Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/15

 Hello all - I AM HERE!  Sorry for being late.  I had a bit of a medical emergency with Fluffy and she and I spent the morning at the emergency care vet.  We are home now and she is in isolation for a while (and is not happy).  Not that she is contagious or anything - I just need to monitor what she eats and drinks and (poos) for a day or two.  She has a bad mouth/gums - and got major antibiotics, I am giving pain meds and anti-inflammatory.  She hasn't been eating or drinking for a couple days and this morning she let me pick her up!!!  She has NEVER in 11 years let me pick her up (since she was a kitten).  I knew she was sick.  *She does let me pet her - but no picky up!!!!
Well now she is drinking like a camel and starting to eating a bit.  All good.
SHEW - the things that life throws at us.

Well weather-wise it has been July here this week!  T-shirts and flip-flops.  AC has even been on some.  This coming week will be kind of back to normal for a while - so hoping I can maybe do the garden then.
We actually (until yesterday) had our longest stretch of dry weather in a couple months.
We got rain yesterday and supposed to get more tonight.

Since Wednesday this has been happening!!!!  They are the biggest poppies ever - each fills my hand.  I have a good 5 or 6 each day in beautiful bright bloom.

This week:
  • Laundry and line dried. I did all the cats winter bedding as well
  • I made up some homemade weed killer to spray fence row and a small patch of never attended ground next door!  Not rented yet - so I took care of one problem!  That stuff is dead now.
  • I made a new small garden plot (raised) from materials on hand for big pots to sit on (a flood area)
  • Cleaned out the garage some
  • Got second rain barrel set up
  • Worked on the front walk flower bed some and placed my short fencing up - so flowers don't overtake the walk
  • Kroger - loss leaders and clearance 
  • Hummingbird feeders are now out and plenty of nectar made up
  • Chopped a quart of bell peppers for freezer
  • Chopped more chives and froze another quart
  • I have an insulated dog house (for the cats) - and it was sinking.  I cut appropriate size boards and placed them under the front and back and raised it up a good 2".
  • My neighbor cut my front and way out back when he mowed.  I did the backyard
  • I did trimming and pulled lots more weeds.
  • Came across a 2018 can of peaches I used in a smoothie.  It was great and refreshing
  • I only worked outside in the mornings when it was somewhat cooler.  It got close to 90 several times.  Just regular housework inside in the afternoons
Meals this past week:
Ham, egg, & cheese biscuits
Chicken fingers and salad
Tomato and bologna sandwich and a smoothie
Cheeseburger and fresh veggies with salad dressing
Chef salad
Rice/veg/cheese stuffed Portobella mushrooms (used air fryer)
Chicken and veggie roll-ups
SNACKS:  fruit, PB sandwich, yogurt, ice cream bar

I hope you all had a good week and stayed cool!  Are any of you able to garden yet?  I am close.  Any great deals or bargains this week?
I sure hope you are all well and safe.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.
Psalms 32:8

Lord, thank you for guiding us and nudging us through all our avenues in life.  You always speak to us, and guide us when the timing is right.  Help us to listen more closely and always follow Your ways.


  1. So sorry to hear about Fluffy, Cheryl, but glad to hear she seems to be on the mend! Thank you (as always) for the verse and prayer today. So timely: the prayer in a daily devotional to day is, "God of wisdom, for a moment, I set aside my questions and just listen."

    There were deals at Walmart last night. Meat prices were as much as half of Safeway's! Maybe that's why the meat open air fridges were sparse? I've already commented in another post's comment section about the mileage from a pork roast this past week.

    No gardening here, as we're not moved in yet, but Hubby is working on a paved walkway from the gravel drive to the front steps, and then from the side door to the shed. A gardening question, though... does anyone know of a winter hearty groundcover (for a sloped area) that can grow in rocky clay soil?

    1. Love the devotional!
      Thanks - I think Fluff will be fine. At least she is drinking - that is essential and on meds.
      You did great with your roast. Not sure what to tell you about the ground covering. Not familiar with what grows there.
      Have a good week.

  2. So glad to hear Fluffy is on the mend! Would like to know you’d recipe for your homemade weed killer! My front flower garden is out of control! Can you use your mix around other plants you want to keep?

