Sunday, October 23, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 10/23

 Happy Sunday to all!  I hope this finds you well and safe and happy.  My goodness, here we are one week out from the end of another month.  It sure is going by quickly.

The temperature has been all over the place this week.  We have gone from 28* to 78*.  We had a dusting of snow on Tuesday morning and our first hard freeze this week.  Last 2 nights I have had the bedroom window open a little!  
It has been breezy most days.  My tulip poplar tree is all turned in color and about half of the leaves have fallen.  The maple is still pretty darn green, with outer tinges of color.  It will be a long while before all my leaves fall!

It is getting very pretty out.  The sugar maples and red maples are gorgeous!  I have been having 6 - 8 blue jays each day in the yard, and about 4 pairs of cardinals.  Lots of other birds still.  It seems they are all drinking a lot at the birdbath.
I saw an opossum one night - it just made a walk through the yard and left.  'Rocky' the racoon has been around for about 3 nights.

As I stated on Thursday - the surgery this week was life changing!  It is just so amazing at what I am seeing now, that I didn't before.  Dust, cobwebs, you name it.  Looking in the mirror is different experience as well - oh my!!!!  I drove to the store this week.  First time in my ENTIRE life, I drove without glasses!!!!  Amazing.  The stores were almost overwhelming.  It is all so miraculous!
I think this may help me a little with my anxiety about going very far from home.  Maybe not - but I think it will help me be more comfortable.

My week:
  • Much sleeping, resting and eating after the surgery.  I got all caught up on sleep!!!  LOL!  
  • I am seeing so much that needs cleaning.  Started doing light work, and cleaning some things.  I have pretty much started in the kitchen.  My house is always neat looking - just seeing lots of little things I didn't notice before!  The real fall cleaning starts this week!
  • My friend took me to my post-op appointment.  Got out late afternoon, so I took us out to a late lunch at Arby
  • Got really chilly in here a couple nights (even w/2 quilts on bed), so I threw an afghan over the quilts and that helped a lot.  Trying to keep the heat low.
  • Have gotten to open the windows some here the past couple days - airing the house!
  • Went to the bank on Friday - cashed a couple checks I had rec. over the past month.  This will be set aside for Christmas funds.
  • Ran into Ollie's.  Got a couple gifts there - stuffers for Christmas baskets.  Books and nuts!  Looked at area rugs - they have some really pretty ones.  I will go back when I decide what I really want to do in here.  I did buy myself 3 pretty yard flags to use over the holidays and winter!  They were on sale for 3.99 ea.
  • Kroger stop (across the street from Ollies).  Got a few deals.  It had been a good 3 weeks since shopping.  I got 7 navel oranges in a .99 clearance bag.  Milk 1.29 a half gal.  Sour cream - 1.29 carton.  Got 2 bags of pistachios (date 3/23) for nephew's holiday basket.  Walking through the grocery was an awesome experience this time!!!  It sure looked different to me.
  • Made a homemade pizza and froze half of it for later
  • Using what I have and eating snacks and meals from home (except 1 day)
  • Cleaned the laptop.  Washed the screen and used canned air to clean the keyboard.
Meals this week:
Sausage gravy over crusty bread
Potato soup (canned) and crackers 
Cream of broccoli soup (canned) and crackers
Arby's - I had a chicken/bacon sandwich and curly fries (yum)
Ground beef Swiss steak and mashed potatoes
Homemade pizza
Pizza and salad
SNACKS:  cereal, tuna and crackers (several times), a few sweet bites

How was your week?  Tell us what is going on in your area.  Any deals?  Wrapping up gardens?  Fall cleaning?  Crafts?  I look forward to hearing from each of you.
THANK YOU for all your kind words of late - you guys are all just so wonderful.

