Thursday, August 29, 2019

Good Sales Weekend

Those of us in U.S. will be celebrating Labor Day this weekend.  For many, holidays mean cookouts and family/work get togethers.  Lots of picnic foods are on sale at great prices this weekend.
Summer is coming to a close and other outlets are gearing up for winter.
Summer clothes are on clearance, yard tools and pretties, and also things to get the yard ready for fall and winter.
Now is the time to buy mulch and landscaping items - mums are going to be every where soon.
Also think about orchards for fall apples and cider - those are starting to happen.
Fall festivals will commence after this weekend - which means great farm markets and lots and lots of unusual items that can be purchased for gifts (or gift getting ideas you can make!).

Items to look for:
Hotdogs, ground beef, chicken, steaks
Soda pop
Alcohol if you so choose
Chips and dips
Crackers - flavored and assorted
BBQ sauces
Charcoal and grilling items
Summer fruits - watermelon, other melons (surprising strawberries are pretty cheap here too), peaches and pears
Ice cream
Bread and buns
Canned beans, pickles, relish
Late season produce - corn, summer squash, tomatoes

There are just so many places that are having sales.  Even furniture places are having some great deals around here.
Take time to restock - whether it be your pantry or your yard/garden supplies or clothes.
This is probably the last big HURAAH until around Thanksgiving.

DON'T FORGET - many places are getting to the near end of yard sale season too.  I well imagine there will be plenty through September - but that is also an option for great deals and savings and a lot of fun.



  1. with all the Trump tariffs in the near future maybe one should check into possible purchases before the prices escalate!!

    1. I try to stay with local grown fruits and veggies from our farm markets and orchards. If the prices increase too much - then I just won't buy certain things.
      I don't buy much that is out of country any way. Pretty easy for me.

  2. For awhile now on various blogs I vist, and on a forum I go to, people have been mentioning empty shelves in grocery stores. Now for the first time ever I see what they mean. Shopping today and I saw many empty shelves.

    Celebrating Labour Day here in Canada on Monday as well.

    God bless.

    1. I have seen lower levels of product - but there has been plenty of different brands to chose from. Mainly in my area it has been corn and green beans.
      I am not the least bit worried about it - just a bad weather year every where. Things will adjust - they always do.

      I think we just need to continue our preps as normal and not panic.
      Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

  3. I am trying to ignore all the sales and use what I have but boy is it hard.

    1. I know - I have plenty here, but some deals!!!!!!! Well.....

  4. Funny around here no big sales on anything. Even school supplies are higher in price.

    1. WOW - that is amazing. The grocery ads here were pretty darn good. School is already back in sessions now for a few weeks, but still some good deals.
      Home care centers are having great yard/garden sales too.

  5. Just got back from the grocery store. It's a bit crazy with the hurricane possibly coming our way this weekend. But happily I keep a good pantry,so I just shopped the loss leaders. Great bogo deals for labor day holiday. Cheryl, your certainly right about shopping local foods. I buy organic free range eggs from my neighbor for 2 dollars a dozen. We have been eating onions, potato's and garlic from our garden since spring. Our tomato's
    and corn did not fare well this year. But here in florida we have a long growing season so we have new tomato plants ready to go already. Happy labor day weekend.

    1. Glad you found some bargains. A good pantry is just so important - if I could teach anyone anything that would be it.
      Local can give you so many items. Eat in season and eat local - so much better for us all.

      Stay safe. I hope everything misses you and yours. God bless.
      Have a good weekend.

  6. Wish I could find eggs for $2 a dozen! We plan to go to Aldi's tomorrow. $5 off coupon if you send $30 as they have been closed for remodeling. Nancy

    1. Wow, I never pay over .99/doz. for eggs. Kroger and Aldi usually have them for that price or less around here. WM is cheap as well.
      Prices in our state are generally pretty decent compared to others.

  7. .99/doz eggs, I wish! I paid $5 for 18 eggs the other day at Walmart. That was on sale. Prices here in Canada are considerably higher. Prices are increasing too, even if it is a few pennies. It all adds up.

    1. Wowza!!! I have always heard that Canadian prices are more expensive - but man on man. WM here often has the 18 count for 1.59. It is a special, but still. Once in a while if you go into WM just on the right day you can get a dozen for .69 or less. Aldi also has pretty cheap eggs.

      It is just amazing how crossing a line in the dirt can make such a difference in food prices. I keep hearing people talk about prices at Aldi going up and I went for the first time in a long while today and was pleased.
      I wish everyone could have the Midwest prices!!!

  8. We took advantage of some those great Labor Day deals. We found some great prices on ground beef.

    1. There were good prices on ground beef here as well. I have a freezer with more than plenty - so passed this time. I may reconsider before the sale ends!
      Glad you took advantage!!!!!!

  9. The weather was in the mid 60s here this morning, which was perfect for yard sales!

    1. It was pouring and storming here and it is still pretty cool. There were hardly any advertised this week. Seems people around here don't have them on holiday weekends for some reason.
      I hope you had fun and found lots of goodies!