Sunday, June 27, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/27

 Happy Sunday to all.  Well, here we are again at the end of another month - we are now half way through this year.   Times sure does fly by quickly.  It will be Christmas before you know it!

My friends from the west coast got to come for one more visit before heading on their journey.  It was so nice.  Bless their hearts, they brought all the goodies to make a spaghetti dinner, green beans, Texas toast and dessert to the house.  I threw together a salad.  We just sat and visited here in the comfort of the house and ate and talked.  They got a "tour" of the yard!  LOL
It sure was nice to have this opportunity to get together again.  I hope it happens again someday!  I miss you guys already!!!!!

We had some nice temperatures for a few days then it decided to get all hot and juicy again!!  My, the air is thick.  We have had rain off and on.  Some northern areas of the state had tornadoes this week.  At least with clouds and windy conditions it has been bearable here.
My plants are really growing.  I have lots of blooms, baby zucchini and cukes and peppers - it is starting!!!!!
                                                      Baby zucchini and lots of buds
                           Looking UP from under the grape arbor.  LOT's of grapes hanging!

My week:
  • Mowed and trimmed a little
  • Raked leaves 2X - yep - that darned old tulip tree!  At least we had so much wind yesterday that the latest bunch of leaves are all kind of blown together in one spot!!
  • Stayed away from the grocery and  all other stores (been home all week)
  • Been doing some de-cluttering again.  I have 2 boxes ready to go.  I will continue to work on this for a bigger donation
  • Using up all leftovers in new ways (had a lot of spaghetti left - used in 2 meals and froze balance)
  • Used rain barrels when I needed to water
  • Laundry - used portable dehumidifier water in a load
  • Worked on getting the tomatoes contained in cages and tied (they have grown tremendously this week)
  • Got to air house for about 3 days - no AC
  • Drinking tea, water and fruit flavored Soda Stream water
  • Working on rearranging and cleaning the over stock area of pantry.  (I have a lot more canned meat than I thought!)  It is coming along.  More work to do - that whole room needs a make-over!!
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do
  • Watched a few You Tube videos this week for diversion!  LOL

Meals this week:
Salsa/cheese goulash
Fried chicken (leftover) and salad
Spaghetti, green beans, toast, salad and dessert (with friends)
Leftover spaghetti (with cheese) and salad and toast
Smoked sausage on hotdog buns and green beans
Chicken/veggie stir fry with spaghetti noodles (kind of like Lo-mein)
Dirty rice with meat and beans added and side of fresh veggies
Finished up watermelon I bought last week - IT WAS GREAT!! (I got lucky)

How was your week?  Any deals or values?  How are those gardens coming along?
Are you managing to stay cool?  Some areas are really getting extreme heat.  I feel so sorry for them.  Keep yourselves hydrated, eat popsicles, frozen grapes, ice chips and cool meals.  
If you are in those extreme heat areas - please take a moment to check on elderly or handicapped neighbors.

I hope you have a safe and healthy week.  Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.  God bless and comfort you.

                                                    God hears you wherever you are!

Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9


  1. Glad you got one last visit with your friends before they left Indy. It is muggy today. I got up early to pick black raspberries and it was sticky and not just from the berries. Had a few sprinkles while picking berries. The black raspberry rhubarb crisp I made was delicious. There is so much foliage on our cucumber and zucchini plants that it is difficult to see where the cukes and zukes actually are. Your little baby zukes look yummy. We try to pick them before they get baseball bat size. ha! The chickens will eat them if they are that large. The green beans that the Urban Farmer planted first look pitiful. He has planted two other beds (which are doing great) and we will pull up the other plants and put them in the compost bin.

    Adonai does hear us wherever we are. That is amazing and comforting.

    1. It is quite muggy for sure. No rain here yet - but it has looked like it a few times today.
      OOh, I bet that crisp was delightful. Those baby veggies are hard to find sometimes!
      I grate those large zucchini up for relish or bread - if I miss them and they get too big. I bet the chicks would love them too.


  2. There's nothing like getting to see old friends. I'm glad you had a second visit.

  3. I'm glad you were able to get in a second visit with your friends. Having a bit of company after so long is a special moment.

    I was away at my daughter's for two days and I swear my tomatoes grew four inches! We're in for some real heat again this week so I expect things will take off even more.

