Sunday, June 12, 2016

Frugal Happenings 6/12

Good morning to all my computer buddies!
Isn't it lovely, that through the use of a computer, that we can make new 'friends' from all over the world?  I just find that a marvelous thing!!

We have definitely gotten our 'heat' on this week.  We started with lovely temperatures and open windows this week, and now we are just hot, hot, hot, with the AC going a lot!  I guess we knew this would happen, although it's usually a little later in the summer in these parts.
My garden is growing great.  How about yours?

I finally decided after all these years - that I like fresh grated cheese, instead of buying the stuff already shredded.  That has some compound on it to keep it from sticking together - and fresh grated just tastes better!  Seems like I use less as well.  Amazing that it took me so many years to figure this out!  LOL

My frugal week involved;
  • Drying mint from the garden
  • Cutting lots of pretty roses for the house.  I cut several from the vacant house next door.  Nobody there to enjoy them - so I did!!!!!
  • Picked lettuce twice this week.  Total of 1 pound picked.
  • Got 124 cans of cat food and 2 nice bags of treats for FREE with a gifted gift card.  That one is finally all used up - now on to the next one!
  • I painted our ramp with a first coat.  I saved quite a bit of money doing it myself.  My neighbor handyman quoted me $200 last summer, so a professional would have been more.  I also wrapped the brush and roller in plastic wrap and have them in the frig., so next time I can re-use them.  No need to throw away or clean.
How  wood looked prior to painting.

Ramp with one coat of light tan paint.

  • Line dried laundry
  • Shopped for meals at home.  Trying to use canned tomatoes, green tomatoes, and frozen squash and peppers, anticipating new harvest
  • Stopped at Kroger after a rehab run.  Cat litter was on sale.  I also got in clearance section - 2 jars of Fruit Fresh (1/2019) for $1.34 each - regular price $4.49
  • Kroger found a 2 1/2 lb. "party" bag of Hershey Kisses for $4.99 (5/2017) - regular $11.99
  • 2 - 9V Duracell batteries - 5 year package life for $1.69 ea. vs. $4.79. Will use in smoke detectors
  • Got G's scripts filled at WM (for 3 months) and noticed a sale cart.  Got 4 packages of wide mouth Ball lids for $1.25 ea. (all they had)  WOOT!
  • I did get a new cell phone.  My old one was years old, and they said it would have quit working totally in a couple months.  I did NOT get a fancy smart phone - but just a plain old phone again.  Cost $50 - but it will last me for a long time.  (It does take pictures!)
  • I washed and dried 4 freezer bags to re-use
  • I DID NOT stop at any of the many, many yard sales I saw!!!!  There were a lot of them this week.  I figured I don't need anything.  G said, "You might find something you didn't know you needed."  Nope - if I didn't know it - I didn't need it.  LOL  I did drive around one neighborhood having sales - but it all looked like toys and clothes.
  • Made hard boiled eggs for easy breakfasts and snacks and use on salads
  • Did all my regulars too - making tea, filtering water, making hummy nectar, cold water laundry, mowing, etc.
Meals this week:  Made jalapeno/onion cheeseburgers and fries, crockpot Mexican chicken over rice, homemade pizza (2X), burritos with chicken leftovers, BLT's (made with fried green tomatoes instead of red) - YUM, zucchini/sausage/cheese skillet dinner over rice.  All leftovers were used for breakfast or lunch.

I am so excited that I have started to get lettuce and green onions from the garden.  That saves me from going to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays.  Lettuce was about all I bought.  Soon tomatoes, cukes, and squash will be ripening - OH MY, I can't wait.  There is nothing like a fresh tomato in my opinion.  It takes so little to make me happy!!!  I am anticipating a great crop this summer.

What has everyone been up to this week?  Did you get any good deals?  Are you getting any produce from your gardens yet?  Let us know.

My prayers to all and your families.  May God bless and keep you all in His protective hands.


  1. Sounds like a good week!
    I have 12 zucchini coming on, so excited about that. I have picked lots of radishes this past week and today or tomorrow I will start picking lettuce. I need to trim some herbs for drying also. Cilantro, parsley and chives. My basil is finally starting to take off so I'm hoping for lots as I planted 2 plants.

    1. Oh YUM!!!!! There is so much you can do with zucchini. Fresh lettuce is so much better than store bought.

      Good going on all the herbs! I need to do more mint, and then lemon balm, basil and oregano.
      Hope you get bunches!!!!!!

  2. Painting that ramp must of been a big job, you are WonderWoman :)
    Frugal doings - my husband was out of town so I didn't buy groceries but he spent lots on gas I think that just evened out.
    Garden produce - purple onions and 2 cherry tomatoes this week - hoping our production increases

    Have a good week Cheryl

    1. Hi Rhonda.
      Yeah, it was a tough job. I rolled and brushed it all. At least it was too hot those days.

      Glad your garden is starting to produce. I can't wait to start getting more than lettuce!

      Have a good week yourself.