Sunday, June 9, 2024

Weekly Wrap Up 6/9

Hello to all.  Happy Sunday!   It sure a glorious morning here.  Very cool, breezy and NO humidity.  It has been beyond windy the past couple days, and it looks as if today may be as well.  It sure has been a windy spring here. Looks to stay cool and nice until the end of the week and then it gets back to hotter temps.
I sure hope this finds you all safe and well.

I have started to see fireflies (lightening bugs) this week.  Not a lot of them, but they are back.  
Thank goodness I have not seen or heard the first cicada!  Usually there are their sounds every summer evening, but nothing this year.  Guess they went elsewhere to visit the 2nd type! 
Last night the village 'crazies' (being nice), started the noisiness of super loud fireworks and they started at 10:30PM!  So, it begins.  UGH

My week:
  • The owner of the property next door asked me to go in and check the house (he is in Italy).  I still have a key - so I went and checked things.  All good.  He also asked if I knew someone to cut the grass until he gets back - worked that out for him.
  • Worked on pulling more weeds - it never ends.  I also sprayed a small patch of poison in the neighbor's yard (between my fence and his garage).  It is fence high and they won't touch it!
  • Mowed and trimmed everything.  Yard work just goes on and on!
  • Changed out bedding top cover and the throw rug to change the look of things for a while
  • Received a bunch of Sweet William seeds from a neighbor who salvaged them for me
  • Made a gallon of iced tea - so refreshing
  • Picked a bouquet
  • Trimmed all the bushes out back and cleaned that all up
  • Picked rhubarb and lettuce
  • Used up all leftovers in one way or another
  • Tons of laundry
  • Airing the house and enjoying no AC
  • I did run to the church thrift store up the road (for a change of pace).  I received a loaf of sourdough bread and 2 packs of Ballpark burger buns for FREE.  I bought a brand-new top (still had a tag), and 4 brand-new (but outdated - 2023) magazines for .50 each.  One magazine had a retail of 7.99, the other 3 were reg. 13.99.  I got 1 Mother Earth News (Natural Living), 1 Taste of the South, 1 Country Living (Flea Market Finds), and 1 Thanksgiving Recipes.  **Can't believe people would pay that regular price on mags!!!!
  • No grocery

Weekly meals this past week:

Chicken breast, potato cakes and cukes
Breakfast - eggs, sausage and biscuits
Smoked sausage on bun and salad
Cheesy chicken, pasta, bean skillet
Enchiladas (used leftover skillet in them)
Chef salad
Fish sandwich and pasta/veg salad

How was your week?  Did you get any really good deals?  How are your gardens/pots doing?  
I hope you are getting decent weather - there sure is a lot of really HOT zones out there.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead and that you are safe and healthy.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
For the Lord is a great God, and a King above all gods.
Psalms 95:2-3

Lord, we send up thanks for all the many blessings we receive each and every day, no matter how big or small.  We ask you to help those who are in need and guide them on their paths to grow and flourish.  Help us each and every one to be better people and spread Your love.  Amen


  1. Sounds like a lovely week. I haven't bought magazines in years, but I did notice that many are SO crazy expensive. Good that you found some interesting ones at the thrift store. The two varieties of cicadas that we've been dealing with are finally dying out and I am thrilled. I noticed a few lightening bugs too. I love seeing them. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
    Also, you're a week early. Father's day is next Sunday. :)

    1. I haven't bought a magazine in years ither - I can't believe the prices. I guess I will edit my post - my goof!!
      I am glad your cicadas are leaving - that sure sounded like a real mess.
      I feel like it is really summer when I see the lightening bugs!
      Have a great week.

  2. Love the 'peace' sign; if only...
    You live a good life. Thrift store up the road sounds perfect when you need a change of pace. Fun to get free buns and as far as magazines go, the articles are pretty much timeless. I love old magazines.
    I'm getting more veg into our diet by picking greens or whatever I find before each meal and adding it. I made a salad with dandelion leaves as the base as I had no lettuce. The dandelions were not young but the leaves were broad. I cut the backbone out of each leaf to remove the bitterness. Chewy but good for the gut bacteria!
    Today I am baking a few things to make best use of having the oven on. Cool and overcast so a good day to warm up the house a bit.
    Hope you have a good day; sorry about the fireworks. Some people never grow up.

    1. I am still a fan of the 'peace' signs! Yes, if only.
      Older mags are fine with me - I sure couldn't justify spending what ask for one now days.
      How cool is that using the dandelion greens. I love fresh greens.
      Yes, it is cool here today as well - I like it! Bake away!!
      Have a great week.

  3. I hope you are wrong about Father's Day - the card for DS is still sitting on my bureau to be delived this week. I always have issues with this because Mother's Day is 2nd Sunday so I expect Father's Day to be the same, but it's not.

