Thursday, February 14, 2019

Why Prep?

I know a lot of people don't like the word prepping.  They think it brings to mind images of crazies hiding in the woods, booby traps and hoarders waiting for the SHTF zombie apocalypse!!!!!  LOL

I consider myself a prepper, but not that extreme.  I want to be prepared for anything the future has to throw at me.  I was taught to live this way, I have been through lean times, and I am unsure as to what the future may bring.

I keep  what is considered a 'deep' pantry - lots more than can be used in a short time period.  I keep a good stock of all types of things.  Food, TP, pet supplies, cash, over the counter medicinal, herbs/spices, educational books, self protection, water, health and beauty, etc.
I garden - which I would do any way.  I love gardening and preserving - it has been a part of my life always.
I love re-using and recycling - finding new ways to use things.
I am pretty handy.

Have you been through bad times and in need before?
Worry about financial loss?
Worry about health issues?
Worry about the future?
Worry about weather related issues? 
Are you prepared for the long haul?

I am curious as to why others do what we do!  I think by sharing, it may give others a new insight as to reasoning or  new ideas that that was never thought of before.

What say you ?
Please share your reasons and stories.


  1. I've been doing pretty well on having stuff I need on hand. I have enough food for one for about 3 months, less if I share. ok on cat food etc. However, here in the Pacific Northwest we got slammed with 3 - 4 snowstorms in less than two weeks. A friend took me grocery shopping before it hit. I've been snowbound for about 10 days. All's well until I discovered I'd forgotten tp and kitty litter! Being a modern 83 year old I placed an order online to Walmart! The truck didn't make it until the day after it was scheduled. The order got here last night. I'm going to remedy that situation! At least I didn't have to knock on my neighbors' doors (senior apartment) to borrow t.p.

    1. Good going on ordering what you need for delivery. That is a great option, especially for times like that.
      I am glad you stay stocked up - it sure can't hurt.
      I always try to keep plenty of TP and cat litter around. I guess we could figure out something else - but who want too?

      You stay safe and warm and don't get out unless necessary in that weather.

  2. We live in a hurricane hot zone, and last year's Florence showed me how smart it is to be prepared. Our home was not damaged, but electricity was out for 6 days and water was out for 2 days. Several of our neighbors ran out of food (our area was inaccessable due to flooding, so no grocery stores available), and we fed not just ourselves, but several families with small children for about a 1 week period.
    I keep a good supply of canned goods - meats, vegetables, and fruits -- probably 6 month's worth for my family, which is just 2 people. We have a generator, and keep a good supply of gasoline during hurricane season, so we were able to keep our small chest freezer going and use our microwave,and we had a good supply of meat, which we cooked on our charcoal grill. We freeze small water bottles, and use them to keep our very large cooler cold so that we don't have to open the fridge but once day.
    We keep a good stock of batteries for flashlights, small lanterns, and fans (it is always very hot and humid after a hurricane), and a solar charger for our phones. We also have a weather radio to keep us alerted to conditions during the storm.
    A well-stocked first aid kit, lots of bottled water for drinking, and 5 gallon buckets of water for flushing toilets, bathing, and washing up dishes are essential, and after storm supplies, like a chainsaw and axe are also good to have.
    Don't forget pets and also medicines and cash.
    We actually had a neighborhood meeting after the storm, and now most in our neighborhood are prepared like we were, which will be a blessing when another storm hits.
    Please be aware of those in your area who might need help - the elderly, those with medical conditions, and those with small children.

    1. Great advice! I learn so much from this blog - Thanks, Cheryl, and others like you, Susan. I live in an apartment building (50 apts) for independent seniors. We have electric heat so I don't know what we would do if electricity went out for long. I do have an aluminum fondue pot with sterno to heat water for tea/coffee and soup. Shirley

    2. Wonderful advice for sure Susan. Having gone through that experience you have been able to educate your neighbors and us. You sound very well prepared.
      We have a whole house generator for times when electric would go out (we live in tornado country). G has medical issues and well, he may not make it without power for an extended time. It was a costly endeavor, but the peace of mind is priceless.

      We also have candles, flashlights, headlamps, batteries and a crank radio.
      Water is probably our least prepared item. We have it, and I work on it - but it could get low quickly. Luckily in summer we have rain barrels.
      Thanks you so much for your story and your great advice.

    3. Shirley, I would hope the apartment complex would have some sort of back up (generator) or something since it is a senior complex. That might be something to ask about. Or perhaps they would have a central area where you could all meet and stay warm with a small generator.
      I sure hope they have taken some measure to protect their residents, especially since everyone is senior.

      Make sure you always have lots of warm socks, coats, hats, etc. on hand and NEVER get rid of a blanket or quilt. They could sure be used to keep you and your fur baby warm.

    4. Unfortunately, Cheryl, they don't. I've tried to get the Manager to put in a supply of water for emergencies - falls on deaf ears. As for the other things you mentioned - I've got it covered. Well....I'll add an emergency supply of toilet paper and kitty litter. ;) It's starting to warm up!

    5. That is a shame. You'd sure think they would want to protect their residents.
      Warmer weather is a plus in a disaster (well not too hot).

