Sunday, October 2, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/2

 Howdy doody my friends!  Can you believe we are now in October?  Crazy how fast this summer has gone by.  We have been having very chilly mornings - still no frost here yet.  Days have been in the 60's this week and we are to get some 70's during the day this coming week.  Bright days, blue skies and breezy.  Love it!

I hope you are all well and safe.  I know we have gals who live in Florida, and probably others from the East coast.  I have been praying for your safety and those of your families.  Please check in when you can and let us know you are OK.

It is October, yet I still have some flowers of color out in the yard.  Phlox is still going, geraniums and roses, and the New England asters have started blooming.  The butterflies sure do love those.

We have had a neighbor down the street (about 4 houses down) that has their kid out on a 4-wheeler every evening and all weekend.  This has been going on for ages.  No muffler and flying up and down the street.  Others from the house have jumped on board recently, so several of them out.  The noise is stupid, and the risks are nuts.  Not legal on streets - no helmets - going too fast.......  Everyone has called non-emergency police number over and over.  Yesterday it started real early and was crazy.  4 people called non-emergency, and nothing has ever happened.  This 'momma' got nuts and call 911 and played every card in my deck!  Widow, children in danger, noise ordinance, scared, etc.  I stood on the porch talking to dispatcher and she heard them going by.  As I was standing there one almost wrecked and came close to hitting a car - told her.  Within 30 minutes police came out and it all stopped!!!  WOOHOO!
I have been meeting neighbors that I have not talked with before, and we have all decided to be on the same page.  We are taking out neighborhood back from this family!!!!!  Sometimes we just have to get our 'drama' on. I have always left my neighbors alone to do their thing, but this was just getting crazy.

The remainder of the day was so quiet and nice, and kids were out riding bikes and using their scooters (foot powered), and people were on their porches.  Hasn't happened much on the weekends lately.
The ice cream truck has been coming by in the early evenings as well.  Funny, how that is just happening now that it is fall!

The family behind me had a big party for their young daughter's birthday Saturday as well.  They asked about a month ago, if they could use the back 40 for parking.  Sure - no problem.  They had lots of people and many from out of town.  They had a tent for dining and music and a bounce house for the kids.  They had a live Mariachi band much of the evening - that was really neat and enjoyable to listen to.  What a birthday party to remember!

The week was not super busy here.
  • Picked the balance of regular tomatoes from the vines.  Still have lots of cherry tomatoes growing and ripening and okra
  • Aired the house a lot
  • Canned 2 batches of salsa
  • Made an appointment for an eye exam for this coming Tuesday.  I am wearing very old glasses, as the most recent broke beyond wearing a long while back.  Just want a good prescription and glasses that fit well for now.  Cataracts at another time
  • Paid everything I had here
  • Put out some misc. table coverings that were fall looking
  • Did some cleaning of flower beds and misc. yard work
  • Changed out handbags
  • Neighbor called and said house a few doors down, had people moving.  They had stuff in drive for the taking - did I want to see if anything I wanted.  I walked down there and only found one thing.
                                                                This is what I got
  • Mowed the yard
  • Just doing all the normal stuff.
  • No groceries
Meals this past week:
Mex. chicken (freezer) over rice
Beef and cheese nachos topped with lots of veggies
Fried green tomatoes and tuna patty
Smoked sausage and spaghetti with butter and parm
Grilled beef and cheese sandwich and side salad
Rice with broccoli and cheese and chicken bites
Soft tacos
SNACKS - fruit and cheese/crackers

Not a lot of exciting stuff happening.  Just piddling around and doing odds and ends.

My Coogy is getting to the twilight of his life, I sadly have to admit.  We have good days and not so good days.  I go above and beyond to feed him whatever he may want.  We sit and cuddle a lot.  He has lost a lot of weight over the year - so slowly I didn't notice until I did!  We just enjoy those good days and he is the sweetest.  I love each moment for now.

How has your week been?  Any deals or bargains?  Canning or freezing?  How is your weather?  Give us a shout out - love hearing from you all.

