Sunday, January 24, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up 1/24

 Good morning to all.  Hope you are all well and safe.
It has become quite a blustery morning here.  Snow has just started and it is pretty chilly.  Nothing much will probably come of the snow - as it will just be off and on this morning.  We have a chance of some sort of moisture most days this week.  Just a fact of winter.
We actually went from the warmest temperature to the coldest temperature of 2021 in about 36 hours!!!!  It got down to 14*F yesterday morning.  Brrrrr.   The day before it was right about 50*.
I have to admit - we did have sunshine for about 4 1/2 days this week!!!!!!!  That is HUGE!

One day I swear there was a squirrel apocalypse going on in the back yard!  My gosh they were every where.  On all the tree limbs up in the trees, on the feeders, all over the yard, the handrails, the neighbors yard - every place you looked.  It was really something to see.  (I need to get a movie camera).
Wednesday there were at least a dozen sets of cardinals both at dawn and at sunset.  It was beautiful!  I have even noticed  one of the woodpeckers hanging out at the front porch feeder!  I have such an assortment of birds - I just love it.

My week:
  • Got to have my sibling Christmas last Sunday!  It was so nice having a relaxing afternoon together - good food and good fellowship.  I got so many wonderful things.  I received 10 jars of home canned goods, homemade fudge (oh my it is good), kitchen towels, a GC for Kroger, soup mixes and even cash!  The best part was just being together!
Check out this cute re-usable bag that my canned goods came in.  It is from the Christmas Tree Shoppes and it is huge!  Totally vinyl.  I imagine I will use it for storage, as it's is pretty big to use for groceries!
  • Ran out of bread - so made a loaf of beer bread.  I had an old clearance mix and some old beer in frig.  I have really been enjoying it toasted.   (NO beer taste at all)
Thankfully the pan cleans up nicely after baking.  A nice scour and grease stains/spots gone!   
  • Patched the knees of a pair of jeans to use for putzing around the house and yard
  • Aired the house on Thursday when the temps got to around 50*
  • Sorted my kitchen towels and put all my new ones in the drawer.  Older ones will be used for cleaning - now in a basket out of sight
  • Fixed a couple slats on my bedroom mini blinds.  Coogy constantly pushes them aside to look out (I keep that one closed) and a couple slats bent/broke.  Used clear packing tape and it is good as new - can't even tell.
  • Did a walk about the area on the nicest day and picked up trash that had blown around the neighborhood.  Good exercise and fresh air
  • Started cleaning out some other drawers - UGH so much stuff!!!!!!
  • Laundry, cleaning, cooking from scratch - just all the normal stuff
  • NO groceries bought this week.  I stayed home all week.
  • Made a gallon of Kool-Aid for something flavorful to drink
  • Saving citrus peels to make a batch of citrus cleaner
                           LOOKY - my re-grow celery is growing!!!!!  It is just too cute.

Meals this past week:
Meal at sister's house
Lasagna, salad and pie sis sent home with me!
Small pot of beans and rice with ground beef & salad
Enchiladas made with leftover beans and rice and used my home canned enchilada sauce
Leftover enchilada, scrambled eggs & toast
Veggie soup (from freezer) and a grilled turkey/cheese sandwich
Poor man's Swiss steak and mashed potatoes - (ground beef patty and veg soup thickened)

I have been eating a lot of citrus I got before Christmas - I have been craving citrus.  I get that way this time of the year every year.  Fudge got put in frig and I am trying to not eat it quickly!!!!  It is so rich and sweet. 

How was your week?  Did you get any good deals?  Did you stay home and use what you have?  Crafting?  I love hearing what everyone has going on.

Blessings from my humble little home to yours!
Keeping you all in my prayers.

Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have; for He has said "I will never fail you nor forsake you.
Hebrews 13:5

WOW - just realized today would have been my 35th anniversary to my sweetie.  It was really cold and snowy that day as well.


