Tuesday, May 31, 2022

This Way - That Way - or Any Way!!!!

 You are all aware that I don't believe in just one way of doing things!  No one way on a recipe, or a use, or meal or way of doing things!  We all have our own ways and that is good.  There are so many ways to change things up and save a dime or two.  I think it is kind of fun to experiment.  You need to break free of the binds that says "this way" and do things your way!!!!!

Just a few ideas:
  • Need a quick dessert?  Take some frozen berries out and mix in with applesauce.  This makes a easy and quick flavorful dessert
  • Broken bits of chips, pretzels, crackers - crush them and use as topping for casseroles or as a crust/coating for chicken, pork or fish.  Add to ground beef for an extender
  • Stale crackers, cereal, or chips - place in a microwave safe dish and zap for 30-45 seconds.  Let them stand for a minute or so and they are all crisp again!
  • Quick fried potatoes - I will microwave potatoes for a few minutes - remove and cool to touch - then slice and fry.  They cook so much faster
  • Place Jelly in a squeeze bottle - saves for a mess with kiddos.  Aim and squirt
  • Need a quick topping for a no bake cheesecake?  No fruit topping on hand?  Use a spoonful of jam or preserves on each piece of cheesecake.  Gives a nice touch of fruit taste and no extra expense.  Works with ice cream as well as yogurt too!

  • Cut bananas in half and place on a popsicle stick/craft stick and then dip in melted chocolate and sprinkles/nuts/coconut if desired.  Place on a pan in the freezer - make a great freezer/summer treat
  • Graham crackers - make great ice cream sandwiches.  Break in half - top with ice cream add other half of cracker and freeze.  I wrap each in saran wrap to keep in freezer
  • Make a nice 'salad' dish - by slicing tomatoes, cucumbers,, maybe adding cauliflower or broccoli bites - then sprinkle with garlic or onion seasoning (or your favorite herb blend) and top with a nice sprinkle of parmesan cheese - so tasty
  • ANOTHER easy dessert - 1 can of fruit cocktail (undrained) and a 3.4 oz. box of instant vanilla pudding.  Mix both together - top with marshmallows or chopped nuts.  I can think of sooooo many options for this - different fruit and different flavor of pudding mix.   HOW EASY!
  • Stale doughnuts, muffins, or coffee cake?  Break up and use in bread pudding instead of bread!  
  • Make a box cake mix taste homemade - sub 1/2 C mayonnaise for 1/2 C oil - tastes so flavorful and is moist
  • Easy shredding - when I cook boneless chicken pieces or pork roast - once cooked and tender - I use my hand mixer to shred it up.  YEP!  Turn mixer on low and it will shred your meat like super quick.  It is the only way I shred now
  • Seedless grapes - remove from stems and freeze.  Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite treats in the summer!  I freeze in small baggies or containers and take out as needed.  They just taste sweeter and are so refreshing.  
Just a thing or two!  What fun subs do you have to jazz things up?  Any new tricks we all need to use?
Give us a shout out!!!!


  1. Let's think of what I can come up with. I know I'll think of others after I'm done.
    I like to also take fruit cocktail or canned peaches and mix with dry pudding. But I first take the dry pudding and mix with with either one cup pineapple juice or orange juice we have left over. I mix it well and then add to the fruit. It also works well with fresh fruits.
    I take graham crackers and spread with leftover frosting. Nice treat.
    I use odd and end leftover buns..any kind..and use to make garlic bread...just spread with butter, sprinkle on garlic powder...you can broil at this point. But we also like to add a sprinkle of Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese.
    If I have red hots on hand, I like to take four or five and add to a pint of applesauce, heat in the microwave and serve. Tasty.
    I like to use up bread that has been around awhile by making up extra french toast. I lay it on a lined baking sheet and freeze. Easy to put in the toaster for a quick breakfast.
    Easy dessert...line an 8x8 own with graham crackers. Make up instant pudding just using 1 1/2 cups milk and pour over pudding. Then either too with a layer of whipped topping or a can of your favorite pie filling.
    If I am hungry for quick bbq and have a little leftover beef or pork, I dice the meat up and add bbq sauce and heat up. Knock off version but using up bits and bobs and hits the spot.

