Sunday, June 26, 2016

Frugal happenings 6/26

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope you have had a good week.
My week was a bit of ups and downs.

 On Tuesday (our coolest day of the week) I went out to mow and do some yard work.  Well, I ended up with a bad case of heat exhaustion.  I did not feel back to 'normal' till Saturday.
It was really an awful feeling.  I felt sick at my tummy, light headed, forgetful, and just plain tired.  I really felt like I had a "bad hangover" for days.  I did not like that feeling.

But even with feeling bad, life had to go on.  I still did my usual stuff, and my sister and I had to accompany our brother Ron to his cancer doctor, so he could get his monthly shot (he had missed 2).  That was quite the ordeal.  It took a total of about 4 hours, and this was Wednesday (so not feeling well).  Mentioning Ron, we are all getting frustrated, as he seems to have quit trying.  We are all on a mission to get him home - it seems more than he is.  I am at my wits end - just don't know what to do anymore.

Sorry, I digressed.  Back to all things frugal!
My week:
  • I made up and used chemical free pest control for lettuce, cabbage and broccoli (1/2 and 1/2 baking soda and flour)
  • Picked more lettuce and my FIRST cucumber!!!!!  Also getting green onions
  • Refilled all my seasoning and spice jars in the kitchen from the bulk containers I have.
  • Had a MAJOR house cleaning day at the first of the week
  • Dried oregano, rosemary, thyme, and more mint from the garden
  • I did make it to Fresh Thyme market for double dip Thursday (you get both weeks sales).  I got brown eggs for .58/dozen. peaches (.77/lb.), seedless watermelon (2.88), and 6 fruit mangos (3/$1)
  • We were gifted 4 large jalapeno smoked sausages to try
  • Laundry in cold (and used dehumidifier water) and line dried
  • Filled my gas tank and got a .30/gallon discount making gas 1.86/gallon
  • After going to rehab visit Saturday, I stopped at one yard sale and at the church thrift store.  I got 2 wrist supports ($1 ea.) and a pair of jeans (.25) and 2 loaves of bread (FREE).
  • I stopped at Kroger to get milk on sale for 1.49/gal. and of course looked at clearance/closeouts.  I found 3 containers chocolate/marshmallow frosting (2018) for .68 each, 2 bags of white chocolate macadamia nut cookie mix for .78 ea. (12/2017), and 2 bags of craisins  (2018) for .63 ea.  All went into downstairs pantry for future use!
My $2.25 haul!  Bread was free at the church thrift store.  They get bread twice a week, and give to everyone.  It was still extremely soft, so I wrapped it extra good, and one is in the frig and one in the freezer.

I got both a right and left wrist support, each with a metal stave at the wrist.  If you look closely at the original price tag it's dated 1999, and they had never been opened.  The last ones I bought a few years ago were $14.99 each.  I was more than pleased with this yard sale purchase.******************************************************************

Meals this week: 2015 garden green beans with small potatoes and ham steaks, leftover beans/boiled eggs/crispy chicken strips, grilled cheese sandwiches and salsa and chips, hamburgers and fries, homemade egg salad sandwiches and a side salad, fried chicken and a salad (2X).

Treats were: finished the cheesecake made last week, peaches from the freezer, watermelon, nuts

Hopefully our temps will go down in a couple days to the low 80's.  We had rain a couple times this week, so I only had to water my pots (with collected rain water).  It has been so hot!!!!  Heat indexes have been at least 100*+  and the humidity has been crazy.  One day humidity level was 84% according to the news.
My outdoor kitties (and squirrels and birds) have plenty of water bowls around, and I change the water regularly.  They have shade and just lay around trying to stay cool.  Momma kitty is shedding something awful!  Her fur is so thick, so I am glad to see her lose some of it.

What was your week like?  Are you doing well surviving the heat and staying cool?  Are you getting garden produce yet?  Tell us your frugal finds!
I just love hearing from others, and I know other readers enjoy seeing what everyone is up to.  It's really fun for everyone.

Have a wonderful and safe week my friends.  May the Lord bless you in every way.
Wishing you happiness and peace.


  1. ((((((HUGS)))) Cheryl. I'm sorry you had heat exhaustion and about your brother Ron. The only thing you can really do is honor his wishes and support him in them, as hard and frustrating as that is. :(

    You did really well on the grocery sale items and at the yard sale and church thrift store...what a score on the cookie mixes (love those cookies) and on the wrist braces.

    Our grandsons were here this weekend and I am so glad the temps were just in the 80's here. We are heading into the 90's tomorrow. I need to get the gardens watered tonight and then mulched well tomorrow. I have the front garden done, but not the side one.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
      Try to keep cool. This has been quite a warm summer.
      Have a good week.

  2. Be really careful about working out in that heat! I can't wait until I start getting cucumbers and tomatoes! My dog likes the green beans! Nancy

    1. We ate that cucumber in a salad last night, and G said "this tastes like a real cucumber"! LOL
      I am so anxious for tomatoes!!!!!
      have a good one.

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better, Cheryl! Stay hydrated, too. How would you call for help if you needed it? I am sorry your brother is in a bit of a slump, keep encouraging him. We can see the improvements even if he doesn't. The PTs will know too what to do.

    Free bread and those prices for food are tremendous! I missed picking strawberries this year by my own choice though and like last year, now am sorry I did. This is the last day of picking and I am at work.

    WE did get to see my family yesterday, a short road trip, and came home with a quiche, lasagna, and crostini with fava bean pesto spread. My daughter and son in law are lovely and so full of energy! Great to see my Aunt and sister and brother in law too.

    1. Ellen, I always keep my cell phone on me. I could call for help.
      Yeah, I think I got some great deals too.

      I didn't do strawberries this year either. Our pick season is probably over too.

      Glad you had such a nice weekend, sounds like a lot of fun. Family is always a good way to recharge.
      have a great day

  4. Cheryl, I'm sorry to hear you had heat exhaustion. I know that feeling very well. I seem to get it a lot as I forget to stay hydrated.
    Sorry to hear about Ron, giving up. Our relative is doing quite a bit better, she is walking with a walker and can raise her left are but when she brings it back down she still is unable to use it. They brought her home last Saturday so we'll see what happens now as my SIL has her doubts about whether or not Vicki will keep up with the therapy.
    So Just encourage him, these are hard things to bounce back from.
    Hope your week is better!

    1. I am so happy to hear that your relative is doing better and home.
      We keep encouraging, and we have told the therapist "don't ask" if he's ready for therapy, "tell him" it's time. Never take NO for an answer. Hopefully that helps.
      He is guilty of not trying, and they are guilty of not making him. That IS what they are getting paid for.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Cheryl I am posting this comment to see if I have done this right.

  6. Replies
    1. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Glad to see you will be joining us!!!