Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hot Pockets

I have had questions on how I make my little bread/fruit pies, and along those lines I figured I would just talk about how easy my homemade 'version' of hot pockets are.

The fruit pies simply take bread (whatever you like) - we always use Aunt Millie's bread, pie filling (or an abundance of jelly or jam!), and butter.
I fill one slice of bread with filling, slap on the other bread slice, butter top of bread lightly, flip over for placing in my sandwich maker, and butter the other slice of bread.

This is my sandwich maker.  I love using this as all the outer edges of bread get crimped shut, and it makes a perfect line (crimped) through the sandwich, which is a perfect place to cut.
I have had this thing for years and years.  I go through spells where I use it often, then spells where it sits in the basement for ages.  I have almost gotten rid of it numerous times - but I am so glad I didn't.

I bet this is something you could find in thrift stores or at garage sales for next to nothing.
Now mind you, you can just grill your sandwich in a pan - but I absolutely LOVE that these are crimped shut all the way around.  Most like a Hot Pocket!

Fruit pies is not the only thing I have made in mine.  Of course there are plain old grilled cheese sandwiches, but we jazz it up once in a while.

*  Taco pockets - leftover taco meat, cheese
*  Pizza pockets - whatever pizza ingredients you like
*  Breakfast pockets - add scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. (all cooked first
*  Ham or turkey/cheese
*  Panini style pockets - cheese and slice tomatoes
*  Corn beef/drained kraut pockets - add Swiss cheese too!
*  PBJ & banana pockets

The list is endless.  They take less than 5 minutes to brown and toast in the sandwich maker.  These make great breakfast or lunch meals, and are great for snacks as well.

*****Just be careful when you get ready to eat them - as the innards are HOT!!!!!*****

I hope this helps.  ENJOY.


  1. I couldn't find it on Google Images, is there a manufacturer and model number for your sandwich maker? I think that is a great idea to make them though and barring not having a sandwich maker, I hope to figure out another way to do it. We have mountain pie makers for the campfire so maybe we'll do it that way!

    1. Ellen,
      It's called DAVIDCRAFT Model No. 65100

      Oh what a great idea - we used to have those camping sandwich makers when we camped. They made great sandwiches or pies over the fire - maybe over the stove or grill!?

      It is old - so not sure if it's made any more. Good luck!

    2. Ellen, I typed in electric sandwich maker and found several. Proctor Silex, Cuisinart, etc. Ranged in price from about $15 - $30. Insides look very similar to mine.
      Hope this helps

  2. I'm 68 and when I was little, we had a round metal iron that opens up. You buttered a slice of bread, put it on one side of the iron, then we put apple filling on that, buttered the other slice of bread and put in on top of that. Then you closed the iron and cut off the edges of bread that were sticking out. We carefully browned it on the burner of of the kitchen stove. I've had that forever and now I will have to take it out and use it along with my rosette maker. Thanks for the memory back in time. I really enjoy your articles.

    1. Hello Kris.
      Sound glad that this brought back some good memories for you. Isn't funny what triggers a memory for us?
      Glad you enjoy the blog. So happy you stopped by.