Sunday, September 18, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 9/18

 Happy Sunday to all.  I hope this finds you safe and healthy.
It is a beautiful day here - the sunrise was again beautiful.  Sunrises and sunsets have been exquisite the past few days.  I hear it may be because of the ash in the air that has traveled from the west coast in the atmosphere.  It may be - or God is just a wonderful artist!
We may have storms come through overnight tonight, then it gets back to 90's for a few days.  On Thursday - the day of fall equinox - we are to be in the 70's!!!  That is my perfect type of weather.

It seems just like that - the hummingbirds are gone in my area.  I guess they know things we don't.
                        It is that time of the year again!  The bees and butterflies sure do love these.
                                                             And these are still going!

I got a card this week from a reader - it contained a nice little letter.  Thank you, Diane R. from IL for reaching out.  It was greatly appreciated.  I wish I had an answer as to why you can't comment.  Maybe try the anonymous route, and then end with your name.

My week:
  • Worked on my houseplants.  Cleaned them up and removed all dead pieces and leaves - rearranged them for more sunlight
  • Got rid of lots more paperwork
  • Been doing some more deep cleaning
  • I went out and cleaned out the tomato plants.  There was a lot of browned leaves and stems.  Cleaned and still growing.
  • Still getting lots of cherry tomatoes.  Freezing lots of okra and reg. tomatoes
  • My neighbor (the painter) came and scraped, cleaned and painted the security doors this week.  The sure look much better - like new
  • I cleaned the windows from doors, polished the brass, and cleaned the thresholds
  • I cleaned many other windows - some just inside and others both in and out
  • Cleaned out the frig
  • Put the fall door decorations on doors!
  • Mowed the entire yard
  • I did receive a bunch more Kroger specific coupons in the mail
  • I did do a Kroger run - for fresh stuff.  I got milk for 1.29 a half gallon.  Got radish, carrots, lettuce, and cabbage on markdown.  Got some green seedless grapes and bananas as well.  I found 8 packs of Hi-C grape flavor water flavorings on clearance for .49 a box.
  • Got to air the house a lot and do some porch sitting
Meals this past week:
Stew (from freezer)
Dbl. cheeseburger, mac n cheese and sliced tomatoes
Dirty rice (freezer) and tamales
Mac n cheese and spicey smoked sausage on bun
Big salad
Taco salad
Fried chicken and salad
SNACKS - toast and jelly, salad, fruit, leftover tamales

How was your week?  Did you have any great buys?  Are the gardens still going or winding down?
Let us know what is happening in your neck of the woods.

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful week.  May you all stay safe and healthy.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will tell of all thy wonderful deeds.  I will be glad and exult in thee, I will sing praise to thy name, O Most High.
Psalms 9:1-2

Dear Lord, I thank You for all the wonderful blessings that touch my life each day. I will continue to tell all I meet of my love for You.  Thank You for this lovely day.  AMEN


  1. We're in Southern Illinois and our weather is much like yours. It was nice airing the house out a number of mornings this week. I just came in from picking a lot of mint and rosemary to dry this week. I've cleaned out a lot of the flower beds and garden. Tomatoes are still coming but a bit slower.

    1. It sure was nice - I got to do that again this morning. It was lovely.
      I should probably pick some mint and lemon balm - they are both going nuts. Good job on the flower bed cleaning - that seems to never end.

  2. It has really cooled off here in SC. At noon here it is only 69 degrees! We are keeping an eye on the Tropical Storm and hoping it does not come in at the east coast.

    We got so many grocery deals that I cannot even remember it all. We got $85 worth for $26 at Publix and, cashed out iBotta for $27 back to the food budget. The salvage store was loaded with deals. Applegate Farms ham for 50 cents a pack and it is delicious. I hope to get more next week and I will buy the case deal next time. 16 oz frozen OJ was $1, Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chunks were $1 a bag and I bought them all and filled up a half gallon Mason jar. There were many other deals and then Lidle had qt size coffee creamers for 2/$3. That is a food group here. :) Plus a lot of people drink coffee when they visit us.