    I'm hoping watermelon is on sale this week. I passed on it last week as I had only just finished the one I'd bought a couple of weeks prior and was watermelon-ed out. But I'm thinking it will be a wonderful treat during the hot days.

    Have a good week!

    1. It is amazing how fast things grow in this heat. Glad you got a visit in.
      I love a GOOD watermelon - could eat it every week. Hope you find one. We have heat as well right now, but looks to cool a bit by the weekend.
      Have a good one.

  4. I am so glad you got another visit from your friends. I love to have a sit-about and just talk and laugh and play catch up with old friends.
    You certainly are an inspiration in your preparations and lists. Thank you- xo Diana

    1. Thanks, I think we all enjoyed it.
      Well thank you. Just doing what needs to be done. Believe me, I do waste time.
      Have a good one.

  5. So glad you had a good time with your west coast friends. They sound like nice people. Now of course you have me wanting spaghetti, salad and garlic toast. Where we live we had been in a little heat wave. It hovered between 96-100 for exactly two weeks. It was awful. Luckily our heat broke and we will be in the 70's for the next few days with on and off rain and then go back to more normal temps. But now it looks like OR and WA are getting the heat.

    1. so sorry you are getting such heat. I so hate the humidity. I sure hope you do get some cooler days and rain - that would be most welcome I am sure.
      I imagine my friends are dreading going back to the excessive heat. They don't appreciate our thunderstorms - but I don't think all that heat will please them either!
      Enjoy the cool down!!!!

  6. So good to visit with friends, isn't it? We had our boating association annual meeting on Saturday morning, and it was sooooo good to catch up with my dock friends! I feel like I've been on weather watch all week. I found out that my hometown area in SW MI was hit with the same weather system that caused the tornados in Naperville and Woodridge, IL a week ago, and then the same area got hit again in this past Saturday's weather. Lots of trees and wires down (for the second weekend in a row) and even more damage to ski boats, pontoons, piers, and boat lifts. Someone reported that she found seats from a pontoon on (or through?) her roof, a block off the lake! No injuries, thank God! A line of severe storms came through here (SW suburban Chicago) around 4:30 this morning with a lot of thunder, lightning, and downpours, and it looks like we'll be getting more rain shortly - pretty dark out to the west. Our pond is up about 18" this week. Luckily the pond sits well below street grade and my area doesn't get much of any flooding (knock on wood, it's only one area and when the street sewer drains get blocked by leaves or other debris). Unfortunately, our townhome community is in the midst of a roof replacement project and one building (not mine!) was mid-way through a new roof installation when the storms hit last Friday. Everything is tarped off, but I have to wonder how well it's held. Need to get some more of my herbs harvested before the next rainfall comes. Basil, oregano, parsley, chives, and some butter lettuce. Stay safe, everyone!

    1. There sure has been a lot of nasty weather here in the mid section of the country in the past few days. Glad you are fine as are your friends.
      Now that would be scary to have a storm come through with a tarped roof! YIKES
      yum on the herbs. Take care and stay safe.

  7. One of my very favorite verses. The young man who used to stay with our dogs when we were out of town loved this verse. He passed away in his early 20's. He wanted to be a minister. He was hit by a young girl who was driving drunk - on his way home from work late one night. His sister who practically raised him since she was quite a bit older than him was devastated but she prayed for the girl who killed Jacob and her family. I couldn't understand it at the time but she explained to me that her one mistake cost her dearly (she was in prison at a very young age) and her family were also paying the price so she made the choice to let go of her anger because more than just one life was changed that night. I keep that verse handy for when I feel weak and fear I don't have the courage to continue on. Knowing who is with me at all times is a blessing. Take care.

    1. HE is always with us, especially in our darkest hours. Hand it to God and He will help you through anything.

      Forgiveness is huge and helps the forgiver the most I believe.

  8. It is horribly hot here, although I love it, I cannot stay out in it long. I am watering 2x a day as we have a hot wind blowing and the flower boxes wilt. So grateful for this air conditioner!

    1. AC is one of the best inventions ever!!!! I remember as a child having none and it was miserable on some days - especially nights. Stay safe and hydrated

  9. I am glad you got another visit in with your friends.

    It looks as if you had another busy week.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, I was happy to see them again.
      Busy work - most of it. Just doing lots of little things. Never a lack of stuff to do!