Sunday, April 26, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/26

Good morning to all friends.  Hope you are well and safe on this fine day.  It is a wet, dreary and chilly day here, but the Lord has given it - so it is fine!
It sure seems we have ridden the weather roller coaster this spring.  We get a beautiful warm day or two then it gets cold and nasty.  I just wish it would level out - I am ready to plant!
Planting before Mother's Day is pretty futile in this area.  I usually wait till about the middle of the month.  My brother has my tiller, and he will be returning it in the next couple weeks - so I can then get things ready.  Ready to smell the earth!
It is getting so very green - the grass is just vivid green (and growing) and the trees are now green with leaves.

My week was kind of quiet.  I was in a mood much of the week (as can be understood).  I did get some things done, but pretty much kitties and I just hung out.

My week:
  • Made myself another new belt from one of Glen's old ones.  It was basically brand new - he preferred sweats the last many years.  It is a nice thick leather and should last me years.
  • I washed many quilts and covers to freshen and got to hang them out on the line early in the week.
  • I laundered up some old linens as well. Table runners.  They needed ironed - I hardly ever iron.  After dried I though about spritzing with water to iron and then I remembered I had some spray starch tucked away.   LOL - oh my goodness - I have had it for years and it STILL worked!  Look at the price on that can.  Waste not - want not!!! 

  • Cut chives 2 X
  • Aired out the house on several days - heat off and windows opened
  • Mowed the entire yard and trimmed
  • Used all leftovers.  Used some leftover lo-mein I made and made a soup with it, by adding  diced tomatoes and broth
  • Refilled many items in cabinets with over flow stock (deep pantry)
  • I went out!!!  After 42 days of staying out of stores I ventured out to the Walmart Family Market up the street.  I don't usually ever shop WM, but it is the closest store.   I was pleasantly surprised - they had absolutely everything.  Fresh, frozen, canned, milk, eggs, meat, paper goods, pet products, cleaning, and lots of baking products.  They had aisles marked one way and most everyone had masks one.  The staff was friendly, and there wasn't any over crowding.  Prices were really good - really saw no significant increases (I kept watching the pricing on things I didn't need too).      I have heard so many stories and seen so much on TV - that I almost dreaded the visit.  I just needed to get out!!!!!  PLUS there were a few things I wanted to get.  It made me  feel a bit reassured that 'perhaps' things are getting a tad bit better.  The only limits they had was on paper products - one package per customer.
I spent a chunk of change ($140) - but considering how long it had been since I was out that wasn't too bad.  Most people spend more than that a week.  I got a lot.  Many items were costly single item things - 2 - 16 lb. bags of dry cat food ($13 ea.), 2 - 20 lb. bags of cat litter ($5 ea.), 2 boxes of my OTC restless leg meds ($9 ea.), gallon of ice cream ($4.49), and about 40 more cans of cat food (around $20).  I got lots of fresh veggies, some fresh ground beef and canned meats (building up my stock), frozen food and snacks.  Oh I did get eggs, milk and flour too.  Oh yes, I did get another 12 pack of TP and an 8 pack of paper towels too (to build stock).   The back end of the Blazer was full.  

I was careful and had my mask on and sanitizing wipes used (many during the visit).  The outing really did me good.  I just needed to see people - even if you couldn't see their faces!!!  You tell people were smiling by their eyes.  Everyone was so polite.  It really boosted my mindset and attitude - I needed that.
I know not everyone  can say they have had this kind of experience.  I just wanted to share mine as a bit of encouragement.  Have hope!