I wish you each and every one a safe and healthy week.  May you all be blessed to the max.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

Dear Lord,  
Help us to stand in faith and hope always.  Let us realize we have more blessings than troubles.  We never walk alone when we have You in our lives.  Thank You for standing by us, no matter what we face in this world.  You are in charge and Thy will be done.  Prayers for peace and calm amongst all people and countries in the world.  AMEN


  1. Cheryl, sounds like you're back to a new normal with your improved vision. Yeah! I made a 2-hr trip to an optician for new eyeglasses earlier this week. The old lenses are scratched and an arm is broken so it was time. I saved hundreds of dollars by driving to the big box store optical outlet even with travel costs factored in. I learned that technology is always changing/improving when it comes to progressive lenses. No cataracts yet. The windows have been washed yet again. Hopefully the cooler weather will see an end to the flies. There has been lots of snow in southern parts of the province, i.e. 8". Temps here are -4C (25F) with possible flurries. Yes, winter is coming. A friend & I attended a local craft fair yesterday that had been on hold during the pandemic. Lots of vendors and familiar, smiling faces. I found a few stocking stuffers. The birthday celebration that never ends saw 2 friends treat me to lunch since they weren't able to attend the big bash last month. I feel spoiled. I hosted my sister, her friend & my neighbor for a lunch on Thursday before heading out for a massage. The last of the tomatoes were turned into roasted tomato soup. Also on the menu - scalloped potatoes & ham, asparagus & the last of the butter chicken from last week. I've got a few books on the go and plan to hunker down for some good reads in the coming week.

    1. Glad you got new glasses and NO cataracts!
      Flies seem to have ended here, but the past couple of days I saw a couple gnats! Go figure.
      Craft fair sounds like fun - I hope to go to a few this year. Glad you are continuing the celebrations. Nothing wrong with that - you deserve it!
      Your meals sound yummy!
      Have a wonderful week!

    2. Mona, I'd love to know how you make your roasted tomato soup. I've got 8 large vine tomatoes in the fridge. I know I can freeze them, but your soup sounds delicious!

    3. Elise, I quartered the tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with basil. Roasted x 40 min. Pureed in blender when cool. Sauteed diced carrots & onions. Add chicken broth & pureed tomatoes, orzo noodles. I don't have a recipe per se. Most soups I make are made up; a recipe is merely a suggestion.

    4. Thank you so much, Mona. I'm going to try that!

  2. Your weather is similar to ours. The garden is all cleaned up and everything outside put away except for a couple of chairs we're still using. The garage has been cleaned so now it's on to a good Fall cleaning inside.
    I'm glad the surgery was such a success!!

    1. I still have much to do outside. Hopefully I get to it this week. You are on the ball! Nice to have a place to sit and just enjoy the nice days. I keep a seat out all winter - just for those days. Have fun with the fall cleaning!
      Have a great week!

  3. Cheryl, glad your new vision is still a wonderment, except for the additional cobwebs and dust that you see ;). I envy your sour cream price. I don’t buy it very often. Yesterday afternoon, the meat I thawed out was bad so I threw it out, so talked with my husband about what to eat. We decided on baked potatoes and sour cream. I also wanted fresh chives (which I knew were expensive at about $2). I needed to buy two bakers, sour cream and chives. Price at check out was $9.15. Yikes and double yikes! Chives were $2. Sour cream (medium container) was $4.29 👀. Potatoes over $1 each. I was appalled yet I bought them, talking to myself in the car the whole way home. I buy on sale and cook from the pantry 95% of the time, so haven’t done a spur of the moment meal in ages. Anyway, I can now say prices are crazy when potatoes for two cost $9. Hilogene in Az

    1. Thanks. Yes dust, cobwebs and wrinkles!!!!! LOL
      WOW that was pretty pricey. I got a 5 lb. bag of big potatoes for 1.99 Friday. Sour cream usually isn't too bad in price here. There is a sale every couples weeks and you can even get it with chives! I love being able much of the year - to walk around the back of house and cut chives. You need to grow some. Mine come back year after year (really never die down) and they are in a barrel. Super easy to grow.
      You deserve a treat now and then. That is why we watch our pennies on other days!
      Have a good week.

    2. Hilogene, I don't know if you have a Safeway or Basha's near you, but both had better prices on potatoes this week (through Tuesday). At least they did in our pocket of AZ.

  4. I overheard the produce guy at Kroger telling a customer that there was a shortage of potatoes. I'm in central Az. However, then Safeway was selling them for a decent price. So, who knows? Let's hope Kroger isn't allowed to buy Albertsons, which includes Safeway/Vons. In my area, that would only leave Walmart as competition.

