjoyed so much.

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.

    1. Yes He does provide.
      Those cooler days are much appreciated this time of the year.
      Hope you have a great 4th as well.

  2. Happy 4th, Cheryl! God bless you and this beautiful country we live in! May we all truly appreciate all the freedoms we are blessed with!!
    Garden is now yielding lots of yummy things! Sweet corn starting this past of our favorites. Cherry tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, broccoli. Also red raspberries...but they are almost done.
    Love reading your menu. You can almost bet at least one meal on our meal plan each week comes from your suggestions. Thanks! I truly love to cook but feel one of the hardest things to do is think of ideas. I keep a log of what I've fixed. Then when I'm really stuck for ideas I refer back to it. That is a real plus with garden have it all right there waiting to be prepared. I am so grateful!

    1. We are truly blessed. There are lots of problems for sure - but we have so much more than many.
      Yum on all your garden goodies. Glad to be able to help a little with the menu. It gets tough to come up with new stuff. I just eat whatever I am in the mood for!
      Adding fresh foods adds so much to menu!!! Love the garden.
      Hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  3. Happy 4th of July! I've got my fingers crossed for rain tonight (30% chance) but for certain later this week. We need it.

    1. Hope you get it!!! Some is better than none!

  4. Glad your rain barrels were refilled. I am hoping that ours gets a bit of a renew very soon.

    God bless.

    1. It sure does help with watering. Love not spending money on the water.
      Hope you get replenished!

  5. Happy Independence Day! My husband and I love to lay in bed and hear the fireworks late into the night. When we spend the holiday at our house on the lake they go on until about 2 AM and we love it.

    An awful thing happened here on Thursday with a man losing his head and shooting people for no reason. Two dead and four wounded. We were not surprised when at the beginning of the situation our much loved sheriff got on the TV and asked the community to pray.

    This week our neighbor boy will be doing work for us away up on our tallest ladder. We are thankful for his help.

    Grocery deals at the outlet were crazy this week. We got two pound bags of whole bean coffee that retails for $14 for 1.99 each. We are stocked for a long time. They also had the very same packets of sauerkraut that Sam's gives put for hot dogs at the snack bar. 18 in a box for 50 cents. I love having those in my pantry.

    I have no idea what we ate last week. We did make plenty today so we can have all the yummy 4th foods again tomorrow.

    1. I am glad to hear someone likes fireworks. I can't stand them. The poor animals just goo bonkers. I have people in the neighborhood who have to be up at 3:30 to go to work and we have a couple Viet Nam vets in the neighborhood. It is just an absolute nuisance.

      That is awful about the shooting. Those poor families. Glad your neighbor helped you out.

      What deals you got. That is wonderful. I sure would have stocked up too.
      Leftovers are always yummy.

  6. Our son-in-law always gives us a fireworks show on the 4th but it was much less this year as they are more expensive than in previous years. Our kitty hates them though.

    I so appreciate you listing out your meals for the week. I always get good ideas. The burrito with salad sound especially tasty.

    We also are getting some produce from our garden. We love it!

    1. I also heard that there was a shortage in fireworks this year due to so many purchasing last year and many places that made them being closed for a long while. It is such a buig expense - I really don't understand how some of the people around here can afford them.

      Thanks - I plan to do a show and tell again on my cheaper meal plans. Stay tuned!!!!
      I picked my FIRST today! Glad you are getting goodies.

  7. Hope your Fourth was good! I agree with you regarding fireworks. Several people set them off around here but they stopped at a reasonable hour. There again, where are folks getting that much expendable cash? This is a very modest neighborhood.

    We had smash burgers and they were yummy. The Urban Farmer had a better experience with the flat top griddle than the last time. The griddle is on the screened porch and we had the patio door open to the house. He had it turned up too hot and when it started to smoke, it set off the fire alarm and the security company called, as they do with any alert. I told the lady we were grilling and she didn't send the report to the fire department, thank goodness! That's all we needed, fire trucks at our house...ha!

    Rain barrels are definitely a blessing. We have an extra and if we add a gutter to one side of the greenhouse, it would be that much more stored water. Think it's supposed to rain again on Wednesday.

    We had fresh kale, beef kielbasa, lots of onion and cannelini beans in a skillet for lunch. Quite yummy. Topped it with balsamic vinegar to serve.

    Woohoo on your first garden harvest! How are your green beans doing? I hope to have enough to can.

    1. I wonder about the money for fireworks as well. I am probably in a lower scale neighborhood and it really amazes me. I guess fireworks may be more important than something important!
      They were just stupid crazy last night - hoping tonight is a little better.

      I know people who used to cook and when the smoke alarm went off - everyone said "it's done!". LOL
      Your dinner sounds yummy.
      No green beans here. I didn't plant any. My brother always does way too many and keeps me supplied!
      I am basics - tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cucumbers and green onions. Those satisfy my hunger!! I can get the rest else where.

      Hot day today - watering is sure in the rotation today!

  8. I don't think I'll need to water my planters for weeks! My pepper plants are floating in their self-watering pots, and my tomato plants are not much better. I did dry more basil, oregano, and parsley, and my chives are ready for another haircut. I stayed away from the grocery store, except for items needed for hosting a get-together for the 4th of July -- but I also have tons of leftovers to carry me through the week. I'm a product of the "better to have too much than to run out" generation, so I over prepared for 10, and had several people back out. Prepared 24 pieces of chicken and wound up with only 6 guests, including one on a strict pre-medical test diet so she brought her own food, and one who arrived late and didn't eat much. I see lots of chicken leftovers in my future!

    1. Sorry your plants are so water logged! Love cutting and drying herbs.
      I totally understand - I would rather be over prepared as well. Leftovers are wonderful, especially after holidays. Chicken can be served so many ways. ENJOY