Tuesday, April 7, 2020

An Unconventional Recipe or Two

Today is something different.  A couple recipes that have nothing to do with eating and one that makes for a yummy sweet treat.
Hopefully these will help someone else.  I will list a couple other tips that I use as well!


Here is a recipe for homemade fertilizer for flowers and garden.    This is a concentrate - so make sure you use as directed.
Don't FORGET - you can use compost to help your plants get nourishment.
NO compost - use the egg shells all crushed up, coffee grounds or tea bags, and pulverized banana peels are great too.  There are lots of great ways to add vitamins to your soil!

Here you go - a homemade weed killer.  Do not get this on desirable plants - it does act like Weed-Be-Gone and will kill whatever you get it on.
I use this in fence rows and in the grass/weeds growing in the gravel out back.  
I usually keep Epsom salts on hand all the time (great for a hot bath as well).  I get it at Dollar Tree for $1 a bag.  If out - I have used table salt (although it doesn't dissolve as well).
I find it works best on a warm and sunny day - and no rain for a day or two.  I love that this is pet and animal friendly!!!!!  No toxic chemicals to make anyone sick!!!!!

Another tip I use - after you get done canning and have no plans to use the water in the water bath again (I always use a couple times) - pour that boiling water around the porch, fence rows or in cracks of drive to kill the weeds.  Boiling water works quickly.

I have a couple areas in the fence row that have had poison ivy growing that has been quite stubborn to kill.  I have used the scalding water and then I pour straight vinegar on it.  It seems to have taken care of the problem.

I love doing things the natural way if at all possible.  I really don't want ANY wildlife put at risk or any neighborhood pets.

Spring in the U.S. brings forth dandelions!!!  Please don't kill them - they are much needed for the bees.  We need bees to grow everything!  They are so very important.
Dandelions are also full of vitamins and minerals for us as well.  I remember my parents used to cook the greens - it sure was  a lifesaver for the family at times.


I have made dandelion jelly before.  It has a honey taste and it is quite good.  It is a little work picking the flowers.  You need to make sure that you use only the flowers and not the green collars in this (they are a bit bitter).
After following the above directions - place in jelly jars and water bath process in boiling bath for about 10 minutes.  It may take a few hours or days to firm completely - which is just general rule of thumb for jellies.
Make sure your flowers come from an area that has not had any chemicals sprayed on them.
(Click on above recipe to see enlarged)

Hope one or more of these unconventional recipes or tips helps you out.
So many ways to save money, use what we have and stay home doing it!!



  1. I found a bag of Epsom salts when I was cleaning out the pantry this weekend. It had fallen behind a storage container. Good to know that we can make miracle grow with it.

    I will do my part and let the bees have the dandelions. LOL I saw a recipe for dandelion cookies the other day.

    I'm finding several ways to save money that I didn't realize before all of this started.

    1. Glad you found that. Good in a hot bath for sore muscles as well!
      It is amazing how creative we can get when under pressure. My niece commented the other day that she was enjoying making so many different things - who knew!

  2. If the bees die out we are really going to have problems. Thanks for the garden recipes.

  3. I cannot get into my blog right now, am working on it. So frustrating.

    1. I wondered where you had been. Hope you get back in soon!

  4. I like that jelly recipe. But if we had that many dandelions in the yard Butch would have killed them, lol.
    I'm going to save the recipe though.

    1. Oh no!!!!! That is something I won't do. I am sure my neighbors hate it - they finally quit spraying several years ago though.
      I figure they are God's flowers too - and bright and cheery.

  5. Thanks for the recipes, Cheryl. I'd love to try the dandelion jelly. We have a few in our yard and I just told Colton that we need to drive around the ranch looking for more! There is so much that can be done with them.

    1. There is! Jelly, tea, eat the greens, etc. They are so very good for you as well. I think you will like the jelly!

  6. You try to kill a dandelion in my yard and I will accuse you or murder, lol. I love dandelions. You know who loves dandelions more in my home? My turtle. He looks forward to Spring every year when I come in with a big pile of dandelions just for him. He eats them all up and begs for more. Who would kill a dandelion anyway? Fairies hide in them. If you kill a dandelion you kill a fairy. :)

    1. Free food for the turtle!! Fairies? I like that, never heard that one. I will keep that in mind now every time I see a dandelion!!!!

  7. My friend's goose used to go crazy for them. He was their natural dandelion prevention lol.

    1. That is dunny, Amazing even animals know what is good for themselves!