    We canned green beans, chili, meat sauce and chicken broth. Twenty one jars total. We plan to get apple culls this week for $10 a bushel and then we will be doing applesauce and pie filling. I don't mind sitting and peeling apples now but I sure did when I was a kid and we had a backyard full of apple trees!

    1. I sure hope the storm misses the coast. My goodness, what deals you got. You are very lucky to have the stores you do. Most of us have nothing like that.
      You are being very productive. That food will be so good this winter - just like fresh! $10 a bushel is great - even for culls.

  3. It's another chilly morning, but we're heading up to the 70's this afternoon. I'll take advantage of the warmer temp to open up the windows and sunroom to warm up the house. We're at total different ends of the spectrum. :)
    No shopping this week, so no bargains but that may be the best bargain of all.

    1. I like chilly mornings and evenings and 70's during the day. That is about perfect for me.
      Yes bargain - not needing anything and no spending. You win!

  4. Sounds like you--and others--were busy this week, Cheryl! We had to submit some paperwork at the county offices in Holbrook this week (regarding the solar project), so decided to spend that afternoon at Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park. Hubs got his lifetime pass for $80 now that he's 62. We've never seen it during monsoon season. The green against those colorful desert rock formations and the clear blue sky was just stunning! It's just over an hour away. We may make drives through the park a regular thing.

    The only big grocery bargain this week was more meat. Basha's had max packs of beef chuck roasts (3 roasts in a package) on a deep sale, limit of 2 packages, meaning we got 6 good sized roasts for about $50. They also had whole fryer chickens for $1.49 lb. Our total savings over regular shelf prices was $70.51 and the chest freezer is getting full. Very grateful for that.

    Weather has been cooler and breezy for the past few days. Nights and early mornings are actually chilly, in the low 50s. My favorite season of the year is about to arrive. Have a blessed week!

    1. If you don't mind my asking, for those who are inclined, my mom (Audrey) and mother-in-law (Mary) could use a lot of prayers. News over the past few weeks is bad and getting worse. Please pray that God will spare them pain as they prepare for their journey from this life. Thank you. --Elise

    2. Aren't they beautiful, Elise? We took the time to see both when we made our moving drive from Cali. in October some years ago. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and hubs had never seen them. I really enjoyed the ...what are they called?!...rock writing.
      They have those viewers so you can look closely. Fascinating stuff. I think seasonal trips over the year would be wonderful!!! Such beauty.

    3. Yes, they are, Debby. It amazes me how many people blow by (on I-40) without stopping to see them, anxious to get to the Grand Canyon. The petroglyphs really are astonishing when you think of how long ago those images were written on the rocks. We want to go back when there's snow on the ground to take pictures.

      When fall really sets in, we'll drive down to Greer as well. It's one of the parts of the White Mountain region that has deciduous trees vs. mostly evergreens. There are many lakes and some falls not far from here, too. Payson and Prescott, like here, are mostly evergreen trees, but are gorgeous, too. That was all part of why we decided to retire here. That, and it's so far removed from anything remotely urban. --Elise

    4. Elise it sounds like a magnificent place to live. So much to see. Wow - that is a great deal on the pass for the park too. I bet you have a wonderful time seeing those views and you will get your moneys worth for sure.
      What a deal on meat. That is something. That is less than $10 a roast. Deal! There is nothing more comforting than knowing your freezer is filling and your bellies will be fed this winter. Wonderful.

    5. Elise, saying prayers for Audrey and Mary - that God will lay his loving and protective hands upon them and hold them safe. I am sorry you and your family are going through these things. Hugs and prayers for all.

    6. Elise--prayers said

    7. Thank you Margaret (my grandma's name btw). SO appreciated. --Elise

    8. Thank you for their prayers, Cheryl. It means a lot. I'm just praying now for the Lord's mercy and grace.

      We've retired to a beautiful place with many National Parks close by to semi-close by. We have our youngest son in the area and lots of family in Phoenix. We feel very, very blessed. --Elise

  5. Happy Sunday! I see our frugal corner had quite a busy week! Nice work, ladies! I'm so envious of the great market finds. However, it's good to read that they're still there. It gives me hope that I'll get lucky lol!!

