Sunday, June 5, 2016

Frugal Happenings 6/5

Howdy Ho friends.  Hope everyone is happy and well this Sunday morning.

I just came in from making the rounds of the homestead and all is well.  Garden is growing great, kitties are all napping after breakfast, birdies and squirrels are fed and seem happy, and the temperature is cooler today.  All is fine in our little world!
We had some really hot temps earlier in the week, but today the temps is lovely.  We had rain all day yesterday (which was lovely for the garden), and may get a bit more today.

Now that the temps have warmed to normal, we are seeing the hummingbirds a lot!  I know I have at least 2.  They make me smile every time I see or hear one!

Little frugals this week;
  • Did a major weed whacking job on our yard and part of the vacant neighbor yard.  Mowed, and sprayed homemade weed killer (non-toxic) on the back part of lot (gravel).
  • Laundry in cold water and line dried.  Used the dehumidifier water in the washer as well.
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair with supplies I have on hand
  • Received a pot of basil from my brother that he started at home.  What a great garden addition.
  • I received in the mail a gift from the other side of the country from a friend.  We were sent 2 jars of homemade jelly/jam made from berries that we don't have around here. We have been loving that!
  • Made a butter cake from a discounted box of mix I had on hand
  • Stopped at Fresh Thyme and bought strawberries 2 qt./$3, pineapple  .99, and bananas, and also got a marked down (1.49) peach pie.  G loved the pie - but I am glad it didn't cost more - to me it was so-so.
  • Stopped at Dollar Tree and purchased 10 cans of cherry pie filling for the pantry stock-up
  • PICKED my first lettuce!!!!!!!  I picked 1/4 lb. which doesn't sound like much, but it made 2 salads with a little left!  YAY!
  • Watered all my pots with rain water
  • Cut a couple bouquets of roses this week
  • Cut a bunch of non-prime roses ( at their end) and put them in a bowl as potpourri - they still smell good - they just aren't pretty!
  • My large set (dbl. window size) of mini blinds had a bracket break this week.  It is years old. I have replaced blinds, but not the bracket.  It can't be seen because of a valance, so for now I used heavy duty packing tape to fix it!  LOL  It works for now.
  • Stopped by Kroger for dry cat food sale - and checked markdowns.  I bought 3 bags of chopped hazel nuts for 2.39 bag vs. original price 4.79.  Placed in freezer - they will be a fun addition to holiday baking
  • I had a find last week I forgot to mention.  I LOVE to wear flip-flops and the ones I have had for at least 12 years now are Okabashi brand.  I got them 12 + years ago on clearance for $5.  They are a solid piece of rubber construction, have an arch, and massaging buds on the bottom.  I found 2 pairs last week on clearance for $7 each and bought them.  That's half price.  They are also made in America!  Heck I should be good till well into my 80's!!!!!!!  LOL

  • Stopped at Kroger for cat food on Friday, so I could get double gas points.  Also came home and did on-line survey for 50 extra points.
  • All meals from home and scratch this week
  • Enjoying several days of open windows and fresh air.  Kept AC at a minimum use of 2-3 hours a day when needed.
Meals this week consisted of:  Cajon rice with ground beef and salad, small steak/baked potato/salad, salmon patties/corn on cob/pasta salad, chicken strips/mac n cheese, jazzed up home canned veggie soup (2X), and baked potatoes (loaded)/salad.
We ate all leftovers as either lunch or breakfast.

Snacks and desserts were a strawberry/banana mix, strawberry shortcake, peach pie, pop corn, and mixed nuts.  Still have plenty of all of these.

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and frugal week.  Stop by and chat and let us know what you have been up to.
God bless each of you my friends.


  1. Howdy Hey! Cheryl, what a find on the flip flops! and the jam you got in the mail, so nice!

    My big savings this week was to carefully check over my grocery receipt before leaving the store. Third time mistakes were made by the cashier. And by me for forgetting my coupons! Customer service graciously fixed it all and refunded me cash for the coupons.

    1. Howdy Ho Ellen!
      WTG on finding the errors on the grocery list. It sure would be worth it to me as well. Pennies make dollars!!!!
      Some stores around here have a policy that if they ring an item wrong, and you catch it, you get the item FREE! Love that policy.
      Have a lovely week!

    2. Hey Ellen, Good to hear from you!

  2. Hey Cheryl, Great find on the flip flops! Sounds like everything is going great.
    I picked radishes this morning, probably equal to 3 bunches in the grocery store.
    Didn't do much last week as our temps are pretty high, don't want to be outside in the afternoon. It's suppose to cool down by the end of the week.

    1. I thought so too on the flip-flops.
      Your heat is supposed to be here by Saturday. YUK!
      Cool during the week, then 90 on Saturday. I could do without that.
      Good going on the radishes!

  3. Wow Cheryl, I'm seriously impressed! I'm a flip flop kind of girl myself and would wear them year round if it were not for that darned snow ;) Good thing I have cute and comfy shoes and boots for those times.