Sunday, January 31, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/31

 Good morning to all.  My goodness, here we are on the last day of January.  I know so many people are talking about how slow this month has gone - but to me it went pretty fast.  I mean it is over already!

We are ending the month pretty messy in our parts.
We got about 4" of snow last night and then in the early morning hours it started to rain!  We a slushy nasty mess.  The grass is still white - but the pavements were a mess.
My 6:15 this morning I had my babies all fed and all the walks, paths and drive cleared.  What a heavy job that was!  No way could a snow blower be used - and luckily I just pushed most of the slush off - not a lot of lifting.
I have been doing this for years - so kind of have it down to a science.
It is still rainy and then it will cool more today and maybe and inch or two more snow tonight.  After tomorrow it is supposed to warm up some.

It has really been a quiet week for me.  Just couldn't get myself motivated to do a lot other than normal stuff.

My week:
  • Been craving oranges and orange juice - it always happens this time of the year.  I made OJ from concentrate I had in freezer
  • Still using the ice melt that I purchased last winter - hopefully it will get me through the balance of this year
  • A friend sent me $10 worth of coupons for cat food!  YAY
  • I have been watching a young couple who lives in Russia on You Tube.  They talk about their life there.  It has been really interesting
  • Making my meals from scratch and from what I have on hand
  • Just doing all the regular cleaning & stuff around here
  • Finally got out one day and went to the store.  Purchased more pet food for stock.  I also got milk, bread and 8 lb. oranges and lots more OJ concentrate for freezer.  Got salad stuff as well.  Should be good for a few weeks
  • Made a batch of pancakes and froze extra in individual meal packets
  • I did find boxed mac and white cheddar cheese on clearance for .39 each.  I bought all they had and on Tuesday I will run them to the food pantry (only open on Tues. and Thurs.)

Meals this past week:
Cheesy tuna mac and green beans
Baked jalapeno, beef and cheese dip with crackers
Leftover dip with roast beef & veggies on roll-ups
Pancakes and bacon
Pizza pasta skillet and garlic bread
Leftover pasta and salad
Fish, fries and slaw

Snacks - oranges, cinnamon/sugar toast, trail mix

Pretty darn quiet.  Watching birds and squirrels play and watching You Tube has helped.  I have been reading as well.  Heck, I even took a couple naps this week as my nighttime sleep has been sketchy.
What has everyone been up to?
Are you staying frugal?  Get any great deals?  What are you crafting?

I hope you are all safe and well.  Praying you have a good week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

The Lord is my strength and shield; in Him my heart trusts; so I am helped, and my heart exults and with my song I give thanks to Him.
Psalms 28:7


  1. What is the name of the You tube videos you have been watching? Sounds like something I would really enjoy.

  2. It is listed as his name Dan Sheekoz. Tells about their homes, shopping, wages, etc. She is pregnant and they are just a neat couple. They try real hard with their English - I think they do great!

  3. We got about 1/2" of snow very early this a.m. with 3-6" total coming through tomorrow. I have no plans to go out and lots to do here in my nice, cozy home.
    I had no plans to go out last week either, but my kitchen sink drain had other ideas and started leaking. A quick trip to HD on Thursday for parts and an afternoon spent cursing under the sink seems to have taken care of the problem. Then the weather forecast prompted me to go to Aldi on Friday to pick up a few things, and to the library for a couple of books that were finally in (after 20 days!)
    Yesterday, I filled out my fabric and batting pantry by going to the Project Linus workshop and stocking up. We get such nice fabric donated and purchased (from donated $$). They were doing a blanket collection in the parking lot. They are limiting access due to virus fears, but I had permission to go in and "shop". So many cute fabrics came home with me that I'll be making quilts for months.
    Still reading Sara Donati's "Wilderness" series and am up to book 4. They are getting better, with fewer corny sex scenes.
    I made chicken noodle soup and biscuits. The only spices I had on hand were garlic and oregano, so I winged it, and it turned out good. Very satisfying and warming with the bitterly cold weather we had. This week will be chili (no beans, but adding shredded zucchini for fiber) in the crock pot. Cheryl, I'm using your chili spice recipe, so it ought to be good. Leftover biscuits to go with it. Also planning tuna noodle casserole.
    Since I didn't buy anything not necessary, this was a frugal week. Made an egg burrito filling for the freezer from leftover egg yolks (made a white cake last week) and some more whole eggs, with cheese and salsa. You had me craving oranges, and Aldi had them on sale, so I bought a bag.
    We're up over an inch of snow, so I'd better get outside and clean off the feeders.
    Have a safe and frugal week!

