Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Simplicity and Frugality - It Isn't Just About Money

 People think that we are frugal and live a more simple type of life, because of money.  That may be a bit of it, but for me, it is so much more.  
I realized that in rare form yesterday morning.  I was sitting out on the front porch, very early in the day.  It was soooooo quiet.  Very unusual for my neighborhood.  Being a holiday, I heard no traffic noise, no dogs were barking, there were no sirens or planes and no trains (I do love the sound of the trains).  All I heard was crickets and birds chirping.  There was a cool breeze.  The bestest morning!!!!
That is part of the simple life.
I didn't need to go any where to have a lovely day - I just enjoyed the quiet and then I enjoyed my kitties and going out and picking 'grow'ceries!  Later on, I watched new neighbors a couple doors down, having a volleyball game with the young-ins and grilling (oh the smell!).  I talked with neighbors later in the day.
SIMPLE living.

I think we live our best life when we live a simpler life.  When we finally have our debts paid off and can just live a little free-er.

Not having to rush and hurry all the time.  Just living - that is wonderful.  We all did the hurry up and wait thing for years.  Worked, and saved and tried to pay off debt - when you finally get that chance to slow down - you need to just enjoy it!

It is about having less to me.  The less you have, the less you have to take care of.  Less cleaning, sorting, moving.  Less heating and cooling.  Less upkeep.

It is about taking better care of the environment.  Learning how to use what we have in new ways and recycle things.  It is about putting less in our land-fills.  It is about being mindful about all the land and all of nature.
Being creative is worth so much more than throwing money at things.  The satisfaction one gets is wonderful!

It's about working together on projects and putting our minds together to figure things out.  I miss that part - G and I did that often.  Work with your partner, and know that great minds CAN work together!
It is nice to look back on.

It is about learning new skills.  Life should be about learning, every day.  We are never too old to learn new things and new tricks.  Expand your skills and then you will realize that there isn't much that you CAN'T do!!!
I think it all has to do with less dependence on others.  Being able to live life and depend only on yourself (as much as reasonably possible) is huge.  The world has become a place that it is very difficult to depend on others, sadly.  We must learn to be dependent and capable of many things.

It is about living and eating healthy.  Using what we grow.  Cooking from scratch.  Learning how to use herbs and plants for health.  Knowing that we can maintain good health without so many chemicals being put in our bodies.

It is about not giving a rat's 'ars' what others think about what you do or what you have!  Just being you and living within YOUR means - not how others think you should live.  If others don't like my house, my neighborhood, my vehicle, my choices - I DON'T CARE!  I live this life for me.

It is about choices.  Having the choice to do or not to do.  To have or not to have.  To visit or not to visit.  It is about living the way you choose.  YOU!  You can take a trip if so desired.  You can get new furniture if so desired.  You can have a dinner out if so desired.  Being free of debt, allows you to have freedom to do what you choose to do.

All in all - I think living a simple and frugal life is about truly LIVING.  It makes life a little more enjoyable.  It makes me more considerate of others.  It helps me understand what others may be going through.  It lets me help others in need.  It lets me enjoy all the beauty in nature.  It allows us to simply enjoy the simpler things.  We don't have to be entertained - we know how to do that ourselves.
It is about truly LIVING!!!!

Have you realized a simple and frugal life is better?  Have you learned and appreciated this more as you age?  What is it all about to you?
Have a great and simple day my friends!!!!!


  1. Wonderful and timely thoughts, Cheryl. Thank you. Just before dawn this morning, as pink was just on the edge of the horizon, I watched a small bat fly by and a baby bunny having a breakfast of wildflower greens. When the sun comes up every day, light shines through an opening in the trees, falling exactly on my front steps. Where I'm sitting. It's a peaceful way to start the day.

    There are still 20-some unmarked boxes to unpack. They've been in the shed. One reason I haven't yet tackled them is we seem to have all we need in the house already and it's pleasingly uncluttered. I'll get to them. Probably soon. But I like the simplicity.