I pray for the safety of you all.  Prayers for good health.  May God help those who are sad and broken at the moment.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Dear Lord, we ask Your blessings upon each of us.  Please help us each conquer or fears and the sadness that comes into our lives.  Help us to know that there is a reason for all things - great and small.  May You continue to keep us each in Your loving and protective arms.  May we continue to honor You in all that we do.  Amen


  1. We are all safe after the hurricane. We do all have a heap of mess in our yards to clean up but thankfully none of our family or friends had any damage to homes.

    Those four wheelers are a problem here, too and have been for many, many years. They use the woods behind our house and sometimes end up on our 1.5 acre of woods behind what our house is on. That is when Hubby chases them off. Then we had a family riding them on the streets in our neighborhood but we know their landlord and got their contact info and told them to quit and surprisingly they did.

    We took a ride to a new to us salvage store yesterday and what deals we got! Choc chips 2/$1, Gluten free flour .79 a bag, packs of 100 plastic cups for $1, GIANT bell peppers 3/$1, (6 filled a plastic grocery bag) 10# potatoes for $2, celery 50 cents, huge onions 4/$1, 1#bags of tortilla chips $1, sugar 1.79 a bag and everything I forgot but it was seriously half a cart full for $30. It was a lovely drive up into the mountains and we will definitely go there again but next time on a week day so the crowd is smaller. There were a lot more produce deals that I could not use on top of what was at home and I was not good enough at thinking quick or I would have bought the ten pounds of diced up fresh tomatoes for $1 and canned some salsa for very little work. Next time I will be better prepared mentally for what might find there.

    1. So happy you are all ok. Cleaning up is much better than damage to home or people!
      Well, I am hoping this puts an end to the craziness of the 4 wheelers. The noise was just beyond crazy. I would be angry if they were on my property as well.
      You find the best deals. What a blessing for you to have found that place. Wonderful prices on everything you bought. I am envious!!!!!
      Sounds like a lovely drive as well.!

  2. Woohoo! You go, girl! No sense in one family terrorizing the neighborhood and possibly causing injuries. Folks like that need to live in the middle of nowhere.

    I hate to hear that about your Coogy. How old is he? My Chihuahuas will be 11 tomorrow. They both have some health issues, especially Riley who is on heart medications.

    Not much going on here. The Urban Farmer is making frames to cover with plastic to set inside the screened porch sections. We hope to use foam insulation to put in the aluminum sections below to help keep some of the cold out. The porch is on the west side of the house so hopefully with the sun shining and with the bit of insulating he is doing, it will be comfortable out there. Bitter temps may tell a different story but with a wood-burning stove it should be okay. Planning ahead...

    Still have some potatoes to harvest and more to can. The Farmer got the walking onions and garlic planted along with new strawberry plants. All this time we did not realize that strawberries require an alkaline soil. Learn something everyday. We still have eggplants so I am exploring how to freeze it without being a soggy mess.

    Your meals all sound good! We had roast beef sandwiches with homemade horseradish sauce yesterday for lunch. Had half a pan of scalloped potatoes left so I heated it up to go with the sandwiches. It's getting to be chili weather and I found a stuffed pepper soup recipe that sounds really good. Have a small roast to cook that the Urban Farmer will use for Italian Beef.

    Still trying to get the summer things put away and get out the cold weather gear. Things come up to interrupt my work!

    Blessing for you, my friend!

    1. That is exactly what a neighbor said yesterday - if they want to play like that, they need to be in the country.
      Coogy is 12. This momma is just spoiling the dickens out of him for now!!! It just sucks that our babies get set sick as they get older. Guess it is just like people.
      Good for you on getting prepared. That is always a wise move. I would love to someday enclose my front porch. That would be nice.
      Yes, I keep thinking about a pot of chili - maybe next weekend, as the temps are rally supposed to drop.
      Tis that time of the year - to put away, prepare and munch on all those comfort foods!!!
      Have a nice one.

  3. It is sad that happens in neighborhoods, but unless the folks band together, nothing will change. Police here, say they are understaffed - and truthfully don't think they care about this kind of stuff. If someone got hurt or killed, then they may have responded. So I was delighted they finally came out.
    It sure has gotten cooler here as well. Sweatshirts and socks kind of weather!!
    Hope all are on the mend and airing and cleaning is in order. Take care and have a nice week.

