Sunday, February 10, 2019

Frugal Happenings 2/10

Good morning to all.  Here we are beginning another new week.
We sure have had  many seasons of weather this week!  We had 60's to single digits.  We had lots of rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes in some areas, snow and wind.  One day we dropped 46* in a few hours - crazy.  We ended up with a small lake in the back forty from all the rain - then temps dropped and poof - we had an ice rink!!!!!  LOL - that was a first.
I know I keep hearing "I'm so ready for spring" - I am too - but winter has not really been all that bad in our area.  We didn't even get nasty stuff until after Christmas - so I guess we were due.  Spring will  come when it's time.  Patience!!!!!!!

We have been enjoying all the squirrels again this week.  Also the birds!  We consistently have 10 pair of cardinals and 10 pair of sweet doves, at least a dozen squirrels at a time and woodpeckers of different types.  The hawk has shown up a couple days - boy that thing is huge!  I have seen neighborhood cats that I haven't seen in ages this week as well.  I am so glad to know they are OK.
Our back yard is quite a menagerie. of wildlife.  I love it!
OH, we had our first Robin of the year show up yesterday as well.  I know some areas have them all year round - but we don't.  I look so forward to that first sighting, because it generally means warmer weather is soon!!!  I looked out and there it sat drinking at the bird bath!

My frugal week:
  • I got to air out the house on four different days this week - with heat off!!!!!
  • Have been picking up sticks like crazy around the yard - FREE exercise
  • I went to WM and got canned cat food for the pantry.  I used $5 in coupons and also used a GC, so I got about $60 in canned food for FREE
  • Had to run to the feed store - I imagine I am good till at least April now
  • I then ran up to Kroger to get a couple of their weekend specials. (Yes, I shopped a bunch this week).  I got 5 packs smoked sausage for 1.88 each, I got 5 lbs. of butter at 1.99 ea.  I added coffee, tea bags, potatoes and onions to pantry.  Also found 10 lbs. of ground beef marked at 1.69 lb.  Got a few fresh veggies and got a great deal on cottage cheese.  It was on markdown for .69 carton!  G loves it and it is good for quite a while yet.  I will also make lasagna this week with some.  I got 8 cartons.  I used a $25 GC at Kroger - so got a bunch of groceries for FREE
                                                                Some of my deals!
  • Started working on my deep clean again
  • Came home from store and  G said he found an HP computer on sale and it sounded like what I need.  It was $200 off.  I said order it!  They wouldn't let us order on that price reduction - so I called the closest Office Depot and they had one.  I then made a trip I was expecting to, and got it!!!  EEK I got a new computer!!!!!!  I will be spending this week getting it up and running and trying to figure it out - it's Windows 10 and I AM NOT!!!!!!
  • I also purchased ink for printer while there - so as to be prepared for taxes.  They are almost complete.
  • All of the normal weekly cost saving activities
Meals this past week:
BBQ ribs and pizza rolls (super bowl tradition - even when not watching!)
Mushroom/Swiss burgers and home fries
Meatloaf (a small one), mashed potatoes and brown gravy (from pan drippings) and salad
Loaded baked potatoes and side salad
Goulash and salad
Fried cabbage/carrots/smoked sausage and mashed potatoes
Italian bread pizza (bread from freezer)

                                                   A pan of goulash - comfort food!

All leftovers were eaten at other meals.

I did spend a few dollars this week!  I guess I better stay home again for a while!!!
I did get the much needed computer, which is on my 2019 bucket list.  G will need one as well (his is older than mine).  I hope to get a new couch and I definitely need new glasses.  So there are a few expensive items on that list this year.  THAT is why I try to be frugal most of the time.  I can splurge now and then and it doesn't hurt quite so bad.

How was your week?  Did you get any frugal deals? 

Prayers for a great upcoming week for each of you.  Stay safe, warm, healthy and frugal my friends.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Congratulations on your new computer! It will be so fast you won't e able to keep up!
    You know Spring always comes but sometimes it takes awhile longer than others. Have a great week Cheryl.

    1. Thanks - I am excited to learn about the computer.
      Yeah, it will be here when it gets here!
      Have a good one.

  2. Great job! I didn't need the sausage but also got the butter from Kroger this week.

    1. I didn't NEED it either - but I will use it eventually. Couldn't pass on that price. Good, glad you got the butter too!

