Tuesday, June 8, 2021

I am so Tired of all the Panic

 Good morning.  I know I can't be the only one who is so over the 'panic' syndrome that seems to have hit the people of the world.  People panic and get manic about everything today.  I am done with the YouTube channels and the groups that only promote chaos.  Seriously - they are helping no one!!!  They may think they are - but they are not.

I try so hard to not follow the 'norm' today and do panic posts.  My opinion is not your opinion.  I will ALWAYS continue to stress stocking and staying stocked - but not to cause mayhem and panic.  I will stress that idea BECAUSE it is the smart thing to do.  ANYTHING can happen at ANY TIME.
You stock now and you are prepared for whatever life throws at you and your family.  
You stock now and it is saving you money. (we all know things go up in price).
You stock now because you are a prudent women.
You stock now because you love your family and want to provide.
You stock now because you are smart.

I realize that in some countries things are worse.  I hate that.  I realize that it depends on where you live in America - some places things are worse than others (and more expensive).
I feel blessed to live in mid America as things still are pretty well stocked and prices are pretty reasonable.  

Last year should have been a HUGE wake-up call to people.  The public got all caught up in panic and we had the great TP fiasco!!!!  Oh my goodness, people had no clue to what to do if they couldn't buy TP.  Others hoarded it.  Good grief - it was the most ridiculous and stupid thing I have ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  No one seemed to be able to think and use logic.

Funny?  Not really - it is an option!  I have received some tool catalogs that hubs used to get and they have pages that are tissue thin.  I keep them!!!!  My goodness there are so many options - cloth TP, wash cloths, tissue........

We all know that there are options and substitutes for about everything.  I have listed many charts over the years of substitutes in case you run out of something.  We can sub other things for eggs in recipes.  We can sub things for oil.  We can mix and match all kinds of food items to make tasty meals.  We can glean things from our own yards (if you were hungry you would be grateful).
We can use old clothes and rags to clean messes or to use for bathroom functions.
We can use a clothesline to dry our laundry (or rack or hangers outside or in basement).  We CAN wash clothes in a tub if needed.
We can simplify our eating habits and eat well.
We can truly do without a lot of the things that we THINK we have to have!  

                                                 Click on picture to enlarge to read.
I have a big pot of this on my porch - yes I do.  It is tasty in salads.  Kind of a peppery taste.  It grows all over the place around here and it is so good for you.  Dandelion greens, roots, and even blossoms can be used.  Folks use plantain, wild onion, thistle, chives, balms and mints.... the list goes on and on.  This is all FREE.  Walnut trees are a good source of protein (if you can beat the squirrels).  There are many a tree in public places and on roadways.  There are fruit trees and wild berry vines all along country roads and maybe on empty lots.  FIND THEM.  USE THEM.

We can survive people.  We do not need to panic.  If the supply chain is disrupted do to shutdown, drought, transportation, flooding - whatever - know you can survive.

Do NOT stop on your stocking.  Keep plugging along, just do it with thought and be mindful of what you and your family really use.  Don't buy stuff you don't need.  
Always be prepared for an extended period of time (only you know your plan).  
Life changes every day.  It will continue to change every day.  That is the one constant in this world - CHANGE!

I think back to my family that lived through the depression.  I think back to my family that lived during the civil war days.  I think about my family that started out with nothing and moved westward and survived.  They used what they found to eat and survive.   They physically cut trees, moved them, and built their homes.  They physically had to cut trees to make roads and pathways to get through the dense woods.  They lived through dust storms.  They lived through floods.  They lived through many a pandemic (or we wouldn't be here).  They cleared land to make gardens and fields.  They had no real medicine.  They used herbs and nature.  They had absolutely NO technology.  They lived off brut strength and common sense.

Had not at least part of them survived and prospered WE wouldn't be here today.  Think about that!  We can be better and stronger if put to task.  We CAN survive.
If you don't know about living off the land or simple survival techniques - read.  The library is a wealth of knowledge and wonder.

