Sunday, September 24, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 9/24

 Happy Sunday to you all.  Happy official fall!!!!  Seems like we just said happy spring!  
It is still pretty green here on the trees.  Our peak season for fall foliage is generally around mid-October.  It is pretty darn dry - so that may affect the pretty colors this year.  I have had the usual leaves fall - but that has more to do with the tree than fall.

I have been seeing a little bunny around for most of the week.  Oh goodness it is sweet.  I walk out front to fill the feeder the other day and looked down the road (about 4 houses) and there was a chicken roaming around the front yard!  Only chickens I know are behind me a house or 2 down the alley - and it is surrounded by a tall fence.  I had to chuckle.
I have seen tons of preying mantis, grasshoppers and butterflies lately.  
The last rain we got was a couple of showers last Sunday and that has been it.
It looks like this week will be nice with highs around 80* all week, possibly some rain mid-week.

Today would have been Mr. Hunky Man's (Glen) birthday.  I sure do miss him.  He was just so funny and I miss the companionship.  I always teased him and said - well you caught up with me (I was 11 mo. older), and he would joke - you are still a cougar!!!!  LOL!  I happy to know he is healthy and with the Lord.  That soothes my soul.

You know those sayings - when it rains it pours and one thing leads to another!  Well, that sums my week!!!  LOL

My week:
  • I finally decided on blinds for the dbl. window in the living room.  I decided to get 2 instead of one.  Easier to replace if needed.  I went out and got them.  I also found 2 unfinished birdhouses while out - for my nephew for Christmas.  He loves crafts - so I will get paint too.
  • I ran to the local family-owned hardware while out - got some spackling compound.  I always enjoy talking with the guy there - just friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Mowed the entire yard for the first time in 2 weeks - only certain places looked kind of bad - but it all got done (it looks so nice right after mowing)
  • Did a bunch of pulling and weeding on the big bed - it is a mess! (heat & dry have taken a toll)
  • Pulled pounds more tomatoes - not huge ones, but still good
  • Watered pots and plants with rain barrel water
  • Pulled out ground pork from freezer.  Made up several breaded pork burgers and fried.  Several in freezer for future use.
  • Got the blinds up and installed
  • Putting up blinds - met with repainting all that trim around those windows.  Then cleaning out the window wells - oh the dust and crud.  Then washing those windows - inside and out.  Then changing out from the curtains to lace valances (I had).  It looks lovely - brighter.  The climbing, reaching and bending sure does get to an old body!!!!!!
  • I then decided to change valances in bedroom.  I needed 2 tension rods for those.  I had one the right size and 2 that were too short.  Well, I was dirty and tired and didn't want to go out - so I took apart one little rod and added a piece to the other and made one that fits!  I used some clear packing tape to adhere the extra piece and it can't be seen and it works perfectly!  I love the look of the new (I had) valances in there.
  • I called one day to get the Internet upgraded.  Got a letter that stated it would not be useful after Nov. 3 - so I had to upgrade (to fiber optics).  I called and they said they would be here next day!  WHAT?  That was fast.  Well, things needed moved and cleaned.  TV cabinet got moved and cleaned behind and under (where equip. is) - oh my gosh!  I could have made a whole bunch of rabbits with the huge dust bunnies! Well, I got all new from the pole in the alley to the house and new equipment - which meant he had to go into spaces (in basement) no man has gone in years!!!!!!!!  Oh good golly, I was embarrassed.  The stuff, the dust, the spider webs - ICK!  So lots of moving and assisting him on my part.  It is done - I was mortified and now I have NEW incentive to clean out that darn basement!!!!!!!!!  IT IS HAPPENING THIS TIME!!!!!!!
  • Did lots of laundry and mopped the floors
  • NO grocery this week
  • AC has been off biggest part of the week
Meals this past week:
Loaded baked potato
Chicken strips, lima beans and salad
Tamales over rice
Grilled cheese and salad
Breaded pork burger and salad
Cold cut sandwich and salad
BLT and side of scrambled eggs

What a week.  My poor back feels it.  I don't think I have reached, climbed and moved that much in a long while!!!!  I survived - got new incentives - have new things to look at - and I will keep moving forward.
How was your week?  What has everyone been up to?  Any deals?  How about the gardens?  Are they still producing?  Do you have lovely fall weather yet?  This year is sure flying - another week or so and it will be October!!!!!  Three months till Christmas!  YIKES

