Sunday, April 19, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/19

Happy Sunday everyone.  My goodness we are over half way through another month.
We have had some pretty chilly days this past week, rain, winds, and just many blah days.  This coming week looks to be a bit warmer.  I love seeing all the plants and trees come back to life.  I look outside and see probably hundreds of shades of green!  Isn't that awesome?
BUT, I am ready for steady warmer days and more sunshine.  I know, eventually I will be complaining about how hot it is - geesh we are just never happy!

I think IF we have just some of these things  we are blessed beyond measure.  Look for the positive and good and the simple!!!!  The simple things are the best.

My week:
  • Colored my hair from supplies on hand.  Did it just for me - to make me feel better!!!
  • Made more Kool-Aid this week.  Tired of iced tea and water and I am loving the change of flavor!
  • Looking in the freezer and came across a vacuumed sealed pound cake (it's been in there a while).  Pulled it out and it was just like fresh and ate that 2 or 3 times with some peach pie filling on top.  Great treat
  • Made up a batch of long grain/wild rice soup.  Found a forgotten jar of rice in frig and decided to use part of it.  My goodness it was tasty!  Used all supplies I had on hand
  • Cut up a partial t-shirt I found in a basket into 6 more nice size hankies
  • Cooked up 4 pork chops (small center cut) on Easter.  Ate 2 - used one cut up in soup and froze one for something else.
  • Froze some leftover soup
  • Made up a new bottle of shampoo and another bottle of the foaming hand wash soap
  • Cut the front grass on the best weather day we had.  It was still chilly - but that was OK
  • Picked up a bunch of sticks and limbs that came down during a wind storm
  • Paid what bills I had come in and paid my property taxes for the year.  They are due in May and November - just paid them total so I don't forget.
  • I called the garden center/feed store and placed an order for feed to p/u.  No need to get out or shop - they loaded everything for me.  Critters are all set for a while.
  • I went out to go pick up at feed store and the Blazer was dead!  ACK!  I guess a week or so ago, when I got in it for something, I didn't get the back closed completely - and drained the battery.  Luckily I have a portable battery charger and know how to use it.  BOOM - it worked in an instant.  So happy for that.
  • I also stopped at the drive threw at bank and got a printout of an account. 
  • NO groceries still - using what I have  (boy this sure is saving $$$$$!!!!)
  • On nasty days (outdoors) I watched You Tube.  Watching about a lot of abandoned homes that were left totally intact.  Amazing!!!!  I have also watched several other shows as well
  • This weekend HBO is free on cable - so keeping an eye on the menu and I am recording a few shows for a rainy day. 
  • All the normal things - cooking from scratch, using what I have, laundry, basic cleaning, organizing, etc.
Menu for the past week:
Pork chops, pan seared asparagus and a small salad
Creamy rice soup - 2X
Pizza pasta
Leftover pizza pasta and a grilled cheese sandwich (used 3 cheeses!)
Pigs in a blanket and pasta/tomatoes
Mexican casserole

 Put these 2 things together for pigs in a blanket.  Haven't had any of those in years.  Good with sausage!!!
Simple dinner of piggies and pasta with diced tomatoes (canned) added - and topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.  Simple and good!

How was your week?  What frugal things did you do this week?
Are you having fun with your menus?  I hope so.  Get a little crazy and experiment!!!!

I learned this week that the garden center (inside the shop) is closed to patrons - pick up only.  BUT, the greenhouse is open to the public as well as the grounds which contain plants and pots and accessories.  Once the weather breaks  and warms - I will venture to the actual  greenhouse for a few plants.  That will make for an enjoyable visit.
I am 37 days of not going in stores.  I have done drop off at Post Office outside box, drive threw at bank, and a p/u at feed store.  I also drove around the park on day - for different scenery!!!
My pantry is still going strong.  I am truly happy for all the planning and lessons I have learned over the years!

Take care.  Stay in.  Stay healthy.  Stay strong!
I pray for your health and safety and that of your families.  Thank you all for being here - I love our little community.  So many informative, caring and special people.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours!


  1. Did you use a specific recipe for your long grain wild rice soup, Cheryl? I have a bag of wild rice in my pantry that I need to use up, so I was wondering. :)

  2. Check Thursdays post (4/16) - I gave an overview of how I made it. Not super specific - just what I had and mixed together. It was probably some of the best soup I have made in ages. Just kind of winged it.

    Just throw in what you have or like. I hope that post helps you - if not let me know!

  3. I am almost through my April cleaning list. Not sure where to go from there. I have started seeds and my tomatoes are up. All meals made at home. I did put in an order at Aldi this week and think I will do that more often. I made a list and followed it, no impulse buying.

    I love that I can follow about 6-7 blogs with very little Covid coverage. The news and social media are making me anxious. I just need to time my viewing for the 10 minutes of weather.