  4. What is it with these four wheelers? Last week we had a grown man riding up and down our crescent on one. Thankfully no kids and I haven't seen it since. Perhaps someone reminded him it is illegal on the city streets. I'm glad you got the response that was needed.
    It was a brisk 7C(45F) this morning, but the house was still comfortable from the warmth of yesterday at 20C(68F). I'm not turning on the furnace until we have frost overnight - likely Wednesday. With the increased prices of natural gas and electricity, I'm going to be a miser this winter. We'll learn to wear more clothing indoors! :)
    I've potted up my geraniums and ivies and plan to bring them indoors after I spray them for bugs. Last winter I tried keeping the geraniums in a bag but there is no cool spot in the house to keep them.
    Have a great week!

    1. Crazy isn't it? This guy told one neighbor to come to him to complain about his kid - neighbor did - then the guy got one for himself as well! Yeah, that worked out. I just shake my head at people's rudeness!
      I am keeping heat off as well. Lots of clothes. I totally understand pinching the dollars this winter. Seems to be the thing to do!
      Hope you have luck with wintering the flowers.
      Have a nice day

    2. Maebeme, do you have a basement? Or garage? When we lived in Ohio and Colorado, I wrapped geraniums and winter stored them in one or the other, which tend to be a lot cooler than the rest of the house. --Elise

    3. I just put my geraniums on the garage in the pots and water when they are dry. They get pretty ugly by spring but I just cut them back hard and fertilize them and off they go again for another year. Some of mine are 15 years old..

  5. Greetings on this 1st Sunday in October! It's odd... spring and summer seemed to drag on and on, then *poof*, it's fall. Our temps have been in the mid 70s, which is great, but I'm looking forward to sweatshirt and socks season. Sale prices on apples. Once upon a time I grew a few apple trees from seeds, so am saving the seeds now that we have space again to grow them.

    Lana, I'm so glad you and your family are alright, other than a mess to clean. It looks like some places were devastated from Ian. Prayers answered for your safety! Frances, you've been in our prayers, too, with all the work you have on your plate. Actually, I pray for everyone here, even readers that don't yet comment, and especially for you, Cheryl, for providing this gathering place.

    So... our one ton pallet of wood pellets was delivered yesterday, tucked into an alcove between evergreens, and covered with a camo tarp for the winter. We should be good. Only one trip to a store this week--Walmart--where I picked up 2 jumbo packs of Hillshire Farm smoked sausage on sale. How I'd love to shop with some of you (like Lana), who find such great deals! I have stocked up via online sales with cases of Krustaz mixes... Snickerdoodle cookies, Chocolate Chunk muffins, and Cinnamon Bread... each at least 1/2 off store shelf prices per box and with sell-by dates as far out as 2025!!

    Meals this week used up the pork chops and beef roast from last weekend, with the final 2 meals being a big pot of meat & veggie soup + Italian bread. Oh, I did buy more yeast at Walmart, too. Seems to be the best price there. It's hard for us to get through a loaf of store bought bread in a week, so I'll make my own, smaller loaves again.

    That's about it. My mother-in-law is still hanging on without a lot of pain, which is a blessing and answer to prayer. Be well this week!

    1. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for all that come here as well. The world sure needs our prayers.
      You got some deals as well. I sure wish I had a closeout place here to buy goodies.
      Glad you are getting more prepared for winter each day. Happy to hear your MIL is feeling no pain! That is huge. Bless her heart - I hope she remains comfortable until her time to go home.
      Have a good one.

    2. Thank you, Cheryl, me too. And since I believe in praying for pets, I'll be adding those to the prayer list as well. Sometimes, when I'm feeling like my most productive years have passed, I remember what my best-ever-friend (now passed nearly 4 years) once told me: at this stage of life I can be a prayer warrior, because I have the time. She was a little older than me and so very wise. You remind me a lot of Lynn. Hugs!

    3. Elise, You got some great deals, too! The salvage store shopping is quite fun for us old people. We have commented over and over since yesterday that we had a great time checking out that new store and bring home the deals. It doesn't take much to entertain us!

    4. That is funny - doesn't take much to entertain. I thought that last night while listening to the band play at the house behind me. I was so enjoying that - and then I thought "girl you need a life!"