I hope this finds each of you well and safe and healthy.  I look forward to hearing from you all.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

Repay no one evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all.  If possible, so far as it depends upon you, live peaceably with all.
Romans 12:17-18

Dear Lord, Help us each to be better citizens of this earth and to be kinder and more mindful of our thoughts and actions.  We pray for peace amongst all beings of the earth.  Amen


  1. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your Glen. Hoping you can remember with more smiles than tears.
    Sounds like you were very busy this week and you'll be busy this coming week! I know there will be many laughs and smiles!

    1. Thanks Jen. I am smiling.
      Yes this week will be eventful and exciting. Hard to believe all these years have passed. See you later in the week my friend.
      Have a wonderful one!!!!!

  2. Hugs to you, celebrating Glen's eternal healthy life.

    Fall has arrived here with crisp mornings in the low 50s and doors/windows wide open from 11-bedtime!

    I harvested ALL the New Mex peppers. They have all been smoked and frozen for addition to winter Chili. As well, all the Jalapenos have been harvested, smoked and frozen. I've shared with the neighbor. And the tomatoes are still in full production along with the red peppers and eggplant and a few squash (not a good year for them). Another 11qt batch of Ratatouille is chilling in the fridge. It will be frozen today. ALL of the above will be vacuum sealed for fresh eats into May.

    Lots of walking, a few gym cardio/weight lift classes and reading.

    Welcome this glorious Sunday. Another new life gifted :-)

    1. Thanks.
      Yes, loving the 50's in the morning. Windows open and fresh air. Just wonderful.
      You were busy. That sounds like a whole lot of goodness going on over at your house. So many wonderful meals will come from all that this winter.
      It sure is beautiful today.
      Have a wonderful week.

  3. Glen was a good man for you. Not too many people can say they married their soul mate.

    I made note of the Scripture and will make a card for my little frame on my desk. I have lots of verses marked and need to spend some time getting them printed out.

    Having the a/c off is wonderful. We are closed up during the cold weather so I prefer to have a house with open windows for as long as possible.

    It's amazing how out-of-the-way places get really gross. I'm going to tackle under the desks and move a small shelving unit out to gather the dead men.

    We could sure use some rain. The odds for rain this week are slim to none. It's about time to harvest the horseradish. We need to educate ourselves on how to process it. The fig tree is going crazy. If anyone has fig trees and knows how to prune them, that would be very welcome advise.

    It's hard to believe that it is almost October. Whoosh, the summer was gone.

    1. I love that you do that with the scripture. Yes, Glen was my soul mate for sure.
      Out of the way places do get nasty. Oh my, it just appalling to me, that I have such icky places!
      The day is splendid out - fresh air is great. Yes, we could use rain.
      Donna, my mom raised horseradish - and one day I walked in her house and she and Glen were in the kitchen together processing it. Her is 6'3 or 4 Glen and 5'2 mom - both bobbing and weaving around the blender and crying their eyes out. I laughed so hard. It sure was a sight. Make sure you process in a well-ventilated area. LOL
      Have a great week.


    2. That was a funny thing to picture. I am sorry for your loss but glad for your memories.

    3. Oh it was sooooo funny! They laughed after they quit crying!!! They were super close and cared so much for each other.
      Thanks - the memories are forever!!!!!!!

    4. Cheryl, Funny on the horseradish. I have horseradish to take care of too. How did your Mom process it?

    5. I think they basically just ground it in the food processor. She jarred and kept in the frig - ready to mix with mayo or whatever she wanted. It sure helps clear sinuses too!

  4. Hi Cheryl, wow, you had an action packed week. My condo renovation is coming along, they made a huge amount of progress last week taking out the old tile. I turned off the AC for a few days last week, first time since last spring! Yeah! Still not cooking ;). But am really enjoying eating lunch out with girlfriends and eating a lot of salads…I don’t consider making a salad cooking ;). Enjoy your week, sounds like good weather in your area for a bit longer! Hilogene in Az

    1. It's GOOD to get out and around people, Hilogene. All the more when they're friends. ;-)

    2. YAY glad you got to take a break from the AC! Salad is cooking in my book girl!!!!! Glad you are getting out and about. It sounds like things are moving right along with the condo.
      Hope you have a fantastic week.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Glen and Happy Fall! We haven't had any measurable rain in two or three weeks and we desperately need it. There is a slight chance this week. It is so dry. I've noticed when you go to do one project it seems to turn into multiple projects. That's what is tiring. Sounds like a great week of food and tasks. I was thinking this morning after we finished cleaning the outside windows that things hurt that didn't used to. Wishing you a great week.