    Moles are going nuts here and I'm guessing they're harvesting cicadas as those critters arise to fly. Some have already done so as I'm finding twigs on the ground, and my understanding is that cicadas lay their eggs in the ends of branches and those then break and fall to the ground... something like that. Nature is odd, and has very clever ways of accomplishing things!


    1. Yep, I need to edit!! Guess that was my thinking too!
      Well, at least the moles are doing something useful by eating cicadas! I read the other day to get rid of moles - to stuff marshmallows down their holes - they eat and can't metabolize! Don't know if it is true - but a cheap fix if so!
      Yes, nature is strange. Beautifully strange.
      Have a lovely week.

  4. Excellent scripture! I like the way my Scriptures bible says the first verse of Psalms 95; "Come, let us sing to Yehovah! Let us raise a shout to the Rock of our deliverance." Your prayer will set the tone for the week!

    You set the standard for the rest of us regarding work! Things won't get done just thinking about them and wishing for an elf to show up and do the jobs.

    We have fireworks around here most nights. Also the thump, thump, thump of someone's "music".

    Lightning bugs but no cicadas or Japanese beetles. Something is still picking up the plant markers and carrying them off. I ordered some really tall ones so they can be anchored better. Your road lilies look great. Think we are going to remove most of ours either to a different location or see if someone wants them. We would plant more veg in that location.

    You got some deals at the charity shop! Especially the bread products. I have been following some gals on Instagram who regularly shop the thrift stores and find some really good stuff.

    Headed out to trim bottom leaves from the tomatoes and do some deadheading. I hear the mower so the Farmer is tidying up the backyard. We actually have very little grass back there; most of the yard is in garden beds.

    Enjoy this sunny day and fabulous temps!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, the thump, thump, thump of music is ridiculous as well!
      Oh, I wish there were elves that would show up!
      I really wonder what is carrying off your markers? That is something.
      I did get some deals - they generally have loads of fresh bread of all types if you go on Thursday. Kind of nice - they give it to everyone. I hadn't been in ages.
      It sure is a beautiful day - enjoy it!!!!
      Have a great week.

  5. I suckered this last week. I bought a double issue of Mother Earth News for a stupid price thinking I would learn enough new ideas to make it valuable. Um, did I say sucker? Will I ever fall for that again? Time will tell ;-)

    Happy Sunday ya'll!

    1. Well, I guess the question is - did you learn enough?? LOL
      I just can't believe the prices even for the cheapest ones. I hadn't bought one in ages.
      I guess you can consider it your fun!
      Have a lovely week.

  6. It's cool here again this morning - in fact, it actually got slightly below freezing! I don't have any plants or garden here in the city, and it didn't get that cold where my daughter is. Plus it only stayed at that low of temp for a brief period of time, so I suspect it did no harm. I'm definitely looking forward to warmer weather.
    We have neighbours too, in both properties, that don't take care of the weeds. It's annoying and makes keeping things weed free that much more difficult.
    We only see/hear fireworks a few times a year. It's normally put on by the city or a business, and rarely something individuals would do on their own. Not sure if it is because of cost or availabilty, but I'm grateful not to experience the noise and nuisance.

    1. Wow, now that is chilly! It is amazing to me that is still is so cool there. It is the middle of June.
      Neighbors not taking care of things can be a real pain. Yes, it does make it harder on those that do.
      Be happy you don't get the fireworks. Good grief the legal ones (still loud) are sold on every corner it seems from May through August. It is so aggravating night after night when trying to sleep or for animals and so many others.
      Have a wonderful week.

  7. I too have been busy outside this week, it is that time of year! The job I have set myself too, is trying to eradicate the English Ivy around the base of my house. It is a workout but I have a really good start on it. I cut and pull until I get a wheelbarrow full and then take a break.
    Gardens are doing well, have had to water only one time so far but we have heat and sun predicted so I know I will have to keep it up.
    No cicadas but for some reason we have a lot of flies this year.
    Good job on the thrift store score.

    1. English ivy is a pain. It is pretty and many want it, but it can be so destructive to houses. That is a lot of work. Be proud of your efforts.
      It is nice to not have to water. I will have to this week I do believe. Yay on no cicadas.
      Thanks - it was fun for a change going to one. I never here of any yard sales around - so that worked.
      Have a fantastic week.

  8. It's going to be a hot one today but storms are moving in later along with a cold front. We have not had the first Cicada yet either. I miss the night time singing but we will be happy to skip the invasion! Now I need to start looking for fireflies!

    1. Try and stay cool. That is why it cooled here - after the stormfront. I kind of liked hearing them at night too - but glad we didn't have the mess everyone else has talked about.
      I love those little blinks of light!!
      Have a good week.

  9. My sister, who lives in Illinois, sent me a video of cicadas in her front yard. Oh my goodness! I had heard of them, but had never seen them before. Not sure that I ever want to see them again!