    1. You have sure kept busy. Good job on the drain!
      WOW how neat on getting fabric for no money for Project Linus. That is just way cool. Sounds like you have much to keep you busy for a long while.
      Breakfast burritos sound good. All your meals do. It sure is fun getting creative with meals!
      Be safe out there.

  4. Good Morning! It's been kind of uneventful here this week too. Butch has been putting insulation in the shop and putting up walls, I think he has a couple more days of work on it. I am still going through stuff in my sewing room I'll be doing more of the same for a while. We are having rain for quite a few days coming, sure don't want to go out in it. Have a Blessed day!

    1. Sounds busy. I bet he will really love the shop when he gets it all done. You must have a bunch of fabric girl!!!!
      Rain makes the days so dreary - and it always feel much colder when it rains in the winter.
      Take care my friend. Blessings!

  5. We really did the the're right...kind of a slushy mess. Just glad we don't have to be out in it. I can see the traffic on Rockville Road and it is moving along like normal. The neighborhood streets are slushy. The Urban Farmer cleaned off the vehicles and cleared the sidewalk. He said the snow is really heavy and hard to move.

    January seemed to go fast and I'm glad to see the backside of it. February is a tolerable month as it is short. Won't be too long until we see trees budding and the daffodils popping up. That's when we don't want freezing temps. Our Japanese maples were damaged a couple of years ago.

    I've got laundry going and need to do some vacuuming. Sure won't be going anywhere so will use my time catching up on chores.

    1. Yes indeed that was a heavy slushy mess for sure. My street has finally melted - thank goodness before colder air and more snow hits!
      Last years really got my grapes, because of the really late freeze we had. I sure hope that doesn't happen again.
      Stay safe and warm.

  6. It was actually a fairly busy week for me - I work 25 hours per week (from home now) and last week I wrote 3 reports for our Annual Report - 1 article for our upcoming newsletter and did some historical research for one of the ministers. There were also quite a few updates to do on the website this week. This morning I went downtown to the office for just an hour to do a couple of jobs that I can't do from home. Managed to get home in time to join he Sunday Coffee hour. I also volunteer one evening, now via Zoom, with a conversational English class and we now have students zooming in from all around the world.

    Did 4 long walks with my friend last week even though the temperatures have been about -10C - as long as the sun shone we were out there!

    I tried a new recipe this week - a filling of meat & cheese for stuffed peppers that was completely keto and absolutely delicious! This one is a real keeper. I am trying to eat low carb and have a few new recipes to try - one I've earmarked for the end of the week is for cod with a gremolata type topping. Otherwise, I cooked a batch of chicken thighs, made salads, an omelette and had a mix of veg on toast for a couple of meals - i was a fairly simple week cooking wise.

    There was only one trip to the grocery store this past week and I won't need to go again until the end of next week. I want to work my way through most of the veg and then restock.

    1. Boy you do sound busy. I bet that really helped the week go by quickly. The volunteer chat sounds kind of neat!
      Your meals all sound wonderful. Glad you found a new recipe. I don't think I could do low carb - carbs are my favs!! LOL
      Good job with the groceries.
      Have a great week

  7. Just trying hard to stay on budget and not be stupid with money. Yes I can be stupid.... I am good at it.

    1. We all can be. It takes persistence. Stay home and away from stores - that is the easiest way!
      Have a good one

  8. I love reading your blog Cheryl, thanks for posting!

  9. Yes, January flew by! We've been having some wonderful rain here in the Southland. DH made some chicken and dumplings for lunch yesterday and I used the Krazy Mixed Up Salt Mix you posted about. It was fabulous! Today is homemade pizza - the onion smells so good right now!
    Doncha love those you tube videos where you can learn about people in different countries!!?? I've been doing some viewing of cooking videos :) and just got a kindle book on OCD which is helping me a lot.
    Good for you that you can keep your own walkways cleared. That is hard work!
    Keep on taking good care of yourself and the critters~
    Mary in San Diego

    1. Glad you are getting rain. So happy you like the Krazy slat mix. It is a favorite of mine.
      Yes I love learning about different cultures. We have much to learn from others!
      I have years of practice taking care of the walks and drive - when hubs was here - he worked during the snow, so I had to do it myself then. Then he retired, but wasn't physically able - so I did it. Just one of those things. I take it slow and easy.
      Wish I were closer I love chicken and dumplings!!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, I know what it's like to shovel snow. LOL It is a lot of work and so necessary. We did get about an inch this morning, but it's already melted, sadly. Stay safe, Cheryl

    1. I am guessing you like snow! I am over it. We have more coming over the weekend I believe - UGH.
      It is a lot of work - but I try to take it slow.
      Thank you