    1. Ellie, our Safeway (in Show Low) has plenty of potatoes, too. My fingers are crossed that corporate sale doesn't go through, because it will remove the competitive edge as well as selection. --Elise

    2. Our Kroger had plenty of potatoes and were advertising them on sale! I don't think there is a shortage of much - I think we are being manipulated!!!!!

    3. I so agree we are being manipulated into shortages. Although here in Pa. Lots of empty spots. Was to our Aldi was shocked they took out cash register to self serve not happy that people may have lost their jobs. Joyce

    4. Joyce, I was shocked to see Dollar Tree was all self-check, with only one employee on the floor last month. I wonder how many stores are doing that now? So far, Dollar General is employee/cash register only still, but the shelves have been mostly bare for weeks. --Elise

    5. Have not seen that at Aldi here or heard about Dollar Tree here doing that. Wow.
      WOW, that really angers me - as I just hate self serve. Do they lower the prices for me to do their work? NO! Heck with that. That is one thing that just gets up my craw.

  5. Still saying much thanks (and praise) for answered prayers for you, Cheryl. It was a BIG week for you!

    Our week ended up to be life-changing as well. On Thursday, while Hubs was working in the yard, a starving (skin and bones) dog came up to him. No collar. She looks to be a Blue Heeler with a cropped tail or Australian Stumpy Tailed cattle dog. We fed her some meat, gave her water, and she hung around, so we took her to a Vet to see if she had a microchip. Poor thing was only 21 lbs!! Anyway, so chip. They suggested we keep her and she'll have a check up there tomorrow, plus shots, worming, etc. We're calling her "Blue" and she's settling in nicely, wanting to be near one or both of us at all times.

    Our plan had been to get a cat once we were fully settled in. God had other plans!! End of week, therefore, was spendy. No charge at the Vet, but we had to buy all the things for her. And God's timing was perfect as we had out 1st hard frost this week and we're supposed to get rain today and snow tonight!! She has a crate, a pet bed, special food since she's so malnourished, toys, treats, and we got an outdoor kennel (open box, $100 off) that Hubs assembled in the front yard, right off the patio. Anyway, she's really changed our lives. Guess we aren't empty nesters anymore. LOL!

    Thank you (as always) for the verse and prayer. Best wishes for a GOOD week for you and everyone. God Bless and stay warm! Winter looks to be making an early entrance. --Elise

    1. Big week indeed.
      Aaahhhh - so happy you helped that poor baby. God has a way of sending us what we need - even if we don't know it!!! She knew where to go to ask for help. Glad you answered.

      That reminds me of a story a friend told me once. His little son and daughter (like 3 & 4) were picking on each other. She wanted something he had. Dad told him to pray and ask God if he should give it to her. He got quiet - and looked and dad, shrugged his shoulders and said "Him said no". LOL
      Him said no on you getting a kitty first!!!!!!!!
      Love that you're going to be loved beyond and back! And so will Blue!
      Looks to be decent here this week. Some rain but still 60's during the day.
      Thank you. Have a wonderful week.

    2. Oh, Elise, may God bless your kindness for Blue. Poor baby!

    3. Yes, "Him said no" on the kitty. LOL! She's just a sweetheart and very mellow and well behaved. I'm not sure yet who rescued who. :-)
      We just had rain/snow mix, so I'm guessing we will get snow tonight. Lows in the 20s for the next few days. I'm just so glad little Blue is not out alone in the weather, hungry and cold. --Elise

    4. God bless you for your kindness to one of His creatures Elise.

    5. Elise - that is the sweetest story ever. I'm so happy for you both and Blue!

  6. Our weather has been very mild so far, in fact I sat out enjoying the sun on Tuesday!
    There are no food deals here, even in the cheaper stores. I have stopped buying butter, it's just too expensive. A pint of milk is over £1, but it's ages since I bought fresh milk, I use dried. I have though discovered when a local mini supermarket reduces it's fresh stuff for the final time, unfortunately it means that I have to make a detour when I go swimming and then take the stuff with me to the baths, but that's what it takes! The first night I did this I spent just under £3 and got 10 meals, so I was very pleased with that.
    Craft wise I am struggling to knit a simple feather and fan scarf for a Christmas present, I just can't get the needle size right! I think I am now on version 4. I have a picture in my head of how I want it to look and the reality is not matching up, it's rather frustrating.

