Sunday, September 25, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/25

 Happy Sunday all!  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
Fall arrived right on time in my area.  We went from 94* on Wednesday to the 60's on Thursday!  We are staying in the 60's and 70's - and that is just fine with me.  I love this kind of weather.  It could stay like this all year long in my opinion.

I got a couple sweatshirts out this week!  I even got my slippers out!
Amazingly, I saw a robin at the birdbath the other day.  That is the first I have seen in about a month.  They usually aren't around in the fall and winter.  The gold finches are just glorious to watch.  Blue jays and cardinals galore.

                            Pretty!  A fall larder is always lovely to see.  Not mine - I wish!

I went to the fall cookout at my brother's yesterday.  His entire family was there, and it was so nice to see everyone.  Those kiddos are growing like weeds!  Just so sweet.
Adi and Remi are thriving!!  Yes, they both still have many medical issues - but to see them, they are just 2 rambunctious little girls who love life.  Adi has to do everything big sissy does!  Layla is now one and she is taller and heavier than both Remi and Adi (3 & 2).  Miles is growing quickly - he is a month now and really filling out. (He was so tiny).  Aden is growing into a sweet little man (7) - he is learning so much and gives great hugs!

My brother taking the 'littles' on "hayride" yesterday.  They thought it was grand!!!  Something they will always remember about great grandpa!  Making memories!!!!!

If you are so inclined, please say a little prayer for my brother (Dick).  He goes in Tuesday to have all his remaining teeth extracted, to get ready for false teeth.  Poor guy.

My week:
  • AC now off - and the house has been getting aired out
  • Using dehumidifier water in laundry
  • Doing general cleaning and vacuuming
  • Received all the free C19 tests that I ordered
  • I did a lot of morning porch sits this week.  It has been lovely
  • Went to the library
  • Got gas fill-up while out.  Not even a half tank needed and I only got .10/gal. off with discount - better than none!!!
  • Got out the fall scented candles and started using them
  • Reeled in the back hose than ran to soaker in the garden.  Garden is winding down and with rain and rain barrels - there is plenty of water
  • Mowed the entire yard
  • Did a lot of misc. yard work - so much to do
  • Polished the kitchen cabinets
  • Harvested tomatoes and okra
  • Threw a quilt on the bed - for just in case.  Not turning on heat for a while
  • Meals from home and scratch
  • No grocery shopping
As you can see, nothing much exciting here.  Just enjoying the weather.  Just doing all the normal stuff we all do.

Meals this past week:
Burrito supreme
Veggie fried rice
Mex. grilled cheese (used leftover burrito filling on sandwich) - YUM
Fish sandwich and potato bites 
Philly beef and cheese open face sandwich (used ground beef) and leftover rice
Pork chop and fried cabbage
Cookout - hotdogs, chili
SNACKS - fruit, salad, popcorn, cheese & crackers, ice cream 

There you have it - see, nothing exciting at all.  How was your week?  More exciting than mine??  Wouldn't take much - LOL.  
Did you get any good deals?  Still gardening?  Crafting for the holidays?
Love hearing from you all.

I pray you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy week ahead. 
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a man who is perverse in speech and is a fool.
Proverbs 19:1

Dear Lord, we stand humbly before you and ask for your many blessings.  Each day we need your guidance and love to go forth and be the kind of people we should be.  Help us to speak truth and love to all we meet.  We pray blessings on all Your people of this earth, and we pray for peace to reign over the earth.  Amen


  1. Cheryl, a quiet week appeals to me right now. I'd spent 8 days on the go including 4 nights at my son's doing the school drop-off/pick-up & ringuette practices. I had a "fight" with a light standard in a parking lot (talking when I should have been looking) so that added to the fray. I came home Mon to a couple of appointments, a funeral and an afternoon babysitting (the best gig). My friend & I celebrated our fall birthdays with a trip to a "triple D" (diners, drive-ins & dives - not really but it should be!) pizza place and an afternoon of cards, $0.11 rummy being our favorite. I'm in my happy place in the kitchen and prepared a lasagna & cabbage soup for the coming week. I enjoyed pickle soup & a Italian sausage, chard & rice dish last week. The carrots were dug yesterday. The small ones have been pickled and the rest will go into the spare fridge. Right now, it's 0C outside. The sun hasn't risen yet but is casting a beautiful pink glow over the eastern horizon, lighting up the fog over the river valley. It's beautiful start to the day.