    1. First, I am doing the pork and BBQ sauce thing today! I made a small pork roast and today is becoming BBQ sandwiches!
      Love your ideas. Applesauce with red hots was always a fav of mine!
      Buns or bred can become anything the mind can imagine. I use it all for whatever. Great garlic toast or bread, small pizza, French toast, etc.
      Thanks for fun dessert items as well. YUM - I am hungry!!

    2. Debby in Kansas USAMay 31, 2022 at 6:25 PM

      Linda, my friend's Grandma used to give us frosting filled graham crackers for an afternoon snack when I went home with her. Loved them! Haven't had one since. Definitely don't need to be reminded of how good they were! Or to think about how tasty they'd be with strawberry or cheesecake frosting that wasn't available in the 70s!!!

    3. Debby - SWEET memories!!!!! You need to make some!

  2. Over the past 3 weeks, both family and friends came down with Covid. Several of them were fighting extreme sore throats, and 2 of them ran high fevers. My sister (a nurse) mentioned using popsicles for easing the throat pain and helping with dehydration from the fever. This reminded me of back in the day, when popsicles were made with whatever juice we had on hand, lemonade, or even kook-aid mixes. If you don't have a popsicle container, you can use kitchen-sized paper cups with a skewer stuck in it (wait until they're partially frozen to insert the skewer).

    And, pudding and yogurt can also be frozen to make a tasty alternative to ice cream. Yogurt is also good blended with assorted fruits (frozen, fresh, or canned) and a splash or two of juice to make a healthy smoothie. Spoon in a tsp of bran, bran cereal, or even oatmeal to add some fiber.


    1. Sorry everyone got sick - hope all are on the mend.
      Yep, homemade popsicles are the best! I have done all those things you mentioned.
      I think today I will use my last 2 peaches from discount and peach yogurt and whatever else I add to make a 'sort of' frozen yogurt!
      Love your ideas - thanks!
      Get well.

  3. Today I got a bag of grapes for 33 cents. I don't eat grapes but my daughter does so I got them for her. About half were as she prefers them--crisp. I'll give her those. The rest were soft so I am making focaccia with grapes and walnuts this evening when it cools down. I already prepped the recipe. Once baked I'll put it in the freezer to save for Sunday dinner when the family is here.
    Also, have found that grated apple is a fine sub for zucchini in zucchini bread. Good for that random apple that isn't great for eating out of hand. I have 4 apples that are too soft. I don't know if I'll make 4 loaves of bread but maybe 2 loaves and some apple sauce for the grandson.

    1. Margaret what a great idea on making the focaccia. I have never made that - but it always looks so pretty and yummy to see. I have seen some that were works of art.
      Good idea on the apples. Apple bread sounds good!

  4. I cube my potatoes and put them in a skillet with water just to almost cover them. Bring to a boil and boil away the water at which point I add bacon grease and brown them up. Easy!

    Stale hamburger and hot dogs buns make really good French toast. Also butter and sprinkle garlic salt on hot dog buns and toast in the air fryer for bread sticks.

    A spoonful of leftover mashed potatoes, two eggs and a torn up stale slice of bread fried together in a skillet is delicious.

    Make a yummy side to grilled meats by cooking some sliced onions in butter until almost tender. Then add brown sugar and continue to cook until glazed and tender.

    1. Good way to fry potatoes. I love toasted buns - my favorite toast is buns!
      Interesting on the eggs, potatoes and bread - may have to try that sometime soon. Sounds good. Oh hubs would have loved your take on onions!!! He was an onion nut!!!

  5. Love these idea…the frozen yogurt and peaches sounds so good! Frozen grapes are da bomb! I love Lana’s idea with the boiled, cubed then fried in bacon grease (heavenly) potatoes. The focaccia sounds fab, too. You ladies are making me hungry!
    Mary in OK

    1. I know - they make me hungry too! Love, love, love frozen grapes!

  6. Never, ever thought of using my hand mixer for shredding. I really need to try that.

    God bless.

    1. It works like a charm! Only way I do tender cuts of meat now.

  7. You always have such good ideas and make us all hungry! lol

    1. Thanks!! LOL - everyone's ideas make me hungry too

  8. Great post Cheryl. I first heard of freezing grapes on your blog and now it's my favorite summer treat! I wait for them to go on sale and stock up again!

    1. They are the bomb!!! One of my favorite treats as well.