    I also envy all your cooler weather. We're heading to 100 today and the next few days. Ugh. Hubs went outside right after coming home from church to start deep watering the trees. They're already stressed from such a hot and dry summer so he's soaking them in hopes of no further damage. We also have to water the house foundation. We have such thick soil that it can cause pipes to break when it gets too dry. I keep praying for rain! We had storms near us last night, but they managed to just miss us.

    Despite the weather, I put up my early Fall decor inside and outside. That means scarecrows, crows, apples, and sunflowers. I have 3 of those glass maple leaf bottles from syrup. I love using food coloring and water to make them teal, green, and yellow for the kitchen window. They're beautiful!!

    In other busy work, I cut my husband's hair, made birthday cards with extras for our nursing home ministry (we give the residents cards with stamped envelopes to send to loved ones. Also shut ins through food ministries), used the oven only once and it was packed full!, and ate all meals at home. We had:
    Veggie loaded fried rice
    Peppery beef over noodles
    Bell pepper and bacon pizza
    Taco salad with a baked shell (new try, turned out great)
    Baked ziti from a freezer dive
    Tuna melts and home fries
    Baked chicken from freezer and leftover ramen salad

    Reading new stuff this week!
    On my nightstand - Damage by Dick/Francis Felix
    In my CD player - The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett (QE fancies solving a crime! It's fun so far)
    With my Bible study - For the Love of Christian Homemaking by Mrs. Sharon White
    By my reading chair - Bloody Kin by Margaret Maron
    We're watching Season 5 of Father Brown

    We noticed our doggy has a little limp this morning and is favoring a front leg. We'll keep an eye on him and no walks this week. Hopefully it's just a strain or a tweak and nothing else. He's a "boinger" when he gets excited. Like Tigger! It's rather amazing that this is a first. No visible injury and he'll let us touch his leg.


    1. Your meals sound delicious, Debby. Loved "The Windsor Knot" novel, though felt a few mild, political things could've easily been left out. Will be saying prayers for your doggy and for rain in your little spot of the world. Hugs! --Elise

    2. I agree - those meals sound delish for sure.
      Poor pups - hope all is OK.
      You had a busy week as well. So nice that you gift cards for others to use. That may help someone feel like they have done a very special thing - by sending a card.
      I hope you get some rain soon. Some places have been so hot and dry this year and others just a wet mess.

  6. Greetings from the Chicago 'burbs. Our weather is much like yours, with storms expected later today and overnight. Warm temps early in the week and then down into the upper 60's and low 70's late week. I did what I'd hoped would be a quick grocery shop this morning, but it turned into a full small cart, as I had some store coupons that needed to be used before they expire. With the coupons, I got onions and bananas for virtually nothing, and $1.25 off ground beef (I bought 1#, to split between meatballs and meatloaf). I have a coupon for a free quart of milk, but they had no quarts of any kind of milk, so will need to check on my next trip. I did get my Vitamin D3 on a BOGO, saving $10. I have broccoli soup simmering in the crock pot right now. Will make up a roux in a couple of hours and stir it in with the half & half and cheese about an hour before it's finished. And, a loaf of beer bread will go into the bread maker in an hour or so. Thinking I'll add some cheese during the final rise and add some on top during baking. That will be good during the Bears vs. Packers game!

    1. What time is dinner, Lori? ;-)

    2. I l=think many of us in the med section are going to experience a lot of the same weather front. Let's hope for no bad storms.
      You got some great deals at the store! Mmmmm broccoli cheese soup - a favorite of mine. That sounds wonderful with the fresh bread. I have already eaten - but my mouth is watering. Enjoy!

    3. I used this recipe and it was so so easy! I made a half-batch and have enough for at least 2 more meals, maybe 3. Forgot to start the beer bread, so it's not yet finished. Instead, I just used some Ritz crackers I had on hand. Beer bread for tomorrow's lunch.

      Broccoli Cheddar Crock Pot Soup recipe from Simple Joy:

  7. Hi Cheryl, Just to let you know, blogger is down, and I can't receive your postings to my email as well as everybody else on blogger. I was getting worried, glad you are well.


