Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Deals and Sales - It's That Time of Year

Here we are 3/4 of the way through the year.  Here is the U.S. we are getting ready to enter the fall season - and winter won't be far behind.  You lucky gals on the other side of the world are approaching Spring - my favorite time!

Labor Day weekend tends to mark the un-official end of summer.  The year flies by after that point.

Now is the time to really take advantage of sales.  They are every where and on all kinds of things.

GROCERIES - are now having what will probably last big sale on cookout type foods.
Hamburger, hotdogs, ribs
Pop and thirst quencher type drinks
Breads and buns
STOCK UP NOW for later.  (I can almost guarantee you - that you will not ground beef as cheap for ages.)  Heck, Meijer has ground beef (80/20) for 1.59 pound this week!!!!!!

SCHOOL/OFFICE - all kinds of school and office stuff  is on sale.  Look for notebooks, folders, copy paper, ink, pens, pencils, markers, etc.
Stock up now - for the year. 
I even get some supplies for the younger family members to put in their goodie baskets.  They will be needing new notebooks and such around Christmas.

We are coming up on the time of the year that is best for getting deals on new vehicles.  New - 2019- models are coming out and 2018's will be drastically reduced to make room for new inventory.

Lots of furniture stores are having big sales right now.  For some reason fall seems to be a good time to find those sales. 

VARIOUS other items are drastically reduced this time of the year as well.
**Summer clothes and accessories are being reduced to make way for winter clothes
**Outdoor items - like grills, lawn and garden stuff - plants - swimming articles, etc. are reduced. 
**Summer & fall craft items - fall items are already reduced at many craft stores.
    It seems that they reduce items ahead of the holidays now!
**Thrift stores - will be marking down summer items further to make room for winter stuff
** Watch for canning items - like seasoning mixes, jars and lids, etc. to be reduced.

ORCHARDS - apples are now in season and hopefully cheaper.  Pumpkins will be ready soon - I like to get after Halloween (cheaper)
Many orchards also sell items like corn, beans, tomatoes, etc.

FARM MARKETS - will have an abundance of fall crops soon.

Don't over look anywhere.  There are deals to be found in all sorts of places. 
NOW is also the time to start getting gifts for Christmas. 
REMEMBER - gifts don't have to be about winter!!!!!!!

Think about summer hobbies and clothes, canning supplies (I would be in heaven to get canning supplies!), school/office supplies, crafting supplies, garden stuff (seeds, gloves, pots, etc.).
Look for items in unconventional places.  I like getting CLEARANCE at grocery on H&B supplies and small kitchen gadgets (use for gift baskets).  I have also found clearance candles in summer scents - holiday napkins & plates, baskets, etc.
Always check out stores that are going out of business.

Check your sales and stock-up.  Now is the one of the best times to get so many different kinds of deals.  Prices are only going to go up - that's a given.  So any savings you get now - is like money in the bank.


  1. You are right that there are bargains to be had right now.

    I’m afraid I have found so many bargains recently, I’m stocked up and won’t be shopping much till we use up stuff. We were at Aldi this morning and they had lots of summer things marked at a good discount, things like yard accerieis and pool toys.

    1. Good going for you! You do a lot of yard sales as well - which is a great place to find gifts and deals. I haven't been to many this year.

      No since spending if there is not a need. That IS NOT frugal!

  2. I already have a pretty good start on Christmas, what with things I've found at yard sales and at steep discounts, and the things I've been knitting. This is the best I've done in years! :)

    1. Good for you. every year I plan to be done by now - but 'the best laid plans'!
      I do give a lot of canning and foodie items - so that helps.

  3. I am the same way Rhonda is. I have stocked up and I now have to use it!

    1. Good job. I am pretty stocked too - I just hate passing a good meat sale!!!!

  4. Too hot to shop or cook down here in NE Texas right now. I'm trying to talk my husband into eating cold sandwiches and skipping meals until it cools down! But I do cheer you on with all your cost saving ways.

    1. I can understand about not wanting to go out shopping. I don't worry too much about cooking as the AC is bliss! Although there are many times we stick with sandwiches.

      Thanks kiddo - stay cool!

  5. Thanks for the tips; I love frugal shopping!

  6. Since we get our hamburg from a meat place that sells mostly grass fed and no hormones we do pay a little more. But good ideas for people to be aware of. Nancy

    1. we don't have many meat shops around any more. I think there is one and it is just total unreasonable in price to me. It is not close by either.
      I used to love going to the meat market.

  7. If anyone like me stocks up on canned vegetables, start watching the Dollar General ads. In years past, they have one fall sale where Libby's are 3/$1. Since I don't have a large garden, I like this for quick soup. The sale is either mid September or October.

    1. Thank you so much for the tip!!!!! That is a fantastic price. Yes, canned veggies are great for lots of quick meals.
      Thanks again - I'll keep my eyes open!

  8. I am almost finished Christmas shopping also. And the "end of summer sales" here in Fl are the perfect time to get great deals for Christmas as the seasons don't change a lot. I picked up a 'picnic" set for a gift for just $2 on clearance - had the individual plastic tray baskets for food, 2 squeeze bottles for ketchup and mustard, corn cob holders. I bought several as gifts, and one for me as I wanted the squeeze bottles for other purposes. The rest of that set went to church for our food/clothing pantry. I also stocked up on some dip/soup packets from Aldi for $.49 each. I will use them as the base of some soups - there was cheese and bacon which can easily be turned into cheesy potato soup with bacon, and a black bean mix which will be black bean and corn chowder. Don't forget the hardware stores too - you can find some really good kitchen gadgets, or flashlights, or even box cutters (a definite kitchen helper for me), for very little. Look in their ads, and then on the counter as you check out.

    1. Norma what a good deal on the picnic sets. yes those will make nice gifts.

      WOW on the .49 soup mix. Can't beat that price for sure. I love things that can be used as soup starts.
      I forgot about hardware stores. harbor Freight always has freebie deals with ANY purchase. I have gotten a lot of "guy" gifts there before.

      Have a nice week.

  9. I've picked up several gifts already this summer for Christmas this year. Since I get paid once a month, I have have 4 paychecks until Christmas, so I need to manage that well because I want a debt free Christmas as usual.

    1. Glad to hear that you have already gotten a stat on the holidays. Debt free holiday is the best way to go. I go for debt free and hoping for stress free. I just want to enjoy the holidays!

  10. Thanks for the tips!
    I was disappointed in Kroger's sale this week though. We had an Aldi store open last month so I want to check it out again. I noticed they have ground beef on a good sale. Have you ever purchased their ground beef? Is it good? Thanks!

    1. I wasn't impressed with Kroger either. Meijer was really good this week. Lot's of meat sales.
      I haven't bought much meat at Aldi other than hotdogs or sausage. I do get hams there as well. They always have good deals at the holidays.

      I know a lot of people do buy their meat - I just can't give you a first hand account.