Sunday, April 5, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/5

Good morning to all.  I hope you are all well and safe and that your families are well.
I have had several check in again this week.  An old friend from high school called to see how I was doing - we had a nice catch up talk.  My former neighbors called again, saying they had a grocery run planned and did I need anything.  So sweet.
My neighbor was going to the store and asked if I wanted anything.  Kroger had a nice sale on spiral hams - so I said I wouldn't mind one and a couple other things.  Got it!  Let the neighbor borrow a power tool for the day for getting me things.
People are being kind.  It would be nice if it lasted - but I am not holding my breath (sadly).

              Prayers for you all on this Palm Sunday and for the beginning of a Holy week.

The flowers are getting lush and popping up everywhere.  Tulips are blooming.  Grass is so green and the trees are all budding.  The magnolia trees got to bloom and look gorgeous.
It sure looks like the earth is coming back to life.  I love spring!!

My week:
  • Made up a batch of cheese biscuits  from a mix I got as a gift
  • Made some sausage gravy with 2 sausage patties from the freezer
  • My neighbor got me a spiral cut ham for .95/lb. this week.  I also wanted and got bell peppers (.99 bag) and milk - 1 gallon for 2.19.  That ham will provide a generous amount of different meals.
    Aren't these pretty?  That is a .99 clearance bag.  I cut one of the striped ones and kept seeds - we will see how that works!
  • I did go and drop mail off at the outdoor box at the post office (2 blks. up the road).  I drove a couple blocks further and drove through the park just to see the trees blooming and the flower gardens.  Never got out of the car - it was just a needed and pretty drive for a few minutes.
  • All bills received, paid for the month
  • Cut grass - it sure is growing steady now
  • Got a LOT of yard work done this week.  I worked on an area that was totally ignored last summer (I ignored a lot last summer).  It all looks so clear and nice now.  Even cleaned a bunch on the neighbors (the young couple) side of fence.  It was good to get out and move and FREE exercise.  I sure slept good that night.
  • My neighbor cut a bunch of dead limbs from his trees and burned them.  I asked for all the ashes for the garden.  They were gladly given!
  • Just doing all the normal stuff - eating from home, cooking from scratch, cleaning and de-cluttering, laundry - just normal every day things.  
Meals this past week:
Beans/rice and smoked sausage and biscuits
Rice/bean/chicken tender roll-ups with Ranch dressing
Biscuits and sausage gravy
Club sandwich
Tamale pie
Tamale pie and fresh veggies & dip
Cheesy mac with beef and beans added 
                                      Homemade club sandwich - who needs a fancy deli?

How was your week?  Are you getting a lot of things accomplished around the home and yard?  Hope you are getting some decent weather.

I live in the flight path of the airport - and generally at any given hour you see/hear at least a half dozen planes in the sky (or more).  It sure is quiet now.  I occasionally see and hear a plane, but not many.  There are several helicopters that I see - I think TV news choppers - but few planes.  Seems weird.  
Streets are quiet as well.
My neighbor said the grocery was fully stocked with everything except paper products (of which there were none).  But all aisles were full and they said there wasn't a rush of people.  Maybe things are evening out some.

I pray that God will help us each to surrender our worries to Him and that we strengthen our faith each and every day - and that He will see us through this, as only He can.   Amen

Blessing to you and yours from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Happy Palm Sunday. It is so weird not attending mass. We are settling into our new normal. I planted potatoes yesterday for the first time ever. I hope they work. My youngest pulled out the Wii this week and we all have been having a great time playing together on it. Haven't gone anywhere except I brought some food to the elderly man I help. Sent a few cards to loved ones and I have been calling lots of friends and family. Lost the 1st person to the virus. A girl that went to school with my son, her mom passed. So sad. They can't do a funeral at this time. Everyone stay healthy.

    1. Yes, it seems odd for no church services. Hope your potatoes do well. Wii sounds like good fun and exercise.
      Sorry for your loss - no funeral services here either. Graveside service for immediate family only and then a celebration of life later. One of nieces and nephews lost their dad this week (not virus) and feel so bad they can't have a funeral.
      Stay healthy there as well

    2. Ah thanks. I hadn't seen my ex nephew in-law for quite a while - but he was always one of my favorites.

  2. I'm envious of your spring as I look out on the snow settled on my neighbour's yard. Soon though I'll be able to get out and start doing some clearing up. I love spring too!