    1. Thanks for info! That explains things being so slow. Hopefully fixed soon.

  8. The hummingbirds must know it’s going to be getting colder soon. I’ve heard that about Blogger not sending emails for new posts too, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. Sounds like you’ve been cleaning a great deal lately. I just love to sit back and look at a cleaned up space. It is its own reward. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl.

    1. I have wondered that about the hummies. Yesh, I hope they fix it too - and that people just check in.
      I love looking at a clean spot as well. I keep staring out the front door. The security door is glass top to bottom behind security grate and it is so stinking clean!!!! LOL
      Thank you!

  9. It's been a stressful and expensive couple of weeks around here. A week ago Friday, I installed new toilet tank bolt washers in an attempt to stop a small leak from the tank. After hours of struggle, it was still leaking, so had the plumber come Monday. Turns out it had a hairline crack in the tank. So we had a new toilet installed (over $500). We also desperately need to have new subfloor and flooring put in the bathroom, but I'm having a hard time finding anyone willing to do it. It is definitely above my abilities.
    Wed. thru today this week, I have been repairing and then painting our wooden shed. It is barn style with a loft and had never been repainted from when it was built over 20 years ago. Lots of rotten wood. Fortunately, the previous owners had left me a 4x8 piece of outdoor wood siding, so I was able to fix the worst of it. Still need to buy more paint and boards for trim. I'm exhausted and actually looking forward to a rain day tomorrow.
    Yesterday I took Charley, our 18yo cat to the vet for euthanasia. She had been failing a few weeks ago but had rallied until this past week. She wouldn't eat, barely drank, and by yesterday afternoon could hardly walk. We couldn't watch her suffer any longer. We will not be getting another pet. I have my hands full enough taking care of Husband.
    Speaking of Husband, he turned 91 recently. We celebrated with butter dogs and chocolate chip cookies, and one of his daughters called him. He had a nice phone conversation with his half-brother who turned 85 today.
    I'm still picking a few cherry tomatoes, and the zucchini are still producing. It is to be down in the 40s one night this week, so the garden's days are numbered.
    The last of the hummingbirds left Sep 9, so I put out the thistle seed feeder for the goldfinches.
    Got a few groceries at Aldi this week. They were well stocked, probably from getting orders out to the stores in anticipation of the possible railway unions strike which was, fortunately, averted at the last moment. Unfortunately, the unions got a 24% pay raise, so watch for higher prices on everything transported by rail, especially food.
    I'm reading Conrad Richter's "The Awakening Land" trilogy, which is about the settlement of Ohio in the late 1700s/early 1800s. Very good descriptive writing and a realistic (fictionalized) look at life in very harsh times.
    --Frances in the Trailer Park

    1. First - I am so very sorry about your kitty. That is exactly how Momma did. My heart aches for you - they are our babies. Wow, blessed with 18 years - how nice. Huge HUGS! This makes me want to cry.
      Your hubs is the same age as my oldest sister. Technically she could be my mom!!!! She was pregnant at the same time as mom was, when mom had me!!!!!
      You have sure been busy and testing your 'you can do it' skills. You should be very proud of all the things you do. It is amazing how expensive a toilet is (installed). Same with water heaters! I had that done in 2020 and about had a cow when I got estimates!
      I am super glad the strike was averted - but agree - stuff has to go up in price more. That is a HUGE raise. Luckily, I read somewhere last week that only 30% of our supplies are shipped via rail. Not sure is that is true - but seems trucks do the most.
      That sounds like a book I would like. Hmmm, going to the library this week - may have to look for it.
      Take it easy for a few days!!!!!!

    2. If you can't find "The Awakening Land", look for the individual books: "The Trees", "The Fields", and "The Town". They were written from 1940-1950 and are out of print, though they were reissued in 1991. Hard to find used, but you could probably request them through the Indy public library system.

    3. So very sorry about your kitty, Frances. Thank you for the tip about "The Awakening Land". I was able to find a used copy online. --Elise

    4. You did have a rough week, Frances! I'm so sorry about your Charley. Losing those furry babies is so hard.

  10. The Autumn Joy is pretty right now and for some reason I have three different colors. Had a couple of roses bloom last week.