    Being grateful every day for all I have really does make me more mindful and considerate of others. It's why, throughout this long move, I keep finding things to donate. expecting that will continue. The older I get, the more I crave simple peace. Isn't that funny?

    1. That sounds like a beautiful way to start the morning. Just beautiful.
      That is a great reason to keep donating. You have all you need in the house. Thanks for the reminder. all that stuff packed away downstairs truly needs to go. It has been there and unused for ages. NEEDS to go!
      Being grateful for even the small things makes life just better.
      Same here - simplification makes me happier the older I get.

  2. Excellent post! Choices made without worry about debts, what folks think of us (what we wear, what we drive or where live), is marvelous! Simplicity is desired more as I age.

    1. Agree - I don't need all the trappings. It is just more freeing.

  3. We're at a wonderful stage in life. Post work, and a before serious illness or aging occurs. Those of us with the means to retire can appreciate every day, both for the waking up and for the quiet moments that occur. I don't doubt there will come a time when I won't be able to live independently but for now I'm loving my life as it is.

    1. Indeed. Loving life at the moment and all that comes with it (for now). I will face someday when it comes - for now we just need to enjoy

  4. What an excellent post! It resonates with my now-lifestyle so much. Living simple -- enjoying a cup of home brewed coffee on the deck on a quiet morning or in a to-go cup as I walk my pup as dawn is breaking (3 years later, he still hasn't caught on that I'm retired and don't need to be up with the sun!!!). It's spending time creating what I eat, cooking from scratch, playing with recipes to reduce them for serving one or two. It's savoring the foods grown in my area and preserving the harvest and traditions that have been handed down. It's also a way to control certain nutrients in my food, to ensure that I'm doing my part for my own health. There's no sodium in my canned tomatoes and only a little in my spaghetti sauce. It's also knowing that I am financially healthy in my retirement, that I can purchase what I need, though I may choose not to, and that is less stress in my daily living.

    1. What a great summation! I agree 100%. It is just the contentment one has knowing that they are doing fine and will be OK. A world with less stress is a pretty good place to be.

  5. My aunt explained this to me about 20 yrs. ago at Christmas. They were sick and we were supposed to spend the day there. Instead, I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup, a loaf of French bread, and a pie and delivered it with a poinsettia. When they were feeling better, my aunt called to tell me again how much they appreciated it, that it was the perfect gift. They ate for 3 days, healthy food, without having to cook, make a mess, etc. Then she went on to tell me that they just weren't interested in stuff anymore. They were up to their ears in it and we're giving it away! She said, "You'll understand better when you get closer to 50 or 55."

    She nailed it! I think I was about 53 when I really started to notice how much stuff we had!!! And it's been going out the door since. The hamster wheel of acquisition is exhausting and there's no end to all the new stuff! Now, it's all about serenity and comfort!! The rush of shopping has been replaced by the joy of watching birds splash in their bath and other simple things. I look at big houses and think I'm grateful not to have to clean or maintain them.

    There's a Proverb that I really love that speaks to my feelings these days. The second favor!

    Oh God, I beg two favors from you before I die. First, help me to never tell a lie. Second, give me neither poverty or riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs! For if I grow rich, I may become content without God. And if I am too poor, I may steal, and thus insult God's holy name. ~Prov. 30:7-9.

    1. Just enough!! Love it. That is all we need. Stuff and money, doesn't make a rich person whatsoever in my opinion. A rich person is a good person, with a tender heart, and a love of others and self, and one who is content in each day and moment.
      I do believe we become more aware each and every day we grow older. Auntie was right.

  6. The simple things in life are the best. I really like my quiet walks in the morning, sitting on the deck in the evening and enjoying a good book or knitting. Those things cost very little and can bring immense enjoyment.

    God bless.

  7. You are so correct that it isn't about the money in many ways.

    It's about what you want your life to be.
    Some people buy that vision even going into debt to get it but I prefer to work towards it and appreciate it along the way.

    1. Indeed - we are bombarded daily with suggestions as to what life should be. Not mine!!!!!
      As we get older we learn to just enjoy the ride!