Thursday, April 2, 2020

Reach Out

I know a lot is going on in every single persons lives right now.
I know people are scared and stressed.  I know people are ill and some are dying (sadly).
I know we can't visit.  I know our normal isn't normal.
We are all going through this day in and day out.

Take time to do something for someone else.  Yes, it can still be done.
If you have an elderly neighbor or someone who is feeling poorly - go mow their grass or pull some weeds for them.  Take their trash can to the curb for p/u.  It all helps.
If you are going out for ANYTHING - check with others and see if you can get them something.  (You can leave it at the door)
If you have extra - and you know someone who doesn't - share.
If you have the capabilities to HELP for the greater good - DO IT.   Sew masks to donate, donate to the food pantry, help at a food pantry (most are still open with limited hours).  Make cold lunches for elderly neighbors or kids that may be doing without.  Make hand sanitizer if you have supplies to share with others, etc.
Some churches are working in very small groups around here - making up 'care' boxes (food basics, TP, cleaning supplies, etc.) for a drive-through pick-up for anyone in need.
Pray for others
Face time with others if at all possible.
Call and talk with friends and family - trust me - it will brighten their day  (I know this first hand!)
Talk to neighbors and socialize from a distance  (across the fence several feet apart)

Boy, there are many on here who know this verse is so very true.  My word, I would love to have my parents or my hubby here to worry about - but I don't.  Losing them all were the worst chapters in my life - but I am still here.  They would expect me to keep going.  I know there are many who feel this way.  
Life has a way of knocking us down and smacking us in the face.  We get up and we rub our cheeks and keep going.  That is ALL we can do.

So please - REACH OUT to someone else in some way!  Do a kind deed.  Say a kind word.  
Just do something - I may just change their day, week, month or world! 
(and maybe yours too!!!!!!!!)

God bless each of you!


  1. Think how wonderful the world would be if everyone did something nice for someone else every day.

  2. Cheryl, you are reaching out in a meaningful way, and I'm sure all of your readers appreciate it very much!!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate you all so much. We are a community.

  3. I am in awe of the community where I live and how they have stepped up to the plate during this virus crisis. The sheriff's department and local funeral home have been delivering bags of food to people who need food created from people who have been donating food to those in need. The school buses are running and delivering food to students three days a week with enough food for the days they don't run as well. It's being the hands and feet of God for other people. It's a wonderful thing.

    1. It is nice to see for sure. Same here - schools are making take away lunches and buses are delivering to neighborhood stops. I saw a car lot that was closed - is offering to go buy groceries for those afraid to go out and delivering - FREE delivery and service for over 65.

      My friend and I were talking about how it seemed a lot like the day after 9/11. People were so kind, compassionate and nice. Nice while it lasts - sadly most will go back to their old ways one day.
      Glad to hear so many communities are steeping up.

  4. Love your suggestions!
    Make America kind again!
    In the spirit of your post, I used sidewalk chalk on our driveway to write "thank you" for the trash man today.

    1. Bless your heart - that was so sweet. If we all do something -big or small - it will all add up.
      Thank you for the smile!

  5. Thanks Cheryl, this is so true. Serving is a great way to forget yourself.

    1. Yes mam. We all need to get out of our own heads and REACH OUT!

  6. Thank you, sweet lady, for these good suggestions and a dose of old-fashioned gumption. Much food for thought and ways to help others.

    1. You are welcome. We are all in this together and just need to reach out.
      Thank you for your kind words.