Friday, November 20, 2015

Get ready .......get set..............

It is less than a week till Thanksgiving.  Are you READY?

I have bought both a ham and turkey this year.  Most everything else I either had, or have acquired over time.  Potatoes - check,  dressing stuff - check,  noodles - check,  rolls - check,  ingredients for pecan pie - check, green beans (from garden) - check,  whipped cream - check, and what ever else I want to fix.
Sounds kind of carb laden doesn't it?  Oh well, it's the holiday.

Last week we were watching Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and they had visited a place here in town.  The restaurant always served noodles and mashed potatoes on the same meal.  Guy thought that was crazy!!!  He had never heard of having both at the meal - double carbs in his words.  The owner said it must be a mid-west thing then!      That is how we grew up - both were always served together.  Is it an Indiana thing?????  Do any of you from other parts of the country do this as well?
Just curious!

I have worked at trying to get a lot of the Christmas done as well.  Shouldn't have a lot to do after turkey day this year.
I truly think I could have bought the entire dinner for less than $25 if I had left out one meat.

Hope you are getting to that ready point, so that all systems will be a go for Thursday.  Enjoy your weekend and stay frugal friends.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I grew up in Michigan and I wouldn't think of serving noodles and mashed potatoes together but since living in IN I am becoming use to the idea although have never done it! Nancy

    1. It sure is funny how different regions have different customs.

  2. Out my way(Oregon) I have never heard of serving noodles and mashed potatoes together either.
    I don't know of any quirky food things we have out West. Just lots of craft beers.
    I do know a traditional Alaskan Indian dinner is Salmon, white rice and corn.
    Only cause we had it when we were there.
    Myself I'm not one to serve so many carbs but Thanksgiving is the exception.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes - oh my!!!!! Got to love some sweets at the holidays.

      I have a friend here who always serves white rice and fried potatoes at the same meal. I think that is odd. She said her mom did it, and so does she!
      It is funny on all the odd things we get used to.

      I like mashed potatoes whenever I serve sauerkraut - family thing.

    2. I think farm families here in Pa do a lot of carbs, but my mother did two vegetables and one carb with a meat. At Thanksgiving we do two carbs and three veggies and of course, SWEETS! Pies and cakes and cookies and ice cream and whipped cream and I always like jello if I am too full from the dinner.