    1. Whew - I am tired just reading about your week - so you must be tired. Happy birthday to you! It sounds like you and your friend celebrated just right! I love watching Tripe D - he has been here a couple times. I get a lot of creative cooking ideas watching it.
      I am curious about pickle soup! Enlighten me please!
      Good for you on the harvest and the pre-cooking of meals.
      It is a sunny and breezy day here. It has actually dropped since I went outside at 6:30. It was 70* then, now it is 66*. A couple windows open a bit and just plan on enjoying the day.
      Have a great week and rest up!

  2. The Scripture could apply to a lot of highly visible folks these days! May your prayer be heard!

    Love the picture of your brother with the grands and great-grands. Prayer for your brother Dick with his dental procedure. Not a bit fun!

    Did some more canning this week and going to do more potatoes either today or tomorrow. The Urban Farmer has planted new strawberries, green onions, and cabbages. The cabbages can be brought into the garage if it gets really cold.

    It's about time to switch out warm weather clothes for fall and winter stuff. I am truly enjoying this weather and like you, wish it would last quite a while.

    1. Yes mam, it applies to those people!!!
      Thank you!
      Great on canning. You have done a bit this year. Nice for new plants. I just love this weather - a sweatshirt or sweater - but not cold.
      Have a good one

  3. Our weather turned, the same as yours, and they're saying highs in the 50s a couple of days this coming week. My week was filled with appointments and religious experiences, including a couple of doosey's thrown in to make things interesting. Monday, I drove a friend to a medical appointment for a test she had scheduled, and while there, I had my emissions test done nearby and renewed my license plates. There was an add-on fee, because it was coming from Emissions, not the Secretary of State. But it's done in one trip, so I felt it was worth it. Weds., a group of women I know went to the Shrine of Christ's Passion in St. John, Ind. It's free (donations welcome) and was a very moving experience. I'd love to go again during Lent, but can't fathom how crowded it will be that time of year.

    On Thurs. AM, I got my C* booster, followed by Bible study at Noon. After Bible study, my friend (who I'd driven earlier in the week) missed a step and took a hard fall. She didn't feel as though she needed an ambulance, but I drove her home and another friend followed and took me back to get my car. We later learned that she'd gone to the ER to have her arm checked and she broke it at the elbow. Tomorrow, I'll be driving her to that appointment and a follow-up appoint for her Monday test. I'd been home about 45 minutes and started having a reaction to my C* booster -- nausea hit hard -- exactly 4 hours after my booster, followed by a severe headache (think: ice pick between the eyes), lethargy, and by late evening body aches. Overnight was chills (assuming fever) followed by sweats, all night long. When I got up on Friday, I had severe achiness in my spine, hips, and knees, and the balls of my feet tingled and the foot-to-toe joints were very stiff and sore. By Sat. AM, I was about 75% better and this morning, I'm pretty close to normal. I'd never had a reaction to ANY vaccine or booster before (other than a sore arm), so this was way out of the norm. They'd offered to give my annual flu vaccine at the same time, and I opted to come back for that.

    My prayers for your brother and for all those in need, especially those in the path of potential-Hurricane Ian. Blessings for all!

    1. "I'll be driving her to that appointment ..." THAT appointment = an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon, who will re-examine it and determine if she needs surgery, a cast, or just what injury-specific treatment is needed. I had a similar injury about 5 years ago, and they just kept me in a sling for 8 weeks, no weight more than a newspaper, followed by 12 weeks of physical therapy to build back mobility and strength.

    2. What a week! Sounds like an emotional roller coaster. You hade to be exhausted. WOW on the reaction to the shot. That would have scared the beejee's out of me. Did you call the doctor or anyone? That sounds pretty darn extreme.
      I sure hope all works out for your friend.
      The St. John's visit sounds wonderful for you.
      You take care and hoping you have a quieter week.

  4. Awww...That photo of your brother with the littles is so very sweet. I know it warms my heart when hubs does things like that with our little grands. :) I sure will be praying for Dick, your brother. Oh that is not fun at all. Poor guy!

    Your natural rythmn of the home is nice I think. I like your ideas for eating, using filling as an addition etc. It sounds so cozy you putting your quilt on your bed and getting your slippers out...Love it! I'm removing the blatantly summer and spring looking stuff out of my closet, putting it to sleep for awhile in a clean box with peppermint oil on a cotton ball and a few bay leaves. I've left a few things in my closet for upcoming spring days to transition. I'm still wearing sleeveless here too, so I'm in sleeveless in fall colors! lol

    Take care now...The birds sound so wonderful. We had to rescue a little cardinal one of our cats brought in but I think the little bird was okay just very scared of course.

