Sunday, November 29, 2015

Frugal happenings 11/29

Happy last Sunday in November.  This year will be over before you know it.  It seems like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are gone in a flash.

I keep hearing about all these people who went shopping and how much money they saved.  50%, 60%, and more.   Guess what?  I saved 100% because I stayed home and bought nothing!!!
I am sure there were a great many deals to be had, but most people buy to be buying.  People need to remember the HUGE difference between WANTS and NEEDS!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  We have been partaking in leftovers for a couple days, but the nice part has been no cooking.
Tonight I making cube steaks and we will finish the last little bits of mashed potatoes and dressing along with a green salad.  We so need a salad after all that heavy food!!!

How has your week been?  Mine was very frugal and pretty non-eventful!
  • I went to the feed store on Monday and got a 60 ear bag of squirrel corn and a 50 lb. bag of black oil sunflower seeds with my punch cards for FREE!!!!!  I bought a couple other items but those freebies had a value of $40!  WOOHOO
  • I had a half tank of gas, but took advantage of the lower gas prices.  With my small discount I paid 1.49/gal.!!  I guess I did right - as prices have started rising again.
  • We still have 5 garden tomatoes left and will be using a couple tonight in salad
  • Eating and re-inventing leftovers.  We made turkey Manhattans one night, had sandwiches, put some dressing in the waffle maker to crisp the outside up (YUM),  had regular turkey and ham dinner twice, and most of the rest of the meat is in the freezer in bags for soup, beans, etc.
  • Did a bit of decorating with things we have here at home.
Like I said - not very eventful, but frugal.

Notice my "leg lamp" behind the couch.  The Christmas Story is probably one of my favorite Christmas shows.

My large Christmas bowl (I bought for 50 cents last year) filled with wrapped candies for the season, along with my candy salt & pepper shakers on the dining room table.

That's about it for me.  I hope you have had a frugal week.  I hope you all have a great upcoming week, and for those who have to tromp out to a job - STAY SAFE.

Let us know how you are doing, and hopefully we will all get a new idea or two from one another.
God bless each of you.


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    1. Thank you. I love it too - adds a bit of whimsy!

      Thanks for visiting - please come again!

  2. Hi Cheryl, love the leg lamp! We will soon have A Christmas Story playing 24/7 in the background as we laze around and enjoy the holidays together. It is a true classic! Do you keep the lamp out all year long or is it a holiday decoration only?

    1. I used to get it out just for Christmas - but I left it out all year this past year. It's not huge and sets out of the way on the pedestal table - I enjoy it.

  3. I have five tiny, tiny tomatoes that will ripen this week, they will make a topping with Italian dressing for the last of the lettuce we have. I did take a gander at the lettuce in pots from the stumps I planted and by the New Year I think we’ll have fresh greens again. I have three deep pots outdoors to bring in and plant with some other greens, plant now and maybe by February we’ll have the next batch of greens. These greens we will do by seeding, probably some mesclun mix.

    Great idea on crisping the bread stuffing, if only we had some left! We had two giant pans of it and when I looked this morning to put some in my packed lunch, alas! Enough only to scoop up in a finger pinch and enjoy stove side. I best get the turkey frozen before it gets all gone too. I do have eight quarts of consommé to freeze in bags. And there is the bone broth cooling on the deck to dry in the oven and grind and save for the pup, come March we will be glad to have it to add to her kibble. We are stretching the kibble with kitchen scraps.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I have 2 quarts of turkey broth in the fridge that I need to freeze. I wrapped the turkey carcass and stuck it in the freezer, so I will cook it down later. I also saved the ham bone (with lots of morsels on it) and froze it.

  4. The best frugals for me this long weekend were to knit up a storm, in the car in the dark no less! A pair of birthday gift arm socks done and delivered. A colorful cowl done and to be delivered this coming Sunday for a birthday. Another cowl for my sister who was visiting, she wore it home. A third cowl for a Christmas gift done while accompanying a friend to Pittsburgh to deliver her daughter to the airport for her trip back to the west coast. And some headbands planned for in-law gifts. I was going to bake but I am baked out completely after this weekend! Plus there is no butter left in the house but one two pound roll to last us until March if I can.

    I am doing the pantry challenge again. Four months of no grocery stores excepting milk and what my husband might want (soda pop). We do have a rain check for a reduced price so that will help saving $2 over the normal price. I am continually amazed when people say, but it’s just a few pennies. Well, here is something to think about…on another blogger post: “I am taking care of the pence so the pounds take care of themselves.”

    1. So correct. Pennies make dollars - it all adds up. That's why I ALWAYS pick up change when I see it on the ground - free money.

      I may have to get a couple things in Dec. but not much. I know I will purchase corned beef towards the end of month for our NY Day dinner. It's a tradition.
      I plan to start my year with no shopping.

  5. Hi Cheryl, You do so well at being frugal and I love reading Ellen MB's comments too. Wish she had a blog. She sounds so frugal and quite a knitter. That is a great price on gas. The cheapest I saw today was $1.90 something. Do you plan a month worth of meals and menu? Thanks for sharing! Nancy

    1. Nancy thanks for the compliment. Oh, I wish I was organized enough to meal plan a month ahead, even a week ahead!!! I do good to know a day ahead. I just have enough stuff on hand, that fixing meals is easy. Now I do have to plan when meat needs to thaw - but that's about it.

      I think Ellen is working hard on getting ahead for when she retires one of these days. She's a sweetheart.

  6. Thanks Cheryl! I do try very hard to be responsible after years of not being so. Nancy, I go in spurts, right now it is knitting. Next it will be sewing, then scrapbooking, then the good weather months on the yard. Such is my life cycle.

    I tried doing weekly menu plans but something always interfered so it is good enough for me to make sure I have five or six easy to prepare meals and on weekends I do one long meal with many sides and hence leftovers to feed on come draggin' Mondays.

    Retirement is frightening for me but only as far as health care costs go. Yes we have Medicare and Medicaid and all, and I must remind myself to take a less worrisome approach by trusting like a sparrow at times.