  6. I wanted to post today because I'm usually late in reading and end up posting after everyone else has left the discussion. My parents had a saying about being a day late and a dollar short. Guess that's me. I SO enjoy this blog. It is rare and wonderful to see such kindness and respectfulness online. Thank you Cheryl for creating this space.
    Ellie in Central AZ

    1. Ellie, we're almost neighbors! Hubs and I have retired to the White Mountain region, near Show Low. --Elise

    2. Hii Ellie. Thank you for your kind words. I think we all need a safe place to go. I have used that expression many a time! Heck, come on and post late or not. I always try to answer.
      Have a good one

  7. Checking in as requested! (snapping to attention and saluting!)
    The remnants of the tropical storm were just 36 hours of light to moderate rain and a little wind. No damage at all around here, just some hungry goldfinches because I won't put their feeder out in the rain. Saw lots of birds from out of the area in the hours before the hurricane hit down south.
    Got the shed project 98% finished. Just have to sand down the wood putty in a couple of places and do some touch-up painting. It is the same color as the house and the metal shed I painted last summer: sky blue with white trim. And Debby, no heinies were injured in the completion of this project LOL! And that included going up on the carport roof to reach the peak of the shed gable.
    I printed out my "To Do Before the Snow Flies" list yesterday. Already emptied the rain barrels and put them away and used a piece of foam board insulation to block off the A/C fresh air intake (a 14x14in hole in the living room floor). We're to have good weather for four days this week, so I should be able to get a lot more done.
    Still getting a few cherry tomatoes, but the zukes are done. Processed and froze beets and carrots. Was my first year with beets, and I thought I had left them in the ground too long, but they taste great in our salads.
    We're having an unusual problem. Our house has been invaded by paper wasps. Fortunately, they are not aggressive, but we've been killing 20-30 a day for the past few days. I can't find the nest or where they're coming in (which could be anywhere in this old trailer).
    Hope all goes well at your eye doc appt, Cheryl. Husband also has an eye doc appt Tuesday to check his macular degeneration.
    Dinner this week includes meatloaf (in the crockpot as I type), mashed potatoes (splurged on Bob Evans), and chocolate cake. My 62nd birthday is this week, and that is my favorite meal. Think I'll make a pizza some day this week, too.
    Cheryl, sorry to hear Coogy is on the decline. That is the same way Charley was the past few months. You are such a good cat 'mommy'! You had mentioned your difficulties in finding a vet when Momma was ill. I took Charley to the Banfield Pet Clinic in my local Pet Smart store. They were very kind and compassionate, and they take walk-ins for vet care, though you may have to wait a while.
    Good for you for dealing with the unruly neighbors. Seems like there's one on every street.
    No real deals this week at Aldi. I plan to take some stuff to St. Vinny's thrift store later in the week and will do a little birthday shopping there. The library's semi-annual book sale is on the 20th, and I'm sure I'll come home with a bag of books ($10/bag).
    We finally have back-up heat for winter emergencies. We bought an indoor-safe propane space heater. It runs on the little propane bottles. I still need to test it. With Husband becoming hypothermic easily, an emergency heat source is a must. We've had the furnace on for the past week, but not above 72F. I calculated our anticipated natural gas bills based on our current cost of gas and using our worst month from last winter. What was $160 last year will be at least $250 this winter. And that's before the annual Oct 1 price increase. We have blankets in the living room and Husband is going to wear a hat when he needs to. I have fingerless gloves for my arthritic hands.
    --Frances in the Trailer Park

    1. Happy Birthday, Frances! Hope it's a wonderful on whichever way you choose to celebrate. --Elise

    2. Good to see you check in - good girl! Before I forget, happy birthday this week. Hope you enjoy the thrift store and get lots of goodies!
      You sure are a busy gal. Glad the shed is almost done. Want to come to IN and help me with mine? LOL
      Glad you got a backup heat source. That is great. I think many people are going to be adjusting their ways this winter.
      SO happy you were far enough away that you got no storm damage, just rain.
      Hmmmm pizza sounds yummy too!
      Enjoy your birthday week!!!!!