My meals this past week:
Leftover Mexican casserole and salad
Loaded baked potato
Veggie Lo-Mein
Smoked sausage and kraut (home canned)
Lo-Mein soup
Cheesy tuna mac and fresh veggies
Taco salad
Homemade lo-mein.  Using spaghetti, carrots, mushrooms, some shredded cabbage, peas and garbanzo beans (for crunch) as I had no water chestnuts - topped with chow mein noodles.  Cooked pasta in chicken broth and then added soy sauce to mix while stir frying.  MMmmmmmmm

Did anybody else notice that we are now over 100 followers??  I know there are a lot more people than that, that read along.  I check stats ever now and then and daily visits range between  around a 100 to upwards of 600 or more.  I truly think it is all about the title - it seems some titles are more enticing than others!   Whatever brings you here - I am thankful for each of you.  
This has been a fun journey and has literally saved me many times.  I love how we all share ideas from all over the world.  I am looking forward to the future here!  THANK YOU ALL

How was your week?  What are some frugal things you are doing?
I hope you have a great week ahead and that you and your families stay safe and healthy.
Make sure you take time to say thank you for all your blessings - big and small.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I have to say that my couple of trips to the grocery store has been similar - no line ups - everyone in the store following the rules and checkout staff so friendly - don't know how they do it. Stock wasn't bad - I've found that some weeks certain things will be scarce, but the next time they are restocked and it's something else that is missing or limited. I think it's more a case of deliveries being backed up than real shortages - at the moment. We now have some closures of pork and chicken manufacturing plants here in Canada so I think that will have an impact down the road.
    I did go into my office on Friday - for the first time since March 17th. Didn't see anyone else and spent 3 hours getting caught up on a lot of online things that are difficult from home on my old laptop. I rode a practically empty subway - with seats taped off to maintain distance - and walked through an underground shopping centre to my Pharmacy to pickup a prescription - again, like a ghost town when normally there would be 100's of office workers at the shops, restaurants and coffee shops etc. - they have limited their hours and only a handful of coffee shops are open and all chairs & benches have been removed. It was very odd. But, one of the very upscale grocery stores was open so picked up some fresh veg and milk while passing by. I wore gloves and a mask and most of those working in the stores now wear masks as well.
    It was great to see a different part of the city again but a bit of a disconcerting experience.

    1. Glad you have had a decent experience as well.
      We have a Tyson plant in Indiana that has closed for a while do to 100's being sick with C19. I am glad they closed temporarily and are thoroughly sanitizing for the workers. I have been accumulating canned meat for quite a while - got more the other day. Just in case.

      It is strange to see roads so quiet. I can't imagine an empty subway! Never been to one but have seen them on TV and they always look super rushed.
      Glad you don't have to go out often. Stay safe.

  2. I'm glad your trip was a good one. Hubby does the shopping these days in the ride home from work. Prices on produce at one store were excellent plus, they gave an extra ten percent off all fresh produce. Win. Win.

    140 doesn't sound bad considering. Cool beaners.

    1. Glad to hear it. I just keep hearing horror stories and wondered if any one would really believe I had a good experience.
      I didn't think it was so bad either.

    2. I believed you, Cheryl. I also think it's about perspective as well. I was in the store earlier on in this and the lady next to me said there was nothing left and I looked around, my cart was full, her cart was full and there was still PLENTY on the shelves. More than enough to go around. Her perspective was very, very different than mine.

    3. I so agree. Some people will never be happy and there will never be enough. I am thankful for whatever I have - because we can learn in a quick minute - what is really important. It sure isn't the stuff on the shelves. I can make do with what I have.

  3. The hermit comes out! I am glad you were able to get out and get a few things. Our weather here is off and on but I have to keep reminding myself it is Spring not summer. Congrats on 100 readers, your blog is really what we all need to be reading right now.

    1. LOL - yes indeed the hermit moved about!!!!!
      I know still spring for quite a while yet - I guess considering everything we are just anxious.
      Thank you.