    Thank you for the support.

    1. Sounds like you are keeping busy. I haven't tried ordering from grocery stores yet.
      I figure we all need SAFE places to go and unwind. I hope you find that here. I try hard to keep it as safe as possible. I am over the news and bad stuff - just want some happy stuff and fun ideas!
      Have a good week

  4. I think many of us are anxious for the warmer weather, including the critters!

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Yes, I think we ALL are anxious! It sure will be nice and lovely to have a steady diet of nice temps - instead of little teases!!!!

  5. You can go into the nursery's here and it is wonderful.

    1. I can't wait - that would be like so wonderful. It seems so many have closed - seems silly as garden centers are pretty important in my opinion.

  6. We've done the farm stores too. Dh went into Wm for his Rx a week ago. I've done grocery pickup, mostly produce and dairy. We are eating through the pantry and freezers. I did do some online shopping for gifts for the bigger Grands who are tweens/teens and getting tired of home. None of their friends live close by for biking past and they don't phone much. Mom needed some diversions so Grammie to the rescue with a tie-dye kit and other crafts. They also sent cards to some elderly relatives here (they live in another state). Those relatives sent back cards and the kids were so excited. I hope this starts an extended mail exchange.

    1. Oh how fun on the gifts. That is neat that have something to draw their creativity out and give mom a break! I bet they will have a ball with that.
      I LOVE that they are getting into 'snail mail'. How cool. I don't think kids have a clue how nice real mail can be.
      Thanks for making their days brighter!!!

  7. Made lots of Project Linus quilts this week, cleaning out a lot of purple and turquoise fabrics. I was wanting to see the color of violets.
    I did venture out to the walking trail (with a mask on) and saw real violets, spring beauty (a little pink wildflower), some late coltsfoot, and a few others. I needed the walk.
    I'll be venturing to Aldi and the drive-thru pharmacy at CVS this week. Hubby hasn't been off the property in 32 days since I'm the designated errand runner (and the only driver).
    Speaking of driving, I read that many auto insurers are going to be giving credits on premiums at renewal time since people are driving so much less. I figure we'll get about $27 from State Farm. Another way to save money.
    We did not get our stimulus money yet, and I can't get the website to work to give them our bank account info. We got neither a refund nor paid (rolled the overpayment to 2020 since we have to pay estimated taxes). Apparently their algorithm doesn't like that. So we'll be waiting for a check. Fortunately we don't desperately need it immediately.
    We had cold, wet weather most of the week, so I mowed today while it is not raining. I also planted another square of spinach. The peas are looking good, and the strawberries are blooming much too early. I had to cover them a number of nights last week.
    Out of eight peat pots I planted with bell pepper and tomato seeds, I got one sprout. I think it is a tomato plant. I put the little plastic greenhouse on a wire cabinet rack (for stacking plates in a kitchen cupboard) over a heat vent. I potted my little baby plant and now have it in front of my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light. It seems to like it, though it remains to be seen whether it will survive long enough to get planted outside in late May. I planted some more tomato seeds, since I'd like to have 3 or 4 plants. Cheryl, did the pepper seeds you got from a purchased pepper sprout? I don't know what variety I had. It might be a sterile hybrid.
    I like your pigs in a blanket. We had hot dogs for the first time in years last week. I cut the open lengthwise and fried them and some onion in butter. Them I opened the buns and toasted them in the drippings. Hubby had never had them that way and found them yummy.
    Time to finish making the crockpot hamburger stroganoff. Hope everyone has a good week and stays safe.

    1. Good for you on getting out for a walk. I have heard that about the car insurance as well. I too am with State Farm - so we will see. Would be nice.
      Haven't got a stimulus check either (that is why I went for a printout at bank) as of the 15th. Oh well, it will happen eventually - and if it doesn't, I am OK with that too.

      No sprouts yet, but just did them the other day. We will see how that pans out. Not holding my breath. I sure am itching to get in the garden - but that needs to wait too.

      Your hotdogs sound good that way. I bet your hubby did like them.
      Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

  8. Sit tight Cheryl! Hopefully our beautiful weather is heading your way. It was sunny yesterday but on the chilly side. We went to the outdoor nursery to get our annuals. Picked up petunias, impatiens, tomatoes, and a cuke. I love a little salad garden. Today was just gorgeous in the afternoon so I planted everything. Just came in and resting to gather strength for a shower! Ooh, I also got a delphinium!

    The deal of the day was at the local hardware store (little one). We went to pick up some top soil in back and I spotted a sign 2 piles down that said 'This item only. Pine bark $1 per bag'. There were 10 bags left so we took all 10!! Mulched a whole section in the far corner of our backyard that is a weed nightmare. It surrounds the neighborhood cable box so we can't plant anything. So weeds grow like mad. Hubs had a great idea when we had our carpet replaced last month. He cut a section to fit that corner and laid down the Hercules of weed barriers. Now, with all that nice mulch (that was CHEAP!), it looks the nicest it's ever looked. All for $10 + tax!