    1. Thanks. Yes mam - one thing definitely leads to another. Doesn't seem to one simple chore! Even today I changed sheets and then decided I need to change out the comforter and then had to dust upper bed frame.......
      It is always nice to get things accomplished though.
      It is amazing how the body doesn't keep up with the mind - isn't it? LOL
      Have a great week.

  6. Happy Birthday to Glen, and as Lori said, Happy Fall, too! I had to put on a sweater yesterday morning, so it's official in more ways than one. Sounds like you had a very BUSY week. Good for you! That's a lot to get accomplished. It has to feel great. Yes, there's always more to do, but that's just life. Keeps us going.

    As mentioned yesterday (in Thursday's blog's comments), most of the stitches came out on Friday. There's still a large incision with stitches that wasn't quite ready. Back on Oct. 2nd for that. Hubs is starting to get grumpy, though he tries not to be. Some things I can do with the knee scooter. Others I can't. For example, I can't carry laundry, put anything into the oven, work safely at the gas stove, etc. My hope/prayer is the last of the stitches will come out on the 2nd, they'll do an x-ray, and I'll be cleared to wear a walking boot. But we'll see.

    He did finally get what he needs to change out our shower head to a handheld model so I can get a shower using the shower seat we got weeks ago. It will be BLISS to get a shower again! So... take nothing for granted. If you woke up today with shelter, from a nice bed, are able to walk and take a shower, you're blessed indeed.

    Speaking of, blessings to all in the coming week. --Elise

    1. Yes, always nice to accomplish things whether they were contemplated or not!
      Thank you.
      Glad your foot is coming along so well. Just make sure you don't ever do it when you get the boot. I bet a shower will be heavenly. Yes, we take so many little things for granted - when in fact they are big things.
      Have a wonderful week.

  7. Happy memories of your Glen today on what would have been his birthday.
    Gosh you have had a productive week, not surprised you are feeling it. But lovely that you are pleased with the results.
    My husband had his eye operation a week ago, it's early days and as yet there is not much improvement and he has a weekly appointment in the city, a two hour bus drive away. The dog has a mild case of kennel cough and sounded like a baby seal for two days despite having the nasal preventative spray. He is much better today.
    Early start for us this morning, our health centre were having drive through vaccines against flu so we were there at 8.15 and then had breakfast out. We are just back from A long doggie walk, avoiding any other dogs.
    A lady called Angela shared this prayer on her blog, which is quite apt for me this week.

    The KNOT prayer

    Dear God, please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life.
    Remove the have-nots, the can-nots and the do-nots that I have in my mind.
    Erase the will-nots, may-nots and might-nots that find a home in my heart.
    Release me from the could-nots, would-be and should-nots that obstruct my life.
    I ask you that you remove from my life, my heart and my life all of am-nots that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that I am not good enough. Amen.

    Happy Sunday to you Cheryl. Hope youngsters rest up a bit today.

    1. Thank you so much for that prayer, Heather. I hope you don't mind that I shared it with some loved ones. --Elise

    2. P.S. Hope your husband and fur baby are back to 100% soon!

    3. Thank you.
      Heather I love that prayer. Boy, isn't that what we all need from time to time. Easy to have NOTS in our lives for sure.
      I hope your hubbies eye improves, dang such a long bus trip! Glad to hear the pup is improving. Breakfast out sounds nice.
      Have a wonderful week.

