Sunday, February 3, 2019

Frugal Happenings 2/3

My goodness here it is February.  We are starting the month on a much warmer note than we had for the last week of January.  What a roller coaster January was.
It s 44* already this morning and going warmer.  It is going to be better for most of the week, then colder again.  So glad to be past the frigid spell.
So how cold was it?  Schools were closed, and no mail delivery or trash pick up for 2 days.  I have never seen mail called off before - but glad for those folks that it was.

                                                          Dreaming of those warmer days!!!!
Not much going on here.  Just the same old stuff. 
Have been doing all our normal things, nothing exciting.  Got a reminder this week when reading Vickie's blog - Vickie's Kitchen and Garden that we are at that spring cleaning time of the year!  Good grief, I just finished fall cleaning a month or so ago (or so it seems).  But yes, it's time to get back at it - so we have nice weather time free (when it arrives).

My frugal week:
  • My biggest thing was staying on the property all week and NO shopping or spending at all.
  • Used some leftover hotdog buns as garlic toast (I love toasted buns)
  • Made squirrel/bird treats from what we have at home two times this week
  • Cleaning the frig and came across a tub of fudge I hid!!!!!!  YAY - yummy
  • Found a pair of lined leggings that I had forgot about - they sure did help during that cold snap
  • Gave myself a spa night (candles & bubbles) and a pedicure - oh my poor feet needed it!
  • Made chocolate chip/brownie cookies
  • Made super fast and crystal clear ice cubes outside this week!  Why not?
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Used the last of potatoes in a casserole - they needed to be used up soon
  • Doing all the normal stuff all week - including using what we have and cooking from scratch - made a couple meals that served as dinner more than one night
Meals this past week:
Hamburger/veggie soup - 2X
Dirty rice w/ground sausage and salad
Baked spaghetti - 2X, with garlic toast and salad
Ham/cheese/potato bake and salad
Chicken/veggie stir fry over cheesy rice

Do you have any plans for the month of February? 
I keep hearing some people say it will be a tough month others say easy - because it is shorter!  It's 2 - 3 days shorter at most. I guess I don't understand.  It's just another month here.

I guess I will get busy with the cleaning projects again (sigh).  I will continue to use what I have and try not to go crazy at the stores.  I may end up buying a new computer, if I can find a deal.  Mine is slowly getting very persnickety! LOL

How was your week?  Cold or hot where you are?  Did you get any deals?  Give us a shout out!

Health, happiness, and safety to you all.  I pray you are blessed beyond measure.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Yum . chocolate chip/brownie cookies. Please share how you made them . thanks

    1. Super easy - it's a cheat recipe!!!!

      1 pkg. brownie mix
      1/4 C flour
      1/4 C oil
      3 Tbsp. water
      2 eggs
      1 C chips
      Mix all together and drop by teaspoon on parchment.
      350* for 10 minutes - let sit on pan for 2 more minutes after out of oven before removing to cool

      Yummy good!

    2. My kind of recipe. Thank you for sharing

  2. The mail didn't go for a couple of days here either. I make hamburg/veggie soup also and wondered what you ate for your other meal besides breakfast or don't you eat three meals a day like us? Nancy

    1. Generally G eats some kind of protein for breakfast - hard boiled eggs, summer sausage, cheese, etc. I have my morning mocha drink.
      Lunch is always leftovers if anything. G tries to just have coffee and eats 2 times a day. I May have an apple or cheese or something.
      Then we have dinner.

      We have come to agree that 3X a day is just a habit! Don't need to eat if not hungry.

  3. That was so weird that the mail didn't come. I love mail even if it's junk mail so I was glad when it got warm enough for them to go back. They also closed down factories here to save the natural gas (they had a fire).
    Thanks for mentioning me Cheryl. I did sort out some clothes last night in the youngest daughters dresser. I like to do it a little bit at a time. Have a great day!

