Thursday, November 5, 2015

Aldi - Holidays

Good afternoon all.  Hope this day is finding you in good health and spirits!

Today I want to talk about Aldi.  If you have one in close proximity to you, be sure to take advantage of it this holiday season.
They have so many special items that can only be had till shortly after the first of the year, and let me tell you, many of them are wonderful!
They have their Holiday booklet available at the front of each store (by exit door).  There are many yummy specials.

I most generally buy my ham there, as their spiral sliced hams are usually the cheapest around.  I absolutely LOVE desserts at the holidays, but don't always feel like baking them after doing all the other food.  I do make cookies and candy at Christmas, and I do make my pecan pie - other than that I buy them at Aldi.
They have the BEST cheesecake sampler imaginable.  It is sliced and you get 3 slices of 4 different topped cheesecake pieces for like 8.99.  We sure don't eat it all at once, so I freeze the remaining slices, and we have treats for a long time.  Trust me, frozen cheesecake is heavenly!

For those that drink alcohol. they have many special lagers, ales, and hard ciders available at very reasonable prices.  They also have a great assortment of domestic and international wines.  The prices are quite good.   They even have their own brand of flavored Irish creams.

They carry about every item you could possibly need for baking and for MUCH less than traditional grocery stores (excluding super sales).
If you like specialty items to serve at the holidays you can get Biscotti, Stollen, Baklava, gourmet truffles, and a huge variety of cookies and candies for pennies compared to other stores.
We have some specialty stores in our area, and the prices they charge for breads and sweets is out of this world.  The quality of Aldi brands that I have purchased in the past, has been wonderful.

There are many types of cheeses, crackers and meats available for appetizers.  They have a bigger assortment to choose from during the holidays.
They also have everything you would need for your traditional or non-traditional holiday meals.
The one thing I have found to be MORE expensive than other stores during the holidays is turkey.  They never seem to have the great deals other stores do.

I just love this store, and it where I buy the bulk of my groceries any more, except all the clearance items I get at Kroger and pet food - my kitties don't like the Aldi brand!

Be sure to watch the ads for the other grocery stores as well.  Now is the time to stock up on sale items.  There are going to be some fantastic prices in the next few weeks, as every store in town wants your business.  They get mine but only for their specials!!!!  Odd are they aren't making much off me!

Be vigilant and pay attention to holiday pricing and stock up when possible.  The items you purchase for pennies now, will only COST MORE later!
Be willing to try something new this year.  If you haven't given Aldi a try, think about it.  Good food for good prices.
You can even go to their web site at WWW.ALDI.US for a lot of specialty recipes.

NOTE:  I get nothing for mentioning this store - I just like them!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Hi Cheryl, I do shop at Aldi's and really like it! I have their Home for the Holidays baking book volume 1. I like to be frugal. Gardening is done for this year and I am making a few things for Christmas gifts. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy. Glad to have you stop by. Frugal just makes since to me - being a good steward of our money! I see you are living in Indiana as well. Welcome to Frugal Corner!!!!!

    2. thanks Nancy for posting about this cookbook and thank you Cheryl for bringing this up, we have to drive to Altoona to get Aldi's but it is worth the trip, I hadn't realized they had so much to offer in the way of Holiday offerings!

  2. An update to my Christmas work...I got a skirt, two travel purses, and some mending done over the weekend. The daughters will get the clothing items. Even though my good Bernina is in the shop (again, I am so so so so done with mending jeans on it), I used my mothers old straight stitch Singer to do the gifts sewing and the mending.

  3. It was weird, because it felt like I spent a whole lot of money this weekend, when in reality all I did was make things I had previously bought supplies for. I am learning that it can be gratifying to complete projects and recover previous expenses too.