Sunday, April 11, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/11

 Good morning to all my friends!  Hope you are each well and safe.

It has been a lovely week here.  Warmer temps all week and we had rain - lots of  rain!  It is still raining.  The grass is so brilliant green and the trees are greening - it is very pretty!  This coming week is supposed to be more 'normal' for this time of the year.  50's and low 60's for highs and nights in the 40's.  Spring is here - just not the permanent heat of summer!  That is OK, I do enjoy the different seasons.

This past week was flip flop weather!  Almost 80 for a few days!  I saw the first bumble bees of the season and enjoyed watching robins taking baths in the bird bath.  They are so cute to watch.

I love this picture.   The simple joys of spring/summer.  Enjoying nature and each other.  Innocence!

This past week:
  • Picked a bouquet of tulips
  • Cut my hair (it so needed it) and did a root touch-up
  • Moving a few things around in the yard (yard art).  Cleaned out the front flower bed - oh it it so full of ivy and Vinca vine it's crazy.  None of it was planted by me - and most of it is a pain!  I removed a huge trash barrel full of stuff.  (can we say sore???!!!!!!)
  • Mowed the yard 2X - yes I did.  The rain is sure making things grow like crazy
  • No heat or AC at all this week.  Windows open and fresh air every day.  I even slept with the window open a bit at night and ceiling fan on!
  • I got the rain barrels out of garage and pretty much set up (spout isn't open yet)
  • Changed out my handbag to a spring looking one
  • Making a list of items I need to get at Menard's.  Lots of little things.  Also making a list of things that I need to accomplish outside this spring - work is never done
  • I did go out to the grocery this week.  Got fresh veggies and some fruit and milk and juice concentrate.  I did get a couple bargains.  4 large cans of salmon for 2.19 each, and 2 bags of specialty chips for .79 each.
  • Made up a jug of orange juice
  • Doing all the normal things - eating from home, using what I have, normal cleaning and laundry, seldom turn on a light, using up leftovers
Meals this past week:
Fried chicken, green beans and 3 cheese mac
Leftover chicken and cheesy mac
Beefy Au Gratin potatoes and leftover green beans
Beefy potatoes and salad
Fish sandwich and salad
Cheese burger and oven fries
Enchilada 'like' skillet with small soft tortillas and cheese

How has your week been?  Are your yards starting to come back to life?  I sure hope you are getting some nice weather.
How have you been frugal this week?  Any deals or bargains?

I pray that each of you stay safe and healthy in the coming week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

So faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. It has certainly been a lot warmer this pas week but the long-range forecast for the next couple of weeks is still very up and down - with a fair bit of rain expected so even though the Garden Centres are allowed to stay open, there is very limited work that can be done at the moment.

    My province is back under a "Stay at Home" order due to variants taking hold and ICU's being full! I will go into my office for a couple of hours tomorrow morning and then walk down to the Convention Centre to get my first Covid vaccine.

    This last week has been a rather lethargic one - I've been reluctant to get outside as much as I should have and need to get some projects finished both at work and at home. The only thing I've really accomplished is a lot of reading - finished 4 large books and have a new one to start this afternoon!

    I had a leftover ham dinner (from Easter) - last bit of frozen fish - used up leftover bits & pieces from the freezer for another meal - just made a sandwich one night and picked up a meat pastry from a new local deli. I have a lot of prepared meals from the freezer ready to go this week but I may also pick up one or two meals from a local restaurant as I'm running out of steam at the moment.

    Enjoy your garden this week.

    1. I think the weather is a bit up and down every where. Just that time of the year.
      Reading can be a good thing. Don't always need to be busy - enjoy the down time.
      Good use of leftovers and having meals prepared.
      I hope it is warm enough to get in the yard this week. At least rain is supposed to stop after today.
      Have a good week.

  2. We've had an interesting week. 2 days over 70F and this morning 28F. Last week hubster assembled my portable greenhouse on the patio. I bought all my geraniums and fuschias. Yesterday was the annual event where this store fills containers with soil for free if we purchase plants from them. ($$$ saved!) Yesterday afternoon hubster went to our university spring game ( 15% of seats sold for covid safety) and I stayed home and planted all my pots/baskets. Last weekend I started my eggplant and bell pepper seeds-nothing peeking out of the soil yet.