  4. Glad your store was stocked. I went to the store this week and lots of stuff is still out.The only thing in the paper aisle was tissues. The only thing in the baking aisle was sugar and sugar substitutes. We wanted produce and they had plenty of that. Prices are higher here. Milk is over a dollar more then it was in February. Eggs are more too. Meat prices are crazy. So glad for my chest freezer. Hams are on sale this coming week for 39¢ a pound so I will try to get them. In NY you must wear gloves and a mask to enter a store. I went during a rain storm so the store was very empty. I didn't have to wait to go in. Hubby did a doctors visit on the computer. That was weird. We had 8 yards of dirt delivered yesterday morning. The 4 of us got it done. We ordered pizza as a treat(and I was very tired). Have a wonderful week.

    1. Masks are requested - but some still don't and no one demands it. I would think things in NY would be more than they are here in the midsection of the country. Most everything here, even property is cheaper. 39 cents a pound is crazy good! Dang I would get as many as possible.

      I don't understand the computer doctor visits!!! Seems like they are getting paid for something that can't be complete.
      My sister refused to that - so they scheduled her for later this spring.

      Glad you got the dirt. Sounds like you deserved a treat!
      Have a great one.

  5. your shopping trip sounds successful. Since I moved to a smaller place I don't have fridge or freezer space for too many items. I was hoping not to go to the shops until DB needs his next prescription which we get in Asda but the fresh milk is nearly gone. I do have long life but I don't like it in tea which apart from water is mainly all I drink. I think I'm going to put up with it as its not a good experience in most of our shops. Most people are just barging past to get to what they want instead of waiting their turn. I'm glad your experience was good.

    1. That is so sad that people are being so rude. A little kindness goes a long way. What a shame. I hope you are fairing well.

  6. You did very well on your shopping trip while staying safe with your mask and disinfectant wipes. Having critters isn't inexpensive is it?

    Planting here in Saskatchewan usually happens around the third weekend in May, before that we're likely to get frost. One year I got antsy and planted about now and didn't lose a thing but that was a different year.

    Your meals always sound so interesting. I'll admit I've occasionally used one of your ideas to spin off one of my own. Have a good week!

    1. I am always afraid of late frost as well. I have seen snow in May before.
      Yes, our babies aren't cheap! That's ok they are worth it.
      I tend to just whip up whatever hits my fancy. I am not so concerned about a balanced meal any more for just me. I would be better at it if I was still cooking for someone else.
      Have a lovely one!

  7. Cheryl I have followed you for years and meet you in other blogs, but usually do not comment. I love your blog and check it out almost daily. Thank you for being you.

    1. Hello Judy and thank you so much. Sounds like we have some things in common! Glad to have you here and feel free to comment at any time!

  8. Hello Cheryl,I love reading your posts. It was the frugal in the title that brought me here, but perhaps even more how you make the Lord so much a part of your days. I will be back again, blessings, Pam in Norway

    1. Hello Pam. All the way from Norway - how neat. I bet you have lots you can teach us.
      Thank you so much for being here. The Lord is a huge part of my life - the fact I am here is proof.
      Glad to have you and look forward to hearing from you more.

  9. Good morning--
    Just saying hello.
    I had a computer Dr.visit to review blood work results. It seemed weird. They won't let you see results without visiting the Dr. I am sure it's all about the $...
    I had to pick up a Rx at Costco so we left our home after nearly 6 weeks too---it was most of what we needed but the meat was limited, especially chicken. Seemed so surreal.
    Sorry for your understandable sadness last sure you miss your Glen so much....(hugs)

    1. I don't get the computer doctor visits either. Seems like a money grabber to me!
      Glad you got most of what you needed. Maybe it depends on the day you go to the store - who knows. I know there are some places that say there are tons of shortages. Well I don't think it is necessarily shortages - just stocking problems.
      Oh I know that was the reason for the sadness. I am sad a lot - but it was worse last week! Understandable.
      Thank you and have a great week.

  10. I always love to feel the earth in my hands...

    1. I love the smell of earth. Once the garden is tilled I love to walk through it barefoot - been that way since a little kid!! I used to follow Daddy when he was tilling.