Sunday, April 12, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up 4/12

Firstly I would like to take a moment to share a message I have on my mind this morning.

Please remember on this Holy Day that the first Easter was NOT celebrated in a crowded place of worship with singing and praising.  People were afraid for their families and themselves at that time and they were staying in their homes.  It was very dangerous for them to go out.
They were in their homes alone and they wanted to believe the good news they were hearing of life after death.  Eventually they got to go outside their homes and celebrate.
They saw that God's love was most powerful and that love is the most powerful force on Earth.
A lesson we all need to take forward on this very Easter day.

You may be separate from your family and friends today - but you are never alone.  The promise of eternal life and love is there for all.
This is the season of rebirth and awakening.

I awoke this morning and went outside to have my own special church service with nature.  The sunrise was glorious and fitting a King and the chorus I heard was beautiful.

We are clouding up today and rain is coming.  We have had some beautiful warm days this week (close to 80*) and we had a powerful storm come through Wednesday evening.  That was so very scary.  It was very still and I heard THAT noise people often mention - it sounded like a train at a distance.  Boom - the wind and rain came.  We had 70 - 80 mph winds with gusts that were higher.  It did not last long, but it sure was scary.  We luckily had no damage, but a small community a few miles south actually had a tornado touch down.
Spring is the time in our area for these quick and nasty storms.

I worked in the yard a lot this week.  I saw a butterfly already and I saw many bumble bees!  Pretty neat to see them back.
We have some cold nights coming going forward into this week.

My week:
  • I made some cinnamon rolls from a roll I had in frig. and it needed to be used.  Mmmmmm
  • Cut my hair
  • Got to have the heat off and the windows open most of the week
  • I mowed the entire yard this week and trimmed.  Such good exercise and fresh air.
  • Did a lot of yard work
  • Made some squirrel treats with some older products I have in the pantry - trying to stretch the squirrel goodies a bit, so as not to have to go out.  (today is day 23 at home)
Little squirrel cookies.  About the size of a walnut - I break into 2 - 3 pieces when I put them out.  It is a filling treat for them and makes my corn last a little longer
  • I made fried rice and used that in 3 different ways to stretch the food - had fried rice, mixed with refried beans for tostadas and used what was left with eggs to make fritters for freezer.
  • I fixed a sticking lock on the back door
  • Made  a gallon of Kool-Aid for a tasty flavored treat
  • Mailed some fabric and elastic I had on hand to my niece.  She is busily making masks for many of her family and friends who are going to work each day.  Glad to be able to help in some way
  • Did some front porch sitting.  It was lovely to sit outside in the glider.  Put my heard back, closed my eyes and listened.  How wonderful it sounded - so much nature.  That day the air smelled of freshly mowed grass.  I plan on doing more of this  - it is so quieting and relaxing
  • All the normal things we all do every day.
  • Using up things I have on hand.  As stated above I used some older pantry items (and sunflower seed) for squirrel treats.  I found a jar of beef gravy in the pantry and had some sliced roast beef that needed used and I made a tasty dinner with those items (and others).  I have been using many of my home canned items.  LOVE MY PANTRY!
                                                 Using what I have and getting creative

Meals this past week:
Leftover cheesy mac/beef with  condensed veggie beef soup added - tasty
Cheeseburger and oven fries and home canned slaw
Tuna salad sandwiches (made with home canned relish)
Chicken fried rice
Rice (leftover)/bean tostadas
Hot roast beef sandwich with fried smashed potato smothered with gravy
Oven baked fish on sammie with tartar (homemade) and chips and salsa (home canned)
Cinnamon rolls for treats!!  Also apples and peanut butter

How has your week been?  Are you getting creative with your menus?  Are you just getting creative?  There are so many projects that we can all work on to utilize our time.  Let's all get crafty and create some beauty in this world!!!!

I pray you and yours are safe and healthy.  Stay in - and don't consider it being stuck - consider it being safe!  I hope you are growing in some way from all of this 'adventure' and learning and helping in some way.
We are in the same situation - let's make the best of it.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.