    1. Thanks - I am hoping she will be fine.
      I used a gallon of vinegar - lots of salt - some water and a dash of dish soap. I used a sprayer. All is brown. I used some in the fence row and it is close to a rose and the rose is OK. I don't think I would want to use it around other flowers.
      If you use chemicals - Round-Up works around flowers - but I have heard stuff about it!

  3. I was concerned when your usual Sunday post was later. Glad you could pick up Fluffy and get her the attention she needed. Sounds like she is already improving and hope it continues.
    My husband vhas been busy gardening. But the bunnies want to devour the cabbage plants. Earlier, the birds were eating the young sweet corn sprouts. He's replanted twice already. Here in S. IN, we are already needing to water in order to get our seeds to sprout. We persevere. I've been busy weeding around the horseradish, raspberries, landscaping, and perrineals. Together we will get it done. We each do different things. Divide and conquer.
    Things we are this week are rice and beans, rabbit, pork loin chops, brats, sweet and sour meatballs. Sides have been salad, green beans, peas and asparagus. Fruit or ice cream for dessert. marked down salad mixes on Friday this week. Also pork loin was 1.99 a pound so,I bought two to add to the freezer. I split each in two before freezing. I like to cut them into chops, put in crockpot for pulled pork or do as a roast. One of the cheaper meats around here these days. Chicken quarters were advertised at .69 per pound but the store said they weren't getting any. That's a bummer.
    Hoping Fluffy continues to continue to improve quickly!

    1. I think she felt so bad and God just let it all work for me. And happy we are close to a 24 hour vet.
      Sounds like you guys have been busy. Sorry about the critters getting the crops! Little buggers!!!
      Your meals sound good - I will let you keep the rabbit. LOL- I am sure it is good, I just can't. No problem that others do.
      Nice on the salads and the pork loin. Those sure make for some good meals in a cheap way!
      Have a good one.

  4. Poor Fluffy! I hope the antibiotics will help her mend quickly. That is a good sign that she is drinking and eating again.

    My Dad is in Oak Lawn, Illinois and said it was 93 up there this week. I’m not ready for hot weather yet. LOL

    Your poppies are huge and beautiful!

    I haven’t been gardening, but did do some weeding that needed it.

    1. I know - she is such a tiny thing anyway. So delicate. Drinking is essential and she is eating a little.
      That is hot - we reached almost 90 on day. I don't really like it that hot at all. Give me 70's!!
      Thanks - they are just lovely this year. Prettiest they have been in ages.
      Weeding is good. Hope you mom is doing well.

  5. I prayed for you this morning when I didn’t see your post. So thankful all turned out well.
    Wow, that poppy is gorgeous!!!
    I did see asparagus for 42 cents a bundle here at the Walmart in OK. Couldn’t believe it!
    You have been a busy, bizzy bee! Good on ya! Lord bless you and Fluffy and the other kitters. Planning to move in to our new house tomorrow…very glad.
    Mary in OK

    1. Oh Mary thank you for praying for me!!!
      What a price!!!!!!! Never seen it that cheap. Thanks, this is a good year for the poppies.
      So happy you are getting the move done!!!!! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.
      Thank you for the blessings - we can use them!

  6. Thankful that Fluffy is on the mend. Those poppies are beautiful! We used to have them at the house we lived at when I was little, and my parents didn't bring any transplants when we moved.

    We were dry and 85+ for the last week and at least 2 days 90+. We got a little drizzle this afternoon, and I'm hoping we get more later on, as the lawn and plants could use it. I enjoyed the cool mornings and had my coffee on the deck a couple of times. One morning, I had a cardinal on the edge of the lawn right off my deck, pulling worms, and after he flew off, I heard his song.

    I was able to get my deck rail boxes and pots planted -- red geraniums in the front, and swiss chard (thought I'd bought spinach, argh!!!), bibb lettuce, dill, oregano, flat leaf parsley, and basil on the back side of the boxes. two cherry tomatoes, a green bell pepper and a red pepper plant all planted. Cucumbers and snap peas, planted earlier this week, are coming up, and I found 2 small trellises for them to climb on. My 4-year old pot of chives is sending out new shoots and will be ready for cutting by the end of the week, I expect.

    My grocery list is minimal right now, and I'm gong to hold off shopping. Don't need to spend the $$ on gas, and I have to fight the urge to buy "wants" as well as "needs." If I stay away, I can't spend.

