Sunday, August 5, 2018

Frugal Happenings 8/5

Good morning.  I hope you all had a good week.  These weeks of summer sure are flying by.
We had a lot of much needed rain during the first part of the week.  We have gotten pretty darn warm and humid again, for a few days.  After a day or so, we are supposed to get back to more normal temps in the lower and mid 80's.
It's all good, and helping the garden grow.

Our week was another fairly quiet one.  That seems to be the story of our lives lately.  It is nice - no drama.

My frugal week:
  • I picked a lovely bouquet this week
  • I got to work in the large perennial bed for a while (when it was cooler)
  • Made a large batch of marinated salad to enjoy for the entire week (still have some)
  • Froze chunked zucchini and yellow squash for winter cooking
  • Froze more okra
  • I did run to store for 2 things.  I got a couple bags of onions (for canning stuff) and another gallon of apple cider vinegar (boy that stuff is expensive!)
  • Canned 13 jars of sweet relish
  • Canned a quart jar of tangy sliced peppers
  • Got to mow for the first time in well over 3 weeks (everything was brown before)
  • Kept another Parmesan cheese shaker top
  • Our neighbor/friend visited another food pantry this week.  He is so picky!!!!  He received things he would not or could not eat in a timely fashion, so he shared.  He gave us 2 large cartons of cottage cheese, a bag of Romaine lettuce, 10 pack of Kettle Corn popcorn (for microwave), a fresh sweet potato pie, 6 apples, and 2 smaller bags of oats - all for FREE
  • Picked approx. 23 lbs. of garden produce - 8 lbs. of that was a beautiful cabbage! 
  • Line dried laundry
                                              Pretty aren't they?  They smell heavenly too.

Weekly Meals:
Cold sandwiches and chips
Popeye's (yes we did!!!!!)
Enchilada casserole and sliced tomatoes
Poor man Swiss steak, mashed potatoes & salad
Egg/cheese/tomato sandwiches and salad
Zucchini pie (recipe 8/2), smoked sausage & sliced tomatoes
Turkey/cheese sandwiches and salad

G has really been in the mood for sandwiches lately.  That is fine for me, as I get a break from cooking!  They are always enjoyed.
We ate a lot of cantaloupe (from last week) as a treat after dinners.

Look, look - the Concord's are starting to ripen!!!  I will be picking some of those this coming week.  The other grapes aren't turning yet - but that is ok.  Looks like jelly may be in the future soon!

I plan on canning coleslaw this week and maybe even making some more kraut.  The cabbages are really big and I have plenty.  I MAY be able to can some tomato products this week as well - not sure.  Then there is jelly!  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's canning time at our house!
It seems the cukes and the squash have really slowed down - and other things are producing a lot.  The cycle keeps us busy, that is for sure.

Are you starting to can yet?  What was your week like?  Any great deals?

I pray for each of you, and pray you stay healthy and safe.  May you have all you NEED and may your hearts stay warm and caring and giving.
Thank you for coming by.

Blessings from our humble home to yours. 


  1. Sounds like you had a great week!
    We are starting to get a few tomatoes, finally! It's such a long wait for hubby to have a tomato sandwich.
    Picked the 2 large cabbages and got 5 quarts of shredded for kraut. There are quite a few more smaller ones out there yet.

    Wow, are you blessed with that neighbor that's quite a lot of free stuff.

    The only good deal from last week was a pork roast .99 a lb I got one and we have been eating off it for a few days. Yesterday I took some of the cabbage, a couple of carrots, onion and some of the pork and made egg rolls with it. They are tasty! All stuff I had on hand. I have in mind to make some pulled pork sandwiches next.

    Other than that, just doing some decluttering till some of the fruits ripen around here so I can start canning some more. Thinking of doing some walnuts and pecans in the oven just to get them out of my freezer.

    1. YAY on the tomatoes!!! I know you both look forward to them. Cool on the kraut making. that stuff is so good.

      That is a great deal on pork roast. So many things you can do with one. Oh egg rolls sound yummy! My mouth is watering. Pulled pork is yum too.

      Good idea on the nuts. I have a lot in the freezer too - my have to give it a go.
      Enjoy your week!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy this week, Cheryl. This is the time of year for all the canning and I know it's a busy time of year. You are so lucky to receive the free stuff from your neighbor. It's nice of him to share rather than just toss those items. I hope you have another good week.

    1. Yes, canning season is busy - but oh so rewarding.
      He knows if I got even a drift of an idea of him throwing food away - I'd scalp him!!!!! I am slowly trying to 'train' him in the frugal ways!
      Hope you have a great one!

    2. Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for your blog and your prayers. :) It is wonderful to enjoy all the fresh garden goodness this time of year. It is also great to put some up to enjoy a little bit of summer when the cold winds blow.
      This past week, we enjoyed fresh tomatoes, cukes and another zucchini from our tiny raised bed garden. Since there are just 2 of us, that meant a visit to the local farmer's mkt was not necessary. I did go 2 weeks ago and bought 10 lbs. of tomatoes. Enough to can 8 pints and 2 qts. of home made spaghetti sauce. Combined with the 99 cent special at Kroger, I now have enough spaghetti sauce for 6 months. (That is enough of a "pantry" for me.)
      Question: Can I start rhubarb now? I tried doing the roots in the past, but had no luck. Now, I've learned that it is better to soak the roots and THEN plant them. We are in the Delta part of Arkansas....across the river from Memphis. I believe it is zone 8a Thanks

    3. Ellie you are so welcome for the prayers. I am glad you enjoy the blog.
      My garden isn't large either, and there are 2 of us - but I do tend to give a lot of canning away, especially at the holidays.

