Sunday, August 26, 2018

Frugal Happenings 8/26

Good morning my frugal divas!  Hope this finds you all well and happy.

Here we are at the close of another month (in a few days).  We are now LESS than 4 months till Christmas!  YIKES.  I vividly remember April and that was 4 months ago - it seems like yesterday.
The holidays will be upon us in a flash.

On that note, we have had lovely weather for a few days.  Cooler temps and lower humidity.  We had some storms and heavy rain yesterday - but all is good.  Temps will definitely be warming from today forward in this week.  The humidity levels are going very high over the next few days - so it may feel just downright miserable.  UGH - summer is not over in the U.S.  I love, spring, summer, and fall - but I am not a fan of winter.
It is not the temps that bother me - just the nastiness of the season - snow and ice.

I am not sure if I will be getting many more grapes - they are ripening a few here and a few there.  No bunches are getting ripe at the same time.  If I pick by bunch - a lot will be green and wasted.  Near impossible to pick by grape!!!
The hummingbirds are still very active and visiting all the time.  I just love watching and listening to them.  Butterflies are every where and so are spiders and their webs!  You can't walk outside without running into a web!  Surely fall isn't THAT far away.

My frugal week:
  • I did finally add some color to my hair (just to cover the old!  LOL)
  • Cut more herbs - thyme, rosemary and basil to dry
  • Cleaned out and dead-headed a bunch of spent flowers out front
  • Mowed
  • Line dried laundry
  • Had 3 days of no A/C - windows open and aired the house
  • NO GROCERY RUN this week
  • Picked, picked and picked tomatoes.  Also picked broccoli, another cabbage, okra, peppers, and a pound of rhubarb.  Total this week about 54 pounds! (We are on the down side of tomatoes now & squash is done)
  • Canned 4 quarts of kraut, 7 pints of salsa (we use it for so many things), 5 quarts and 2 pints of crushed seasoned tomatoes. 
  • All the usual stuff.  Meals from home, making tea, filtering water, laundry in cold, etc.

                                   Lots of 'maters!  It is amazing how many it takes to can things.

pretty salsa - so many uses in our home

Meals this past week:
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli
Open face meatloaf sammies with gravy and salad
Sausage gravy over toast and scrambled eggs
Pork burgers, parmesan pasta and sliced tomatoes
Smoked sausage, fried corn and tomatoes and cucumbers
Homemade ham/cheese, tomato Panini's, salsa and chips
Chicken breast, mac n cheese and sliced tomatoes

All leftovers eaten for lunches

                                                                         Fried corn
That pretty much sums up my week!  Not very exciting.
What was your week like?   Did you get any deals?  Are you doing any canning?

I have the crock pot going already this morning with a small pork roast and potatoes and carrots. 
I am going to go in a straighten and clean the frig (wipe the shelves).  Need to do a quick "see" so nothing goes to waste.
Think I will take a break from canning today.

Prayers that you all have a blessed and fruitful week.  Health and happiness to you all.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Oh wow, 4 months until Christmas. It will be here before we know it. he weather here was cooler this week too. It felt good and even chilly one morning. I love to can salsa as we have so many uses for it in our home too. Yours looks beautiful. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl.

    1. Yep, we will be celebrating holidays soon. Glad you are getting some cooler weather!
      We love salsa as do many members of the family.
      Have a good one.

  2. Great minds think alike! I told my husband Christmas was only 4 months away yesterday.

    1. Hard to believe. It will be here before you know it.

  3. I'm still trying to make my mind wrap around that September is next week! I have always looked at Labor Day as the place/time that we jump on the crazy roller coaster to January. While it's usually a fun ride, I always find myself wondering why I missed part of it. It seems like there's an endless supply of things to do, attend, and not nearly enough time. I was so disappointed last year that I set up a whole different schedule for this year. Instead of Christmas cards, I'm sending Thanksgiving cards in November. I have a whole mess of December birthdays so that will be my early December job, to ship those gifts. Christmas gifts will go out early January, to arrive with the gifts from the Magi on Epiphany. Christmas gifts to my friends will go out in early February in time for a little Valentine's day surprise. And with that, I hope to enjoy the ride a whole lot more.

    1. What a neat idea! That stretches out the holiday, surprises people, and lets you enjoy your time. WIN - WIN.
      Here's hoping you enjoy your fall and winter.

  4. Weren't those cooler days lovely!!! Those were just about the perfect temperature, I think. And yesterday was just. so. awful. I can't stand really hot days, especially really hot days with high humidity. I'm very much looking forward to cooler temps (but I have to say, I enjoy winter, especially when it snows! There's just something about being curled up with a blanket and book, watching out the window while the snow falls!). Four months until Christmas, I need to get a move on with these homemade gifts!

    1. Yes yesterday was so humid and hot. Such a difference. The temps were lovely for a few days with a nice breeze - perfect.
      The scenario you set is fun - but it's all that shoveling and stuff that I hate!
      Yep, we all need to be getting busy with crafting!

  5. Don't side eye me but I am already for Christmas, lol. I am a Fall/Winter girl. I look forward to it so much. Cooler temps, snow & all the beautiful holidays. I prepare in the Spring/Summer so I can relax and enjoy all the moments of my favorite seasons.

    Frugal week- Started my Fall cleaning. Did all the usual things. Nice & quiet last week. The way I love it.

    I love your Salsa. Do you have a special recipe?

    1. Aren't you the organized one! That is the way to do it. I always have the best of plans - but life gets in the way.
      It is hard to wrap my head around 'fall' cleaning. FALL? It shouldn't be that time yet in my head.
      Have a good week.

  6. I have been picking lots of tomatoes too. Made sauce for dinner and canned the rest. Great job on no grocery run. I never manage that as I love to grocery shop and the stores are so close. At least I am buying stuff for food storage and not pocketbooks.

    1. Good going on the tomatoes.
      I love the grocery store too and there are many around. If I stay away I am fine - if I go in - weeelllll!!!

      If we buy on SALE for daily use or stockpile - it's like money in the bank!

  7. My whole summer harvest will not amount to 54 pounds! LOL Lucky you. Nancy

    1. That's OK. You got some good wholesome food from your patio - that is all that counts. I just always have kept track, because it as something my Daddy did.

      We all do the best with what we have. You have done great.

  8. You just had to bring up Christmas:)

    1. LOL!!!!!! Time to start thinking about it kiddo!

  9. I have been picking and cutting up peppers to make salsa and to freeze. Tomatoes are going strong too as well as my basil forest as I call it. I am seeing alot of greys and am due to touch up my roots. My husband usually trims my hair every other month, but we had been busy and it slipped to almost four months. So I told him I want three inches taken off. He said that is a lot, are you sure and I told him yes, I was sure. After he caped me and combed out my hair, he held three inches between his fingers as the amount to take off and I said yes. Well the pieces coming off seemed awful long and it seemed like alot on the floor I mentioned to him. He said that is what you told me to do, and he was right, I did. My ends look much better, but it seemed like he took off a lot more than I thought it would be. But it will grow back and as usual it was free and done properly. If I had gone to the salon, three would have been eight inches off, and I would have had to have hubby fix it.

    1. Hello Keri. Good job on putting up all the garden goodies. My basil grows like crazy too - doesn't seem to matter the weather.

      It always feels better to have your hair cut and for me - colored. We do our own cutting as well. It has literally saved us thousands of dollars over 33 years!
      Last time I went to the salon I paid a lot of money and couldn't see any difference. That was it for me!!!!!

      Keep on doing all your frugal things. It really does make life better!
      Have a great one.