Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This morning I went up to the polling place and voted - not that I think it matters one iota!!  I am very cynical about our voting in this nation.  But that's another story entirely!

After voting I decided to run up to Aldi for milk.  I go by 2 Kroger  in that area - and of course I can NOT drive by a Kroger without going in and checking out the clearance section.
Just so you know - we have 4 Kroger stores within about 10 minutes of our house, and each is either being  remodeled or being rebuilt.  Kroger no longer wants back stock in their stores - so clearance has been wonderful lately, especially with all the remodeling.
I stopped at Aldi and 2 different Kroger stores today.

I am getting ahead of myself again!  I DID get some awesome deals which I will tell you about in Frugal Happenings on Sunday.

The story is about ACTIONS - our and others.  In the last store I stopped in, I find a few clearance deals.  I got into line behind a gal using W.I.C..  I totally didn't think about stores being busy today with S.N.A.P. and W.IC. (3rd of month here).
I was in no hurry and only had a handful of items.  I don't do self - check EVER!

The gal in front of me seems so demure and embarrassed about using W.I.C.  She looked like she was trying to wear blinders so no one would see her, with her head down.  Another cashier came up to me and very LOUDLY said "I'll take you down on 10, that lady has W.I.C. and she'll be here a while".  Oh crap - no you didn't just basically scream that for all to hear!
My response was that I was in no hurry, had my stuff on the beltway, and I would wait.  Thanks anyway.

The gal in front had found 3 gallons of milk marked down to $1 each, and she  had fresh fruit and veggies that were marked down as well.  To break the ice for this poor sweet child - I said "Man did you luck out today".  She looked at me shyly and puzzled.  I told her how great her deals were with all those markdowns and how wonderful it was that she could get extra for being so smart and shopping wisely.  She started to smile!
I told her to look at my stuff - it all had clearance stickers on it too.  I said I think it's just downright SMART to get the best deals you can and to stretch your money as far as possible.
Well, by the end of her transactions she was holding her head up and she was grinning.
She bent towards me and whispered "thank you".
I told her I hoped the rest of her day would be blessed.


Just remember - words and actions speak volumes.


  1. So sweet, It brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Hi! How wonderful for you to do that for that girl! It looked like she was trying her best to stretch her money. Nancy