    3. Happy Birthday!

      We had wasps for months and could not find them and then our son was visiting and saw them coming and going from a tiny hole in our screen porch eaves. One visit from the exterminator after dark and they were gone but it sure took a long time to find them. I hope you find yours soon!

    4. The wasp nest has now been located. The sun came out for a few minutes, and my neighbor was on her porch and spotted the wasps rising. It is in a corner where the addition joins the trailer, possibly partially behind the flashing. We have a metal roof over the original trailer roof, and the wasps like how that heats up in the sun. I'll go up there tonight or early tomorrow a.m. to spray the nest, then go up Mon. eve. to attempt removal.
      --Frances in the soggy Trailer Park
      PS: Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

    5. Debby in Kansas USAOctober 3, 2022 at 8:38 AM

      Now we have to worry about Frances getting STUNG in the heinie!!! I'm terrified of flying stinging things. I'd be sitting in the car lol. I hope you know what you're careful!!

  8. Thank you, Lisa, for the reminder. We need to purchase a water heater blanket and have a $5 off $25 coupon for Ace Hardware. Do you sell your Alpaca wool? --Elise

  9. Hi Lisa - glad to have you here.
    It is just rude to make so much noise no matter where you live. That late at night - sorry- I wouldn't be a cordial neighbor!!!!! Yes, poor animals and well heck - you move to the country for the peace - not listening to that garbage.
    Oh how neat on the alpacas. That would be cool. My outdoor kitties get fed quite regular as well - well indoor too.
    Hope you don't get too cold too fast!
    Have a good one.

  10. Not much going on here, I've stayed away from the grocery store, except for a stop for some essentials needed to finish my bathroom clean-up and to replace age-old cosmetics that, I suspect were the cause of some allergy-like issues. Many eye products were 5+ years old and I just decided enough is enough. I wouldn't have run to the store, except that I had an event last night and had to "do" my face and hair.

    Here, we have issues with pre-teens running around in golf carts, mini-bikes (gasoline) operated by 10-year olds, and the little battery operated cars, used by toddlers to age 4(?). What adults here fail to comprehend is that children don't yet have the capacity to comprehend action/reaction, they are singularly focused. As adults we have to teach them the importance of stopping and looking before they cross the street, that they just can't make a bee-line to the park. I've talked to the police and it's "call us when they're out." But by the time the police make a drive-thru, the kids are gone. I actually went off on a young mother who was busy talking to a friend while her toddler (pacifier in his mouth) drove right out in front of a car, crossing the street to get to the park, Mom not even paying attention. I do think part of the issue is that kids hear the parents talk about right of way, people walking or on bikes have the right of way and cars have to stop. But that car that almost kit the kid riding/driving an electric car to the park came over a slight incline. Luckily he slammed on the brakes and stopped until the kid crossed the boulevard. Another parent at the park saw it all and stopped traffic until the kid completely made it across. Aside from that, I live on the boulevard and am going to be the one out there scooping brains up off the pavement one of these days, if something doesn't change. And, I'm afraid it's going to be somebody getting hit before anything changes. Sad ...

    1. Oh my gosh. That is awful. Parents just don't pay attention, and you are right - kids cannot comprehend the consequences. I have had kids in the neighborhood a few years back that we all tried to parent - because mom was never there and the kids were a mess. I would like to know what happened to them when they moved. I can almost bet the girl is in juvenal or worse.
      Yes, concerned neighbors are going to be the ones, seeing the bad accidents happen - and the parent's will be out to blame others. Keep doing your part - and I will too!

  11. Ellie, you can get cases of Krusteaz mix, including GF (my big sis uses that) from Amazon. Keep an eye on the prices as they go up and down. Leave it in your browsing history (be sure that's turned on) and in a week or so the price will drop. If you put it in your cart and leave it there, the price sometimes drops, too, but not as consistently as in browsing history. The cases are 12 boxes to a case. I've been able to buy them for as little as $24 per case. --Elise