Get busy and do what is needed to help your family.  BUT don't spread panic and doom and gloom.  Don't go out of your way to spread bad.  If you want to spread something - spread helpful knowledge of survival.  Spread goodwill and happy thoughts and wishes.  (this is my goal)
Spread the joy of knowing there is something after all this life on earth.  IF we truly believe in a supreme creator and the Word like we say we do - well we know it is all in His hands.

PLEASE stock and prepare but do NOT PANIC nor cause panic.
Be happy and enjoy each and every day you get. 
Spread joy and goodness.


  1. Thank you! You are so right!

    1. Thanks. It just gets so overwhelming. I turn off the TV - then I see it all on social media. UGH

  2. I use the thin pages of tool catalogs and the like to wipe up cat throw-up, etc. in order to save paper towels

    1. Oooooo - good idea. I keep paper towels on hand for only that reason. I will started using that instead!

  3. Excellent post! If folks panic, that clouds logical and common sense thinking. That in turn, makes people vulnerable to less than honest yahoos. Also, if a person is panicked, she is losing sight of our Elohim. I was telling my sister-in-law that we need to stay read up and prayed up. Remember how Y2K had people all bumfuzzled? Some of these "the sky is falling" so-called experts are making money off the ill-informed and innocent. You are so right...educate yourself about alternatives to what you normally use.

    Now I'm off to pick peas! We had quite a nice little rain this morning (got soaked to the skin on my walk!) so I'll need to check strawberries as well. I put about four gallons of strawberries in the freezer and that doesn't count all that we have eaten.

    Keep spreading joy and goodness...and knowledge!

    1. Thanks. Yes common sense is lacking today. Panic and crazy is the thing of the moment. God has us in His hands and He will keep us protected. We all need to follow His ways.

      I always think about the boy who cried wolf! I know stuff is happening (scary stuff) but stuff has always happened. We just weren't paying attention.

      Yummo on the peas and strawberries. We just had a light shower this AM - nothing much yet today. Humid!

  4. Amen! I inventoried my canning yesterday and keep a running list of regular store-bought pantry supplies. Devoting just a dollar or two during each shopping trip to replenish the pantry with needed goods that are ON SALE or for which you have a COUPON to bring the cost down simply makes sense. An example, ground beef on sale in family packs on Sunday @ $0.99/lb. I could have paid $2.50+, but knew that I needed to replenish my freezer supply and was able to save $$$ by buying it on sale. No panic, just stock up when it goes on sale.

    1. Good for you. You are so right - it doesn't take a lot - a little here and there. Just keep adding.
      The cheaper we get it - is like money in the bank.
      We all just need to keeping moving forward.

  5. I am so with you! I have not panicked the first minute during all this! Nor did I run out of anything! I am 61 and have been married 38 years. I have ALWAYS stocked supplies and tried to live within our middle class means. I thought you just never know- a job loss or whatever. We have always had a garden (before it was cool). I try to think of solutions for problems BEFORE spending money so I have had lots of practice thinking of alternatives.
    It is crazy out there. During the TWO day gas shortage in GA people lost their minds! They were filling drums with gas at exorbitant prices. My son saw someone filling garbage bags!
    I too do feel blessed with reasonable intelligence and health. And I know some people are in poverty through no fault of their own.
    With all talk of the coming hyperinflation and more shortages, I will just keep doing what I do without fear.
    And I know how it all turns out.

    1. So alike we are. We always tried to live on one income, just in case! And it did happen a couple times - I got laid off from a couple jobs and we were fine.

      People just go crazy with the slightest mention of trouble. It always works out in a short while. I, like you, never panicked once during this whole mess. I never went crazy on stocking. I was fine with TP!!!!!! Had plenty.

      I do feel sorry for those who live in grocery deserts and only have Jiffy-marts to shop at. Community gardens would be great in those areas.

      Yes mam, I read the book and know the ending!!!! wink-wink

  6. For about ten years, I used wash cloths instead of tp. I have washed baby diapers, so the idea was not foreign or icky to me. And, I put them on the line in the sun.

