Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Yep, It's That Time Again!

 We are over halfway through September - just a few days left.  October and November will fly by - you know it will!!!!  This year is on the downward spiral to being over.
So YES, it is time to start thinking about Christmas!!!!!

I think it is time to start projects.  I most generally have a homemade Christmas.  I don't do much at all in the way of traditional gifts.  I do give a few gift cards to teens (they can choose what they desire), but I also add some homemade or special odd ball gifts to go with them.

All people who are crafty, need to get busy.  Time flies.
Check your baking and candy supplies - make sure you have what you need to make those holiday goodies.
Get jiggy with those crafting projects!  Have a very inexpensive and crafty holiday!

To those that sew, crochet, knit, quilt, etc. - now is the time!  Things can be simple or complicated.  Think about using one thing to make another!
I am working on a small quilt that is using some of Glen's shirts for the fabric.  Use a vintage tablecloth (maybe a stain or 2 on it) to make kitchen towels or napkins or an apron.

Use old quilts, that are beyond their best, to make pretty pillows.  Add pieces to a new lap blanket.
Make some sweet ornaments out of old linens or vintage costume jewelry.  You can use pieces in a neat hot pad for dishes.
Make a neat picture (wall hanging) from these same vintage pieces or from old doilies or lace pieces.

Now it the time to think about food items.  Those that can - can give special gifts.  Homemade jelly or jam, salsa, pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce, pickles or relish.  Make a cute basket - maybe jelly/jam and homemade biscuit mix, pizza sauce & all the fixings for a pizza, spaghetti sauce & pasta in a nice strainer.  Salsa and some special chips.
I also add special items that the recipient likes to the goody bags.  Special olives, rice or soup mixes, special mustards, favorite candies, nuts, etc.
Hey, we all have to eat!!!  Give someone something they may not get on a regular basis.

KIDS - youngsters don't need fancy stuff!  Really!!!!!
Start now and make a cute little fun chest of things.  Crayons and color books, puzzles, books, activity books, etc.
TEENS - yep - they love money and gift cards.  It may not seem like a gift to you - but it is FUN for them. You can always add a little something more personal.  I make the teens a goody bag with all their favorite snack items, chips, candy, fuzzy socks, pickles (yep), gum, etc. to go along with their gift cards.  They love it and ask for it every year!!!!!!

Even for adults - with prices going up - every little bit extra is appreciated.  Maybe a gift card to their favorite grocery store or to the neighborhood gas station.  You can start buying gift cards now.  Most grocery stores sell all kinds of gift cards - so get a $20 or $25 card each time you shop.  I get 3 packs of $15 G/C's for gas - and separate them so I give one to each teen boy.  They get homemade snacks as well.  
If I buy G/C's at Kroger I also earn extra points that I can use for a discount on gas.  WIN-WIN!

Start looking for pretty mugs (used) to gift with tea, or chocolate or coffee mixes.  Add a candy cane for a stirrer.  Makes a nice gift for teacher, neighbor, co-worker.  A book for a secondhand store.  Maybe some warm fuzzy socks or a pretty candle.
Things don't need to be fancy or expensive. 

Think about making up jar mixes for soups, brownies, cookies, biscuits, pancakes, etc.  Not only are they great to give, but they are nice to have on your pantry shelf.

Absolutely love this idea.  IF you buy goods, please buy local - they truly do need your help to survive in this day and age.

So, yep it may seem soon, but we are about 3 months out, 14 Fridays!!!!!!!  Folks, it will be here before you know it.
Don't go expensive or crazy with things.  Keep it simple, keep it full of love and personal touches.

Are you working on anything at the moment or do you have any creative, yet simple ideas?
Have a great day.


  1. Good Tuesday morning, Cheryl! All great ideas, thank you. We'll be having a scaled back Christmas this year. A *very* scaled back Christmas. Not to cast a shadow on the day, but we're expecting to get word within the next days/weeks that my mother-in-law finished her journey on this earth; she's been ready to go home to be with the Lord for awhile (terminal kidney cancer). The holidays will be tough for much of the family, I'd expect.

    Our oldest son plans to join us here in AZ this holiday season. I already have his gifts and have some for his younger brother (here) too. If we see Phoenix relatives during the holidays, which I expect, it will be homemade/handmade gifts. Any and all recipes or ideas for guys will be appreciated! I'll have the gals covered with handmade jewelry.

    Hubs and I will likely just cuddle and appreciate the approach of our 38th anniversary right after the 1st of the year. Our move here has been costly, but oh so worth it! That's gift enough in itself.

    I'm looking forward to see what others here have planned for gift making. Best wishes to all. --Elise

  2. There are tons of clearance deals right now on toys. Maybe they were on container ships since last year! We have bought a lot of gifts for the grandchildren and even the teen boys at 75-80% off over the last few weeks! Some were online and there were also isles of clearance at Walmart.

    1. Good for you - stay ahead of the game.
      I do believe there are a lot of deep discounts this year because of last years stock just showing up. I think you hit that on the head.

  3. I belong to a couple of different survey companies and I can use the points I earn to purchase gift cards. This provides some extra $$ to use for purchased gifts.
    I've learned my extended family members don't appreciate homemade gifts so I won't be doing that again this year. Instead I'll give the adults books to read, and the niece and nephew will get grocery gift cards.
    My daughter has received several gifts throughout the year (for needed items in her house and yard) so I've warned her the gift under the tree won't be as much as in the past. I've bought my son's gift already so I've started.

