Thursday, August 9, 2018

Encouraging Words

We all have days when we don't want to do anything - just no oomph!
We all have days when we feel sorry for ourselves.
We all have days that seem overwhelming.
We all have days when we are just sad - for whatever reason.
We all have days that we just don't feel well.
We all have days.........................................................

We all need to just go with the flow.  There are some things that we can't do anything about, no matter had badly we want to.  Life happens.
We have all had tough times, YET we are still here today.  Yep, we woke up this morning, and the past is in the past - all we can do is move forward.

I just want everyone to know it is OK to have those days!  We ALL do.
Never give up.  Don't beat yourself up if you fall behind or hit an obstacle. 
Take a deep breath, laugh about the situation, learn something, and TRY AGAIN!

BE THANKFUL for what you DO have!!!!!!!
Let it be enough for today.


  1. Your posts are always so timely for me! I am coming off two full days of feeling like "what the cat dragged in." I think it's been due to this ENDLESS heat and high humidity here in the Northeast.
    Thankfully, I woke up feeling better and more inspired today! Gonna finish my coffee and tackle some projects--and I feel happy about it. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, Cheryl! :^)

    1. Sue, glad they were words you needed to hear and can use.
      It seems that ALL things happen for a reason.
      Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  2. Very inspiring. Thank you, Cheryl. :)

  3. So important and sometimes hard to do.

    1. Yes it is - but maybe if we hear it enough.....

  4. We started the week with Wild Bill being put in the hospital with pneumonia on top of his stage 4 cancer situation, so getting him out on Wed made me rejoice. I love to come here and see a new post as it always lifts me up.

    1. Bless your hearts. So sorry he is going through so much health wise, and sorry you are going through it too. I know we would do anything at all for our mates.
      Prayers for you both and healing prayers for Wild Bill!
      I love it that you took the time to visit.

  5. Great post. I work with a "Debbie Downer" who is always seeing the bad side of things. The other day she was telling me for the 100th time all of the bad in her week. I turner to her and looked straight at her and said "You woke up so it can't be that bad". Look for the good people. It is all about your mind set. Thanks for a positive outlook.

    1. Oh I know many of those "Debbie Downers" - it is exhausting to be around them. Some of mine our family - and sadly I just stay away as much as possible.

      It has to be so exhausting being that type of person. I agree - we woke up again today, and that is good to me! I thank God each night for another day - and each morning - before opening my eyes - I say thank You.

      Mindset is right. We can do anything if we set our minds to it - especially be happy!
      Thanks and hae a great weekend.

  6. Hi! I am a new subbie. I read your whole blog the past couple of months. I loved it so much. I found you through Belinda's blog. I wanted to tell you how much your blog meant to me. My DH & I bought a home five years ago and we couldn't wait to have a beautiful garden and fix up our home. Our home was built in 1947 and our yard floods!!!! Everyone was so kind to give us helpful advice but none of it worked. Then I start reading your blog about your 1947 home and what do I see- MY BACKYARD!!! Yes, you and I have the same kind of backyard. Even though it is late growing season for me I started trying out some of your gardening post ideas. It worked. Not only did it work I have a beautiful garden now. I even planted tomatoes in June and they are growing. Thank you, Thank You. I am so sorry this is so long. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. What is funny you & I have the same gardening style but because I didn't know how to set up a yard that floods everything I used to do didn't work. Now, it does.

    One last fan girling thing, :) I am really interested in your greenhouse. This is something my DH & I want to do desperately. Have been looking for ideas. Nothing has worked. When you wrote about a greenhouse I was so interested. I do want to set up one to keep my outdoor kitties warm in the Winter and have heated water bowls for them. If it is not too much trouble could you share a post someday of your greenhouse?

    I love today's message. I always say "Well, this week was quirky!" I am having a quirky week, lol.

  7. WOW tank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you have found yard and garden posts helpful. We love our little house and I hope you do as well.
    I am glad you will be enjoying home grown tomatoes!!

    I will do a greenhouse post one day. Our little one is 6 x 8 and was a build yourself from Harbor Freight. I did use it as a greenhouse at first - then Momma and her babies showed up! The best laid plans can go awry!
    They love it and stay all snuggy warm in there in the winter.

    At least with the word "quirky" it still makes you smile!
    Thank you so much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much for telling me about your greenhouse. It really does help. DH & I have been looking at that one from Harbor Freight. We will give it another serious look for the outdoor kitties. They are not mine, just strays but I try to give them a safe place to go. We are planning to do a big greenhouse as an extension to our home.

      I have the same wildlife you do. I am lucky that I don't have to set out humane traps for them. I have a dog, lol. She chases them. She is a sweet dog but she is a chaser.

    2. You are welcome on the info.
      I put a small kitty/dog door on the side of the greenhouse, so the kitties could go in and out on their own without the big door being opened. It keeps it warmer in the winter.

      I am a real animal lover. It's been years since we had a dog - I am more a cat person.

  8. Thank you for the inspiration today! It was very timely!!!

  9. Hi Cheryl. This past week has been difficult, mainly because Missi is still missing. No news from anywhere on her. My week, other than being sad because of that, wasn't all bad. I woke up on time and with a good attitude. God allowed me to go to work daily, make all my own meals at home, take tasty lunches to work, shop at a place called Fresh Fields Market - they only have meat (a little luncheon meat not much), fruits and veggies, dried beans and fruit, and eggs. Their prices are terrific, so I came home with 7 bags full for $35. If they carried turkey thighs instead of just legs and wings, I would be in heaven. But in talking with a customer there (who wanted my stalk of celery), he was nice enough to give me a lead on them. So, I have another new store to visit. Have a great week.

    1. Norma I am so sorry that Missi hasn't returned or been seen. I hope she has found friends or another home.

      That sounds like a great Market - that is a lot of stuff for $35! I love that you are getting to explore so many new places and things.

      I usually always wake with a good attitude, even when still tired. Life is too short to not make the best of it.
      Have a blessed weekend!