  1. I am using up items, too, Cheryl. It feels really good to 'clean out'the pantry a bit, doesn't it?
    We are still COLD here with rain today turning to snow for tonight and tomorrow. I am more than ready for spring!
    Easter blessings and stay safe- xo Diana

    1. Yes it is fun figuring out what to do with things. Warmth will be here soon!
      Thank you and same to you.

  2. Happy Easter! Trying to use up items here before hubby decides to throw them away. Frustration!! We are cold at night but climbing up to the 70's and 80's in the day time. We are staying in a lot, I truly need to get out and get some things done though. We did go to the bread store and to Staples the other day, I needed ink and bread.
    Have a great week!

    1. Tell him HANDS OFF!!!!! LOL
      I love having those warm days too - but so misleading, as I am still afraid to plant (nights are pretty cold).
      Good for you on getting out. Stay safe my friend!!!
      Blessings and Happy Easter to you both!

  3. I went out this week for the first time in two weeks. Wore a mask and gloves everywhere and disinfected the car when I was home to stay. I delivered the masks I had made, got gas for the mower, and got fresh produce and a few other things. I'm planning meals around the protein in my refrigerator freezer. Sure wish I hadn't procrastinated about getting a chest freezer. Now you can't find one anywhere.

    Laundry is out on the line. The weather has been up and down, with terrible storms forecast for tonight. The peas are coming along, and I planted spinach last week and wanted to plant more spinach and carrots, but there isn't much point when the storms will wash out the seeds. I found some peat pots I've had for years and tried planting tomato seeds and some seeds from a purchased yellow sweet pepper. I have the mini-greenhouse unit sitting on a wire rack over a heat vent, but I'm afraid it's not staying consistently warm enough to germinate the seeds. I don't trust the electrical system in this old trailer enough to leave a heating pad on unattended.

    I mowed on Monday. We sat out back on the warm days and even had to move to the carport for shade when it got too hot. It got cold enough to cover the peas and strawberries a couple of nights last week, and we had snow one morning. This week will see highs in the 40s for a few days. Brrr! I joke that around here Spring is the three days between when your put away the snow shovel and have to get out the lawn mower.

    I'm fixing homemade pizza for supper tonight and made strawberry bread for dessert. The crockpot dinner for the week will be either swiss steak or salisbury steak. I use meatballs instead of the traditional meat in both dishes since Hubby has trouble chewing.

    Cheryl, your recent post about repairing your shoe inspired me to fix two-and-a-half pairs of our shoes. I bought Gorilla Glue while I was out and used it to glue the leather uppers back to the rubber soles on our older athletic shoes. I "made do" using construction clamps and a couple of dumbbells to hold the repairs while the glue cured.

    I exercised 27 out of 31 days in March and have done some every day so far in April.

    Stay safe!

    1. My goodness you have been busy!!! I am glad you got out, but I am glad you were safe about it as well.
      That is funny about Spring - that is about true!!
      I am glad I inspired you to do some shoe repair! It is amazing how many things we can fix if we just give it a try.
      You do so well on your exercising.
      Have a good one!

  4. Happy Easter! We watched my sister in laws message live on YouTube, and we even had communion, crackers and apple juice. She said we are never alone, that Jesus is with us. I needed to hear that today.
    Hope you have a blessed day.

    1. I am glad you got to see her message. She is so correct - no matter what happens Jesus is with us. Never alone.

  5. Happy Easter, it is low key here and I am going to take a long walk. He is risen!

    1. Enjoy your walk and your commune with natures. Blessings

  6. Happy Easter!

    I look forward to the days when I can sit out in the sun. I did spend a few minutes this morning sweeping the deck of pine cones and bits of branches that fell during the winds last week. The birds serenaded me as I worked; so lovely!

    Take care and stay well!

    1. It felt so nice to sit out there. I haven't done that in a long while.
      The birds sure have a lovely chorus!
      Take care and be blessed

  7. We are getting creative with our menus here too. Today I am making some English Muffin bread, a jello salad, and some potato salad. I love using up the things we have in our pantry. It makes me feel like a good steward of what we've been blessed with. Your message of hope about people having to stay home at the time of the Resurrection touched me. Thank you, Cheryl. I hope and pray you have a blessed Easter Sunday.

    1. I like using up what I have too. It makes us use or minds and imaginations a bit! Can't waste that mind now can we?
      We are not the first who have been afraid and in solitude on this holy day - and we are never truly alone.
      Thank you and you as well.

