Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer Smack Down!

Sorry I am late today.  I have been busting bum today getting yard work done.  We had a great day - sunny and no humidity. 
I got tons done.  Grass mowed, yard trimmed, bushes trimmed, and lots of stuff pulled and yanked!
My hands keep cramping up on me this afternoon!  So much yanking and using the weed whacker had it's toll on my poor hands.  They will be fine later.

It's that time of the year to get it done.   It is still summer as far as the calendar says and even the weather.  Fall will be here quickly.
My garden is really slowing down.  I still have tomatoes hanging, but ripening very slowly now.  Still have cabbage and broccoli and peppers and some cucumbers.
Squash is done.
It won't be long till I have to clean out the garden.  I figure get the flower beds in order and the yard in order while I have a chance.

Is anyone else winding down? 
I know some of you are just now getting lots of produce - but I think a lot of us are getting smaller yields.
I still need to make jelly and jams - but other than some other cabbage products I am getting to the end of canning.
That is unless I find some HUGE and FANTASTIC deal on produce.  Odds are that won't happen.

Gardens slowing, canning slowing, daylight is less,  sunsets are pretty - but it's still hot for now!
Soon the days will be getting crisp and cool, leaves will need to be raked, gardens to turn over, and pumpkins and apples to buy! 

I love my garden and yard and I totally enjoy preserving the harvest.  However, I do look forward to a little cooler weather.  Don't get me wrong - not winter!!!!!  I am not a fan of snow and ice.  I used to love it - then I met G! 
He worked for the city and always was gone round the clock when weather got nasty.  He was the only mechanic that the small town had - so he was there round the clock sometimes for days.  I HAD to take care of the snow removal here.
Now he can't do it, and I still have to.  I know he would love to be able to get around well enough - but then he wouldn't be retired and I would still be in the same boat!!  LOL
I guess snow shoveling is my destiny!

So, as I get ready to soak in a tub for a while tonight, I wish you all a good summer's wind down.  It is great exercise and it's FREE when we do it ourselves. 
It does make you feel accomplished when a hard working day is done.  Things look so pretty and all is right with MY world!

How is your world changing? 
Are you ready for fall temps and fall fun?
Have a good one!


  1. I saw several Monarchs heading south yesterday so I know what that means! No Juncos yet, but I don't think it'll be long.

    And finally, the shaved ice hut in town closes Monday and will shutter its windows until next Memorial Day...I only get one more banana coconut ice until next summer.

    And then it's on to all things pumpkin!

    1. We still have all our bids - but it won't be long.

      Maybe you need to learn to make your own banana coconut ice!
      NO things pumpkin here. I don't like anything about pumpkin.

  2. I'm absolutely ready for cooler weather! I'm so tired of weather in the high 80's and 90's. I even like the snow, even though I'm the snow removal person (which I shouldn't be, with my bad back, but no one else in my house does it. We do have a snow blower this year, so I'm going to have to figure out how to use it).

    Our garden is winding down as well. We're still getting tomatoes, but the bugs and the squirrels are getting an equal amount, but that's how it goes. :)

    1. Stephanie it's a shame you can't get help with the snow.

      Surprisingly this year the squires have left the tomatoes alone. I always leave them plenty of water out - which is what they are after (as I understand it).

      I am pretty tired of 90's for sure. 70's all year would be wonderful for me!

  3. Yes I am ready for the wind down! I picked the last two tomatoes from my vines yesterday. Bittersweet, but so tired of the heat!

  4. I think everyone is done with the excessive heat.
    Eating that last tomato is always sooooo sad.

  5. Don't know how or why it happened, but the main tomato vine died, leaving a tiny shoot (about 3"). I cut the main vine off, leaving the roots and am watering it to see what happens. I do want to get some chives and other herbs in that space, but this is interesting, so I will leave it for awhile. I would like the heat to be winding down, but we still have 90's predicted through next week at least. If we get a hurricane, it might bring the temps down a tad. But none are headed my way. Yes, I am prepared in case that happens. I am not a pumpkin-flavored everything person either. Too much nutmeg gives me indigestion that even my Nexium can't handle, and too much cinnamon can be overpowering. I like mine with a touch of vanilla. Starting to meal-plan with fall ingredients - stuffed acorn squash, soups, stews, lots of hot meals, instead of salads and cold sandwiches. Sad day when you eat the last tomato sandwich of the year. Time to start switching out summer decor to fall decor too. Take care all!

    1. I am anxious to hear how the tomato vine turns out!
      90's here for the next week as well. UGH!

      I am looking forward to our fall meals again. there are so many things I only fix in the fall and winter. I guess that is what makes the anticipation greater!

      I will probably do a bit of decorating starting next week.
      Have a nice weekend!

  6. I feel, like I didn't get a summer. What happened to it? I did garden and I did can. I still have thing that will ripen and grow. But my flowers have not done well. Mostly my lack of care. Next year will be better.

    1. Let's just say you had a more than hectic summer! Flowers were the least of your worries.
      Enjoy your fall!

  7. It's still hot here too, Cheryl. I, like you, am ready for some good cool fall weather. I hope you have a good weekend.

    1. A little cool down would be much appreciated!
      Have a great one!

  8. Fall is my Season! I am so ready. Yes, my garden is winding down. Even the birds were singing their songs this morning that it's time to start preparing for colder weather.

    My DH is the main snow shoveler. Lucky, our home does not have a lot of areas that need to be shoveled.

    Funny story we use to live in a duplex. One year when my DH went to shovel our drive and walkway he was called on by the neighbor next door. My DH shoveled the areas very nicely around the whole driveway so everyone could get in and out. It was a big driveway and took him several hours. The neighbor was beyond furious my DH did not shovel her personal walkway and porch. She was in her early thirties. She calls my landlady just screaming about it. Completely entitled. My landlady told this woman to get her lazy teenage son out there and shovel her walkway and the next time she expected them to reciprocate the favor of my husband being nice so they could get out of their driveway. My landlady was so angry about it if she could have evicted them she would have. After that my DH always left their drive snowed in, lol.

    1. Oh my goodness - how ungrateful. Yes, I think that would have been the last time I would have went out of my way to be nice as well. There are so many 'entitled' people in this world. I jus don't understand that mindset.

      yes I have noticed the squirrels are making ne nests and moving from different trees as well. Hummingbirds are drinking so much. Fall in soon to be here.

  9. My garden is still going crazy. I canned more sauce yesterday with my sister. She has never done it before and wanted to do it with me. I also made more pickles. They have to sit for 30 days so we will enjoy them next moth. I have to get out into my garden and weed. I have to plant my fall peas and kale. Lots for me to do still.

    1. I am so happy you are still reaping the benefits of the garden. How nice of you to show your sister so canning skills.
      Mmmmm you will surely enjoy those pickles this winter!
      Have fun with your harvest!