  8. Birthdays and anniversaries always bring back some sadness and grief, but I do hope your sweet memories temper those feelings. As another comment mentioned, how fortunate you were to meet and marry your soul mate. The connection continues even now.
    It's been cool and overcast the last few days, and I still haven't gone out to clean out the annual containers. I haven't watered either, so I suspect they'll be easy to pull. Tomorrow!
    It was a busy week, as you know, with the house hunt coming to a successful conclusion. Well, nearly - we still have a few days to wait for confirmation of the financing and the house inspection.
    Fall is definitely here, I've even had to turn the furnace on to take the chill off, though I only let it run through one or two cycles before I turn it back off.
    Funny, that you watched the chicken cross the road. :)

    1. Thank you - Yes, there is some sadness, but joy remembering all the good too. I was blessed with a good man.
      Always tomorrow! I think that is a plan. You have had quite a busy week for sure. I sure hope it all goes perfectly fine.
      Oh no - I don't want to talk furnace!!! Must have been chilly.
      LOL - yes, I guess I did - now that's funny!
      Have a great week.

  9. Happy heavenly birthday to Glen. I'd like to think he and JP have gotten to know each other up there. It's been a week, for sure. Lots of bending and stretching here, as lots of deep cleaning was accomplished. My body's not made to do baseboards any more! And there were more medical tests and discussions, as well, along with the first police activity in my community that I've seen since I moved here. Still don't know what exactly went down, other than a lot of squads with lights at the far end of the neighborhood, and when they all left, two squads remained (with lights) canvasing that part of the community, asking for security video. May have been a break-in, or attempted one, car and/or home???? The only thing I know is that the person of interest ran between two buildings and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and white sneakers. Let's hope this doesn't become the norm. I made a quick run to Goodwill this week and "thought" I got a good deal -- it remains to be seen. Found a OXO Good Grips cookie press, but was missing the base cap. Talked them down from $2.99 to 0.99, figuring I could buy a replacement cap. They are not available for sale on their site nor elsewhere, and you have to file a warranty claim. Being that I'm not the first owner of it, not sure if they'll replace it or not. If not, only out $1. And then, I stopped at another Goodwill later in the week and found a complete like-new in box Wilton cookie press for $4.99. Also found several cookbooks that focus on a medical issue I'm dealing with, so will see if I can find some new tasty menu ideas. That's it for here! No autumn colors yet, but I'm thinking we may go from green to yellow on some to brown. Not seeing any hint of oranges or reds.

    1. Thank you. I do believe we all know each other in the after life - so they may be hanging out!
      These bodies just don't react the same anymore do they? I guess I am not the only that feels that! What a busy week you had. I sure hope you find an answer and solution to your problems quickly.
      I have an old fashioned Wilton - the manual type - nothing electric. Hopefully you can get the part needed for the other one. I guess a dollar isn't out much.
      I kind of think our leaves will do the same thing. It is just so dry.
      Hope you find some good recipes.
      Have a great week.

  10. Your Glen and I share a birthday so he must have been a wonderful person...haha.
    You were a whirlwind this week and nice to go into fall/ winter with a cleaner house.
    I find that since vision is not what it used to be, it's easy for dust and dirt to go unnoticed. Remove glasses for a really clean house!
    We harvested our apples this week and have about 50 pounds of beautiful delicious MacIntosh and Northern Spy. Putting on pounds from apple pie.
    Weather is looking fabulous for the last week of September here; hope you enjoy the same.

    1. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!
      I found that out when I had cataracts removed - holy cow!!!!! Just so many things that don't get moved often or recesses of the basement I just shy away from!!!
      That is a lot of apples -- yay for you. Hope you can or freeze some for the winter.
      It will be lovely here as well. Nice way to end the month!
      Have a great week.

  11. You have had a busy week. Holding ones we love close through precious memories is wonderful.

    God bless.

    1. It was busy - but good. Things got done!
      Yes mam, they are forever with us in our hearts!
      Have a blessed week.

  12. Hi Cheryl, That must be so very hard today. I know you must miss Glen so much, it must be very painful in ways to remember even good things. I would love to hear the funny things he did! I know once you said he liked a Christmas movie because it was funny, I've been intrigued on that one ever since (need to see that). It had something to do with Chinese food on Christmas?

    My week was pretty good, although my mom fell last night at around 11 and scared the bejeevers out of us. She seemed okay over the phone, but a bad boo boo. Today we went over and checked on her. Our youngest daughter went over earlier and brought her a sunflower bouquet that she just loved, she's in much better spirits today.