    Your Scripture and prayer are always timely. I have begun my days with gratitude, and prayers for folks who are having really rough times right now. It's easy to whinge about things but there is always someone who traveling a rougher road than me. Miss Elise, I will add the two moms, Audrey and Mary to my prayer book.

    Canned green beans today and they look wonderful! We watch Kaleb Wyse on YouTube and I follow his blog and his Instagram account. He had canned some beans called Jade and we were impressed with the bean. They are long, slender straight beans with very little bean. I gave some to my neighbor before I did the canning. We have a few plum tomatoes, not enough to can, so I will make a salsa for the Urban Farmer so he can add his hot peppers to it. We still have some beets to harvest and fresh ones are ever so much better. Parsnips are not quite ready.

    Not crazy about the upcoming really hot days but it is what it is! Soon it will be cold and we'll complain about that. ha!

    1. Thank you so much, Donna. Hugs! --Elise

    2. Those beans sound great. They will taste so good and fresh this winter. I do like a raw parsnip with salt! I bet your neighbor enjoyed the beans. We got some rain and thunder boomers overnight. I guess we can take a couple days of warmer - then it will be fall. Funny they keep dropping the predicted high.

  11. I appreciate reading books selections here. I figure I might enjoy books by like-minded folks here. Anyway, I've requested The Awakening Land.

    Cheryl, my mom was born after her sister had a baby. So my mom was an aunt before she was born! LOL. While she was close to her older siblings my mom really grew up with her nieces and nephews as siblings.
    My husband's grandparents (dad side) were 20 years younger than my grandparents (dad side) because his side got married young and my dad's side got married older. Weird how that works out.
    My grandson and I saw a hummingbird last Monday. The only time this summer I saw one. It was so cool. It was hanging out around the flowering hostas.

    1. Margaret, we're pretty well spaced in my family, too. One brother is 70, my sister will be 68 by the end of the year, I'm 60 and have a younger brother who's 54. I have nieces & nephews and great-nieces and nephews who are the same ages, also due to one group marrying young and the other older. --Elise

    2. I'm the 5th of 6 kids, 9d older than hubster and in his Mom's generation. My parents married older and Mom is just 5y younger than hubster's Grandma. My oldest brother is just 7y younger than MIL who married at 19 and had hubster 9 1/2 months later. I joke with him that we have a generation gap ;-) Laughter is good medicine and good for a happy marriage (42years and counting). I was 13 when my oldest nephew was born, lil sis was just 6 and our 2 oldest siblings were off to college already when she was born. (Yes, Mom gave birth to 6 over 20 years thus raising kids for 38 years!!!! Bless her.

    3. Funny how some families work. I was an aunt before being born as well. Sis was 16 when she went and got married, and got pregnant shortly thereafter. She had 2 before I was thought of! My mom was older - 43 when she got pregnant with me. Thought she was going through menopause! Surprise. G's mom was a little younger than my sister. Families come in all shapes and sizes.

    4. I love reading about other's families. So interesting. My mom was the youngest of 8 over 20 years and was born when her mom was 42. Mom grew up on a farm in a rural community. Honestly, I think everyone was related to everyone! Several years ago, when my brother and I started doing the family history we just laughed when we showed mom how she was related to all these people she remembered. She had no idea how she was related to half of them! She remembers these 2 men coming over and hanging out with her dad but she had no idea until we told her that they were her uncles! There was a woman in the community that everyone called aunt. Mom didn't know that she really was her aunt! There was a lot of people in and out of grandma's house! lol

  12. You sound like you have had a busy week cleaning up for the Fall. Thursday we cleared out and moved three compost bins as we are giving up half of our allotment plot and taking over Father in Laws. He is 88 with the energy of a 60 year old but can't do the heavy work or eat everything he grows. We too cleared out a lot of tomato plants, only thing left in our polytunnel now are peppers.
    I have also cleared out lots of paperwork and cluttered a bit more.
    We have a Bank Holiday in the UK today as it's the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second. Our eldest Grandaughter said the supermarkets were she lives were as busy as Christmas yesterday, crazy as they are only closed for one day. We are going to watch the funeral service at our daughter's house, tissues at the ready, she is also cooking lunch for us all.
    My Father in Law had twin uncles two years younger than him as he was the eldest in the family. He used to visit one in his care home.
    Hope you have a good week. Blessings from across the pond.