    I have biscuits that need eating too. I have some of those mini weenies in the freezer. Yours looked so yummy, that's going on the menu this week.

    The weather looks to be pretty all week. Yay!

    1. Debby the temps are supposed to get better this week - rain in the forecast - but warmer. Daddy (and the experts) always have said not to plant garden here until after Mother's Day. I may get plants - but will wait on the garden a bit. I do need some annuals for baskets.
      What a deal on the bark!!!! Man oh man. Super idea on that corner of your yard. I bet it looks great. I have used old rugs and carpet in greenhouse and in the garage - but that is a great idea.
      ENJOY your weather!!!!

  9. Our last freeze date is generally April 15th but it was a little late this year. I'll watch the night temp closely for the next couple of weeks, just to be safe.

    1. I hope your garden and plants do fantastic!!!! Just cover them babies if too cold!

    2. Debby, if you don't mind answering, where are you in KS? I'm originally from Wichita and have relatives in various parts of the state.

    3. Near El Dorado Lake. About 30 miles from Wichita. Love it here. The Flint Hills are spectacular!

  10. Made your own shampoo. Very interested in how. Have a good week and stay healthy. I dont know your state but NY is on lockdown, We are fortunate, very few cases in our side of state (as far from NY city as you can get). We will be in again all week. Well stocked with groceries and even toilet paper before this all began.

    1. It sounds misleading on making shampoo. I water down shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap - you name it. I mix about one third bottle of shampoo to 2/3 water. Shake and let it set for a couple days (to meld together) before using. Years ago I heard hair specialist talk about how ALL shampoo is too detergent and should be watered down. I have done this for years and I love it as it seems to suds even better!

      I am in Indiana and we are on lockdown too - but you can go out for essentials. It doesn't mean that you can't go out at all. Ours lasts until at least May 1 - maybe the 15th (or longer). I always stay well stocked, so I had no worries either.
      Glad you are far away from the city!!!!
      Stay safe.

  11. Thanks for another great column. A day brightener for sure!
    The pigs in blankets look yummy. I don't have any refrig.biscuits but do have some pie crusts. Guess those could be cut and wrapped, too!

    DH and i got our stimulus $ last week...and now---here's one for parents had $2400 deposited in their bank account and they are both deceased! Mom last June and Dad this January. Of course we can't keep the $--but don't know what to do about getting it back to the IRS. I am the executor....guess it will just have to sit there till we figure this out...

    1. Well thank you dear.
      I would think you could use pie crust - may not fluff - but it would still be good. Maybe homemade biscuits(?). Crescent rolls? Puff pastry? So many yummy ways to make them. Could make cornbread muffins with hotdogs or sausage added. Shoot even pancake mix with sausage or dogs added.

      Oh my - that is amazing. It sure makes you wonder. I don't know either what you do. I doubt that you could even get in touch with the Treasury Dept. at this time. I guess just sit on it until they figure it out! (So sorry for your losses).
      Have a good one.

    2. I am sorry for your losses. My mother received $2400 despite my father passing away last April. According to her tax accountant, she does not have to repay the money since it was based on the status (married filing jointly) for the 2019 income taxes. However, I would not take that as an absolute fact without checking with the IRS.

    3. I read about recently passed people receiving checks. Try googling it and see if you can find a legitimate article about it. It seems like I read that people would probably be allowed to keep it. But double check. It's crazy to me that SS sucked money from my mom's acct. within 48 hrs... $130!! And the government is just letting all this money go!!

  12. Hi Cheryl, we are fans of pigs in blankets too.
    My daughter and her 3 kiddos came today and we had a distanced visit in the back yard. I made a very simple lunch and as we all sat there eating on paper plates, the 3 children were so happy and said it was better than a restaurant. Of course none of us have been in a restaurant since way before the quarantine started. But they were right, it was especially nice. One good thing about this situation is I think all of us will be more thankful for simple things

    1. I am so happy you got to see the kids and have such a fun time. That sounds wonderful and it sounds like they had a great time. Yes, the simple things are the best.

  13. Hi! I'm curious if you know the name of the you tube video(s) you watched on abandoned houses? I love to watch shows like that on YT. Thanks

    1. The group I watched the other day was Abandoned World Explorer - it is in Europe and they were going through extremely huge homes. Homes worth a fortune.
      There are many groups. You can even find them by directing the search "Appalachian abandoned homes" - "abandoned log homes" - "abandoned farms", etc.
      It is so interesting to see these homes and ALL the STUFF that was just left behind.