Monday, November 2, 2015

November Musings

Oh what a beautiful morning......Oh what a beautiful day!!!!
I wish I could sing, because I would be singing that old song at the top of my lungs.  What a lovely day we awake to.  It is to get into the 70's today and the next few days.

This is my view from my front porch looking to the East in my neighborhood.  Sure is pretty.

This was last evening looking to the West from the porch.  WOW!  The oranges and pinks were just stunning.  I happened to look around and there were dozens of neighbors standing outside looking to the sky.  It was magnificent - pictures can't do it justice.

Now that Halloween is over, is it time for us all to get into holiday mode! 
It is time to start thinking menus, gifts, decorating,  donations, etc.  I truly don't understand why adults buy adults gifts.  Most adults can afford what they want when they want it, - and if they can't, they shouldn't expect someone else to buy it!  I love the idea of food for adults.  Most of my family has finally gotten into that mindset as well.  If we don't give actual food, then food gift cards are given.   My logic is  - everyone has to eat!  Why not make it fun?

I try to save the actual gift buying for the kids.  They get into the excitement of it all.  However we do not spend a lot on the kids and I keep the gifts simple, as they get gifts from all kinds of people.  Kids end up with WAY too much.
If you have children or grandchildren - now is the time that they should be cleaning out their rooms and toy areas of all those items they no longer use (good condition) and those things should be donated to shelters or churches to be gifted to children who may not get Christmas otherwise.   Closets need to be cleaned as well of all those clothes they no longer wear.

I just can not imagine what would go through a child's mind that gets no gifts.  Why didn't Santa come to them?  Are they not deserving?  It makes me want to cry.  NO CHILD should do without at least something small at Christmas.

Now it is not just the kids that should get busy.  We should all clean out coat closets, and donate any unused coats, scarves, hats, etc.  Clean out your clothes closets and donate.  Do you have too much stuff just taking up space around the house?  Donate it.

Our local church up the road, collects and donates to families at Christmas, more than just the food pantry they do every month.
I always go to Dollar Tree and buy color books, story books, small toys, and I also get lotions, faux perfumes, bath gels, socks, gloves, hats, etc. to donate.  The smallest thing, could just makes someone's day or week brighter.

I even have a lot of canned cat food that NONE of the cats will have anything to do with.  I guess it's just not their flavor!  I plan on donating that to the pantry up the road, as people hard on their luck, often have pets as well.  We can't forget the fur babies!
This was Coogy's response when I said I was donating some of his food!  Note the little pink tongue!  Stingy kitty.  Haha

I hope each of you look within your heart and home and find some items that may bless someone else this holiday season.
Not only should we be thinking of our family get-togethers, but of strangers as well.  It is the right thing to do.

Let's all get busy and have a great holiday season.  If we do most of the planning and work now - we can truly sit back and enjoy the real meaning of the season.
Blessings all.


  1. You betcha! I will go through our coat closet tonight, skyping with the daughters of course, and making a donation to Goodwill.

    Our Halloween was again low key. I spent $4.76 on candy and we got 9 trick or treaters. The Good Man has been enjoying the leftovers! It was killed years ago by a group ‘Take Back the Night.’ This was about the same time my Catholic priest said to go ahead and enjoy Halloween because we all have a bit of the dark side to us, and acknowledging it with costumes and candy is fine. It has been sad to see the neighborhood draw into themselves as a result. It was always so much fun to make sure before the hard winter set in that our elderly and ailing neighbors were all right. And to catch up with new mothers and new elementary kids while ours were all grown, well, I miss Halloween.

    Thanksgiving we will do at home. I think a small turkey breast and a small ham is in order. We will have five, maybe six for dinner. That will help with expenses and preserve my own energy, the long weekend is a good time to get things done, but not if I am baking and doing dishes the whole time!

    Christmas is in the air for sure! and I must take a look at the budget on that! I see from the excel file that we are ¼ of the way to max. If I can finish some projects, then perhaps I can only go to 75% of the budgeted amount and save the other 25% for after Christmas sales. With the new medicine giving me more energy, I think I’ll be able to stay awake at night and work on them.

    Looks like Coogy wants to know what is in his Christmas stocking this year?!

  2. I am like you and miss the socializing that used to happen with Halloween. It was a good time for the adults as well as the kids.

    We may have just the 2 of us for Thanksgiving or it could be up 7 or 8. I will know closer to the date. Doesn't matter I will cook the same amount. I love leftovers, and if someone doesn't show up - I will send food to them.

    Glad the new meds are helping with energy and diet.

  3. Just have to tell you I love, love, love that sunset!

    1. Thank you! Coming from such a photographer, it's a bigger compliment!