Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES (for preserving)

The gardens are starting to produce well in various parts of the country.  Farmer Markets are up and running.  It is time to get our plans made for what we want to can and preserve.
I know a lot of people can only have small gardens - enough to keep them in fresh veggies for eating only.  If you want to put up fresh food for the winter, also think about going to farm markets or directly to the farmer.

I know that markets often sell out of the "good stuff" early - but you also want to check them out at the end of the day.  Many vendors don't want to pack-up their items - so you can often get a great deal.

Here is a few weights and measures to keep in mind for canning and preserving pleasure!

Bushel of apples = 48 lbs.  Canned = 16-20 quarts
Bushel of cherries = 56 lbs.  Canned 22-32 quarts
Bushel of peaches = 48 lbs.  Canned = 18-24 quarts
Bushel of pears = 50 lbs.  Canned 20-25 quarts
Bushel of plums = 56 lbs.  Canned = 24-30 quarts
Bushel of tomatoes = 53 lbs.  Canned 15-20 quarts
Bushel of green beans = 30 lbs.  canned 15-20 quarts
Bushel of topped beets = 52 lbs.  Canned = 17-20 quarts
Bushel of topped carrots = 50 lbs.  Canned = 16-20 quarts
Bushel of peas = 30 lbs.  Canned 12-15 quarts
(remember - if canning in pints you get twice the number of jars)

I generally blanch and freeze my green beans, and I have always put about a pound of beans in a quart bag - but that is what works for us.

DON'T FORGET - you can keep and cook the tops of beets, turnips, radish, and carrots.  I know someone who uses the carrot tops fresh and puts them in their smoothies.
We recently tried turnip greens for the first time and they were wonderful!
The tops of veggies are the parts many people throw away or compost - but heck fire - that's free food.   We all like FREE!

**To change pounds to Kilograms multiply by 0.45

I hope this helps you figure out what you need to get you through the winter with your food preservation.


  1. Thank you Cheryl! This is really handy to know!

  2. I printed out the bushel conversions, very handy, in my purse now for the season! Thanks for doing this Cheryl!