    1. I keep dry milk on hand for emergencies - but we always have a great sale on milk. That is neat on the fresh items on discount. Yep, we do what we need to, to get that deal. A little out of the way is probably well worth it. Glad you found it out. The is a great price for all those meals!!!!!
      Good luck on your knitting. I can not offer advice as I have never knitted.
      Hope you get it figured out. Have a good week!

  7. Cheryl Glad eye surgery went well. Just had both my cataracts done it is amazing what I can see now. So agree on the cleaning and the wrinkles ha ha. The colors are so vivid now. Joyce

    1. Joyce, so happy for you!!!!!! No one can truly understand how great it is unless they have had it done. It is amazing.
      Yes, the colors are worth the wrinkles and dust!!!!!
      Thanks. Have a wonderfully vivid week!!!!!

  8. Fool Hollow is minutes from our home in Linden. :-)
    You can email me at if you'd like to meet up and get warm. We just had a rain/snow mix already today! Just know the house isn't exactly Better Homes and Gardens put together, but visitors are always welcome.

  9. Cheryl, so glad you are enjoying the improved vision! Isn't it just remarkable all that you can see now that was there all along but we couldn't see! I was just flabbergasted after both eyes were done!! I am so thankful that this technology is available to us and God gives us trained people to use it! Soak it all up and continue to enjoy!
    Our here in S. IN is basically the same as yours. I am sure enjoying these warm days while they last as I know what's on its heels.
    I have been trying to process some of the herbs I dried. Part of these will be used in spice mixes for Christmas. I plan on pulling out some juice I processed this summer and turn it into jelly. Part of that will also be used as gifts. Pulled out our winter clothes this week as I store the heavier things. Doing some straightening and cleaning. Also made time to read a good book. Gotta do the fun things also.

    1. Flabbergasted - that is a perfect word! It is amazing what they can do and in what a short time they do it!
      These warm days are wonderful. Windows open today! Yep, it won't be long!!
      Yay, on getting things together for Christmas. I love that another does the homemade as well. Yours sound like lovely gifts. Time very soon for heavy sweatshirts, winter coats and hats and boots. Before we know it!
      Amen, got to do the fun things too!!!!!!
      Have a super week.

  10. Your updates just keep getting better! Still so excited for you! I’m glad things are still going well. Looks like you scored some real bargains at the store, too! I’m sure your new improved eyesight will definitely help you feel more confident. Take care and have a fantastic week!

  11. Hurray on your new eyes, Cheryl!! I wasn't expecting you until today but I saw you snuck in and posted on Thursday!!
    I had to laugh at your new view of things in your house. The same thing happened to me when I got my glasses. I could see distance perfectly,but needed reading glasses. I never used them when I cleaned*ahem* the kitchen. Wearing glasses full time was quite a rude surprise in there!!

    We're having a warm weekend that is supposed to turn to a rain event overnight. I pray we get a good soaker! We need it so desperately and I almost threw up when I opened the water bill.

    I got the same deals that you did at our Dillons (Kroger). Milk, sour cream, and 20 lbs. Of potatoes. I did some calculations on several market bills of late and the prices are a solid 12% higher than normal. Ugh.

    Our weather also did a crazy spread over the week. We had 26° one night and today is high 80s! Despite the indoor temperature hitting a brisk 58° for a good part of one day, I muscled through and resisted both the heat or air all week! Hubs was at work in 72° so he was fine lol!!

    Meals this week we're
    Chef salad.
    Tuna melts.
    Vegetarian chili.
    Peppery beef on brown rice.
    Pepperoni pizza.
    Vegetable soup.

    We just finished season 7 of Father Brown and are awaiting season 8. Love this series! Miss Scarlett and the Duke started on PBS last Sunday so we're also watching that.
    On my nightstand - What Lies Behind by JT Ellison. (I'm ready to be done and this author will go on my DNR list.
    That's DO NOT READ.). I feel like a mouse in a maze with no exit. Around and around....
    In my craft room CD player - The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett. Ready to finish this one, too!
    With my Bible study - For the Love of Christian Homemaking by Mrs Sharon White.
    By my reading chair - Whirlwind by Rick Mofina.

