Sunday, November 29, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/29

 Good morning my friends.  I surely hope this finds you well and safe.
Hard to believe that this is the last Sunday in November (boy it flew by) and that we have 4 weeks to prepare for Christmas.  Five weeks and we start a new year!   My goodness.

I hope that all in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving.  Mine was different, but nice and quiet.  I guess that is the only constant in the world - things change!!!!!  We can always be sure of that.

We have  had a couple pretty, sunny and semi decent days.  Love seeing the sunshine - it sure is a mood lifter.  This coming week is supposed to be colder and they have even thrown around that nasty four letter S word!!!!!!.  It looks like my area may get a few flurries or a dusting - but that is about it (I hope). 
So December will be coming in more seasonal than November has been.  Ba-Humbug!  LOL
I look forward to the daylight hours to start getting longer instead of shorter - after winter solstice!

My week:
  • Did a ton of paperwork - paid all bills I had in house, balanced checkbook (ugh), and filed away lots of papers
  • Received and wrote a snail mail letter
  • Did all the usual - laundry, vacuum, dust, and cleaned inside windows, mirrors and glass
  • Got the other rain barrel drained and put away
  • Final rake of the season
  • I fixed a downspout I had that was leaking
  • Put up my (few) Christmas decorations inside and placed wreaths, mailbox cover, Christmas flag, and pots of fake poinsettia's out front.
My lantern, tiny little tree and Tiffany like turtle (red light).  The little turtle is festive in color.  I have more things around the house - but this is my little tree area.
  • I baked a turkey breast, a tiny chunk of ham, baked a pan of mac n cheese.  Made a peach cheesecake and made brownies.  I wanted something crunchy on top of mac and had no dried onions or corn flakes - so I ground up some Cheetos and topped it.  Cheese and more cheese!!!  Yum.
  • Ended up with a pint of broth from the turkey pan and then cooked the bones down and ended up with 3 quarts more for the freezer.
Richness  and goodness straight from the turkey pan.  The picture doesn't do it justice - it was golden!
  • Went to the feed store and did a big stock up of critter goodies to last past the end of the year.  Got the best ear corn I have seen in ages - the ears are HUGE
  • Got my holiday cards out and ready to address
  • Got to share my Thanksgiving food with a couple of neighbors and a friend.  They were pleased.
  • NO shopping - grocery or gifts

My meals this past week:
Bean/rice leftover and scrambled eggs
Cheesy beef and rice/bean topped with chopped tomatoes
Sausage gravy over toast
Chili (from freezer) smothered brats (open face sandwich)
Turkey, mac n cheese and dessert
Ham, mac n cheese, slaw and sliced tomatoes - dessert
Ham, turkey and mac - dessert

Got to talk with lots of family this week - which is always nice.  It really has been a pretty quiet week.  Last night I slept better than I have in months! (I don't ever sleep well -- never straight through).
I have totally been enjoying the sunshine we have had the past couple days.  Some days it is just those little things that make a difference.
Today I am going to make some turkey and noodles - just sounds comforting.  That is what winter is all about!  

How was your week?  Did you get any deals or do any holiday shopping?  Any crafting?
Baking?  How are you stretching those leftovers?    

May you and yours have a wonderful week.  Let us know what you are doing to get ready for Christmas!
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6



  1. We were invited to my son's for Thanksgiving. His girlfriend cooked a ham, a turkey and a bunch of sides. It was delicious. My son, his girlfriend and her grown son all ate like little sparrows. Husband and I ate like we just got out of a South American prison, so she gave us TONS of leftovers. We brought home half a pie which we finished off in an embarrassingly short time period, and a deep tray of leftovers of everything else. I, personally, have been working on it since Friday morning and will continue through today.

    Food cooked by someone else is one of God's great blessings.

    1. Food cooked by others is a blessing and always just tastes so good!!!!
      Glad you had a nice time and a wonderful bounty. Leftovers are the bomb!

  2. Hello Cheryl,
    We had a small thanksgiving with my daughter’s family and I sent food to my parents and brother. No leftovers here, I sent them home with my daughter as she needed them more than we did. I didn’t cook so much that there were tons of leftovers anyway.

    I do all my grocery shopping by pickup now. My only bargain was I ordered a bag Of 36 frozen rolls (the kind that have to rise before baking) and they sent a bag of 72 instead for the price of 36.

    1. Hey you got time with family and you got to share - that is what it is all about. Sounds wonderful to me.
      Deal on the rolls!!!!