    I came out of retirement 3 weeks ago to administer vaccines for 3 months and then I shall get back to my retired lifestyle :-) I will take any day off where there are too many of us for the schedule as others need the income and I do not.

    Happy Spring everyone!

    1. Sounds like the weather we had the week prior! That's spring for you!
      How neat on getting the greenhouse - you will enjoy that. Free dirt is a huge savings!!!! Sounds like you both got to do something you enjoyed yesterday. Nothing planted here yet - still too iffy.
      Nice of you to help out. I am sure the extra money will be saved or used for something special.
      Happy spring to you!

    2. Elle, that sounds like the Fred Meyer fuschia promotion. It ran here yesterday. I've never gone because I always assumed there would be a long line and I'd have to wrestle my pots. Also, we are about a month away from being able to plant tender annuals. The free potting soil is such a good deal--am I missing something? I am in the Idaho Panhandle, zone 6B.

  3. It is lovely and green here, too. The weather has been wild with cool days and hot days and monsoon rain and a tornado warning last night. We had our middle son's family here and so enjoyed the grandchildren but boy we are exhausted now that they are on their way home. We had a lovely picnic lunch at a new park with also allowed us to find the new amphitheater where concerts were held last summer. Now that we know where it is and where to park we will be taking advantage of the free music this summer. Our grandson enjoyed the new playground.

    We hit the discount grocery and bought a case of probiotic smoothies for 2.99, Pete and Gerry's organic eggs were $1 a dozen, seasoned pork tenderloins for 3.99 and a case of individual packets of sauerkraut for 1.99 (yay). I'm excited about having sauerkraut for use without having to open something big. Lidl had 3 packs of colored peppers on sale for 1.39 so we put trays of sliced peppers in the freezer to flash freeze and restocked for months to come.

    We always go out for a quiet breakfast the morning that we are having company come in. It is a nice respite after the work of getting ready for the visit and before our house explodes with noise. We have a favorite hole in the wall place that is small and the food is delicious and inexpensive. We are happy to support the family who owns the place and there are no strangers there. Every employee and customer has a smile and a kind word.

    1. Yep spring brings every kind of weather you can think of!
      So happy you got to have the family together and got to find new things to do.
      There is an amphitheater at the park by me and they usually have free concerts. I don't think they did them last year.

      You did fantastic on all those grocery finds! Great prices. I would be excited too!
      It is nice to have a special little place like that to go. Makes it nice to see familiar faces. I love contributing to mom and pop places.
      Sounds like a great week - enjoy the new one as well!

    2. I love this idea of a treat before the family visit. I may have to do this. I love when our out-of-state family comes but with a family of 7, it is very noisy and crazy. Or maybe I'll treat myself after they leave. ;)

  4. It's been warmer and rainy here this week, but I will take it over the bitter cold of winter any day. LOL

    That was a very good deal you got on the canned salmon. I'm glad to see it coming down in price these days.

    1. Got to love the warmer weather for sure.
      That salmon was on clearance so that explains the price. It is quite expensive. Get it cheaply when I can.

  5. We had a long week with rain, family funeral, work stress, and getting ready for planting season. Our meals were smaller. I'm learning how to reduce the amount I made. I just inventoried the upper freezer and will use those items this week.

    1. The rain is needed, but that type of weather can be quite depressing. So sorry you had such a week. Condolences on your families loss. Hope work gets better.
      It is tough trying to cook less, when you haven't been usd to it. Good for you on trying.
      Have a good week.

  6. We had a lovely few days from Easter until today. Now rain, soon to be sleet and then snow.

    Still trying to get out of this funk I seem to have sunk into. I thought getting my vaccine would help. Nope, but perhaps it is because today I am having some fairly distinct reactions.

    I have a feeling that next week a few more cities in this province will have stricter restrictions. The variants are taking over and after another few months of 0 cases, my little corner is creeping up once again. I don't know whether to stock up in case we are locked down or use everything up. I feel like I am on a roller coaster.

    God bless.

    1. Spring sure is the time of year for extremes in weather.
      Hoping you get to feeling better soon. The world problems have effected a lot of people. Sadly you are not alone.
      Continue to stock!!!! If it isn't the virus, it could be something else. Do what you feel is best!!

