Sunday, November 15, 2015

Frugal Happenings 11/15

Hello everyone.  I hope this finds you all well and happy.
It's been a relatively uneventful week here on the home front. 

I did get a lot of deep cleaning done.  OH MY - is all I can say.  I think we all have those areas that MAYBE we get to once or twice a year - well boy oh boy did they need cleaning.
I also got a chance to clean up some more leaves at weeks end.  Out to the garden they went.

We had some frightful weather for a couple days this week.  The wind was awful and we had rain and more rain.  Most of the trees are now barren of leaves.
Yesterday morning it was in the 20's when we got up.  I had some errands to run, and actually put on 'proper' shoes for the first time since April!  I HATE SHOES.  Odds are I won't put them back on for at least a week or two, as the temps will be moderating.  Give me my sandels and I am a happy girl!!

I did get to another bazaar yesterday.  This is a big one that I always look forward too.  Sadly the two ladies I was really hoping to buy from this year, weren't there.  They have been at the shows for years.  Of course I don't know their names, so I am just out on what I intended to buy (no one else had those items).  However, I did get a couple of other cute homemade gifts.
I also ran to Kroger and Kohls since I was in the area.

My weekly frugal accomplishments;
  • I stayed home for 6 days straight!  No money or gas used.
  • At my Kohls' visit I had a $10 off $10 purchase coupon and they were having a sale.  I never shop there, except for those coupons.  I got a 5 pack of nail polish, 4 pack lip gloss, and a purse size scented hand sanitizer all for a whopping  51 cents!!!!!  Not a bad gift for a pre-teen.
  • At Kroger I did get a 22 pound bird at .69 lb..  That baby is huge.  With the purchase of the turkey I also got $5 off a ham purchase.  I had to do a lot of wrangling to get that bird in one of the freezers - but it's done.
  • Meals all from scratch
  • I made crockpot baked apples last Sunday.  So easy and yummy!  Had some older apples that needed to be used - and what a good use for them!
  • Other than meats for T-day, I didn't really buy weekly groceries again.  I did get 4 more pounds of butter for the freezer (I am set for about a year), milk, cottage cheese and sour cream (for the holidays).
I could have waited to see if turkeys would be cheaper at the end of this coming week, but .69 is good for our area this year.  Turkeys are supposed to be running about 20 cents a pound higher this year due to the bird flu earlier in the year.
IF I do find turkey cheaper later on, I will buy another.  I still have one plus 2 or 3 turkey breasts in the freezer from last year (plus we ate a few during the year!).  I always buy a new one if I think we might be having guests.
I figure with the price being so good at Thanksgiving time - it's crazy not to get a few.  The price is cheaper than lunchmeat and it's healthy too.
Sooooooo if you have the extra storage space - stock up kiddos!

Now is the time to watch the holiday sales and take advantage if you can.  Prices will only be higher later on. 
The events that happened in Paris this week, is another example as to why you need to be prepared for about anything.  Everything there is closed or being monitored and the borders have been closed.  If all shipments into our country and all travel was restricted, we would have no extra supplies in stores.  We would have to rely on what we have at home.  BE PREPARED

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Just one more week, and most of you will have a shortened work week!  Take care and God bless.

Please keep the people of the recent act of terror in your thoughts and prayers.
Peace my friends.


  1. Hi Cheryl, You are doing well! Butter for a year! I have some ahead but have no idea how much to stock of it for a year. How many did you? I freeze mine and even thought I have two freezes in the garage and the refrigerator freezer it seems like there is not that much extra room! Nancy

    1. You just need to figure out how much you use per week or month, then times it out. I have an upright, chest, and fridge freezer. I keep my butter in the freezer too, except for mostly unsalted out now, for holiday baking.

  2. Same here, Nancy!

    I have been wearing my thick wool socks with my clogs since October 1st! Cold feet, never! Do you hate shoes because they are hot and uncomfortable? I seem to always stub my toe on something in sandals.

    Work is on my mind lately. So much so I have been dreaming about it! When I wake up it seems like I should get a whole other weekend than the one I just had, LOL! On the home front, I went to the garage to look for a skirt for the Christmas train table. I found so many other unfinished projects, I just might not be able to die in 25 years or so because I still will be working on them! All that backlog gave me such a start that I went inside and laid down to gather some energy for the next house task.

    1. I am laughing right now! Such a start that you needed a nap!
      We ALL have many unfinished projects I assure you.

  3. We canned 16 quarts and 14 pints of sauerkraut this weekend. Home canned is so sweet and mild and I love it. I learned how to make crisp (and not oily) potato pancakes by watching a video from America’s Test Kitchen. The potato pancakes were great with the home canned applesauce, home canned sauerkraut, and sour cream.

    The Good Man has been busy filling holes in the yard and moving compost piles around. He will be trimming the raspberry canes this week too. The gutters remain to be done. We are going to try a leaf blower he got from his parents’ place. I get to rake up the debris from below.

    1. Good going on the kraut. I just LOVE home made. Ours is delicious too. Oh my goodness - kraut and potato pancakes together! YUM

  4. Those were nice frugals you got and it was also a great reminder to pick up some turkey breasts for the freezer. We smoked one a month ago and it was terrific. There is a quart of turkey broth vegetable soup from a couple weeks ago (when I had to make room in the freezer so cooked a last year’s turkey) in the fridge that needs to be used up, could boil it up tonight and make some corn muffins to go with.

    My Amazon prime student membership is expiring so I have to say goodbye to that, no more instant ordering. I suppose I can get my daughters to order for me and I will reimburse them. It will be savings for us as it adds an extra step and no more impulse buying (like the train set of figures for the train table at $22 !).