    1. YES - people washed diapers forever. I don't know why this would be repulsive. Good for you.

  7. We used to have a weed growing prolifically in the side alley next to our house. It was always in shade so nothing else would grow except this ground elder. We couldn't get rid of it until I learned that it is very nutritious and served in posh Swiss restaurants. So we started eating it. Like spinach a huge pot cooked down to just enough for our family. I love foraging for free food.

    1. Good for you. It is so amazing at all the things we have in our own backyards that are good for you.
      I love FREE period, but free food is great.
      I have cooked turnip tops and beet tops like spinach - yum.

  8. I think people who panic are people who are just unprepared. A little forethought and prep go a long way for peace of mind. Your blog is so helpful if people will just listen and act accordingly.

    1. Thanks. I know some who say they are prepared that scream the loudest - but I also know people who spend profusely that say they are frugal. I guess - in their minds!
      Peace of mind is golden - it is hard to imagine someone not wanting that!
      I keep preachin' - if they listen wonderful if not, well shame on them.

  9. Great post Cheryl! I'm tired of all of the panic also, it is too stressful! God bless you!

    1. Glad I am not the only one. I just want peace and calm.

  10. I totally agree with everything you said.

  11. Panic just causes more panic. I remember my friends husband buying toilet paper every day at the beginning of the pandemic. When he asked me how much I had socked away I told him my usual amount.... and that I had made some flannel into wipes. I think he about hit the floor. LOL.

    God bless.

    1. You are correct. People can cause others to go nuts. It is really sad. Follow the leader.
      I know I didn't need TP either. I have always kept enough for months and months. I never even looked to replenish until fall/winter.
      I just shake my head. Much to be said about being prepared.

  12. Good post, but if we're being totally honest we're all a bunch of spoiled Americans who don't even wanna think about using anything other than toilet paper when we go to the facilities. That's why I'm definitely not panicking but I am surely stocked up on toilet paper ;-). I can make do with other substitutions though, have no problem with that. I definitely agree with you when you say "don't buy stuff you don't need" Instead save your pantry space for things you will need. Have a good one!

    1. Yes mam - that is so right. We are ALL spoiled. People don't like to do without and we have this immediate gratification attitude today. It is every where.
      Sure there are some things that might not be the 'most comfortable' but we would survive!

  13. I do agree, but it’s easy to get caught up when they continually shout “the sky is falling.” That’s when I turn off the tv and remember that God is always in control. ❤️

  14. We have been conditioned through years of media indoctrination and the public schools to FEEL rather than THINK. A populace that FEELS instead of thinking is easier to manipulate into PANIC and into accepting whatever draconian measures the government wants to impose.

    I am fully stocked for months worth of living, replacing as I go along, but I also listen to my gut about what we need to do. I got the last freezer our local store had last summer when I listened to my gut and checked their website. Stocked up on ground beef right before the recent meat production company computer hack drove up prices. I wanted four cherry tomato plants for the garden this year, but six seedlings survived so I planted all of them. Now I found five more where a tomato ended up in a flower bed last year, and I will soon be finding a place for them in the sun. I am converting the sunny flower beds to vegetables because my gut has told me to. If I end up with too much of something, I can always bless someone else with it. For what it's worth, I think our "gut" feelings are actually our subconscious mind putting various small observations together and coming up with an idea.

    For the uninitiated, do NOT flush anything other than body waste and toilet paper. Other types of paper do not break down and will leave you with clogged sewer lines and a big plumber bill.

    1. Again - so right. We have all been indoctrinated for years and years. Turn it off and just be!
      I am so glad that you are able to do gardening this year. I know with your wrist problem - you were worried about that. Glad all has worked out. Indeed, if we have too much something - bless someone else!

      Gut feelings are usually pretty true. Hubs used to get tired of me saying 'something just isn't right' - but most often it was true. Do what your inner self tells you.

      GREAT REMINDER - never thought to mention that. ONLY flush TP - nothing else.

  15. So true and very, very good, Cheryl.
    God bless you~

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