  3. Congratulations on the new computer. It's great that you were able to get a deal on it. Also, good deal on getting some free cat food. Good deals at Kroger too, I love that store. I hope you have a good week, Cheryl . :)

    1. Thanks a bunch. It WAS a good week - wasn't it?
      Have good one.

  4. Congrats on the new computer. You will get the hang of it quick. be careful on the ice rink. We don't need to break anything.

    1. Thanks. No kidding! I walked out to take out a bag of trash earlier and luckily it just crunched under foot.

  5. Wow a new computer is always fun. Mine is over ten years old and I am loathe to get a new one as I love mine and do not want to learn a new system.

    1. Oh trust me, the same here. My screen is starting to go though, and you have to have a screen!

  6. Congratulations on your new computer. I know you will enjoy it, esp getting a good deal on it.
    Great deals at the store too. Your meals sound delicious.
    What fun watching all the birds and squirrels.
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks. I love getting a deal!
      Nature is just so enjoyable and they are all so pretty.
      Have a good day!

  7. Congrats on your new computer. If you need any help with Windows 10 please feel free to ask me. I read you are a little tech shy on one of your comments. I am a tech geek.

    We had the crazy weather too. We had the tornado. It almost hit my home but decided to split and reform. It was a nighttime tornado to. That was a bit dicey.

    I love Spring. I use to be in weather and chase storms. I always say if you don't have the four seasons you won't have any season's. :) I never complain. All season's are beautiful. I do admit the tornado gave me Spring fever, lol.

    I got my bed!!!! I was so happy. I haven't picked it up yet but hope so this week. Went to get new bedding at WalMart since this bed is bigger. They had the worst bedding. I got a pretty blanket pulled it out of the package and promptly put it back in. It was such bad quality. I paid $69 for it! DH & I hate shopping at WM SuperCenter so much that even though we had a list we forgot things. We never ever do that. That store is not good for this frugal girl. Everything is so expensive and made so cheap. Years and years ago I bought a Shabby Chic comforter at Target for $120. I still have it and it is still in perfect condition. I wash it a lot. I think it's Queen size. I took the tag off years ago. I am going to try and fit it on my new bed and then go from there.

    1. Thank you so much for the offer of help. G's uncle is a computer guy and he helps us out whenever we get into a bind.

      YAY on the bed!!!! Hope you love it. Bedding is so hard to find in my opinion. Yes, everyone sells it, but most is poor quality or just plain UGLY! I have been looking for an affordable comforter for 2 years and haven't seen any that I would bring home. I just keep using what I have.
      Hope you can make what you have work.

      Tornadoes are so very scary. Glad you were missed. Several years ago we were missed by just a few blocks and my brothers home was hit. It sure was scary. I like all the seasons - but I DO NOT like tornadoes.
      Have a great week.

  8. Ack, tornadoes! In another month we'll be double checking our kit and cozying up the hidey hole under the basement stairs. I always like to vacuum out the spiders. We put one of those cheap dorm area rugs under there for some cush. I like my friend's idea of a 5 lb. Bag of M&Ms for stress eating lol.

    Yup, I went for the butter, too. Just about when I think I'm going to have to pay more than 1.99 for it, I catch a sale. That was all I got. We had our monthly Sam's shopping and lunch date. That's our big splurge out for about $6! Yup, we're the big spenders lol. Went to Aldi too. Mostly our basics. I don't recall any major deals.

    Meals last week were
    Ham & beans with corn bread
    Roast beast with carrots and mashed potatoes & gravy
    Ravioli and sauce, Cali mix veggies
    Grilled cheese, tomato soup, & fresh pineapple (soooo good!)
    Chicken tenders, salad
    And something else that wasn't exciting enough for either of us to remember lol.

    1. It is getting to be that time of the year. I hate it.
      Great idea using the under the stairs as a safe area. I agree M & M's a must!!!!

      You got some good deals too. It seems butter goes on sale more often now. It used to be just at the holidays.

      Your meals sound really good. MMMmmmmm fresh pineapple. I love it!

  9. Hi Cheryl, Congratulations on the new computer. My husband or one of our kids would probably have to set it up for me! When we lived in Michigan we had a Krogers but none here in Indiana. Would like it if there was. Nancy

    1. Thanks! Between my husband and I we are getting it set up - I think!!!
      WOW - no Kroger in your part of Indiana? I have 4 within 10 minute drive in any given direction. They are all over the place here.