    1. They are UGLY creatures aren't they!!!? Yuck. The people in the 'invasion' have sure been hit hard. They are messy and icky.
      Makes me shiver thinking about it.
      Have a good week.

    2. Really, you think cicadas are ugly? I think they're rather pretty, especially as they are so harmless. If they were biting stinging bugs I'd head for the hills, but they are only interested in One Thing: Sex. :D One year I wastched as some hatched out of their "shells". That was so cool!


    3. YEP - I think they are ugly! Harmless and all sexed up - still ugly! LOL

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    Glad the cicadas have passed you by! They aren’t coming to Arizona luckily ;). I haven’t bought a magazine in years either but in the past few months, I continue to be astonished at non-grocery prices too. I have a type of work out socks that I love. I used to spend, what I thought was insane money, and paid $18 for three pair. But I love them and they last a long time. I went online and found them again. Now they are $45 for three pair. I almost shrieked. Needless to say, no socks for me ;). I cannot imagine a world where three pair of athletic socks cost $45. Yikes! Anyway, other than almost fainting over socks, it was a good week. Next week I go to Victoria, BC, Canada to visit a girlfriend so that should be perfect! Take care and hope your week is quiet ;). Hilogene in Az

    1. Glad you didn't get nasty buggers either.
      Wow, those are some pricey socks! I think I would have passed as well. That is how I feel about 13.99 for a magazine! People pay that?
      How fun on your trip - looks like you get to go where it is cooler (hoping). Have fun and safe travels.
      Enjoy your week.

  11. Good afternoon, We hear about those cicadas but have never seen them.
    *It's been really hot here the last few days and more to come. I went out and trimmed a lavender bush so I can dry for sachets. There were a couple of bees buzzy me and I just told them to go to the other bush, they didn't bother me after that. I got about 10 bundles to dry.
    *You know we go to estate sales and usually we don't spend a lot but this last one had a fairly new Lazy Boy power recliner. We debated and almost went back the same day but I kept talking myself out of it. The last day was half price day but the chair was not half off, which I figured. But we bought it, it's beautiful! We are so excited to have it, at a 1/3 the cost of a brand new chair. So to me that was a frugal thing.

    1. Trust me, you don't want to see them - they are ugly little critters!
      How cool on trimming the lavender - that will make such nice sachets.
      WOW, that is great. I bet that is a comfy chair. 1/3 the price is incredible as Lazy Boy is expensive. You did good. That is a great frugal find.
      I never see estate sales around here, and the past few years not many yards sales. You always find good stuff.
      Have a wonderful week!

  12. What a lovely week you had. I have been cleaning house, big batch cooking, and weeding in the garden. Spent at least 2 hours a day playing with my new toy, and knitting in the evenings. It has been a very good week, even with the nasty winds and cooler temperatures.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. Your week sounds lovely too. I bet you are having a ball with your new toy!
      The simple life really is good!
      Have a blessed week.

  13. It was only 2C this morning. I went to the chuckwagon races & wished I had a toque & winter coat. I'm still feeling cold. It was good to see our friends competing. I then went to visit my friend in hospital; she had a 2nd surgery on her hip a month after the first one. Hopefully her recovery will be uneventful. She has MS & a fracture sure messes her up. This week I hit a low spot emotionally tending to my mom in LTC. She isn't always able to verbalize her needs. The guessing game gets to me sometimes. I know that I just need to be the space for her sometimes. I'm thankful for the caregivers there. A tooth had broke 2 wks ago; I was anticipating an implant? a crown? a false tooth? There was enough tooth left that the dentist was able to fill it. I had so many cavities/fillings as a kid & I'm not getting long in the tooth in my 7th decade but weak in the teeth. You can be sure that I stressed oral care with my son as he was growing up. ~75% of the bedding plants are in the flower beds, pots, etc. The veg garden is starting to sprout. Hardly a day goes by that I don't see a bear. I want them to find their territory away from my yard! In the kitchen: chicken thighs with mushroom gravy; veggie pasta salad; bbq smokies.

    1. Chilly mornings here as well. I am so sorry you had a stressful week with your mom. You are trying so hard and it has to be very frustrating at times. It is amazing in life how the roles of child/parent change.
      I hope your friend heals completely and quickly.
      i have never had a filling, but some people in the family have had many. I am glad you could get it filled and not pulled.
      I am glad you have your plants in for the most part. Dang, that is just scary on the bears. Someone suggested the other day, maybe keep a whistle with you to scare them off. That sounds like a good idea. I just can't even imagine having to deal with that. Are you in the deep country?
      Your meals sound good.
      Have a lovely week.

  14. Hello Cheryl, I’ve been away from blogging and want to get back to both blogging and visiting all you sweet blog friends.
    Yes- there are always weeds to pull

    1. Hi Rhonda. You have been missed. Hope you get back to blogging soon. Glad to have you stop by anytime!!!
      Have a great week.