Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Garden Update

My garden has been growing really well.  We have had really warm temps and lots of rain the past couple weeks.
Still only picking lettuce and green onions, but it won't be long.  I have small yellow squash on the vine and zucchini are blooming, as well as peppers.  Also have some tiny cucumbers out there.
YUM - I can't wait!
I have been picking and drying herbs as well.

This was on June 8th.

This was June 14th.

This was June 21st

It's growing rapidly.


  1. Wow Cheryl, your garden looks like it's on steroids with all that growth! I am hoping that mine will take off here soon with the temperatures heating up.

    1. I haven't even fertilized. Just added manure at the beginning of the season. It's going gangbusters!

  2. ours is similar although I didn't keep up with the radishes and they bolted before fruiting well...the lettuce is going gangbusters and with this heat we are enjoying light salads for dinner...the tomatoes now need staking and cross all available one has found the cole crops and decided they are better for them than for us people!

    1. Our lettuce is going great too. I have it in 2 different areas from the main garden. I also have peppers, beans, and cukes in different places too.
      I decided not to do radish or carrots this year - as they are just so darn cheap to buy - so I didn't waste the space for them.
      Fresh salad is the best isn't it?!!

  3. It looks like you have a wonderful productive garden! And so neat too! Nancy