    1. A sad day for sure for the UK and the world. Your stores are closed on a holiday? Generally when we have a holiday - just banks, post office and govt. offices are closed. Some things are just always open here - which I don't really like.
      People seem to think if you can't go shopping for a day that the world is coming to an end! It always amazes me. It is that way here when they just mention snow - people go crazy. No one is more than a few minutes from a store and roads are usually cleared in a day or 2.
      Enjoy the comfort of your family.

  13. Wow, you are a busy bee! That is so great! : )

    I need to get up in my attic and get my fall decor out... I'm a slow-pokie this year! I was reading one of your snacks is toast. I was just thinking last night as we had toast and scrambled eggs for supper. Toast is a great snack, and I bet that is what most people ate during WWII etc.for snacks. Were there chips and all that back then? I was watching the Waltons several months ago and it was so sweet. The kids came home from school and their mother said..."There is some vegetable soup on the stove". It showed Mary Ellen and her sister walking around with cups of soup for their afternoon snack. Simple foods instead of processed junky things.

    I'm going to put the pedal to the metal this week unloading my sewing room...It's gonna be a mess before it gets better. But it will help clear my mind for Pete's sake! I can't think like that! lol

    I read Psalms 91 almost every single day. I love your prayer too. Amen.

    Have a sweet day! Thanking God for your sweet blog. : )

    1. Amelia,
      my mom said her mom always had beans on the stove and there would be rice available for anyone who came by and was hungry. No chips and coke! LOL
      I would tell my kids to eat a sandwich.

    2. I like toast and jelly or with cinnamon sugar. Used to get it at home and mom would mix peanut butter and syrup. Snacks were indeed simple. I love the Walton's - haven't watched in a while - need to again.
      It always seems when we clean something - it sure does get messier before better!
      My door decor is all I have done for fall. Not even sure if I will do anything else.
      Thank you so much!

    3. Margaret, Yes, our girls piano teacher, one of my friends and confidant who has passed away now said her mom would allow hobos to come in and eat at the kitchen table, I think that is so wonderful that your mom had beans on the stove like that! Cheryl, oh if even I had a bouquet of orange flowers in a pot by the door I would feel a bit more with it this year! lol I do have two little tractor stakes I just got at Dollar Tree so I guess I'm doing okay. lol

    4. I love that there were beans and rice always ready to feed someone.
      Can you imagine now, letting drifters in your house for a meal? I would be petrified. Times have sure changed.
      I think Mom's used to love to feed people. Mom was always trying to feed people or give them iced tea.

  14. I always love your weekly wrap ups. You have sure been busy and I think you, like I do, like being busy. It really keeps us moving forward. I hope you have a really great week. xo Diana

  15. The pollinators sure do love the sedum, don’t they! Canning some green beans this morning. Getting roof work done…..there was no moisture barrier under the metal roof out on by previous owner 🙁. Laundry is hanging on the line. Have to figure out dinner for tonight. Thank you Cheryl, for your blog. It’s your ministry. ❤️

    1. Yes mam they do. I always have people get scared, because they are afraid the bees will get them if they walk by. I have never once been bothered by one from there - too busy eating!!!
      Sounds like you have a busy and productive day ahead.
      Thank you - kind words indeed. Maybe you are right - this is my calling. I sure do enjoy it.

  16. I love reading about all you do throughout the week. You stay busy and do so many things I do or would love to do given time.

    1. Ummmm let us talk busy! You run circles around most people. I couldn't do what you do - so much small tedious work for others. AT least I am only worried about pleasing me!

  17. I read EM Griffiths post with interest. We take our RV to Fool Hollow in the fall. A favorite place of ours with a trip planned next month. We love those high places in the White Mts.
    Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts. I grew up on toast. Comfort food for me.
    Ellie from Central Az