    That's about all!

    1. Rude surprise indeed!!!! Oh my. Just simple things that looked good - NOT! Glad someone knows how it feels. SO embarrassing to myself!!!!
      We are maybe a day or so behind you on weather. Rain, maybe an inch, (YAY) comes in Monday night and Tuesday. It sure is needed.
      I just keep buying sales and clearance - and that helps so much. I buy very little that I have to pay expanded prices for. I just won't do it!
      Your meals all sound good. Kate at Coffee with Kate (YouTube) - talks about Mrs. Sharon white all the time. I need to read her work sometime. Glad someone else has a DNR again list! I do too.
      Hope you have a fantastic week.

  12. Cheryl, I am just so happy about your surgery outcome!!!
    We had to stop and get potatoes (5 lb $5.99!!!) and a roast ($26!!!) for my dad’s birthday dinner tomorrow. I WOULD NOT pay those prices, but it’s for my dad, so I did.
    Autumn has definitely arrived and the trees are glorious here in PA. - Carol

    1. Thank you so much.
      WOW that is expensive! My potatoes were $4 cheaper!!! when it is a special occasion we all splurge, and that is nice. It feels good to do something crazy once in a while. I am sure the prices hurt - but special occasion - is priceless!!!!!!!
      The trees are getting pretty here as well. It sure is a pretty time of the year.
      Have a fun birthday celebration and have a great week.

  13. It's wonderful that the surgery had such a positive impact...well, with the exception of seeing dust. :p
    It's snowing here this morning, and I'm grateful to be hunkered down indoors. No grocery shopping in the past week - I'll be heading out early this week to do a stock up.
    Have a wonderful week Cheryl!

    1. Heck, even seeing the dust is being counted as a blessing!!!!
      Snow - ick. Yes, hunker down and stay safe and warm.
      Many successes on your shopping this week - I hope you find a lot of bargains.
      Have a great one.

  14. Wonderful news on your cataract surgery going so well! I will face that down the road, so you're encouraging! We had a solar tube put in our kitchen (no windows, middle of our home)a few years ago. I couldn't believe how dirty some things were that I hadn't seen before! Ha! Our food prices are high but so far, all foods are available. I live in the Pacific NW, and our gasoline is usually $5.29-$5.49 and has been there for weeks - terrible!

    1. I hope I can calm someone about it - since so many tried to encourage me. It really is the best procedure and so easy to get through.
      Funny how things look for the first time seeing clearly!! LOL

      Prices are going up, I am just grateful the store shelves are stocked nicely here. I keep hearing about baking things being in short supply - my goodness Kroger had tons in baking aisle and in special displays. Yep, prices up - but it was there.
      I am grateful to have food for the table - I will happily pay a little extra now and then for some things.
      WOW on the gas. West coast is so much worse than here. I thought ours was high in the upper $3 range. Geesh - I feel for you.
      Try to have a wonderful week.

  15. Elise you are such a sweety. A warm and inviting house is a thing of treasure!

  16. I’m happy for you and your new eyesight! I don’t tend to notice dust on my baseboards these days, but I know it’s there! Lol

    1. Thank you. I didn't notice it either - but boy do I now. Sunlight streaming in and oops - there is the dust!!
      Have a great week

  17. So glad your surgery went so well. My mother had the same complaint as you after hers - she could see that the house wasn't as clean as she'd thought!!

    1. LOL - well it really isn't!!!! One thing leads to another and another - oh my!!!! Hey, don't get me wrong. I am tickled I can see it all now!!!!
      Thanks. Have a good week.

  18. He will not forsake or leave us! Powerful comfort!

    The bright October sun sure shows up all the animal hair, cobwebs and overall dust.

    I had a 25% off coupon for Big Lots and bought a few things, just to have an extra supply. Rural King had a few things on sale that the Urban Farmer needed and then we went to Harbor Freight and used a couple coupons.

    Glad you are getting along so well!

    1. That sun really helps those things show up. Bright sun was my enemy before - it caused such glare. Now it shows me all the grime!!! That is ok - glad to be able to see it all.
      Sounds like you made some good use of coupons. Stocking up on all kinds of things is the ticket!!!!
      Thaks. Have a great week.