  12. EM Griffith,
    You asked if I sold my fleeces. Yes in past years mostly.
    I have sold my Alpaca fleece and other Alpaca products in the past in town during Christmas time and also had a vendor booth for about five years at the Michigan Fiber Festival some years ago. My biggest sellers were Alpaca socks and raw fleece for spinners, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, boot inserts, scarves. The socks, well you can't beat them, trust me! Those go on my feet the first day it's cold and I don't go back to cotton socks until late spring. Alpaca is about three to four times warmer than sheep's wool for clothing and anyone who is allergic to wool can usually wear Alpaca because it does not have the lanolin in it as wool does. I do spin, weave and do some felting besides eco printing on cotton, wool and silk. I do much of that for my own enjoyment because the farm and the care of all my animals, large and small is constant and daily. I'm not sure where you live, but you should check out to see if there are any local Alpaca farms near you. Some will have products available. They are all over the country. Some people take great care of their Alpaca and unfortunately, some don't. Not all farms are the same. Also, I tell everyone this. If you have a garden and need fertilizer, Alpaca poo is the greatest and it does not burn like some others and it doesn't have the weed or grain seeds in it too that could bring more to your garden than you wanted! I have a great compost pile out back and turn it regularly and it is like gold. I have friends who come and get a truck load in the spring to put on their gardens. More than likely, you could get it free. Thanks for asking about our Alpaca fleece. Have a good week. Blessings to all.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I'd heard Alpaca wool is best for warmth and those allergic to wool. They're such beautiful animals. I'm in a mountain region of AZ. Very rural. I'll have to see if anyone raises Alpacas. Good to know about their natural fertilizer. What you do sounds amazing! I've always admired those who create with fiber and all sorts of fiber arts.

      Have a wonderful week. --Elise

  13. After two weeks pretty much of feeling low and not being very frugal, this past week I pulled up my socks and am back on the frugal path.

    Harvesting the garden and making sure that nothing harvested goes to waste.

    Working on using up my craft stashes as well. I got some Christmas ornaments made for gifts and have been working on another knitted blanket.

    I am glad that you managed to get control of the neighborhood and all are on the same page.

    God bless.

    1. Glad you have improved. I think it just happens during fall and winter. I know I get that way too. Hugs.
      Good job on harvesting and crafting. You are getting things done for the holidays! YAY!
      Thanks - we will see if it lasts!!!
      Have a good one.

  14. Hi Cheryl,
    I have tried two different times to reply to a question that Elise had about our Alpaca fleece. For some reason it showed that it was published, but then when I looked to check, it is not there. I just wanted to make sure that Elise knew that I saw her question and had tried to reply and wasn't ignoring her.

    1. I found it. It went to Spam for some reason. I posted it for you!

  15. Hi Cheryl~ I love those beautiful fall days too, I only wish they would stay a little longer than they do. I have had that same problem with motorcycles going up and down our road. They were flipping wheelies, diving too fast, passing cars and almost wrecking several times. I finally called 911 along with several other finally quit, hopefully for good. I hope that your situation will be over for good as well. I am inspired by your frugal list, it makes me want to try harder. I can truly understand the anxiety with an older pet. I guess all you can do is make sure that they are comfortable and love them...prayers will be sent your way. Thank you for the prayer, what a blessing to all of us! Have a great week, Hugs, Barb

    1. Hi Barb. Yes, it sure would be nice if fall lasted longer, and winter were shorter! It is terrible that these people think they can get by doing whatever they want. They are endangering so many. I think about someone's animal or child being out there - goodness they could hit in a split second. I hope your neighborhood stays quiet. Yesterday was lovely here!!!
      Yep, all we can do is love our senior pets and give them their best life. They are just so sweet and innocent.
      Thank you for your prayers. Have a good one!

  16. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts for Florida. Hurricane Ian made a sharp right turn and did not affect the Panhandle. We were lucky this time, but Fla. has had three Cat. 4-5 hurricanes in the last 5 years. So I had an estimator come and measure my large paladium window for storm shutter - ugly old metal thing and expensive - but unavoidable with these stronger storms. I hope to relax a little, maybe make a cake, and wait out the rest of hurricane season which ends Nov. 30. - P.S. Good work on your success with getting the police to take action on inconsiderate neighbors.