    Yesterday I made a really cute red tshirt toddler dress for our little grand daughter, I made the skirt from retro space babies fabric. It looks like something out of a very old children's book. I also purchased three red tshirts for our grandson's and cut a square of one of the little boy space babies and zig-zagged around the square-hexagon type shape on the left side so they could have something too! : )

    I did declutter a little in my studio, put nice sized scraps in a bag, threw the little ones in the burn pile and added another bag of give-aways. I made red kidney bean creole soup with brown rice, two nights of that. Froze the rest in two servings. Veggie plate on Wed. with baby potatoes in ghee, broccoli. Eggplant pasta on thursday. Friday we fended for ourselves, I just did toast and baked eggs. I always snack on baby tomatoes, the cherub ones from Sam's are soooo good. Pizza with broccoli last night, scrambled eggs with toast tonight, threw leftover veggies from restaurant Friday lunch veggie fajitas in the eggs.

    You are a busy-bee!!! Wow! Oh that family owned hardware store sounds so fun! Don't you just love things like that? The man sounds like the salt of the earth, the best kind of fellowship.

    Happy Birthday Glen, you take care Cheryl, so glad you let us know it was Glen's birthday. God bless, ~Amelia

    1. Yeah, tough day in some ways - but I have such great memories. The movie he liked and me as well - is Christmas Story. He loved that one, Christmas Vacation and of course his favorite was It's a Wonderful Life.
      I sure hope your mom will be ok. Those things are always so scary. Sounds like you were busy this week too! I bet the little dress is adorable.
      Your meals all sound very tasty.
      Yes, the little hardware has lots of unusual things and has been around as long as I can remember. I remember going there with dad when I was little. This guy has been there for years and we always talk and 'fix' the world!!! LOL
      He told me the other day - I don't get many like you - you are always smiling and friendly. That made me feel good.
      Have a blessed week.

    2. "I don't get many like you..." He's right! : ) I love places like that, how wonderful that you've been going there even when little with your dad! Oh my heart! Oooooo I bet it's a fun place at Christmas time!

      Thank you, I'll have to watch that movie!

      Have a wonderful day, it's a Wonderful Life! : )

    3. P.S. Talked with my mom this morning and she was in a super good mood. PTL! : D

    4. P.S.S. A super minestrone soup, a large pot on the burner for tonight right now...Loaded with goodness. : ) If you were my neighbor I would bring you some! : )

    5. Glad to hear mom is good! Your soup sounds wonderful - and I know you would share!!!!
      Yep, the guy is so kind - I have always thought in my mind that he has flirted a little - even over the years. I think he is just that sort of guy - such a pleasure to talk to.

    6. Oh he sounds so cute. It's hard to figure out isn't it? Friendly or flirty? lol But it is so nice to have someone like that to visit with, that always flatters a gal's heart especially when they are a gentleman, and maybe he kinda likes you and thinks you're kinda cute? Hmmmmm? ; )

  13. I can't remember if I even posted last week, but in case I didn't, I loved the tightwad post. I think people that have never tried it think that it must be torture, but it really can be fun with the right attitude.

    I feel your red cheeks with the discoveries made by the cable dude. That happened to me when we moved here. It was my first electric stove (and might I say that I despise it?!). One of the burners wouldn't work and it was under warranty. The repair dude pushes this thing and the entire stove top lifts. I had no idea!! Well, I mutter, '"This is embarrassing.". There are dead spiders an a huge dead moth. Huge li,e 5-6"!! The guy was nice and laughed. He said it was nothing, he sees some real humdingerslol. Any8, he showed me how to lift it so I could clean it.

    Ahh, birthday memories of your sweetheart. Bittersweet, huh?

    1. I think it can be fun too. At first it was a have to and work - then it became a game. I enjoy stretching the funds and getting creative.
      There are just things that don't get moved and places the get ignored and well - oops!!!! The cable guy said the same thing - this aint nothing - you should see some places!!! Well, they aren't my house and this isn't cool.
      Thanks - yes, but considering his health, I wouldn't wish him back to go through more for anything.
      Have a great week.

  14. Happy Heavenly Birthday to Mr. Glen, Cheryl. I know you miss him dearly. Sounds like a great week. I hope this week is equally good to you.

    1. Thank you mam. Yep he is mossed more than he could have ever imagined.
      Thank you - you have a great one as well.