  7. All your recent meals eaten sounded very yummy. I so envy all the rain you're getting. We haven't had a drop in weeks. So not much greening going on around here. Our days are very mild and the nights are cold so the weather is pleasant but just very, very dry.

    1. I sure hope you get some rain soon. I am looking forward to a fairly dry week.
      It seems unfair that some get so much and some get none.

  8. We have had a strange weather week which has included snow, so no outside work done as yet. We have only just started planting up our seed trays a little later than usual.

    1. SNOW - that is a nasty four letter word in my book!!! LOL
      The time will get here for gardening eventually. We need to be patient!

  9. Boy, we did have the rain! We will probably be begging for rain come August. Matthew 5:45 "it rains on the just and the unjust".
    The Urban Farmer's stepfather was always trying to figure out which he was...ha! Yup, SNOW is a nasty word! We need to scrub out the rain barrels and get them set up. Doing some flower bed cleanout but with all the rain we had, they weeds are doing very nicely, thank you so much! Have a weed that I don't recognize but it is everywhere, as is the creeping Charlie.
    Your weekly meals sound good. I fixed a stir fry one day and the last few days we have been eating the roast, potatoes, carrots and onions I prepared for the weekend. Kind of nice to simply reheat something, rather than start from scratch. Today will be a day to fix something different.
    About time to shift the winter clothes to the other closet and pullout the warmer weather things. I bought a nice Brighton handbag at the thrift store so it will be swapped for the winter bag. Got the snow boots and winter coats put away. I enjoy the change of seasons even if it is quite a chore to move seasonal things around.
    Miss Lana was talking about going out for breakfast before company arrived. That is a good idea, some quiet time just before the house gets lively. I always said it was better to clean the house after company left, rather than before...ha!
    We are going to finish raking up the sweet gum balls in the front yard so the Urban Farmer can mow. We have filled probably twenty of the largest trash bags with them. Maybe next year we can find a young person who would like some extra money to come and help.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Yep, lots of things to switch out for the seasons changing.
      I like having enough of something to last more than a meal - just makes life easier.
      When we would have lots of company for holidays I would straighten and dust - but did a thorough clean AFTER. Just made more sense.
      I hate those sweet gum balls - they sure do hurt if stepped on. They make such a mess. A neighbor a couple doors down has one - and it is so messy.
      Enjoy a dry day

  10. I'm looking at the window at the snow falling and wishing for warmer temperatures. We'll have those by the end of the week and the snow will be gone...soon.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Oh no - snow!!!! Here is to warmer weather weather for you!!!!!
      Stay safe

  11. I love the picture you posted up beautiful. Having fresh air in the house is so nice...clears out the cobwebs ;). Your meals sound good, especially the fried chicken and mac n cheese!
    We have some sprouts peeking out and are so enjoying seeing the growth everyday. We planted crooked neck squash and they're already bushy leaves. The chives are just barely visible, the sweet peas are little leaves at the moment, but that makes me so happy. The mesclun lettuce are visible and a tiny tomato sprout or two.
    The Orioles have arrived....right on time. They are so brilliantly yellow and black and beautiful. They chirt-chirt their way to our feeders and we feel so incredibly blessed to get a glimpse of them...however brief - they're such skittish critters. They seem to like hummingbird nectar best although we put out jelly, too, just in tempt them ;)
    So, Spring is here. Glad you got a good start on your weeding in between the rain. Take it easy :)
    Mary in SD

    1. I really liked that pic when I say it - it just reminded me of the simplicity of my childhood!

      You are doing great with things growing! WOW. My chives are doing great - but they come back every year. I have rhubarb about 4" tall. The grape arbor is starting to get leaf sprouts.
      That is about it for me.

      I would love to see an Oriole. I never have seen one for real. It is about tie to put our hummingbird nectar out. I have some bright yellow finches - watched 4 of them battle over the feed the other day - so pretty.
      Sounds like you have a great season started.

  12. Wow you were busy, I am jealous, you got so many things done I want to get done. You go girl.

    1. It truly sounds like more than it is. I amaze myself sometimes at how much sitting I do. I could do more and need to.
      Some days my get and go - leaves!!!!!!

  13. You have been so busy Cheryl! It's a great time of year! I love it too.