  8. Happy Easter everyone. My church has been managing to produce a weekly YouTube service and this week our choir managed a wonderful piece of music via Zoom and we were even able to celebrate communion - it is wonderful seeing so many familiar faces.
    I still have lots of food but trying to ensure that I use everything up before it goes off. I made another large pot of soup - a combination of turkey & chicken plus lots of veg and a few egg noodles. It will make a good few meals this week. I also used a cake mix to produce some cupcakes and then took some soup and cupcakes to a friend who lives downstairs - she had brought me back some fresh fruit & veg when she was out at the shops last week so this was a thank you.
    I used up some already prepared chicken thighs and some chilli out of the freezer for other meals this week but I am trying to rotate things so one night's meal was HM soup and a toasted English muffin with some canned salmon. I will probably make a pasta dish this week as I haven't had one in a couple of weeks and I can add some extra veg. I don't plan on going out to the stores until probably the 21st but the only item I would miss is some salad greens and I can survive for a week without that.
    We are to get a big storm tonight with temps going up to around 60F tomorrow but then dropping suddenly again to about mid 40's for the rest of the week (almost freezing overnight) along with a lot of rain so our politicians will be happy as I think they are hoping for a very cold and wet April to keep us all indoors!
    I see by the weather reports that a good chunk of the US is under severe storm and even tornado warnings so I hope everyone stays safe.

    1. I am so glad to see everyone using everything up and getting creative. How kind of you to share with the neighbor.
      I talked with sis today and she figured out how to get her church service via YouTube - that was huge for her (she is 89) ad not tech savy. She was so happy.
      I have been thinking about pasta salad - that sounds good.

      Storms coming in here over night as well. Lots of wind tomorrow and much colder.
      Stay safe and stay well.

  9. Happy Easter Cheryl. It is a beautiful day outside as it should be. We are healthy and home. So different from other Easter's but still wonderful. I think God is telling us to stop and smell the roses. Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

    1. Yes mam - I do believe this is a huge wake-up call for everyone. I just hope we all learn.
      I am glad you had a nice day.
      It was quiet here - but I did talk with family - so I am happy.
      Take care.

  10. It was 96 degrees on Easter in southwest FL! Today is a few degrees cooler, so still hot and humid. We are in need of rain. 3,500 rental cars burned up last week at the RSW airport in Ft.Myers. Might have been caused by a brush fire. (?)

    We watched an Easter Service on our computer. Actually from MN---our son's church he attends. It was very good!

    I am very well stocked so our meals have been fairly normal. I am topping off the stockpile, as we are already planning for our hurricane season which begins June 1st. I am using Instacart delivery for Aldi, Publix, and Costco as needed. No going in stores!

    Did a Zoom with all of our kids and families. It is now becoming a regular Sunday tradition. We love it!

    Stay well!

    1. Wow, 96? I would be happy to send you some of our cool and rain. I read about the fire in the paper - that was really bad.
      Hurrican season - my goodness if it isn't one thing it's another!
      I have plenty of food here - this is just giving me a good reason to do some creative things. Don't really need a reason - but...
      Glad you are staying in and have found a way to get groceries.
      So happy you got to "visit" with you family!

  11. Today was my 26th wedding anniversary. DH & I sneak out for Chinese takeout. It was a nice treat. Groceries- I have one store deliver. The other store I use the pickup service. I know there will be a second/third wave and trying to stay ahead before the next panic buying ensues.

    I liked your message. In my area there are a lot of people who feel if they can't go to church it is Communism. Their words, not mine. That watching church through streaming is not Christian. Before Covid there were many people who watched church services on TV or Internet. Even in the 80's they were watching on TV. ;) That does not make those people any less Christian than those who attend church.

    No, it's not being stuck at home. For those "stuck" at home that is a place of privilege and health. It should be treasured and not complained about. It is also a duty to protect those who can't be at home because they are providing services for those who can stay at home. I went off on somebody this week for going to the store because she is bored and wants to take photo's for her Instagram account. All those lives she is putting at risk.

    My week was normal. The horror's of the Covid losses and my DH being essential has gone from fear, to numb, to acceptance.

    1. Happy anniversary and glad you got to celebrate in a special way.
      Thank you for your comment. There have been many people for years who couldn't go to church - thus the reason for televised services. You can be a Christian in the privacy of your bathroom. It is solely you and God.

      I am glad you have calmed down a bit for your own stress level.
      I saw a quote this morning I liked. "You can suffer in fear or you can flourish in faith". I like that.
      Have a great day.