    Need to board my pup on Saturday, and our regular place is full. So, we're going to try a new place for that one day and see how he does. It's a bit higher, but as a first-time customer, I get a good discount. Will see ... At the very least, I'll be established with a back-up place, in case of an emergency.

    1. Mornings have been nice here too. Those are hots days.
      The cardinal song is so pretty! I have several pair in the yard.
      WOW - you have really got it going on with all the garden plants. Good job.
      I hear on not going and just staying home. IF I go to the store I spend - simple. Gas used too. Best to stay home if possible.
      Hope it all works at the doggy kennel - a back up is always nice to have.
      Thanks I think Fluff will be OK.

  7. Sorry Fluffy is sick. I have a cat that's 19 years old and her teeth are bad. She recently stopped eating and I thought I would have to put her down. I started feeding her Fancy Feast Broths because it has a lot of liquid and she's doing better. That poppy is gorgeous.

    1. Those teeth really can do some damage. Blackie had a problem last fall with his mouth. I think being outdoors it is more prevalent. I also use CBD now with Blackie. It is anti-inflammatory (liquid & flavored). I mix it in his wet food and he gobbles it. She will get that too. I get it at the health food store and it is just for cats. I will keep that in mind with the broths! Thanks for that tip.

    2. Thanks for the tip about CBD. The vet says all old cats have aches and pains like us human.

    3. It really seems to help for a lot of things!

  8. Poor Fluffy! We are just back from a trip to see our newest grandson. Just tired. Discount store was seven baking mixes for .75 each and plain yogurt quarts 3/$1. I am going to try making yogurt cheese and seasoning it for a cracker spread.

    1. I know - poor little girl.
      I am so glad you got to see the baby! YAY.
      Good deals. I bet yogurt cheese would be good. Nice to have options for treats and snacks. Smart thinking. Let us know how it turns out.

  9. Poor Fluffy, she must have been suffering if she trusted you to pick her up. Glad she is eating and drinking again and I'm sure the antibiotics will seem do the trick.
    We have had rain and cooler weather for the past few days which has been really good news for all our gardens. Sounds like you have had a busy week.

    1. Yep she had to be suffering, and she let me hold her the whole time at the vet!!!! Even when getting her temp taken and getting a shot!!! She should be doing much better in a couple days.
      I kept busy - although I would have liked to accomplished more. That rain and cooler weather is perfect for your garden. That is great.

  10. We in the PNW keep having rain. So the plants are started and waiting to be planted. We would like the nights to stay above 50 before we put then in the ground. We actually had frost one morning this last week. We had the wettest April on record and it looks like May will be close to the wettest. We may also break that record.
    We continue to feed the hummingbirds. The Anna’s hummingbird stay year around so we feed them all winter long. But the flowers are now starting to bloom so they will eat less of the sugar water. Nancy in WA

    1. The ground does need to be warm for plants to actually grow - at least my daddy used to say that. I have always listened.
      Our hummingbirds leave in early fall - I haven't seen one yet this year - but I am ready!

  11. Fluffy is blessed to have you as a Mom. It is wonderful to have an emergency vet nearby. I was grateful to find one near me. I have used them a couple of times on the weekend or the middle of the night. I have dog babies. I love cats but am allergic. My question is do cats get their teeth cleaned? I have my dog's teeth cleaned after they are 5 years old. I have them cleaned every two years after that. It is expensive but I think gives them a better life. At that time if there are other problems, like a bad tooth they are pulled while the dog is asleep for the cleaning.
    I have not been out, but there are some loss leaders and meat on sale. Like to get those proteins on sale for the freezer.

    I have put out some lettuce and squash seeds. We shall see how they do.

    1. I love my kitties! She will need dental surgery - so will call the regular vet about that. Never have had them cleaned - she doesn't like being held - so that was never an option.
      Smart to do I am sure.
      Hope you can catch some sales. Happy planting.

  12. So happy that Fluffy is back home. She probably won't be overjoyed about the dental surgery but it is necessary. I follow a blogger who is a retired dentist and she took really good care of her cats' teeth and one of them still had a major problem. I try to descale the boys' teeth and keep from having the vet do it.

    It certainly has been hot and sticky. We had a big job to do in the garden on Wednesday and it was all we could do to finish it. Found lots of worms, grubs and beetles for the chickens. I think they finally got full! Got the tomatoes in the ground and the cukes and zucchini planted. Going to till up another spot for the peppers, which are already blooming.