      6 months of sauce will more than get you through the winter. That is a favorite winter dish for us, as well as chili and soup beans. Seems I don't fix them until it gets chilly out.

      I am not sure about where you live on the rhubarb. I got starts for mine several years ago in the springtime at the garden center. I know it likes moisture and somewhat sandy soil. Although mine grows well here it is planted.

      If you have a local garden center, I would stop by and ask them. They are the pro's! I wish I could be of more help.
      Have a great week.

  3. I saved a parmesan cheese top and bottle this week, but I can't remember why... lol. how do you use yours?

    1. I keep the lids as they fit most Ball jars. I then use for flour or baking soda (I buy in bulk), sugar, just about anything that you pour or shake. I also buy cheddar cheese powder and keep in jars - those lids are great for that.

  4. Have you ever tried making your own apple cider vinegar? Its not hard to do, you just need time for it to be ready. I do it in the fall after we go apple picking. I save all of the cores and use them up that way. I'm watched a YouTube video a few years ago to learn how to do it. It is so much better then the store bought stuff. I have given jars of it to family and friends and they are always asking for more. My list for the week is here:

    1. No I haven't. That is definitely something I am going to try. Thanks for reminding me.
      Love You Tube - you can learn anything!
      Have a good one.

  5. How blessed to have all that produce coming on to can. Looks like you will b one busy lady! Nancy

    1. Yes mam, blessed and busy. Love it.
      Blessings to you.

  6. Cheryl, so glad you are able to use all that food from your friend/neighbor. That is such a blessing. I was able to take a bottle of strawberry syrup to a woman at church yesterday. She is on a really tight income, and is such a blessing with her time for others. She was happy that someone thought of her. I just learned how to can okra so that you can fry it later. I was surprised to earn it only takes a few minutes, water and non-iodized or canning salt, and no processing.That way there is no waste if your electricity is out. I have been using my air fryer and my crockpot in this heat. It is reaching the high of the day later in the day than the last 2 months, and starting to cool down a little, faster than the last 2 months. So the trek toward fall has started. Luckily there are no tropical depressions starting to come toward us from Africa right now as we are in the middle of hurricane season. I have been looking at thrift stores for a lunch thermos for soups, stews, but to no avail. I can't even find a cheap one at Walmart. I did get another double-walled steel cup (30 oz) that I can put hot stuff in, and then put some foil or plastic wrap over the top before putting the top back on. Tops have a slit for drinking. That should hold me until I find one. I do still have two that hold 1/2 gallon, but I use them to bring iced tea with ice in it. They are just too big for a lunch thermos. I did pick up 2 brand new pair of jeans that fit at the thrift store, one was tagged 1/2 price and the other full price so I paid $3 for one pair, and $6 for the the other. Have a great week.

    1. How sweet of you to think of the lady at church. It is always warming when someone thinks of us, and you probably gave her a great treat as well.

      I have canned okra with no processing as well. My brother taught me how, and the neat part is NO slime either!!!!!

      Good thinking on using what you have till you find just the right thermos. Fantastic on the new jeans. I need to go looking again - my "newer" ones are getting pretty worn again.
      Sounds like you are enjoying the Florida life and making the most of it.
      Have a blessed week.

  7. It's raining today...we just came back from a trip to see his Mom and I just got to weed a little before it rained. I'm thankful for the rain though! I can't wait to can! I didn't know you could can coleslaw -that's neat (i need the recipe). You had a great week!

    1. I will have to post the recipe for the coleslaw. I just realized it could be done this year. it really is good!
      I will do a post on that later.
      Glad you are getting rain - I think we have rain coming in tonight and tomorrow. It will make those weeds easier to pull!
      Have a good one.

    2. Thanks Cheryl I'll be looking for the recipe!

  8. It may have been a quiet week for you, but it surely was BUSY! You get more done in a week than I could contemplate in a month! :^)

    I love sandwiches for supper in the summer, too! With a nice cold vegetable and/or macaroni salad, what could be better or simpler? Hot food is for winter!

    I, too, save parmesan cheese shakers--both the tops and bottoms. They come in so handy for so many things. For example, I have a shaker of baking soda for scrubbing gunky dishes at the sink. I also have another jar I repurposed for baking. That way I am not using the same box for both cleaning and baking purposes. The jars are just plain tidier than the box!

    1. Thanks Sue, but some weeks don't seem like I get much done.
      Sandwiches and salads are great. We do that a lot in the summer. I am with you - there are certain things that I never fix in the summer - only winter.

      Those shakers are great. So many uses for them. I keep baking soda in one too.
      I mix baking soda and flour (half and half) to use of garden veggies for worms. It is perfect.

      Have a good week.