  1. Happy wedding anniversary! May you enjoy good memories all day.
    We had a couple of days of badly needed sunshine here last week. Last night was down to 13F. Supposed to be sleet/rain/snow Monday night. Daffodils and crocus just starting to come up where the sun hits.
    Been having a lot of problems with starlings at my bird feeders. I've had to start bringing in the tray feeder when the flock shows up. After a lot of research into various feeders that may or may not be starling-proof, I have decided to build a cage from 1-1/2 in. sq. hardware cloth. Had to get a 50-ft roll, but it has other uses in the yard and garden. We have a couple of squirrels who have discovered the birdseed, and I want to discourage them before they get used to coming to the feeder. I do have a weighted hopper feeder and nyjer seed feeder they can't use, but many of the other birds are left out, too. A cage will also keep out the flock of mourning doves.
    For anyone who wants to watch birds without having a feeder, there is a YouTube site "PA Bird Feeder 2" which usually has a good assortment of birds and lots of feeders. It is moderated, and they will answer questions.
    This was a good week for blanket making. I took advantage of the sun to select fabrics for 23 more baby/small child quilts which were cut out over the course of three days, giving me a pleasant distraction to focus on. I also finished a knitted blanket (38"x45"). I don't make too many of those because they take so long, about 38 hours each. I knit only six rows a day to keep my hands from hurting.
    Wasn't going to go to Aldi until next week, but decided to beat the possible snow/sleet storm. Also bought birdseed at Tractor Supply. A library book I had ordered finally came in (after 16 days!) and I picked it up. Took husband for a haircut yesterday. Despite a cold wind, I walked down to get the mail a few times, too. The exercise felt good. I'm going to try to stay home (except for the mail) all next week.
    I'm reading the Wilderness series by Sara Donati, currently on the third book. Rather over-the-top dramatic historical fiction, but easy reading. Just wish she'd left out the romance novel type sex scenes that don't really add anything to the story. I also read "1776" by David McCullough (non-fiction). It's a miracle that this country came into being with all the difficulties the rebels ran into.
    Chicken breasts are in the crock pot and will be served with mashed potatoes and gravy for a couple of meals. Chicken noodle soup with biscuits later in the week. Some of the chicken will be frozen to use in chicken pot pie in a couple of weeks. Also baked a pineapple/cherry upside down cake.
    Was not a particularly frugal week. I had bought Husband a new reading floor lamp and liked it so much that I bought one for myself. Much better for reading and needlework in the evenings than our old table lamps.
    I got my hair cut for the first time in 1-1/2 years. It was so long and messy, now it is just below my shoulders and still long enough to put in a pony tail. It is baby fine and straight, so there isn't much I can do with it.
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Wow you have spring flowers popping up? Amazing. It will be quite a while before that happens here.
      Starlings are pest for sure. I have a little bird cage I found years ago hanging out with the feeders. I wired the door open and only little birds can go in there to eat. It gives them a safe place.

      How sweet on all the baby blankets. That is so special.
      Not all weeks are frugal - but you got something you like and that makes you both happy. That is great and will last a long time. Good for you.
      A haircut always feels nice.
      Have a great week and stay safe!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I hope memories are making you smile and not too sad today. *hug*

    We did a little shopping this week to help out the local kids. I stocked up on flour and got produce and dairy. We don't need much else.

    We are fighting off our annual January colds. Lots of sleep, liquids and homemade chicken noodle soup.

    We are in the midst of a winter weather advisory through Wed. I'm ready for spring!

    Made my menu and will be trying a new chicken enchilada type skillet meal this week.

    And will be working on our taxes for the accountant. We like to have them in to him by 2nd week of Feb. This year, I plan to declutter the file drawers in Feb. There is so much clobber in them and on the hutch shelves. I'm feeling the need to open up free spaces.
    I have a coupon code for 25% off at Current. I have been prompted to send cards and notes since I can't be of service in too many other ways due to Covid restrictions. So I'll be stocking up on cards to send out.
    I also used some Kohl's cash and another good sale to get some new pillowcases for our living room pillows and 2 tops for me.

    So not exactly frugal week but not really too spendy either.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you.
      I hope you are all feeling better soon. Soup is a good cold cure!
      I am trying to keep tax info I receive together to make things easier. Declutter is always on everyone's plate it seems!

      You have coupons and Kohls cash - good for you. Might as well use it and get some savings.
      Have a good one.

  3. I don’t like beer but I think beer bread is delicious and just tastes really yeasty.
    That bag is so cute! I hope it’s really sturdy and will last a long time.

    I have some carrot tops in a saucer of water. They make a really pretty green growing top very quickly. I’ve done this many times just for the pretty green but I’m going to watch and see if this batch puts out roots and then maybe we will add them to the garden

    I’m sure this is a happy but bittersweet day both for you ❤️❤️

    1. I am not a beer drinker either - but this is just sweet and tasty.
      Never tried carrot top. Didn't know you could regrow root crops that way.
      Yes, thinking of better days a lot today.

  4. Well happy anniversary anyway. He is up there missing you and you are down here missing him, but some day sooner or later you will be together again. I promise you that.:) Hugs

    1. I know. I spent a lot of the day just remembering fun times. We had a lot and I am thankful.

  5. Lovely well thought out presents. So much nicer to receive things they know you will enjoy rather than what people think you would enjoy.