    1. So happy to hear you are safe!! I was sure what part you all lived. I heard a women on the news yesterday say, she had hurricane proof doors and shutters and well she was left with nothing. She was right in the eye of it. It is all so sad and the devastation....well, no words.
      You take every precaution you can. I don't blame you. Please stay safe. Thank you for checking in and letting us know!
      Thanks, yesterday was so quiet!

  17. THANK YOU so much for what you do for the animals. Yes, I wish there were more people like that. I took care of 10 at one time. Most were outdoors, but I took care of them. It seems they always find their way here. It sounds like your home is the same way! I understand about the feral cats - they sure don't want to be trapped. I can give my outdoor kitties flea meds and they let me pet them. They 2 left outdoors are super friendly with me - just not other people. I guess they know who their human is!!!!
    Thanks for your advice. So many vets here are not taking new patients. The emergency places have one vet working and the wait once there, is hours. I was talking with a neighbor who had the same problem with one of his dogs. Just couldn't get help quick enough. Sad.
    Glad to have you here. Please chime in whenever you want. It is a good group indeed.

  18. Debby in Kansas USAOctober 3, 2022 at 9:19 AM

    Boy, an I late! I usually post on Sunday and it completely slipped my mind yesterday!

    Watching the hurricane coverage and it seems surreal. Really devastating. It seems nearly impossible that there was a 12 ft. storm surge 3 miles inland! I would've worried about wind and rain damage, but not a surge!! Geesh. No protection for that.

    Cheryl, Coogie might surprise you. Was he outdoors long? My cats were indoor only when they were older, but they both made it to 18! My mom's cat was both until she was 20 and she made it to 23. Incredible, huh? I was so worried about how my mom was going to be when her kitty died and it turned out the opposite. My mom died and her kitty lived another 18 mos. with us. She was such a love.

    We had a different neighbor problem when I was single. The lady almost across from me dealt drugs. We had diesel cabs waking us up at 2 am. She once had a huge party and I came home after working a sporting event to my entire driveway being full of cars!!!! There were five of them and the street was so packed, I couldn't even park! I went to a shopping center and called the police. Between the chopper overhead, people running all over, and the tow trucks, I was up all night. The same people used to take my trash out of my can, put theirs in, and mine wouldn't get picked up! Then I got a bill for extra trash! Took a few months to resolve that mess! Then, one day my house mate was getting home and we met in the driveway. He worked nights. He had excellent news. The house directly across the street from us (next door to her) was bought by a sheriff dude and two of his police officer buddies were moving with him. 😁. All had police motorcycles so the whole neighborhood was happy. Drug lady moved out within a month, but the traffic stopped instantly!
    That was a great day lol!!

    1. Coogy has been indoors since about 6 months. He is such a lover and cuddler. Glen picked him form the other cats (outdoors) - so he has been here through thick and thin and given me so much comfort. Hopefully he has a long time left - praying.
      Oh my goodness, what a nightmare! That would have been awful. There was a house behind me that had a lot of precarious stuff happening - then they got reported by someone and they moved out over night and set fire to the house!!!!! Now that is just hilarious that the house was purchased by police!!! One way to stop a problem. Glad that finally worked out.
      I know about the hurricane - I see the pictures and just can't grasp it. So horrible.
      Have a nice one.

  19. Cheryl, your blog definitely creates community. Nothing like first hand comments from folks across the continent to broaden my horizons. Gratitude & compassion flows hearing the stories of people who struggle with natural disasters. Like many, I'm preparing for the winter with the garden harvest mostly done; just one batch of salsa left to do. The flower beds were put to bed yesterday, the water barrels emptied & the garden tilled. I can't remember when I saw such dry soil. I've started taking down some old corrals that need replacing; hard work for an old girl but I go out for a couple hours each time. Slowly but surely it gets done. Last week was celebratory, it being my birthday. There were no less than 4 different gatherings, all appreciated and fun. I helped my SIL put her house back together after a painting project that took months to complete with 3 different contractors, one of which never did appear. Hope you have a good week.

