Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Bit of THIS and THAT and DID YOU KNOW to Save

There are so many little ways to save a bit of money in our everyday lives.  Also a lot of ways to recycle things, so we don't continue to clog the landfills.
Today will be a little of this and a little of that.  Hope you find something you can use!

  • Heavy water stained porcelain sinks are easily cleaned with a nice heavy thick toilet bowl cleaner.  Spread the cleaner on the sink - let it sit for about 5 minutes - and wipe away those heavy water deposits.
  • Rub white chalk on ANY grease stain (rub it in well) and then launder.  Grease washes out.
  • We all know baking soda is good for cleaning - I love it to make chrome faucets sparkle.  It works really well (I use the old stuff)
  • Lids - wonderful lids.  So many are inter-changeable.  I save lids from parmesan cheese jars, lids from jar candles (when jar can't be cleaned well enough), and squirt bottle tops and even screw on tops from pop bottles.  They all work well for new ideas.
Those candle jars lids fit perfectly on wide mouth jars, parmesan lids fit regular mason jars.  Squirt lids fit individual water/pop bottles.  Regular lids will screw on many squirt bottles

  • Put a couple of candle melts (or candle scraps) into a small jar.  Add a lid with several holes poked in it.  Place in your cars cup holder and in warm/sunny weather you have a great car air freshener
  • Check you medicine cabinet/medicinal storage area/health & beauty - Odds are you have more than one bottle of the same thing opened!  Combine and have less clutter.
  • I bet everyone's garage has a stiff old paint brush (I have a few).  Place them in a bowl of vinegar for 30 minutes and they soften right up.
  • If you get permanent marker on your clothes - rub  hand sanitizer into the mark then launder - all gone!

Did you know?
Annie's Mac N Cheese is the same as Trader Joe's
Kirkland (Costco) Signature batteries are made by Duracell
Great Value spices are actually McCormick (packaging is all that is different)

Great Value canned veggies are Green Giant
Wal-Mart frozen dessert topping is Cool Whip
Aldi's frozen breaded chicken strips are Tyson Foods
Kroger brand American Deluxe Cheese slices are made by Kraft

Save a few dollars and buy store brands.  So many times they are manufactured by the same plants as brand names - just different labeling!
Read your labels!

An easy way to save for a special item or to start kids out saving - or just plain old save THE EASY WAY - do this!
Save a penny for whatever day it is in the year.
1 penny day one.  5 pennies day 5.  1.00 for day 100.  2.00 for day 200 and 3.65 on the last day of the year.  You will end up with $667.95 saved with NO effort at all.
Odds are you could easily double that and ADD an easy $1,335.90 to your emergency or fun fund.

Get creative with your saving/emergency fund plan.  Save  'the penny plan way'.  Save ALL your change.  Save dollar bills you receive for change.  Some people save fives.  Some save dimes or quarters.
Figure out what works for you and something that is easy.  You will be amazed how much you can save.  It all adds up.
DON'T FORGET - buying cheap or getting free items for your pantry is also creative savings!!!!!!  Those savings are truly money in the bank. 

Happy saving!


  1. I love this post. That save a penny plan is great, I think it would be fun to start. I have no idea how much is in my pig bank, but I have almost $300.00 just saving my $5 bills.

    1. Thank you. I know - how easy to save!!!! I think it would be a neat way to teach kids as well (or those adults who don't have a clue!)
      I am a big change saver.

  2. Oooh I didn't know that about softening paintbrushes. Glad I couldn't bring myself to throw them out! Thank you :-)

    1. Give it a try - it should work for you.
      Same here, you just hate to throw them out!

  3. Oh wow, thanks for the tips! I didn't know a lot of them, so look forward to trying them out. Thanks!

  4. Is the vinegar for hardening hard paint brushes for water based paint or oil based or both? Good post. Nancy

    1. I have used on water based, but have been told it works on both. Worth giving it a try.

  5. Great ideas! If it's ever above 20 degrees again lol, I'm definitely trying the car freshener.

    My husband used to work with a guy that worked for Hiland. He said the WM Great Value milk was from the same vat- only difference was the label.

    I tried a trick today that my old college roommate taught me. I added instant potatoes to thicken a too-runny soup. It worked great and didn't alter the taste.

    Also love the penny saving idea. It really adds up to a nice little chunk of change! Great way to save for Christmas every year. For us, it would cover Christmas AND a weekend away!!

    1. I have always kept instant potatoes on hand for thickening. It works like a wonder and you get extra vitamins in your food.

      Good idea for Christmas savings! Didn't think of that.
      I love anything that saves a little!

  6. Cheryl here in Aus we have $1 and $2 coins that are gold in colour. All other coins are silver. I save any of the gold coins. In the past I have used this saved money as my Christmas extras fund. If I needed gifts or different 'special treat' foods it came from this coin savings. We stayed at home last year and we kept the costs right down. I didnt access my coins at all. I am continuing to save the gold coins this year. I like that I have this here at home to be able to access if and when required. I think I will just keep on going with it.
    Bluey and I use a lot of store brands when they are cheaper than the named brand. Occaisionally the name brand is on special at a better price. It really is a case of knowing your prices and keeping an eye on them.
    Great post as small savings add up to large amounts over a year.

    1. That is wonderful. We each need to find that special thing that allows us to save easily. Even if you keep it back for gifts and such - you will never be broke!

      Yes mam, knowing your prices is huge. We all need to be aware. I have also seen brand names on sale for a steal. You just have to save where you can.
      Thank you

  7. I have heard of the $5 challenge and tried it but failed. Now the penny challenge is a good one...I have been saving my change but this could up the total a lot! Thanks for the idea.

  8. Saving the penny to the day is a cute idea. Never heard of that one before. Lots of great ideas here. I always try to buy store brands. They taste the same and cost less.

    1. I thought the penny idea was nifty too. How easy?
      Me too, unless I can get brands cheaper. Never had a problem with taste.

  9. I've always been pleased with Great Value brands. Great tips!

  10. Good tips Cheryl. Many many things are made in the same factory and the same product is labelled and packaged differently and sent in different directions and for wild different prices. So largely its a con and fancy packaging and marketing tricks. My girls worth worked in the cosmetic industry. Loreal and Lancome are made in the same factory and largely are the same ingredients that come out in a budget line and a luxury line. Most of it is the same stuff! Then there are the really fancy things but often there is a copy cat good as or better if we do a little research. People are put off by tagging packaging....but whatever it is I pour it into my pretty bottle or tin and voila! no one has a clue.I also have heard "oh by my family doesnt like no name brands" pfft! dont tell them! We are in charge of the shopping most often and wise decisions is our job! This is a very Merchant Ships relevant post! With love, Annabel.xxx

    1. Thanks Annabel. I agree, most times there is very little difference or any. I do the shopping, and my husband can no longer get to the pantry - so he has no idea of brands. He like it all - he says it is all about how I fix it.
      I often buy cheaper brand health and beauty products and I have never been disappointed.

      We do what we can, with what we have and appreciate it.

  11. I am the Queen of buying off brands, lol. I did not know about Great Value spices. I love/adore Great Value spices. Now, I know why. Thank you for sharing.

    I do a lot of these things too. The paintbrush thing also made me faint since I am an artist, lol. I have never ever left a paintbrush to dry with paint on it. Those are my babies I take care of them.

    1. I like off brands as well.
      I think most of us thought of paint brushes from doing household painting. Those would be the ones that would more attention at my house. I used to do a lot of craft painting, and those brushes were always clean and cared for.

  12. What a great post, Cheryl. I had no idea that all those store brands were actually name brands in disguise. I love that. :)