Sunday, August 4, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/4

Happy August to all!
It has gotten warmer again, but not too bad.  Humidity has been down this week, so it has been rather pleasant.  Evenings and mornings have been so delightful and the AC goes off during those times.  I have just needed the AC during the heat of the day.
It won't be long until we have that cool crisp air of fall.

I have enjoyed just sitting outdoors a bit and watching and listening.  Yes, I can hear traffic - but I have gotten good at ignoring it and just hearing the birds, cicadas, and the squirrels.  I can zone in on the birds and hear so many different songs.  It is so lovely.  The squirrels are a hoot, the just play and play.  Another groundhog has shown up.  I think this is a younger one - as the neighbors' dog (2 doors down) caught and killed what I think was it's momma.  So sad.  It is hard to get mad at a young-in trying to survive, but it ticks me off when I see it in the tomato patch!!!!!
I have 6 blue jays all of a sudden.  I have always had one or two - but they have brought their friends!  Oh my they do love peanuts in the shell.  I put them out for the squirrels and the jays try to get them first!  Their call is so distinctive.

Sleep has been very elusive this week.  I just feel so tired.  I try to keep busy during the day to tire myself.  I have taken a nap here and there.  I have taken herbs to help me sleep and NOTHING!  I hate when this happens.  I had gotten back to sleeping 4 - 5 hours straight and then boom.  Hopefully this next week will be better.  It's funny I can fall asleep watching TV, then turn it off and WIDE AWAKE I AM!  I have even tried to leave it on, but that doesn't seem to help.  Once I wake - my mind goes into action.  UGH! (maybe I need to start reading again at bedtime)

My week:
  • I have been working on the pantry and going through things to see what I have.
  • Using up some older items.  I pulled shelf stable milk out and trying to use some up.  Found older purchased mixes to use.  
  • Made Jello with canned fruit - used the fruit juice as part of the water
  • I have been 'doggy sitting' the neighbors dog.  They went camping and today is day 5 of watching their baby.  He is next door and I go let him out and play with him about 4-5 times a day.  They will be home tonight - I am sure he will be happy! (I will be)
  • Using rain water on my plants
  • Washed down the front & side porches.  Cleaned siding, windows, doors and furniture.
  • Made a big batch of hummingbird nectar and refrigerated to have on hand.  They are drinking a lot more lately.
  • Ran to the feed store this week and stopped at the orchard on the way home.  Got a few peaches and apples to eat for snacks.
  • Have started washing down walls and baseboards and doors
  • Picked 3-4 larger tomatoes and lots of smaller ones (have to pick before done so 'Chuck' doesn't get them).
  • Picked some wild flowers that are growing in the alley a couple times this week.  They look like baby black eyed Susan's.
  • My friends from CO came for a visit on Monday.  Spent a nice afternoon with them.  My goodness they brought me a box of Russel Stover candy and a pretty yard flag and stand.  What a surprise.  It was good getting to see them - it's been way too long.
  • Got to talk to my friend in OR this week as well.  It is always so nice to catch up.  This has been long distance week!
My meals this past week:
Leftovers and salad
Cheeseburger & salad
Loaded baked potato
Stovetop quiche and sausage patties (both from freezer) & toast
Ground beef stroganoff & sliced tomatoes
Stroganoff & sliced cukes
Grilled ham/cheese/tomato sandwich & chips and salsa (my that sandwich was yummy)

This was the stroganoff mix I found in the pantry and used.  It is a bit spicy for sure.  I used the shelf stable milk in making this and then to kill a bit of the spice I topped with some sour cream.  Tasty and pretty darn cheap and different!  
See the pretty little yellow flowers in the background?  Those are the pretties from the alley.

I had every intention on cutting my hair this week - but didn't.  That is for sure on today's agenda.  I also got some faux crab out of the freezer last night to use for todays dinner.  I think I will make crab salad today!
I have so many things that need to be used - trying to be better about using up what I have and making some different items.

How has your week been?  Any good deals or yummy garden produce?  
Are you working on those projects?  We will check in on those next Thursday - so we can all feel accountable to someone!!!!!

I pray you all stay safe and healthy this week.  May we use the resources we have and be mindful of not wasting and be thankful for each thing we have.  We are truly so blessed in so many ways.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours!


  1. I love that you cut your own hair. My hair has to be layered it's so thick. I need to go in now for a cut but I've been delaying it as long as I can.
    Your alley flowers are very pretty!
    You had a great week savings. Have a great day.