    If we did not have our Father to counsel us, we would be in a real mess. The key is to listen to His voice.

    1. She is not over joyed being in a kennel so surgery - no she will not be happy. We will see, there are super long wait times.
      Good for you on getting garden in. Maybe this week for me!
      I bet youu were both exhausted with all that heat. Take care.

  13. I am glad to her Fluffy is better. Salt is not good to use as it will make the ground sterile. You might not be alive to see what salt has done, but someone will.

    1. She is on the mend - not 100%, but doing well.
      The spot I treated needs to be sterile.

  14. Your poppies are beautiful. I am jealous. Very happy to hear Fluffy is on the mend. I understand about fur babies and how they mean as much to us as our human babies.

    1. They are just beautiful this year!
      Thanks, she seems to be a little better this AM. Ate both wet and dry food (a little) and drinking. Those things are good.

  15. Debby in Kansas USAMay 16, 2022 at 9:06 AM

    There you are, Cheryl! Im glad Fluffy's on the mend, poor baby! All my cats lived to old ages like 18-23 years old and all but one had occasional teeth issues. Way more than my dogs. I assume that's because dogs chew and gnaw and that helps clean their teeth some. I've also brushed my dogs' teeth. None of my cats would tolerate it. Our coyote pup was so good that she let my husband floss her teeth!! I did have my cats get their teeth cleaned, but they still needed teeth pulled. Only one dog had one pulled and that wasn't a cavity. It was cracked. Well, I'm sure you both feel better. Don't you wish they could tell you when it starts to hurt so you could help them before they're miserable?

    Stay tuned for the warm weather if ours is headed your way. I saw that the weekend is only supposed to be 70 or so. We'll be attacking the yard on Saturday! You've sure gotten a lot done!

    My latest market observations are mixed. The regular market? Crazy. I found some good deals at Trader Joe's on eggs, some produce, and whole wheat tortillas and pitas. Aldi was still pretty normal, but for eggs and milk. Their eggs were a dollar more per dozen than TJ's. We always go to Aldi and TJ's if we're in the big city lol.

    Not a money saver at all, but worth it was lunch on Friday. I had a doc appointment that husband had to drive. Afterwards, we went to a little Mediterranean cafe with an outside patio. One thing you have to know about Kansas weather is that there are a limited number of ideal days to eat outside without issues! Combining that rarity with a busy schedule and timing is near impossible. We managed to get to the cafe just before the lunch crowd, scored a comfy shaded table, low 70s, no wind, and no bugs. It couldn't have been more perfect! Nicest meal out I've had in years and the food was delicious.
    They had the best hummus I've ever eaten. It was such a treat.

    What i'm reading....
    On my nightstand - When the Morning Comes by Cindy Woodsmall (#2 in series)
    In my craft room CD player - Tempting #28 by Janet Evanovich
    With my Bible study- Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl
    By my reading chair- The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard

    1. Oh I do wish they could talk. I guess they do in their own way - when she let me pick her up - she spoke volumes. I just need to pay closer attention for signs. Blackie is sure worried about her - she is in a kennel in the garage and the door is open (weather is great) and he is right there with her!! I am sure he remembers that kennel!
      Shopping is getting hit or miss. Nice to have a few places to go. We just got to keep plugging away the best we can.
      You lunch sounds wonderful. So happy you got to have such a great afternoon.

    2. Debby in Kansas USAMay 16, 2022 at 11:05 AM

      Cheryl, I want the pets to answer my questions lol. When I had 4 cats and I noticed a blood tinged pee in a litter box...
      "Okay, whomever had pain when tinkling, please raise your paw."
      Nothing. Instead, I had to isolate them one at a time until I figured it out! (FYI- it was always one of my 2 boys.)

