Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Fun Tips and Goodies

 Happy June all!
Today I am just listing a few fun and tasty ideas for having fun with food!

Tortillas are very versatile.  Most people think of burritos.  Oh my, they are tasty for so much more.
There isn't a thing that you can not put in them.
Burritos - Mexican or Breakfast
Meat/cheese/veggie roll-ups or wraps
Fruit - cream cheese - melted chocolate
They can be a meal or they can be appetizers.  No limit at all.  It is a fun and cool summer food.  I make meat and cheese and/or veggie rolls a lot in the summer.  Just downright tasty, frugal and easy.  I love chocking them full of summer veggies for a light and frugal meal.  This is a favorite summer food for me.
Can be left whole or can be sliced for easy bites.  You can make several different types using different ingredients and then slice for a great variety in bites and appetizers.

If you have never had fresh tortilla's - you are missing out!  They are magnificent.  So much better and lighter than the ones you buy.  Give it a shot -they are very easy to make.

Grilling fruit and veggies is a great idea.  You can grill about anything.  I love peaches and pineapple grilled.  It just intensifies the sweet flavor.  They are good alone or served with ice cream!!!!!  Oh my.
I am keen of grilled zucchini, squash, corn, potato slices, asparagus - even green beans. 
You can grill anything.  NO grill?  That is OK.  You can use an indoor grill if you have one (like George Foreman) or you can use a griddle or cast iron skillet.
Flavors become so intense when grilled and veggies and fruits just taste different.

Don't forget PACKET meals!  Those foil packets that contain veggies and a meat source.  They can thrown on the grill, or over a fire or even in the oven.  Flavors meld together and these are so easy and tasty and CLEAN-UP is a cinch!  You can put anything you can imagine in one of these packets.  Seafood, ground meat, sausage, potatoes, carrots, onions, squash, fresh green beans...........

Gardens will soon be producing so many yummy goodies.  Think outside the box a bit when using it all.
Fried green tomatoes
Breaded and fried green beans, asparagus, zucchini, okra, peppers, onions....
Grilled onions, squash, beans, etc.
Fried corn - grilled corn
Tomatoes, cukes (or zucchini) and onion  salad with dressing
Pickles and relishes
Salsa and sauces
Roasted veggies of all sorts.
Casseroles loaded with veggies
Salads loaded with different veggies
          Too much lettuce?  Oh yum - wilted lettuce.  My mouth drools just thinks about this!

DID you know?
  • Adding tomato to roasts will naturally tenderize the meat.  Tomatoes contain an acid that works well to break down meats.
  • One pound of b/s chicken equals approximately 3 cups of cubed chicken
  • When grilling fish - rule of thumb is 5 minutes on each side per inch of thickness.  Rub with oil before grilling to seal in moisture
  • When cooking greens - add a teaspoon of sugar to the water to help veggies retain their color
  • Remember to use that garden mint or lemon balm in your teas - makes for a refreshing ice tea.  Can use alone in water and sweeten as you wish for a natural 'tea'.  Pick and dry for future use.  Place a few fresh leaves of mint at the bottom of your cup of hot tea or hot chocolate
  • When serving cold soups or salads in summer - chill dishes as well
  • When making fresh juice - one lemon yields about 1/4 C juice and one orange yields about 1/3 C juice.  Roll the fruit on the counter under your palm to release the maximum juice
  • Place orange peels or other peels (clean) and whole cloves and cinnamon sticks in cheesecloth and steep in hot cider or tea for about 10 minutes
  • Save and freeze over ripe fruit for making sweet breads/muffins or for smoothies
  • You know all that juice that is in the bottom of the bowl of cut-up watermelon?  Save it - freeze in ice cube trays - great added to summer drinks.
Well there is a few 'make the most of it' tips!  No waste - use in a new way.
Hope these give someone an idea or two for fun foodie ideas for the coming months. 
Keep it EASY - Keep it TASTY - Keep it FRUGAL



  1. Lots of good ideas here! I view tortillas a very thin bread. Have made pizzas as a snack in the evening using a small tortilla. Grilled fruit is wonderful. We haven't had a grill for many years but after reading about all the yummies to cook on a grill, we may have to rectify that!

    The Urban Farmer and I were just talking about using peels to enhance his green tea. You mention the very same thing! He loves cherry flavor so he could add a couple dried cherries to his tea also.

    Got up early to pick strawberries and notice that the jalapeno plant has a baby about the size of my pinkie at the first joint. There is another tee-tiny pepper on different plant. I am getting impatient with the peas. They have very small pods and are still blooming. Guess we will appreciate them all the more for the wait. We have mint coming out the ears. Originally I potted it to put by the chicken run so it would hopefully cut down on the barnyard smell. It has outgrown the pots and is in the ground. You know how mint goes crazy so I need to dig it up and corral it once again.

    1. I have made pizza with tortillas as well. Or just a tortilla and some cheese and tomatoes for quesadilla (my favorite) or add anything.

      Mint has filled one bed of mine - It wasn't even in my yard at first - now I have it all and the neighbor has none!! I have tons of lemon balm as well - geesh they both spread so much.

      Cool - your garden sounds like it is doing nicely. That is wonderful.

  2. Love all thee ideas. I am getting kids to eat up all the leftovers before they leave.

    1. Super idea - sure don't want food to go to waste. Not in these times.

  3. Cheryl thank you for all these ideas! You are a treasure trove of knowledge. I am going to start printing out your posts so that I can save them in a folder to refer to, such valuable information.x

    1. Thanks - what a nice compliment. Lots of years of trial and error and a Momma and Daddy who were very frugal!

  4. When I cook rhubarb there is always a lot of juice left. I freeze it and then add it to a glass of sparkling water.
    Along the lines of your wilted salad - I make up a bowl of green - sauce some frozen shrimp and scallops, adding some chilli sauce once cooked and add to the salad I then add some vinegar and maybe a drop more oil to make a warm salad dressing and toss everything in this for a warm seafood salad.

    1. Great idea on the rhubarb juice. You know we could do that with anything that makes it's own juices.
      Oh my, now that sounds heavenly. I will surely give that a try. My tummy is growling now!

  5. I made a couple kinds of roll-ups for graduation parties. First tortilla, spread with a thin layer of cream cheese and then orange marmalade and finally really thin honey ham. Roll up and slice in pieces. The other was tortilla, then guacamole and thinly sliced roasted turkey. Roll up and slice. They were delicious.

    1. Those sound wonderful. Thank you for examples of using them in different ways.
      I have done smaller ones with cream cheese/thin slice of ham - dill pickle spear and roll and then slice. YUM

  6. Lots of great ideas! Briefly deep fry tortilla triangles and then shake them in n cinnamon sugar, yummy.

    Cut a romaine heart in half longways and grill just until it has good grill marks. Serve a half per person with dressing drizzled over and some veggie garnishes in the side. This salad was $12 each at a restaurant that we used to go to for very special occasions. Image be how beautiful it would be to serve to guests in your own home and it is inexpensive and super easy.

    1. Great idea on deep frying for chips.
      Oh how lovely. I have had that years ago at a fancy restaurant. That would be so easy and look like you spent hours!
      Love these ideas.

  7. Thanks for the ideas for tortillas and the other ideas from those who posted comments. They will sure come in handy.

    God bless.

    1. Welcome. They sure can make for a fast and easy appetizer or treat when needed.

  8. All this food talk makes me hungry. These are all good ideas.

  9. When my kids were little, I'd put sloppy joe filling in burritos to make them easier to eat. We called them Sloppy Joses.

  10. These are great! I’m looking forward to some fresh garden goodness!!

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