    1. What a shame that your family didn't appreciate the homemade items. Those are my favorite. I think if they didn't like my gifts - they might be empty handed except for a card this year!
      Buy what is needed when it is needed - makes a lot of sense. I am sure your daughter won't mind a bit!

    2. Yeah, after a few remarks from in-laws, now they get cards lol. I'm not going into debt to make them happy.

  4. I was just discussing this very thing with husband. We don't know what the year will be like. Destination gifts are a great ..even if it's to a bookstore (daughter loved us going together). It was a memory she loved. Have a great day.

    1. I think the earlier started the better - but that is every year.
      Yes, zoos, museums, a park, etc. - all fun family things.

  5. You are so right. Christmas will be here before we know it. This year we will not be home and I am not decorating. Grandkids gifts are already purchased and I will just Amazon something to the kids. I am done.

    1. You got it going on. I am no where near done. But I do like going out some and picking up odd things - not an online shopper here. No reason to decorate if you aren't going to be there.

  6. I have some gifts already purchased or the ingredients for gifts ready. I'm looking forward to getting gifts made!
    Like Maebeme, I have family members who don't appreciate home/hand made gifts. I usually give them chocolates or something similar. I have a daughter who every year asks for something handmade from me. She says she doesn't care what it is! Lol
    Funny thing is while I give handmade gifts I usually don't get handmade gifts in return. Among family & friends I'm about the only one who makes gifts.But my brother does make a Christmas cookie tray for every member of the family. I love it!

    1. I sure don't understand folks. Homemade tastes better - and things are prettier and better made. I sure wouldn't make much of an effort on gifts if they didn't like mine. I just can't believe that people would relay they didn't like something.
      I would love anything homemade myself. Nothing wrong with a plate of cookies.

  7. My DIL was visiting here for her girlfriend's 50th, and she stayed with us for a day and night---and she and I went shopping and I got all the gifts purchased for her children! They (whole family) will be here for 2 weeks at Christmas. Win-win. No fretting over the phone or texts trying to figure what to get them. I will have everything wrapped soon! Our grandparent gifts to the kids, and everything from"Santa" are done. Just a few things for stockings left. The 4 adults will have a filled stocking as well, and cash.

    1. WONDERFUL - golly some of you all are so prepared!!!!
      Now you can just sit back and enjoy the festivities!

  8. We do very few gifts anymore. I made a set of family gnomes for a friend. Her son loves them. They're wood and painted in shades of blue. I specifically made them to display in January, along with a felt fireplace garland. My friend gets so sad when it's time to take down holiday decor after having something up from the first of October for Halloween and on. I figured these could be something solely for January! For myself, I separated all my snowmen and use them in January. I'm also going to cut her some fun snowflakes for the windows. I used a gnome name generator and tagged them. They're pretty silly names.

    I'm still trying to decide for another friend. Hers generally comes together without effort at the last minute!

    As I've said too many times lol....I'm just not a Christmas person. My favorite season should be here by now if this ding dang hot weather would GO AWAY! I like November the best.

    1. How cute - tat is a neat and thoughtful gift idea.
      I don't do many 'real' gifts either. Maybe GC's or cash - then fun stuff.
      I like fall - it actually should hit here on Thursday - much cooler days ahead.
      I like getting with family - but could do without the gift part altogether.

    2. Thank you for the tablecloth to dish towel idea!! My mother had so many lovely tablecloths no one wanted when she passed away, so I have all of them stored. I never thought of making things out of them, and dish towels are great gifts. Now I have to get to work!

    3. You are very welcome. Even if they have a stain or 2, you can usually leave that part out. I have made a couple aprons as well. I think they would be greatly enjoyed!
      Have fun!!!!!

  9. You are certainly creative! Anyone would be very happy with the ideas you have.

  10. I'll never forget, nor will my daughter, the gift my brother- and sister-in-law gave my daughter as a high school graduation gift. They bought her a cooler that could double as a coffee table in her dorm room and filled it with every kind of snack and quick meal they could -- granola bars, assorted chips, the packs of crackers and cheese, cookie packs, Rice Krispy treat bars, Hostess snack cakes, pull-top soups, instant mac and cheese that could be cooked in the microwave, along with some assorted beverages (including a 6-pack of beer in the bottom that I didn't learn about until much later. Another relative gave her a laundry basket with all the things she'd need for doing her laundry at school, including two rolls of quarters. Adapt something similar for Christmas gifts, if your family members like camping or a hobby that uses a "carrier" of some sort, and watch for the seasonal clearances.

    1. What great gifts!!!!! I have done similar when people have wedding showers. They sure took care of her 'food' needs for a while - I bet she really enjoyed that.
      I just love doing baskets or bags as gifts. I have teens that love certain snacks - and they get a lot of them for Christmas!

  11. I think homemade gifts are great. Those were and are cherished by me. I would much prefer something that was made just for me as opposed to something that has not connection emotionally to me.
    Give me the basket of teas or hot chocolate mix and a cup. Give me the homemade jams, jellies, pickles and salsa. Give me the homemade pot holders, aprons and doilies. Give me the crocheted or knitted items. Every time I enjoy these things makes me think that someone took the time just to make every day life happy, comforting.
    What could be better than to know someone loves you and made this special thing just for you. That is a gift from God. He puts us in each others lifes as his gift to us!

    1. I agree 100%. It makes the gift special. I wish more people did this and understood, how neat it is.
      Yes, a gift from God.