  3. Our religion has always taught preparedness. Hubs and I could survive for over one year on what we have stored. It would not be fun, the good stuff would run out in about 3 months and then it would be beans, rice, and wheat, but we would survive until we could plant.

    1. I think it is wonderful that you have been taught that throughout your life. I am guessing you are LDS - I love their lessons on such things.
      It is so wise to be prepared.

      I think beans and rice are good things - but I guess not as a main menu item everyday. I have always said that too - we would eat very well for quite some time - then we might be down to tomatoes, pickles and biscuits with jelly. But that is OK in my book - we wouldn't starve for sure!

      I think if we rationed meat and the 'good' stuff with all the basics we would be fine for a long while.

      Good job.

  4. I prep so that my family and loved ones will always have food to eat. I have been poor, I have been underemployed, I have lived through natural disasters and medical emergencies. I have always had food to feed my family. When there is no money to buy groceries we still ate. When Super Storm Sandy hit and there was no power at stores and no gas to get trucks of food in, we still ate. When my 13 year old ended up In the ICU and hospital for 11 days, we still ate and didn't have to waste time at a store. When my friend's dad went into a coma and her kitchen had been torn out 2 days before, I had plenty of food to feed her family. When I was out on disability for 6 months and couldn't drive because of health reasons, we were fine. Hubby had to go to the store occasionally but not weekly. When a snow storm approaches, I am home while others are emptying the shelves at the store. It is another emergency fund or insurance policy to me. Also, in the long run it save me money. I pay the best possible prices because I don't need anything right away.

    1. I wrote a post about my food storage last year if anyone is interested.

    2. Thank you for the testimony - that is the kind of thing people need to hear. You gals can give more info than I possibly can. Experience speaks loudly.

      You should be proud and I am sure your family is as well.
      It does save money - you are so right. I love getting those low, low deals - it's money in the bank!

    3. I am going to check out the post. Thanks

  5. Hmm I dont see myself as a prepper. I do keep enough to keep us going if needed. This has happened on more than one occassion, think cyclones and illness. I see being prepared being more than just food. We always have fuel in tins and the generator full if required for a power outage. I always have extra thread, needles and fabric for basic repairs.
    I do need to build up my frozen meals. These were fantastic when Bluey was in hospital and I was spending three hours travelling to and from to see him. It meant that I could eat food I liked and not think about take away which I dont like.
    Great post.

    1. Thanks Jane. You are so right that it is more than food. We need to plan for all different emergencies in MANY different ways. We need to plan for anything.
      I am glad you know you are ready and you have planned ahead. It sure has paid off.

  6. I am a prepper because I was a street kid. Prepping is safety to me. I feel secure having a well stocked safe home. I do worry about financial loss because I have been through it when my Dad died and my Mom abandoned me right after. I was only sixteen. Yes, I do tend to worry about the future again because of the trauma of losing my Dad after he was murdered and then being abandoned. I guess I am a prepper because of tragedy and abuse. I know that's probably not the reasons what people want to read. Maybe, it could help somebody else that might feel shamed or afraid of prepping because of bad things in their past.

    1. Every person has their own reason. You certainly have shown us one that we may not think of. I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I can not imagine how traumatic that had to be.
      You are a survivor for sure. You give most of us a new perspective of WHY.
      I truly appreciate you sharing your stories to help others. That is what we all should be doing.

      Keep on prepping!

  7. I prep for a year because I worry about economic collapse. Also, it's great to not have to run to the store for every little thing.

    1. It is so nice!!!! You just never know what may happen.
      Also, what you have in pantry today costs less than what it will cost in a year! It's like a personal savings account to me!

  8. I love all this info! I have a well stocked pantry because I live in hurricane country (Florida).

    A little off-topic, but a few posts ago you were talking about Aldi coffee...and several of you said how good it was. Was it the big can with the white label? The Aldi Basic, I think it was called? Wanted to check before I bought it.

    Love your blog, Cheryl...

    1. Aahhh thank you for the kind words. I am glad to hear you are well stocked as well.
      That is the one we get, unless Kroger or Sav A Lot has a brand name really cheap. Hubs says it is as good as brand name.

  9. My coffee snob bestie loves Aldi coffee. I don't know which one. I had a pretty big supply when she told me.

    I've stuck pretty close to the Pantry Principle in TTG. I try and buy several months worth of something or the max allowed. Our pantry is packed, under our guest bed is packed, and we have a decent basement load, as well. And a full freezer. I call it prepared, not prepped!

    1. I love, love that answer!!!!! Prepared not prepped!
      I buy cheap and a lot and store it all over the house as well.
      We can't be too ready for emergencies!
      Thanks for your words!

  10. Hmmm I don't think that I am a prepper exactly. I try to deepen my pantry and stock up when there is a good sale. I do have wheat and rice stored which would last a while. We have our camping supplies and a generator.
    I know that I can't prepare for everything, but it gives me some peace of mind knowing that I have food in the house in case of natural disaster, unemployment, epidemic etc.

    1. Kathy you seem to be like Debby - preparing not prepping.
      Stocking up on a good sale makes so much sense.
      Peace of mind is PRICELESS!