Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Musings

Hi there.  Just checking in to say hello and that I hope you are all having a great week.
It has been lovely weather the past 2 days - lots of fresh air.  That will be coming to an end tomorrow, as we are to start getting chances of rain and temps in the 90's.
Gee thanks folks on the West coast - NOT!!!!!

I spent all day yesterday and the early part of today, painting the 30' ramp we have out front.  It is a ramp with 3 post side rails..  Can you say SORE?????  Oh my, I am tired.  I got one coat on it, and it looks 200% better than it did.  Once temps cool again, I will do coat #2.
I would have had to paid a small fortune to have hired it out.  Win-win for me - plus I got some sun and enjoyed the fresh air.
I will post pictures later on.

Can you see it?  There is a little tomato!!!!!  I have tons of blooms already.  Actually there is 2 tomatoes on that plant, one is being hid by leaves.

This is my little "kitchen" garden.  Rosemary, green onions, basil, lettuce, and a cherry tomato plant, all about 20 steps outside my back door.  Remember that little picnic table that I saved from the trash?  There it is holding my plants.  The stand holding the potted tomato plant came from the trash years and years ago.  It was great when G worked for the street department - I got presents like that all the time!  LOL

Check out the size of my lettuce leaves!  It is covering my hand.  I found a few even bigger, as I was taking them out of the cleaning water.  Love having fresh lettuce.
I have lettuce in my little kitchen garden and in 2 other places out back.  I have 3 different types growing.  YUM.  I am about ready for some wilted lettuce!  That sounds heavenly. 

I hope you are having success with your gardens as well.  Isn't it just the neatest thing ever, that you can walk out to your yard and 'buy' groceries?
It is so totally amazing to me what amount of food is produced by one little seed!
God is so good.

Have a great end to your week.
Peace my friends.


  1. Sorry about sending that bad and hot weather your way... ;) I'll be sending some cooler stuff right behind it for you though. :)

    Good job on painting that ramp. That is sure a lot of work.

    You lettuce is HUGE and I love your little kitchen garden.

    Be blessed and thanks again for all of your support. :)

    1. Thanks Debbie.
      Know friends are there for each other!