  19. A very busy week for us. Monday was Husband's dental appt about his shattered tooth. Got a referral to an oral surgeon who will have to pull two teeth (roots entwined). The surgeon can't see him until Dec. 20. Fortunately he's not in pain. Then there will be a (very expensive) bridge and crown made so he can chew again.
    Went to Aldi Wed. Potatoes were $5.99 for 5 lbs. I bought some a couple of weeks ago. Potatoes are one of the four basic food groups for me (along with chocolate, ketchup, and cheese!)
    Thursday was my annual physical (including going up on the rack and lube job), to be followed by the crushing of the mammaries (mammogram) and blood letting (blood draw). Sounds almost like medieval torture, doesn't it!
    The yellow jackets in the house count is down to 0-4 per day. Don't know if we'll need to have the exterminator out again while the service is under warranty.
    I've been working my way though my To-Do-Before-the-Snow-Flies list and have nearly everything outdoors done except for fixing the back door light, for which I had to order a mounting block.
    Defrosted and reorganized the freezer. I ended up throwing out a number of things that had been saved from the free food boxes but which we were not going to eat. I need to be more realistic about what we are actually going to eat and not save the rest. I updated my whiteboard inventory while I was at it. Did a quick run-thru of the pantry and took a few things to the food bank donation box.
    Read a pretty good (library) book on decluttering: "Organizing for the Rest of Us" by Dana K. White. (She has a blog, "A Slob Comes Clean".) This book is really a primer for hardcore "slobs", and some of her advice is definitely not for the frugal, but her basic concepts are good.
    Went to the library book sale and came away with only one book for me, but filled the rest of the bag with kids' books for our neighborhood Little Free Library. It was $5/bag no matter how many books.
    Loaded the back of the car with stuff for the St. Vincent de Paul store tomorrow. Even went through my already small wardrobe and got rid of mostly former work clothes and other things I was not wearing. I'll look for some fill-in pieces (long-sleeve tees) at St. Vinny's. It's Old Farts (I mean Seniors) Discount Day tomorrow. After shopping, I am splurging on a trip through the car wash to get a good coat of wax on the car before winter.
    Cheryl, I had to laugh at your description of seeing the dust and grime in your house for the first time. I can already see the dust and grime in my house and shudder to think what it would look like if I could really see! There should be a service called "Rent a Mother-in-law" so people like me who hate housecleaning could schedule a visit and have a compelling reason to quit procrastinating cleaning!
    Weather here has been beautiful (low 70s) the past couple of days and will be through Tues. We had one night of 31F, but no hard freeze yet. The front flowerbed is still a very popular spot for the birds who are eating Mexican sunflower, zinnia, and echinacea seeds. I raked and added leaves to the vegetable beds and mulched the strawberries. Pulled dead annuals and morning glories in the back yard. Supposed to be a hard freeze next weekend.

    1. Frances, you're cracking me up! In my younger days, I used to schedule one day of torture - dentist, mammogram, and obgyn.
      I used to call it my "poke and prod" day. I practically ran from the last of those appointments like I had just finished the Boston Marathon!! Cue up the Rocky music!!

      I'm gonna have to look at the slob book for my bestie. I love her to pieces, but good gravy is she a slob!! When she was at home, the mess in her room was literally level with her bed. There were stepping spots. I kid you not!! I told her my fantasy was a giant dumpster and a boy scout troop for the afternoon. They could have earned a badge for something, certainly!! Helping a hoarder? Rat prevention? My job, of course, was to give orders and sit on her while they cleaned up that mess!

    2. Frances your poor hubs. I hope he is still able to eat some things. My brother is still eating only soft foods after having all his teeth pulled. He has lost quite a bit of weight (he could stand to). Dec. is a long time to wait.
      Your description of the check-ups is hysterical. Fitting though! I so dislike doctors.
      It sounds like you have really accomplished a lot. You go girl! You are one productive lady. I need to hire YOU to come to my house!
      Have fun at St Vinnies. Hope you find some nice things. Oh, my Blazer needs a good wash too. Maybe this week! Thanks for the reminder.
      Sounds like your weather has been much like mine. Last few days have been beautiful. Much needed rain coming in tomorrow.
      Have a fantabulous week!