    1. I agree. Love getting useful things. The older we get the more the basics of life make neat gifts!

  6. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary! We never forget special occasions with our loved ones. Even after my mom passed, I still remember her birthday.

    You had a good holiday with your family. That is a fabulous tote bag. I agree with much nicer to receive a gift that you actually want or need than someone else's idea.

    Supposed to have freezing rain today. Not sure when it will start. Alexa didn't tell us that. Have to watch Jim to get the lowdown on the weather. Did you know that Angela Ganote and her family all had the virus? She said they are much better now.

    My youngest daughter called me yesterday and then sent me a link to a story about a new Costco store being built in Avon. There have been rumors for years but apparently it is going to happen. We may never have to get on the interstate again. ha!

    Today the Urban Farmer goes back to see the surgeon who did his hiatal hernia repair over a year ago. He saw her a couple of weeks ago and she was able to nip off the suture that coming through the skin. He still has soreness. She used mesh to repair the hernia and sometimes there are repercussions later. I'm going to bite the bullet and get my blood work and my diabetes urine test done while he is with the doctor. We are scheduled for our yearly physicals next month. Discovered that we can get a Fitbit through the Silver Sneakers program in our Medicare supplement. Don't know if I want something to nag me...ha! If anyone uses a Fitbit, I'd be interested in their experience.

    You have a wonderful collection of birds in your backyard. What a joy to watch! We have cardinals (Charlie Cardinal! Go Ball State!) and blue jays as well as house wrens but not near that many.

    Stay warm...looks like a good day to read and nap.

    1. No you never forget those special days.
      It is misty here right now and it is freezing on some things. I sprinkled a little pet friendly ice melt around - as I will be in and out a few more times today.

      Hope all goes well with your hubs check-up and they figure out how to get rid of the soreness. No Alexia for me and no fit-bit either.

      I saw that about Angela - I had wondered why she was gone for so long. Glad to have her back on.

      Yes the birds are a joy to watch. My high school mascot was a cardinal as well (Southport). I sure do enjoy the critters. I went out a bit ago to feed the cats and the squirrels practically attacked me - they were out of food. They were lined up wanting peanuts!! LOL
      Stay safe out there.

  7. Awww, Happy Heavenly Anniversary, Cheryl and Glen❣️
    Ya know, we got smartphones thru TracPhone and it costs us each about $100 a! I say this because it would be so fun for you to record your animal friends frolicking about your place. I find I really use the video function on mine a lot! I got a pic of the rainbow we had the other day and a vid of the hail we got today! It's. so. fun!
    Cardinals?! Oh, you blessed lady!! We don't get them or Robins in SoCal. :(
    Today I tried Becky's Granny's Potato Ham Soup recipe (she's a Christian YouTuber on Hillbilly Kitchen and I really enjoy her). It was fab-u-lous! along with a half-batch of corn bread...our dog would NOT leave the kitchen/dining area :D. Well, I've rambled on long enough. I surely enjoy reading your blog, Cheryl and I get lots of good, practical, up-lifting, homey ideas and inspiration here :)
    Mary in San Diego

    1. Thank you Mary. So happy to have you here.
      I love cardinals and can't wait to see the Robins again - that always means spring is here!!!
      It is so odd how different places have such different wildlife.
      I have thought about upgrading my phone - just haven't made the leap. I still just have a flip phone.
      That probably would make things easy for me!!
      I like the Hillbilly Kitchen.
      Hope see you here more often!

  8. A sweet Happy Anniversary to you. ❤️ We have squirrels too and I think they are the cutest!! Not so much, when they steal my tomatoes, though.

    1. Thank you.
      I hear you on the squirrels. Try leaving pans of water or keep a birdbath full - they are going after the water in the tomatoes.

  9. Everytime you post something you cooked, my mouth is watering. Anyway you could post some of your recipes such as the beer bread. Thank you and Happy Anniversary.

    1. Been working on posting recipes now and then. The beer bread was actually a mix I bought on clearance quite a while back and a bottle of beer. I do have a recipe from scratch that is super easy. I will look it up.

  10. Late to this post, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I know you cherish the many memories you have of your dear husband. May you take great comfort in the memories, love and life you both shared. Take care~

    1. So MANY good memories they lift me up each day!
      Thank you

  11. Oh, wow, I did not know when you and G got married....I don't know why I never asked. So glad you are a part of this family...