Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Easy and Frugal Snacks

 We all like a good snack once in a while.  Snack food can be down right bad for you and it can be so stinking costly.  Today I am going to list a lot of things we can all munch on that we may have in our pantries or that can be made into new things.

POPCORN - most definitely the cheapest snack.  Make it from REAL popcorn - not the microwave bags.  You can use about anything to flavor or season - ranch dressing mix, Italian, powdered chees, nutritional yeast, BBQ seasoning, etc.

FRUIT - fresh or canned or frozen.  Fruit is nutritious  - many of us keep oranges, apples, pears, etc. on hand.  Canned fruit in fruit juice is is great as well.  A favorite of mine - apples and peanut butter.  Use what you and think of new ways to use it.
FRESH VEGS - carrots, radish, cukes, fresh asparagus, tomatoes, cabbage, celery.  Eat as is or with dip or cream cheese.  Ants on a log - celery with cream cheese or other spread topped with raisins - fun!
Salads of all types can be eaten for a snack.  Get creative!

YOGURT topped with fruit or granola
JELLO with fruit added
HOMEMADE PUDDING - any flavor - add crushed cookies or cereal.
HOMEMADE cookies, pie, cake, muffins, etc.
TRAIL MIX - use an assortment of what you have on hand to mix this up

ICE CREAM FLOATS - any flavor ice cream or any flavor pop!  Milkshakes or malts.
HOMEMADE potato chips - thinly slice potatoes (very thin) and fry or oven fry.  YUM
BAKED potato skins - any type of topping
CHEESE & crackers
NUTS - and handful will do you!

HUMMUS - so easy to make at home

Click on recipe to see clearer.    Tahini - sesame oil.  I have used other oils as well - whatever I have on hand.  Season with your favorites seasonings.  Serve with crackers

BAKED CHICKPEAS - roast a drained can of chickpeas.  Smear with a bit of oil and some seasoning before roasting.  Roast or bake until crispy.  These are delish!!!!!!
CREAM CHEESE and jelly over cracker.  Many use pepper jelly - but you can use what you have.

REFIED BEANS - use what you have.  Can of beans (drained), throw in a blender with a bit of oil and seasonings.  Can eat cold or heat and serve with tortilla chips
CHOCOLATE covered pretzels -super easy to make with melted chips
TUNA SALAD and crackers or EGG SALAD and crackers OR mini sandwiches of any kind

HOMEMADE tortilla chips - flour or corn tortilla's cut into strips or tri-angles, brush lightly with oil and salt - bake until crisp.  You can easily make your own tortilla's to use as well.
RICE KRISPY bars (or any type of cereal)

PIGS in a blanket
TORTILLA  roll-ups
HAM/PICKLE rolls - a piece of ham smothered with a bit of cream cheese - add a pickle spear and roll up!
PEANUT butter and crackers
PEANUT butter and FLUFF (marshmallow) sammies

SMOOTHIES - veggie or fruit
NO BAKE cookies
A HOT BOWL of oats or rice
PANCAKE - rollups with peanut butter

There is just no end to the types of snacks we can come up with.  Look around the pantry and come up with something fun and different.
There are no limits.
Snacks can be somewhat healthy and they don't have to cost a small fortune.  
If you can buy it - YOU CAN MAKE IT only better!!!!!!!



  1. 2 Tbsp of unsalted nuts (I buy the large container at Costco).
    Hummus and pita chips (I buy the large bag at Costco).

    Today there are 3 aging clementines on the counter.
    2 half sticks of celery in the fridge.
    5 squares of dark chocolate.

    Either myself or hubster will be consuming these today.

    We attended a nutrition lecture several years ago. She said it is important to have a balance of protein and carb for a snack. Her favorite:
    2 clementines and a cheese stick.

    For a really hungry (but not meal) snack, hubster will make a quesadilla-1 tortilla and a handful of shredded cheese. He melts it slowly in a dry skillet-no he does not butter the tortilla.

    1. I had 2 oranges today as a snack. Will have some cheese later.
      I love melting cheese on tortillas and doubling over!! I do that often. They are so satisfying!

      It seems a snack of protein is just so filling and satisfies.

  2. I love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome. SO many things we can do for little money

  3. Tried to get garbanzo beans (chick peas) at Aldi today, and they didn't have them! I have some in my salad every day.

    1. I have really gotten to like them. Never thought I would. I fried some up one night and they were tasty too!

  4. Amen to all these ideas. Home made is always better, especially cookies.

  5. Some great ideas for snacks. Inspirational.

  6. Lots of excellent snack ideas! Peanut butter on celery is a favorite. Have to put some raisins or dried cranberries on it. There are times when we have snacks for supper. Neither one of us do well with big meals in the evening.

    Can you believe it will be in the mid-40's today? We'll take it!

    1. I have my biggest meal early afternoon (my only meal). I may have a small snack about dinnertime - fruit, cheese or something like that.
      Snacks can make a fine meal - there are no rules!!! Eat what you like.

      YES a calm before the storm today!!!!

  7. My father used to take fresh chickpeas, after self-processing, and bake them with salt & pepper and eat them by the "handful" just like peanuts.

    1. They are just so good that way!!! Crunchy, tasty and healthy!!

  8. Great advice. I love a bowl of vermicelli spaghetti with butter and lemon pepper. That is the most comforting snack. Also since I love cold fruit, I've been buying peaches and pears and pineapple in cans (fruit juice only; no heavy syrup) and storing the cans in the refrigerator. Such a refreshing snack! xoxo

    1. My Mom's favorite was spaghetti noodles with a little olive oil and salt.
      I do the same at time with canned fruit. May not be fresh - but it is refreshing!