    Blessings to you dear blogging friend, and Amen to your prayer and scripture verse. : )

    1. I know, my niece sent me that pic this morning, so I made sure to put it in my picture file. I love it.
      Thank you!
      I am just a girl who is easy to please, like a slow paced life. Everyone is always in a hurry - and I always think 'for what?'
      Chilly days are closing in, so I want to be ready.
      Have a good one.

  5. That ride would've been a blast!! No tractors in the city!! However, there are also fun Grandpas in the city. My grandpa was coming home from a warm winter day fishing trip and passed thru the mountains and found it had snowed overnight. He filled his entire truck bed up and brought it home! We had an absolute blast throwing snowballs in the backyard! We were 5 or 6.

    We had the same whiplash weather here in Kansas. Blazing hot, cool and drizzling, hot again, and now it's mild. We're expecting warm days and cool nights. Very fall-ish. I love having the windows open!

    I received a package from my college roommate of homemade raspberry jam and a bag of dried elderberries for making syrup. I'm thrilled with both. We drink the elderberry tea for winter health and the syrup was $20 per bottle last year so these berries are gold to me!

    I saved a white sweater with a trick I learned from an old friend. I found a stain in the shoulder area- no idea what it was or where it came from. When the washer quit swishing, I stopped it to see if I came out. Nope, despite a stain remover and soak. So, I dabbed at it with a qtip soaked with bleach. Tada!!! Good as new!

    We had a free fun night at church. Hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream bars for dinner and a choice of games. We had so much fun. We love games. We played a game like Bingo, but instead of numbers, it's songs. Lots of bad singing lol.

    Got some of those Kroger deals this week. 99¢ potatoes, OJ, grape tomatoes, and $1.49 cheese. Didn't buy anything else.

    Meals were:
    Hot ham and pepper jack subs.
    Baked potatoes with broccoli, bacon and cheese.
    Chef salad.
    Polish sausage casserole.
    BBQ chicken and seasoned rice.
    Cashew chicken wraps.
    And the hot dog dinner at church.

    All my books are nearly done so I'll have new ones next week.
    We finished season 5 of Father Brown.


    1. Oh what a neat memory. I bet you kids had the best time - and look - you are still talking about!!!!!!
      Good deals. I really didn't need a thing. I know if I go - even not needing - I will buy.
      Happy you save the sweater. I have done the same thing before - just do it slowly and gently.
      Your meals sound so good. Right up my alley.
      Have a good week.

  6. We had a great week for deals at the grocery and it was so nice to go out and shop in cooler weather! We bought the protein for 5 meals for only 74 cents total. That is my kind of shopping!

    We are facing the remnants of a hurricane up through our area later this week so we are full out in prep mode to get the yard cleaned up and some things put away before the wind. It never fails that we prep for one and it turns but better safe than sorry. Right now we are directly in the path.

    1. Great deal on the meat - shoot that is pretty darn cheap!!!! REAL darn cheap! Great job.
      I sure hope you prepared for naught. Stay safe. Hey, if nothing happens you got some extra work done and over with!
      Prayers for your safety!!! Wishing you a good week.

  7. Your family gathering sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure the littles enjoyed their time with GG and Great Aunt Cheryl too!

    1. It was fun. They are just the cutest things. They crack me up with all they do. Nothing like hugs and kisses from them babes!
      Have a good week.

  8. Hi Cheryl, I always read your blog. My life partner sadly passed away on Tuesday after a short battle with terminal cancer. It's going to be strange without him and hard to adjust. House and my life seems so empty. Finding myself just wondering around. Can't really say much more xxx

    1. Oh dear, I am so sorry for your loss. It is totally natural to be lost and empty on every level. Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you. Just walking around aimlessly is very normal! I still have one of those days every now and then. Somedays we just can't understand life - many days. We just have to take baby steps one at a time - and slowly try to heal.
      I am glad you are here. Please know that you will have many, many people praying for you.
      Please visit with us and follow along - maybe you will get a smile or two along the way, for a moment or two.

  9. Here in Fla. it's sunny, hot and 92 degrees. The entire state is on Hurricane watch since it's too early for experts to tell us what part of state will get landfall. Nonetheless we are starting to pack to evacuate. I have a newer house made of vinyl and Styrofoam and always go to a RedCross shelter or head north till it "blows" over. If we lose power for long, I will lose alot of frozen meat and veggies. Price for living in paradise (?) I guess. Prayers welcomed.

