Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Good morning all.  I have a turkey bird in the oven, celery and onions chopped for dressing, cheese cake is ready, and getting ready to vacuum a little.
I do my turkey the day before, so I have room for the ham and dressing in the oven on Thanksgiving.
I am sure you are all busy getting ready for tomorrow's festivities.  Don't overdo it - remember to just enjoy and be thankful as well.
If you go out on Black Friday - don't over spend.  Look for the deals and stay frugal my friends.


The year is drawing to a close,
Thanksgiving Day is here......
The day the Pilgrims set aside
For gratitude and cheer.

God-fearing men, they gave to us
A heritage so vast;
Hearts full of love, we point with pride
To all Thanksgivings past.

With tables loaded as of yore
With turkey and other food galore,
Loved ones and friends stand
And give thanks to God through the land.

Succeeding years have seen us grow
To a nation big and strong,
With the help of God, of valiant men
Have kept their vigil long.

Continually striving we must be
For freedom from aggression,
The dignity of man we must protect,
Our homes, our cherished possession.

Thanksgiving Day.....a fitting day
For each one to express
Our love for God and gratitude
For all that we possess.
Ina Englert

I wish each and everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.  May your travels be safe.  I am so thankful to have each of you in my life.  G and I are truly blessed.
May God bless you and this country.


  1. Hi! Our daughter is cooking the turkey and I think she does it the day before also. How many are you having for dinner? I will not be going out for Black Friday. I don't like crowds! Have a nice day tomorrow! Nancy

    1. We just had 4 here. Sent goodies home with the others too.

  2. Hope you and family had a blessed Thanksgiving.. We had a wonderful time with our children/granchildren