    3. LOL - I totally understand. When more than one in the house and the litter box was 'missed' I would be like who did this and why? Yeah, they didn't answer.
      Keeping an eye on Fluff I noticed she pottyed but it looked different (TMI I know) so I looked it up - yep normal on strong antibiotics. Sometimes computers DO come in handy.
      Oh our babies!!!!!! LOL

  16. Cheryl, your cats are lucky to have you. No pets here to tend to, just a faulty septic pump that needs replacing. I'm lucky to have a spare to use in the meantime and a good neighbor who can trouble shoot for me. So he and his family were here twice for meals, including a steak BBQ last night, the first of the season. And I get to see their 11mo old little girl who brings a smile to everyone's face.
    * girls' weekend with cousins was cancelled (no, postponed) because of a + covid test in their household.
    * took mom to her annual medical appt with a new dr. It's the first time she's been outdoors in a year. She keeps on keeping on at 89.
    * furnace serviced and ducts cleaned
    * cleaned under washer, dryer, fridge, stove
    * washed pillows, cushions in big drum washer at laundromat and was pleased with the outcome
    * checked fence line; still waiting for contract fencer to show up
    * cemetery cleanup followed by supper & cards with friend
    * green house trip to purchase annual bedding plants. We're still 2 wks away from frost risk.
    * mowed grass for the first time. The lawn is really greening up and leaves are finally appearing
    Meals last week included veggie sandwiches with cheese, lettuce and roasted peppers; Italian sausage/rice skillet dinner; squash soup. I think it's time for a roast chicken.

    1. Thank you - I feel I am the lucky one.
      Such nice neighbors - that is great. I am sure they enjoyed the free food! Babies - so sweet.
      You got a lot done. Sorry your day was postponed. Sounds like mom needs to just get out and go for a ride to see things. I would go nuts if I couldn't go outside. Glad she is going strong.
      Sounds like spring cleaning is in force at your house. I love veggie sandwiches or wraps.
      Don't over do it. Spring is on the way!!!!!

  17. Good to hear that Fluffy is feeling better. Charley was off her feed last week due to a hairball blockage, but she is eating better and seems her old self this week. She is 18 years old and feeling her age.

    Had another busy week. Planted carrots, beets and spinach in the new bed. Peas are up, but something is snipping them off at the ground, so I made little open-topped cloches out of bathroom dixie cups. I figure what the varmint (chipmunk?) can't see, he might not bite. All of my seeds in the house are up except the mexican sunflowers. Strawberries are bearing heavily but are not ripe yet. Iris and spiderwort are blooming. Cleaned up the front flower bed in preparation for planting. We've had the same weather as you, only one day later. Thunderstorms this morning, cooler most of the week except they're predicting 87F for Friday. Will have to try to shade the peas.

    Had our dentist appts. last Monday. I got a clean bill of dental health, and Husband has one cavity, to be filled in June. My optometrist appt is Wednesday.

    Figured out how to fix my loose eyeglasses. The frame had been stretched out when I fell last summer, and the optician didn't want to try to straighten them for fear of breaking them. I wound matching heavy thread several times around the open hinge and carefully tied it off. Now that hinge doesn't open all the way, and the glasses (generally) stay on my face. They're only 1-1/2 years old, so I don't want to replace them yet, especially since Husband got new glasses recently.

    Still reading "War and Peace", and 684 pages in, it is still boring. This isn't even the full 1300 page version, but is his original version w/o a lot of the philosophical commentary.

    In the category of "Things I should have done a long time ago", we bought window blinds for the 3 windows in my bedroom (on the East) and 4 windows in the living room (South & West). I installed them all today. First one took over an hour because the directions were lousy. The rest of them took about 20 min. each. I like them, they are cordless. They will help a lot this summer to keep the house cool. I also bought an additional clothes drying rack for drying clothes in the house this winter. I'll be able to line dry everything except sheets.

    Got free canned food at the mailbox and, among other things, 10 lbs of mandarin oranges in the Tuesday food box. I calculated that we've spent just under $300/mo on food this year.

    Speaking of food, time to start supper!

    1. Charley is doing good. My oldest I ever had was 14.Glad she is doing well.
      Wow, you are doing great with all things garden. My spiderwort hasn't started blooming yet. Across the street I see their iris's are blooming. So pretty.
      Those blinds are neat - they have them next door. I always have trouble with the first set too! You have really been a busy gal.
      That's a lot of fresh oranges!!! Free to boot! You are doing fantastic on the grocery bills.
      You sure have gotten further in that book than I ever could have!!!
      Have a good one.

  18. I am glad that Fluffy is on the mend.

    Those poppy blooms are huge. Such a pretty colour.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you - she is doing better.
      They are just the prettiest poppies I have ever had.

  19. Sending Fluffy lots of love for a speedy recovery! Last week I did lots of window cleaning—always satisfying!

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

    1. Thank you! I need to do windows too. What a job that is. Your world is clean and clear!