    1. I am so glad I don't have to go to the beauty shop any more. I would put it off as well.
      Thanks - you have a great week!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. I like being in the garden listening to the birds too. I put my recliner on the patio and when I'm feeling poorly or tired, I lie there and smell the lavender and hear the birds and bees. I do love your American birds although we get some beauties here.

    1. I need to get myself a chair that reclines for the outdoors. That would be lovely.
      Every country has such unique birds. I would love to see some from other places in real life.
      Their songs are such beautiful music.

  3. This is a holiday weekend in Ontario so I have good intentions of completing a few half done jobs tomorrow. I had a lovely day out with a friend yesterday and after church and fellowship today I walked up to City Hall with a few of the ladies as they were having an Indian Day festival (as in from India). Lots of free entertainment and lots of booths and food trucks selling all kinds of goodies. Had a chicken drumstick "lollipop", a samosa and a mango lassi - quite tasty and interesting without being expensive. It is a perfect, hot sunny day with a lovely breeze so no I might even get a few more things done this evening!
    I stick to mostly a large salad with a protein for meals in the summer so I'll be making this evening's version shortly and brunch most days has been yogurt with fruit so not a lot of actual "cooking" done.
    Hope your sleeping improves this week.

    1. Oh it sounds like such a lovely way to spend the day! I love all the little festivals. We have many ethnic festivals at different times around town - it is a nice way to see different cultures and try new food.

      I am pretty much a one meal a day person now. I make something to last a couple meals or have a quick cool meal. Not a lot of cooking like before. Salad are so good in the summer.
      Thanks, I hope to sleep better as well.
      Have a good one.

  4. Your meals sound really good. The stroganoff in particular is something I know we would enjoy; we like spicy stuff here. I do the same as you in that I prepare more than one meal's worth of a dish to have "planned overs". I'm not a medical professional of any sort (nor do I play one on TV lol), but I have something you could try for your insomnia. My husband had a similar problem of sleeping a few hours then waking and being unable to get back to sleep. I read that sometimes if your blood sugar drops during the night, adrenaline is produced to try to coax your body into releasing stored glucose from the liver. The suggested solution was to leave a small amount of salted orange juice by your bedside (about 3 oz) and sip on this if you wake during the night. Believe it or not, it did help my husband a great deal. So it might be worth a try for you; if it doesn't work, you not really out anything.

    1. I have orange juice, so may have to give it a try. Truthfully, the more I have thought about it, I think perhaps it was brought on by attending SIL funeral last Sunday. Just too much too soon with all the same folks that were at Glen's funeral. I think it will get better - but thank you for the tips!

      The stroganoff was very tasty. I am sure you can get the mix at most stores. Mix, hamburger, milk and water!
      Have a good evening.

  5. Hi! I hate it when I can sleep too. You sure do keep busy enough to sleep well. Enjoy this week. Nancy

    1. yes, it is a pain when you don't sleep well. Oh well, this too shall pass.
      Thank you - you have a great week

  6. You are an inspiration. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Not being able to sleep is the worst. It makes it so difficult to get things done. I hope you find some relief soon!

    Have a good week.

    1. Yeah it's a bummer. I am slowly getting back to normal.
      You have a good one as well.

  8. If part of your problem when you can't sleep is that your brain just won't turn off (that is usually my problem) my solution is to occupy my brain with something that requires me to think, but is so boring, I will fall asleep. For me it is counting backwards from 100 by 7s. I have to think enough about it so other things can't clutter my brain, but it is so boring that I usually fall asleep before I hit the lower numbers. I use sevens as that is the hardest one for me. But I am a number person so......

    1. Interesting! I try to get my mind on something else too and sometimes it helps. Reading helps as well.
      May have to give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I am sorry that you are having trouble sleeping. I know I get tired and grumpy when I don't get enough sleep.
    Glad your are able to enjoy your outdoors. It sounds like a lovely peaceful spot. Sounds like the birds and squirrels know where the treats are, and they have told all their friends.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Yep they have spread the word!!!! Funny, my neighbors calls it Wonderland as in Alice in Wonderland!! Sometimes he calls it Edan!.
      It is fun - and just all kinds of critters show up. I truly love animals.
      Nature has become a solace for me and it is my saving grace for sure.

      Have a good week!!!