    1. It was strange - don't think I ever remember not getting mail delivery.
      I think it was colder there than here.

      Sure! You gave us all a great reminder to get busy again! I need to get started tomorrow!
      Enjoy you evening

  4. That is so strange that the mail wasn't delivered. Do your postal workers walk house to house? They drive a car from house to house, where I live, and don't get out but the window is always open. Some places I know they walk because the mailboxes are on the house. That would be brutal in below zero weather. You were smart to stay home and warm last week. The cookies look delicious.

    1. Yes, we have mainly walking mail routes here. It was just too brutally cold for them to be out for hours in it.
      Have a good week.

  5. Cheryl, I'm pretty sure that fudge is the one I misplaced. 😉

    Was pretty proud of my notwatchingthesuperbowl meal I made. Cheap and tasty! Weenie wraps, carrots & ranch dip, and a fluffy lemon pie from pudding. The entire meal was less than $5 with leftovers.

    Were you the one that mentioned a cheeseburger soup for the crock? Did you post a recipe?

    Today was warm and windy (66 outside) so I opened all the windows and aired out the house. I love doing that both in mid summer and mid winter.

    I need to defrost the freezer so we're trying to empty it. I like having it pretty low for tornado season and the power outages those severe storms bring. It's a double duty thing.

    Enjoy the brief warm! I went barefoot!

    1. Come on by for the fudge!
      No it wasn't me that mentioned that soup. Seems I have made something like that in the past, but can't remember.
      I made a notwatchingthesuperbowl dinner too!!!! We had ribs I thawed from the freezer, pizza rolls and veggies and dip.

      We got to 61 yesterday and today 59 and some rain. It is so slushy out now because of melted snow - it will be a mess.
      I didn't go barefoot, but did air out the house!

      Good luck getting the freezer done.

  6. Cheryl, haha Guess I am eating too often but hungry! Three meals a day, couple snacks and eat at night. B-a-d! Nancy

    1. Hey, eat when you are hungry! Nothing wrong with that! We just feel better the less we eat.
      H-u-n-g-r-y Nancy!

  7. I made a deal with myself about Spring cleaning that I would do it in the Summer. Then I am in my nice cool home and can take my time. Spring is GARDENING! :) I am a neat freak and my friends tell me I Spring clean every week.

    Your chocolate chip brownie cookies look so delicious.

    February Goals- Crossing fingers I can get a bed this February. My bed is over twenty years old. We desperately need a new one. Get the frustrating plumbing problem fixed. We are getting closer. Hoping I can get a different washer. Mine has been on the fritz since this Summer. It should have went to washer heaven this Summer but DH & I have managed to keep it going. Lots of stresses I would like to be done and over with this month. :)

    The Ozarks have been in the upper 60's for a couple of days. No heat and kitchen window open. It's been heaven and my cats were even more happier than I was. :)

    I was reading the comments. I only eat one meal a day. I have a small snack later. I agree 3x is habit. I think it's a little outdated. Most people do not need those kind of calorie burns any more. Those were for the people in our past that had to day labor hard and burn a lot of calories working in fields, hot factories, etc.... My DH is in construction so he does eat three meals a day but his breakfast & lunch are always very light. He told me how much the other guys eat and he would get so sick if he did that. One of my friends has health issues where she needs to eat six very small meals a day instead of three big ones. She's a master snacker. She couldn't even imagine eating a big meal.

  8. Good plan on your cleaning and good luck on finding great deals on the household items you need. You should be able to find some deals this time of the year.

    If I eat too much it makes me sleepy. Lunch - I want to take a nap! I don't know how someone could eat a lot, then go back to work!

    Glad you are having some nice temps. Ours have been good for a couple days now - but that will change quickly. Rain coming and then cold temps again. Sigh.

  9. I would love to clean my fridge and find a container of fudge. LOL Your meals sound so good, I love dirty rice. Hope you have another good week.

    1. LOL - it was a fun find - I put back several varieties we were gifted. Still have some! Making it last!!
      Thanks I hope to as well.

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