    1. It is fun to get first hand knowledge from folks every where. You know, I realize each day - we are more alike than different. Doesn't matter where we live - we all strive for pretty much the same things. Neat.
      I went out and worked some this morning. Like you, a little at a time. I need to empty the rain barrels this week.
      So glad you got to have so many celebrations last week - that is wonderful. Just shows what a special lady you are!
      Don't over do it - slow and steady.
      Have a good one

  20. Just checking in---this is Jane from Naples, Florida. We survived Ian without too much damage--just yard stuff. Not so with neighbors as close as a block away. We are only 1/2 mile from the Gulf of Mexico on the SW side of Florida, but our home is at 15' elevation, which saved us from flooding. Our beautiful city is a mess right now. Ft. Myers, to the north of us, is in horrible shape---may not get power back for a month or so---so they say. We were shuttered up to the max and lived in a cave during the storm. Finally had power, TV, and internet by Saturday night (from going off Wednesday).

    We feel blessed...people who live on Sanibel Island had their one and only bridge to the mainland wiped out, so they have years of rebuilding ahead of them.

    Thanks for the prayers---

    1. The devastation I see on the news is just horrible. Places are just gone. I remember visiting Sanibel many years ago - it sure was pretty.
      I am so happy to hear you are well and safe. It has been just horrible for so many and will take years and years to fix or replace. My heart just hurts for all those people.
      Take care and stay safe my friend.

  21. That is such beautiful country. The area all around the blue ridge mountains is sure pretty. Have a safe trip.
    How lovely that you got to visit with the folks. As years go by, those visits mean more and more.
    Absolutely - her house - her stuff - she needs to do what she wants. They just don't want to mess with it someday!
    She needs to live her happiest - whatever that is.
    Have a good one

  22. Love that 'I Will Not Fear' meme, that's a very good reminder. So many things that try to creep in the theatre of our minds.

    Aw...Coogy. That makes me sad. It's great you are giving him extra cuddles and pets. I think this helps give them such a great will to live. Our little blind eldster, a little schitzu named Muffie, he was at the vets on an iv because of a heat stroke. He wasn't doing so great and the vet even told me I wasn't out of line to put him to sleep. Well, we went and picked up little Muffie and loved him and gave him his meds and prayed and prayed and little by little he regained his strength and is bossing us all around again! lol These little fellas know when they are in loving arms and it gives them that strong will to live I think. Thanks the Lord for caring for our fur babies! : ) I will pray for Coogy.

    Love that curbside find! Oh that is nice!

    The loud scooter thing. Ugh. I know how you feel, people act is if they don't have a brain in their head! Or a care for others! How would they like that if they were trying to take a nap or read and that was going on? Geesh.

    Take care now, I'm going to go and wash some big potatoes I'm going to 'bake' in my instapot this evening and do a baked potato night for supper. A veggie on the side, some bean chili on top of the potatoes etc. I'm going easy this week! : D

    Blessings friend!

    1. I am so happy Muffie recovered nicely. Like I said we have good days and some not so good. He gets constipated some, and when that happens and he strains, he gets sick a little. Been trying to work on that. I give him whatever might make him eat when he isn't in the mood. Yesterday he scarfed bacon and milk!!! Today he is eating decent, but gave some milk and lo and behold he pottied! Maybe that is the secret. I just keep trying. He snuggles with me a lot and he still does his thing - so I am happy for the most part. I worry, but we all do.
      Thank you for your prayers.
      Baked potato sounds good. I do loaded 'tators every now and then. I like those days and weeks with easy meals. I try to keep mine that way!
      Take care and thanks!

    2. Oh wow, milk, who would have thought? I know with Muffie, butter really helps his constipation and he loves it. I cut pieces and give those to him like a treat. It works great. Maybe with a cat, if he won't eat butter, you could melt some on some food?

    3. Great idea! I bet he would like that. I will give it a try. Thanks!!!

    4. Thanks - I gave him some butter yesterday and he gobbled it up! I will watch for that brand.

  23. Those loud cars would drive me crazy too!!

    1. Some people just have no regard for others. Nuts.

  24. Good for the neighbors. They are probably saving the life of those kids. I am sorry about your kitty, they just age and then the thyroid goes and they eat and eat and grow thinner and thinner. It is hard. I wish my tomatoes had done as well as yours.

    1. I really think that is the problem with Coogy - thyroid issues.
      I like to think maybe we saved a life as well - if not one of theirs - just someone else on the street who might be out.
      I am still eating cherry tomatoes like candy!