    1. I sure hope you and all others living in Fla. are safe. You are very smart going to a shelter - or just leaving the area. You need to be safe.
      I hope you don't lose power or anything else. I love Fla. it is beautiful - but I will take the cold over hurricanes any day!
      Prayers for your safely - here's to a good week!

  10. Such a happy picture of your brother--who'll be in my prayers--and his great-grands! What fun! Nice to hear that Adi and Remi are doing better. I'll continue to pray for them, too.

    You had a busy week! At least it reads that way to me. With the help of our son, Hubs made serious headway in the "yard". We had a huge load of cinder (lava rock) delivered; some will be used to extend the driveway to make a turnaround, but some is being spread over heavy duty landscape fabric around the house to aid with drainage issues (all angled away from the house). I've kept busy in the house. Meals have been simple and homemade.

    Have a wonderful week! --Elise
    P.S. Prayers, too for the reader who lost a life partner this week.

    1. It is a happy picture!!!! Thank you for your continued prayers.
      Great strides on the yard. I think just doing the normal stuff keeps us all busy - it comes so natural, I don't even think about it.
      Have a great one!

  11. Thank you for posting the picture of your grandchildren. They are SO adorable! I enlarged your picture of them and their sweet faces made my day! Glad to hear that Adi and Remi are doing so well. Prayers and love to your brother Dick, may he have successful oral surgery and a COMPLETE and SPEEDY recovery!

    1. They are actually my nieces and nephews, and my brother's grands. I love them all so much!
      The girls have done incredible - still many obstacles to conquer, but marching forward!
      I sure hope Dick recovers nicely and quickly. Thanks!

  12. Nothing quite like sitting on the porch enjoying the cooler weather. Sounds like you had a lovely week, Cheryl. I’ll say a prayer for your brother.

  13. We’ve got the same abrupt weather change here! Put an extra blanket on the bed and wearing extra layers to prevent turning the heat on. Put the basement dehumidifier off for winter. Putting the garden to bed and also cleared back some weeds and tree branches with the pole trimmer. Good exercise!!! Leftovers for dinner tonight and this weekend - chili and homemade pizza.
    The littles are adorable and I’ll keep Dick in prayer. - Carol

    1. It sure changed quickly! I have been doing the same things. Haven't turned off the dehumidifier yet. Good work and free exercise - can't beat it!!!!
      Mmmm chili and pizza - YUM.
      Thank you!

  14. What a fun time! Yes, precious memories indeed.

    1. Indeed. They are only little for such a short time and so much darn fun. Love them.

  15. After a very emotional week and then a week of trying to get gravel moved, I was very ready for a quiet weekend. I am loving the cooler temperatures and slowly finishing the harvesting of the garden.

    God bless.

    1. Sending you hugs. Life sure has a way of kicking us in the bum sometimes. Hope things have smoothed out for you. These temps are simply lovely. Take good care.

  16. How do you even start to learn cooking and shopping for one. Lot's in the freezer and cupboards but we used to spend so much time in the kitchen making food. I'm lost. Clayre x

    1. Clarye - it is a long process. I first just ate soup from a can, sandwiches or just snacked. I realized that wasn't the healthiest for me. I started cooking pretty much the same as I did when Glen was here but kept it pretty simple. I would eat leftovers for a couple days or package and refreeze for another day. Make sure you mark those bowls or packages - so it isn't a guessing game.
      I then gradually started cooking a little less each time. It has been 3 1/2 years and believe me when I tell you, I am still learning and trying to move forward. There are still shows I no longer watch or things I don't buy, because it was a thing we enjoyed together. I get stuck very often, I cry, I get lonely, YEP! But I know I am here for 'some' special reason, so I just keep going forward - one foot at a time. One moment at a time. Then one day at a time.
      Saturday it was a good day for me to be with family, as it was Glen's birthday. I started out sad, and then at the cookout, my adult nieces and nephews all started sharing their favorite G stories. We laughed and even cried a bit. But we only hurt because we have loved. If we hadn't loved - it wouldn't bother us!
      You have the gift of memories. You had a life together that will always be with you.
      I am just so sad for you. I wish I could take away your pain, but we each have to deal with this someday. There are several ladies on here who are now alone, so feel free to ask questions or spill your heart when needed. HUGS