  20. Sleep and rest is what a body needs after surgery.

    You had a great week.

    God bless.

    1. I got a lot of it!!!! It did help - I felt more rested than I have in years.
      Have a blessed week.

  21. Glad to hear you are doing so well!

    We are chilling at the lake for another week. Lots of relaxing and sleep and good food sums up our week. Leaf color is really coming on around the lake.

    1. Thank you.
      Yay, that sounds like so much fun. I miss those days of camping. Enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!! I bet it is beautiful.
      Have a great week.

  22. Cheryl I'm thrilled to hear how well you are doing and enjoying your new vision! Don't worry about the dust. It will always be there waiting for us! My Mom used to say this funny thing. She said not to worry about the dust as you would be doing good by saving trees by writing your notes in the dust instead of using paper! glad that you took that homeless dog in and helped her. Thank you. She sounds like a good match for you and your husband. These dogs and cats who have no one are always so appreciative and end up being quite loyal to their people. Wish more people like you had hearts to care and do what is right. Keep us updated on your new family member!

    1. Thank you! LOL - that is funny. It seems I clean one thing and look over my shoulder and there is another and another!!! I am slowly working on it. It is just me here, so no one to impress!
      I hope you have a great week.

    2. Thank you Lisa. I will do that. We take her to the Vet for a full check up this afternoon, and if she isn't spayed, we'll make an appointment for that if the Vet gives the okay. Honestly? As starving as she was just days ago, we couldn't have turned her away. She seems to have bonded to both of us well as she just barked her head off when the UPS truck arrived. LOL! She needs one or both of us in her presence, too, and it's hysterical how excited she gets when we just come out of the bathroom. --Elise

  23. Went to the library book sale today. It was fill a grocery bag for $5. I found a cookbook my mom had that I've been looking for for years. I don't even know when she gave it away. Maybe when she had no kids at home any more.There were recipes my brother & I were looking for. I knew one for sure was in this cookbook (published in 1970 by BH&G). Turns out the one he wants is in there too! Looking through I see several other recipes I'm sure we made. It's a dessert cookbook. And I'm already planning to make some things for Christmas. Looking at this cookbook almost brings tears to my eyes. I'm so happy I found it!

  24. Snow?! Say it ain’t so! LOL Mt Leconte had some snow in Knoxville last week too.

    I’m so thrilled your surgery went well! I told my eye doctor that I could see how dirty my house was now and she laughed and said so many people say that! Lol

    1. Just a dusting - but yep snow! LOL
      Thank you. I am just grateful that I can see it!!!! Dust never looked so good! Right?
      Have a great week.

  25. Trying to get back into the swing of things here and it is hard as I just want to have fun. I am so pleased that you are so pleased with your eyes. As for the dust and spider webs, just pretend they are there on purpose for Halloween. That is what I do.

    1. What a GREAT idea!!! No-cost holiday decorating!

    2. Not a bad idea!!! LOL. Halloween on the cheap! At least it is an excuse until it's cleaned.
      Thank you!
      Have a good week!!!

  26. I'm so, so glad everything went well and that is behind you now! Thank the Lord! I prayed for you and am very happy to see you up and blogging. : )

    Love that scripture and prayer. I'm going to have to re-read those a few times, very good reminders and comfort. Thank you.

    I appreciate you!

  27. I'm so happy for you that all went so fantastic with the surgeries!! Any medical procedure is scary to have to undergo so I'm sure it's nice to have that done. I liked the comment above about the dust being part of your Halloween decoration - too funny!

    Since I've switched to grocery shopping twice a month, I've found I spend a bit less. I do, however, go to the stores on the "off weeks" for loss leader sales if they are something we need/would use. This week I'll be doing just that. I have a couple of errands to run for our business so while I'm out I'll pick up a couple of the fruits that are on sale.

    Thank you so much for this platform - it's such a great community and I've been enjoying reading your older posts and their comments!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  28. I had cataract surgery this spring too and the amount of wrinkles I have as well as many other people is astounding :) I am now needing to have a recheck up with the eye doctor as my distance vision is just not clear. It is nice not having the eternal pair of glasses.