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I am so glad no snow here - but it is going to get pretty chilly a couple nights later this week. I am sorry you see snow!!!
      Thanks - you stay well too

  3. I was able to get out and plant beans and peas edge and mulch a new bed in the front of the house, and plant blueberry and raspberry bushes, a kiwi tree, and some bulbs. My kale and spinach is doing well and my tomato plants are nearly ready to go in the ground as well.

    1. WOW - envious!!!! It will be a long while yet before tomatoes, beans and the like go in here.
      I think I will do lettuce and green onions this week.
      So glad you are getting such a good start!

  4. Happy Palm Sunday! Yes it does seem weird not to be able to go to church. We had an older family member pass last week also, not from the virus. And yes no gathering. So hard. PT is coming along and we are just staying in place. Bless you.

    1. So sorry for your loss. This staying home is hard on all.
      Glad your PT is going well.
      Staying in is the best place for you, especially after surgery. Stay well my friend.

  5. We live under airport traffic also and it has been very quiet here as well. Our neighbors have always been so kind and helpful and we are all carrying on just lake always excepts we are all at home. I have loved seeing the kids in the neighborhood going past on bicycles and out playing just like the old days.

    1. I am glad it isn't just my imagination on the planes!
      I think family activities and more old fashioned ways are happening in homes now. That is one positive note.
      Stay safe.

  6. Your homemade club sandwich looks delicious. Our dogwoods are in full bloom here, and are so pretty.

    1. It sure was tasty and something different.
      I love dogwoods - oh heck, I love all flowering trees!

  7. We are not close to an airport. But still I notice a lack of planes...

    1. It kind of reminds me of the aftermath of 9/11. It sure seems strange.

  8. Lost a total of five to the virus. I am hoping for no more. These were all nursing home deaths. Praying people will stay home and keep my DH and other essential workers safe. I need to get on a schedule. My worry about my DH is getting to me. He comes home and we just hang out with each other watching The Office. Never seen it so it's our binge watch. Every day he comes home with a story about somebody putting him in harm's way and I just shut down and can't get anything done from fear about people putting his life at risk and mine to. My DH is providing an essential service. If something happens to him and other essential worker's who are being harmed by entitled people who will pick up their jobs? The entitled people? I don't think so.

    Life is really nothing new from before the virus broke out, lol. I just don't go into the store any more. I do a pickup of groceries. It's a new normal. I don't mind not going to the stores. I never liked going. I do miss Dollar Tree, Library and Thrifting. I am so happy to not even look at petri dish WalMart. I thought it was a petri dish before the virus. My DH feels the same way.

    I live near the airport to. It is so weird to hear a plane fly over now. They don't even keep their schedules any more. I use to know the plane's schedules by heart. I hear a plane fly over maybe three times a week.

    My yard is blooming and looks so pretty. Already have tons of blooms. It is going to be in the eighties this week.

    Bills paid two months ahead except mortgage which I pay today.

    1. I have found some TV programs that I never watched before that I am now watching and that makes me laugh. We need that!!!! I have gotten into The Big Bang Theory. I was never interested before - but find it comical. watching a lot of home and garden stuff and cooking.
      We need those diversions.
      I love that the yards are blooming and turning green - beauty is helpful. Rebirth of nature.

      Good for you on paying ahead on the bills. It is good is we can.
      Enjoy the warmth of 80's - oh my! Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  9. I love your calming and sane posts,Cheryl.

    We are quarantining in place as well---I am worried that I will need to go to the Costco after 4/15 to pick up my next 90 day supply of Rx's. Shouldn't stress now---but it's been on my mind for weeks.

    Instacard grocery deliveries have been going well. No neighbors have ordered. Most are seniors like we are!

    1. Maybe check with Costco and see if you can get curbside pick-up on your meds. I know many places are doing that now.
      That way you won't have to get out of the car. My brother hands the pharmacists at p/u a plastic sanitized bag he brings and asks them to put order in that. They wait a couple days before opening at home. Just some ideas.
      I have never done delivery groceries myself.
      stay safe!

  10. meant to say no neighbors have offered to shop for us! NOT ordered!

  11. Ok like at 9 in the morning I'm starving for a club sandwich! Yours looks delicious!
    It's been eerily quiet here too for the past few weeks. Little or no trains and hardly any airplanes. I guess I'm getting used to that. Kind of nice to have the grandchildren come by and scream with joy. Wakens up the neighborhood.

    1. LOL - the sandwich was yummy. I used some roast beef, thin ham and lunchmeat with cheese and veggies on toast.

      It sure is quiet. I still hear the trains at the crossings (I love that sound) but maybe not as often.
      I bet the sound of children is wonderful!