  3. You have been really busy my friend. You are putting me to shame.

    1. No way I could do that. You never stop. You are one of the busiest women I know.

  4. I bought a large chicken on offer in Lidls, jointed it and froze in portions. The carcass cooked overnight in the slow cooker and was used to make 8 portions of lentil, sweet potato and butternut squash soup. I large breast of chicken made two dinners with lots of roast veg. I baked apple cakes from the free foraged windfall apples I picked up last week. I have also been adding them to my porridge each morning. Your menu sounds good.

    1. You did great!!! way to make many uses of that chicken and all the yummy soups. FREE apples - the best! It all sounds so tasty.
      The menu here was simple and lots of leftovers - the best meals!!

  5. You had another productive week. Your little tree area looks very festive and the turtle is a unique and special touch.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you. The turtle is out all the time and can be a night light - but it just looks pretty for Christmas I think.
      Stay well

  6. The turtle and tree are so festive! There are no more leftovers!

  7. You have been busy! It's good to keep up with things, whether cleaning or home business. As my youngest daughter would say, "no sense in being lazy".

    Your little tree is cute! Need to take down the fall wreaths and put away the fall floral arrangement on the dining room table. Today is not one of our better, sunny days. As I write this, some small white stuff is falling from the sky. Not the pretty huge flakes but just cold and dreary. Good day to catch up on things in the house. I usually hang some laundry on the line but things will dry just fine on the drying rack and moisture will be added to the air.

    The Urban Farmer has requested an apple salad so I'll prepare that this morning. Leftovers are gone so it's back to the drawing board...ha! Salad(s) may be the order of the day.

    Do you go to Rural King in Greenwood? That's where we usually go. Used to go to Agrarian in Broad Ripple but the last we went there was lots of road construction and it was a mess.

    Lindy Thaxton posted on Instagram that she just turned forty and was happy about it. She has a positive attitude. I continue to pray for her healing.

    1. It is good to keep busy - some days though I just sloth!!!!
      Yep, I saw a few white particles floating out there - UGH. I don't think much will happen here.
      Apple salad sounds good. I have some apples I need to do something with. That is an idea.

      I do like Rural King, but only get down there a couple times a year. It has been a while. I went to Dammann's in BG the other day. I knew the original owner back from when I was a teen. Now his kids own the stores.

      Saw on the news this morning about her turning 40.
      Have a good day.

  8. No family here for Thanksgiving but our best friends and their adult daughter came and we had a lovely day. I usually do all the cooking and it was so nice to have help since my friend did all the sides. Turkey and other leftovers are all eaten or frozen. All of the carcass went into freezer bag and in the freezer for a better day to deal with broth making since we can it. I hope to get that done this week.

    1. How nice that you got to be with friends. Sounds like a win-win deal for all.
      Hope you get your broth done this week. It sure is tasty to use.

  9. We usually have my whole side over. This year it was just the 4 of us. We did get to Facetime with everyone. Weird times. I still cooked a large turkey(22pounds). We love leftovers. So far I made individual pot pies. One each for dinner Saturday night and the rest in the freezer. I cooked the bones and made stock. I used up the parts we wont eat(organs, skin) and have been adding them to the dogs dinners. They love it. I also made a pot of turkey soup and froze it after we had some.

    1. Yes, it was different this year - but things change. We have to go with the flow. Sounds like you did well. Pot pies sound yummy. So does the soup. It is so nice how something that costs us so little - gives us so many meals.

  10. I'm reading this on the 1st. We had DS2 & family here. They gave us news... baby #4 is on the way, due in July. :D
    We gave most of the leftovers to them, keeping enough for us to eat up by Sunday evening. We had 12# turkey, mashed potatoes/gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, fruit salad, relish tray, rolls. Pumpkin, Dutch Apple and Chocolate Silk pies.
    We kept the older 2 while the rest went home for naps.
    Friday we stayed home. I make turkey stock from the bones. Farmer & DS brought home the Fall Calvers from the pasture. All the cattle are home now! That is always such a relief. If it snows, we can get to them and feed them.
    Saturday we went out for a bit. Farmer found the gift for his workers (he's the work leader in his department). We got a few things at Sam's and ate Taco Bell. Salads for supper. He put up the outside decorations in the afternoon and I did farm bookwork.
    Sunday we enjoyed a quiet day. Ate the last of the leftovers.
    Monday we put up the tree and the wreaths. I will put up a few decorations in the kitchen but that's probably it. 3 little bodies are too inquisitive.
    Tonight we watched Rudolph. Tomorrow we'll go pick up a gift at the City Walmart. I'm 85% done shopping. This weekend I plan to wrap and start my cards.

    1. Congrats on a new upcoming grandbaby!!!!! How wonderful.
      Sounds like you had a good weekend and got a lot done. Glad you have the cattle all in one place and can tend them easily.
      A quiet day is always a recharge of the soul and a blessing.
      Stay well.